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Texans Set to Sign Linebacker Audie Cole

Date: March 24, 2014

The first thing Texans GM Ricky Lung does on his return to the team is to shore up the defense up the middle. According to league sources, the Texans is set to sign linebacker Audie Cole to a 3-year deal which could worth up to a total of 24 million.

There are a lot of noises that the team will part away with their 7th overall pick as the compensation of this signing. With a roster that is still intact and have post-season potential, the Texans is trying to stay competitive. GM Ricky mentioned that he wanted to start fresh, but it doesn't help when the upcoming draft is relatively weak.

Like of dislike? What do you think about the signing? Also, the Texans will have close to 70 million in cap space, will they be a major buyer in free agency?
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2022 Texans Traing Camp

2021 Season
The 2021 Season looked dreadfull for the Houston Texans going 6 and 10 for the second straight year. This team has not had a winning season since the back to back 9 and 7 seasons in 2014 and 2015.


The culture of this organization needs to change and in a hurry.

In order to accomplish this, the Texans will need to revamp this team. Their defense (which looks solid on paper) but is aging and needs an injection of youth in starting positions.

The Defense
The average age of the defense is overall is 28 but the average age of the starting line-up as it stands today is 30. We need to infuse youth at the CB, ROLB
and MLB positions as well as the defensive line but we aren't without some rays of hope: CB Michael Wilson, LOLB Anthony Barr and DE Dick Dickson.

Michael Wilson is a 3rd year player (last 2 with Texans)out of Miami. The 23 year old CB has Average height and speed, but is a developing very well
and should be challenging for a starting position this year.

Dick Dickson also a 3rd year player out of delaware and is being groomed by one of the best in Mario Williams. Double D has a good mix of Strength and
acceleration that could make him a very good pass rusher. We are excited to see what this guy can bring to the team.

Anthony Barr a rookie, has impressed so much that he has already solidified the starting OLB position. He is tall, quick, a solid tackler and and at 22
will be an asset to this team for many years to come.

The Offense
The Texans will continue to be led by their young quarterback Gustavo Bates. He will be protected by a young offensive line that will develop in to a good strong core
over the next seasons or so. This line is anchored by 2 veteran Tackles that can help bring this young line along. Guastavo has some weapons weapons on offense. He has
a solid core of receivers led by Steven Price and a young stud TE Blakley Johnson. We are hopeful this offense to make some strides this season but we know changes are needed.
Starting with the HB position. Our running game while productive with Elmer Burke who led them with a decent 1440 yards last season but only had 2 runs longer than 20 yards.
We are missing that explosive, breakaway threat in the backfield.

The Texans will be looking to move some experienced players for additional DP and/or prospects to infuse some youth and raw talent in to this team.

Starting line up:

QB - Gustavo Bates
HB - Elmer Burke
FB - Jarrod Maclean
WR - Steven Price
WR - Greg Allen
TE - Blakley Johnson
LT - Kasey Mcnulty
LG - Cordy Glenn
C - Ozzy Johnson
RG - Jay Whalen
RT - Lanny Rodriguez

RE - CJ Wilson
NT - Phil Taylor
NT - Rubin Bremner
LE - Mario Williams
ROLB - Garrett Torres
MLB - Clint White
LOLB - Anthony Bar
CB - Matthew Howard
CB - Dominique Rod-Cromartie
FS - Stevie Brown
SS- Harry Ward
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Management Slip Up, Look to Get Back on Track
Just when the team is heading in the right direction, the management team is not paying the attention needed to move the team to another level. The Texans team had a good mix of talents in 2020, but they let a few of them left without getting any return back in 2021 offseason. This is going to set the team back again.

They let WR Beau Hansen, OT Ronny Hodge, OLB Donnell Tyler, K Jeff Wolfert all went to free agency. The worst part is the best player out of the group, receiver Beau Hansen ended up with division rival Jaguars.

Nonetheless, the office is looking to move the team back on track. They brought back veteran quarterback Andre Woodson and Mario Williams. They also brought back former Texans Deandre Levy. The management team feels that this team still has the quality to compete for a playoff spot and looks to make changes that will make a difference right away.

Earlier today, they seem to have agree to term with the Steelers to bring in young explosive receiver Steven Price to replace the loss of Beau Hansen. Price is a receiver that GM Ricky Lung had high regards back in the year where he was drafted. He will now pair up with Greg Allen and hopefully gives the team better fire power to score more points.

On the defensive side, they are looking to restructure their scheme to better utilize veteran corner Jason McCourty and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Even it is just two preseason games, but the Texans seem to have manage to regain some of their confidence back and look to build on it as the season goes along.
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Mario Williams Becomes the All-time Sack Leader

Date: August 10, 2012

Former first overall pick defensive end Mario Williams , tie a career high 12 sacks in 2020 to become the all-time sack leader in RZL with 108.

The Houston Texans did not have much accomplishment as a team in their 15 years of RZL history, so this certainly is one of the better stories that the franchise has so far in RZL. Williams has been very consistent since 2007, recording no less than 4 sacks playing all over the 4 corner positions of the front 7. His five 10+ sacks seasons also is one of the top in league history. Super Mario also recorded 5 interceptions, 26 deflections and 5 touchdowns in his career. 5 defensive touchdowns is also the most among front 7 players of all time.

Mario is coming back for another season to add to his number and hopefully a chance for a deep playoff run. The Texans need to gather themselves. They have a good team and Andre Woodson is back for another season also. They have the tool to make a run.
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Texans Offseason: Few But Sound

Date: April 1, 2012

Right before the beginning of last season, the Houston Texans felt there needs to be some changes in different areas. The ultimate decision came when the team decided to trade away the first overall pick. Whether their result in 2019 is convincing or not, the Texans made their first ever playoff appearance in franchise history.

"...we believe we made the right choice. Some people around may not think we earned it, but if we overacheived because of the let down of other teams, it could have happened in the past 13 seasons as well and it did happen. The bottom line is we accomplished something that we have never done, it is a step in the right direction..." - Texans GM Ricky Lung


2019 RECAP

The Texans felt they had a solid team going into the season. They made their first ever playoff appearance, but the ironic part is that it came down to a player that was not part of the plan, namely quarterback John David Booty. Booty was brought in close to the half way point of the season to replace injured Andre Woodson and he had a career year after being a backup for his whole career. He had over 3,000 passing yards along with 26 touchdowns in 12 games, 11 with the Texans. It was a great story but it will also be his last as he called it a career during the offseason. Elsewhere, free agent pick up wide receiver Ethan Jordan, whose the team had high hope on, led the team in reception, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. The rushing game was still a problem for them and is a area of needs in 2020 offseason. When your starting tailback can't hit the 1,000 mark or an average of 4 yard per carry, you know changes are needed. The offense as a whole averaged only 23 per game, it is far too low for a team that wishes to contend. That's what the team addressed in the offseason as we read along.

The defense was what propelled them in 2019 as they held opponents to 23 per game. Cornerback Jason McCourty, coming over from the trade of the first overall pick finished the season leading the team in tackles, interceptions, and deflections. The defence as a unit generated great pressure, ranked top 10 in sacks and opponent QB rating. Second year defensive tackle Phil Taylor continued to impress with 7 sacks up the middle. Huge free agent signing Rubin Bremner and veteran Mario Williams each put up 5 sacks from the ends.

2019 was a key year as a lot of the core players are hitting the prime and having good results and capitalize on improvement opportunity will help the team in the next few seasons. The Texans hope to build on the momentum and can finally be a regular contender.



After a busy offseason in 2019, the 2020 offseason was a lot more quiet for the Texans as they are now looking for quality than quantity. Their top priority going into the offseason is to upgrade at the running back and wide receiver position. The team made two huge acquisitions in the first half of the offseason, they are cornerback Dominique Rod-Cromartie and running back Elmer Burke.

The Texans have a good group of cornerbacks, but GM Lung likes to have depth at the position. He believes having depth at the oft-injured position is one of the key elements to be a contender on a long season. The team handed out the league first ever fully guaranteed contract, gave Cromartie a 3-year 53 million contract. It raised critics from the Buccaneers organization, as they feel Cromartie should deserve to be a Buccaneers for life.

"...i don't think there is anyone who will take away what DRC did in Tampa, but this is a business after all and each franchise is just trying to do what best for their organization, it is about what we feel he can contribute to our team in the next three years..." - Texans GM Ricky Lung

The Texans have Jason McCourty and Matthew Howard and up and coming Jarvis Wilhite, but they feel they need another corner who has the ability to matchup against some of the taller receivers in the division. Cromartie has the whole package despite he has been slower down on his athleticism, so he can definitely help on the next three years. McCourty and Cromartie will likely rotate depending on matchup as they want to give Howard as much chance to play as possible. They also want to avoid spot starting Wilhite to expose him to possible negative effect on his learning curve.

Adding depth to the secondary is a luxury, the Texans also went out to acquire big power running Elmer Burke. Burke wasn't given as much chance to play as he should be in San Francisco. He was the featured back in 2018 and he showed that he can be a big time player by rushing over 1,500 yard and had 15 rushing touchdowns. He was used sparingly the other two years and did a fine job. The Texans hope he can bring the same talent to Houston to establish some type of ground game to balance out their passing offense. The offensive line in front of Burke is more than capable of maximizing his ability.

The Texans had a few more spotlights on this relatively quiet offseason:

FS D.J. Whitfield Drafted with the last pick of the 6th round, the Texans feel they got one of the steals in the draft. They couldn't believe why a 6'2" safety with reasonable athleticism and position skills is still on board at that time. And they came out with a even better product when they find out he is even faster than reports indicated. He will definitely get his chance to backup the safety spots and on special team.

LG John Smith Drafted in the 3rd round by the Steelers and was left unsigned, the Texans came in to scoop him up in free agency. He may not have much chance to play in Houston, but from the team perspective, there is no harm on improving their asset base.



As training camp is getting close, there are still are a lot decisions to be made by the management as they need to evaluate the roster and decide who should be put through the annual special camp. It is a tough choice as the Texans now have a good roster and you can argue a lot of the players can reach the next level by going through the special training camp in the next couple of years. The key is to stay within the plan as a team despite all the talents available.

Decisions have not been made, but the leading candidates to receive a spot at the special camp are:

CB Jarvis Wilhite - The Texans will continue to work on their last year's first round pick Jarvis Wilhite. Wilhite has great physical presence, if he can improve his athleticism, he will turn into a dominated corner in a few years. +1 SPD -> 92 / +1 ACC -> 90

WR Greg Allen - Allen had an off year last season spending some time at the slot position. He is still young and already has great football knowledge, the team feels he can still be a top receiver in the league in a couple of years. +1 SPD -> 94 / +1 ACC -> 90[/i][/b]

K Jeff Wolfert - It is definitely late, but the Texans feel they have a shot at the playoff and they feel they lost quite a few games with the inability to convert some of the 50+ yard field goals. Wolfert still has a few years before slowing down, so they feel it is still worthwhile to book him a slot. +1 KPW -> 90




DB: Matthew Howard, Stevie Brown, Harry Ward, Jason McCourty
LB: Garret Torres, Clint White, Donnell Tyler
DL: Mario Williams, Phil Taylor, Rubin Bremner, C.J. Wilson


OL: Ronny Hodge, Cordy Glenn, Kasey Mcanulty, Hugh Guy, Isai Quick
WR: Ethan Jordan, Greg Allen TE: Blakely Johnson
QB: Andre Woodson
HB: Elmer Burke FB: Rob Myers



With preseason is just around the corner, we have a chance to sit down with Texans GM Ricky Lung on a brief interview.

Reporter: Thanks for taking time to do the interview.

Lung: "My pleasure."


Reporter: On all the early predictions, the Texans is not even mentioned on all of them, what do you feel about that?

Lung: "We did not have much to show for in the past 14 seasons, so I don't expect many people having high expectation on us even though we sneaked in the playoff last season. We just have to go out and prove them wrong."

Reporter: The offense was struggling last season. Your team went out and got a running back, is there any plan to acquire a true #1 receiver?

Lung: "We like our receivers here, but we won't stop looking for chances to improve our team. I was actually in contact with several GMs in the offseason for possible trade scenarios and a couple of them went pretty far, but at this point there isn't any deal done officially."

Reporter: It might be a long shot, but Mario Williams has a outside chance of breaking the all-time sack record this season. How much playing time will he actually get?

Lung: "Mario has been everything to this organization, we know he is closing in on the record, we will give him as much chance as possible at breaking it. He deserves it."

Reporter: It may not be much of a discussion point around the league, but within the team, there are some discussions on whether Woodson or Bates will be the starting quarterback. Can you share some insight on the situation?

Lung: "At this point, I think your guess is as good as mine. We know Woodson can give us a legit shot on winning ball games, but Bates is penciled in as the next franchise quarterback and it is best to give him as much playing time as possible. We do not have an answer at this point and we have 4 preseason weeks to further evaluate the situation."

Reporter: Do you have any predictions on this upcoming season on your team?

Lung: "I don't want to set any bars or put any pressure on oursevles, but we definitely like to build on what we did last season and improve on that. I don't think 10 wins are far reach, and that will likely be enough to get to the playoff in the AFC."


Reporter: Thanks you very much today Ricky and good luck in 2020.

Lung: "Thank you."


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