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Steel City Gazette: Steelers Draft Recap
Steelers Draft Recap
The Pittsburgh Steelers entered the 2024 draft minus their first round pick due to the 2023 trade that saw the team acquire DT Lamarr Houston from Kansas City. With a potential playcaller on the roster in the form of Landry Jones and a successful pre-draft UFA period that landed the team both MLB Douglas Garcia and SS Delano Dye to fill needed starting roles, the team had a little bit of freedom.

Draft Moves

At the 11th hour, the Steelers reached an agreement with the Detroit Lions to send the 2023 2.02 pick their way accompanied by their 2024 3rd round pick in exchange for the Lions' 2023 6th rounder and their 2024 1st rounder.

The team also moved QB Russell Wilson to the Jets in exchange for a 6th rounder and re-entered the 2nd round by re-acquiring their original 2nd round pick from the Bengals in exchange for the 3.02, 4.01 and 4.25 picks.

Drafted Players

2.17 - QB Johnny Manziel (72 AWR, 91 THP, 84 THA, Scrambler) - Good arm with acknowledged football smarts, the only reason Manziel slipped out of first round was due to his scrambling playstyle. The Steelers were willing to give the kid a go and rumour has it they beat out other teams at taking him by the barest of margins.

6.12 - WR Rory Molden (90 SPD, 95 AGI, 90 ACC, 72 CTH, 90 JMP) - Depending on how the track work goes, Molden showed quite a bit of potential for the Steelers not to take him in the 6th. Good all-around abilities mean he could be a player for years to come if his further workouts prove fruitful.

6.14 - OG Damien Wells (87 STR, 62 AGI, 74 ACC, 72 PBK, 75 PBK) - While requireing a little bit of work, Wells meets the prototypcial lineman that GM Wade Pearce is reknowned for seeking And with the potential of a scrambling QB behind them, the line will need to mobile.

6.17 - QB Frank Jean (66 AWR, 86 THP, 79 THA) - The Steelers are willing to give Jean a further look and his arrival has signalled the departure of the team's last 2023 quarterback. While initial workouts didn't hint at any power in his arm, things may look different after further workups.

6.23 - OLB Shawn Gora (77 SPD, 68 STR, 66 AWR, 84 AGI, 80 ACC) - Yet another potential player in the sixth round, Gora fills the team's needs at outside linebacker. He will need to prove himself as grossly underscouted if he intends to fight for a starting position against Wilson or Gonzalez.

7.14 - CB Jaime Alexander (87 SPD, 57 AWR, 83 AGI, 89 ACC) - At 6-foot tall, Alexander promises potential and was worth the 7th round pick to grab him. Even if the initial scouting suggests correctly to being a bit sluggish, he can still provide solid depth and expect game time when 4 backs are used.

Wrap Up

GM Wade Pearce's first draft in the RZL since his brief stint at Dallas was a low impact one. With the team's first already gone when he arrived and subsequent trades, most of the team's involvement was in the second last round. While Manziel is likely to come under immediate consideration for the starting position, all the team's other picks will need to impress mightily in the post-draft review process to find their jobs being anything but bench warmers or depth. That being said, the team has recruited players who at least have that potential to begin with. Only time will see who manages to step above the mediocrity of their drafted position.
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Steel City Gazette: Steelers Land New Quarterback
Steelers Land New Quarterback
The Pittsburgh Steelers announced across the weekend that they had secured the services of promising Landry Jones for the upcoming 2024 season. It is rumoured that the Steelers traded the 2.11 and 4.17 draft picks in exchange for the 26-year old quarterback from Arizona.

"This is something we really wanted." GM Wade Pearce was quoted. "Landry gives us a solid reboot at the quarterback position. With Sam (Bradford) being released, we needed a new long-term prospect to step in and take over the playcalling reins for us and we now have that in Landry."

3-4 'Twas But A Dream

In our previous article, we highlighted the fact that the Steelers may have been looking to switch to a 3-4 defense in the upcoming season, but the acquisition of Sam Montgomery from the Eagles along with the 4.25 pick in exchange for corner Tyrann Mathieu is the strongest indication that the Steelers may well stay with a 4-3 structure, as it is likely that Mongtomery will pair with Adrian Clayborn after some rumoured early talks around the other DE never resulted in a trade. That combined with the open negotiations of retaining Dan Williams at DT are the strongest indication yet that the team will remain a 4-3 team for the forseeable future. Fortunately, given their personnel, it's not a bad position for the defense to be in.

Moving Up The Draft

With their stocks at wide receiver, the Steelers announced today a trade involving Jacoby Jones and the 2.17 pick in exchange for the 2.2 draft pick from Green Bay.

"It's not a big move." Pearce commented. "But it moves up to early in the 2nd round and we got what we could from Jones. I wish him all the best in Green Bay."
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Steel City Gazette: Steelers Hunt New Playcaller
Steelers Hunt New Playcaller
With the 2023 season wrapping up and the off-season going into full swing, the fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers will be looking intensely at the way new GM Wade Pearce approaches the team's roster before the new 2024 season. Here is a potential analysis of what the Steelers may be looking to achieve.

Alas Poor Bradford, He Needs A Zimmer Frame

The days of quarterback Sam Bradford may very well be over after this season. With the veterans body starting to fail and his contract up for renegotiation, it is expected the Steelers will be letting the playcaller go and begin the search for a new one.

"Sam has done an excellent job in Pittsburgh." GM Wade Pearce has stated. "But we need to look at the future of our quarterback position. We're not ruling out bring Sam back for another season, but there are long-term realities we need to prepare for."

On The Frontline

Offensive lines keep any new playcaller safe if they're established and the Steelers may have indicated their intentions when they signed OT Ramiro Maxwell to a long-term, retirement-age 7-year deal. On the other side, Jeremy Zuttah enters the second season of his UFA contract but he doesn't completely fit the stamp with which Wade Pearce is known to try and mould his O-lineman too. Quite possibly, Zuttah's contract may be voided if a viable replacement is found. The Steelers have solid talent on the inside of their O-line, though Heath Benedict may slide to free agency with an unoffered contract.

To 3-4 Or Not To 3-4

Rumours have been circulating that the Steelers may return to the defensive formation they are most known for. If they do this, expect there to be some movement in the D-line, either through trades or position adjustments. Quite possibly, 2023 acquisition Lamarr Houston could be a DE in 2024 and 4-3 defensive ends Adrian Clayborn, Brandon Bair and Jermaine Cunningham being offered for trade. Adrian Clayborn could be retained as a potential pass rusher given his strength rating now.

The MLB position will definitely need a review, despite Paul Bennett putting in his best season of his career.


The Steelers go into the off-season with 8 picks to their name but no first rounder due to the trade that acquired Lamarr Houston, one which GM Wade Pearce is quite happy to live with. But if they are looking to get a new starting quarterback, the front office will need to look at packaging players and picks to either move up the draft or acquire a player of their choosing from another roster.

To date, the Steelers' management haven't shown any indication that his will be a bad move.

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Steel City Gazette: Pittsburgh Signs New General Manager
Pittsburgh Signs New General Manager
The Pittsburgh Steelers announced today that they have signed Wade Pearce to lead the franchise in the upcoming 2024 season. Pearce replaces Tim Nissen who has inked a new deal to head up the Chicago Bears outfit when Pearce's own brother, Garth Pearce ended his own 3-year contract in Chicago to take up the managerial reigns of the Denver Broncos

Pearce takes over the Steelers after a long hiatus from the RZL as a head coach, where he briefly lead the Dallas Cowboys across the 2006-2007 seasons for 12 games. While not a spectacular career, with a 5-7 record, Pearce believes he is the right man for the job to refresh a storied franchise with 2 Super Bowl appearances and 4 AFC Championship appearances to it's name,though playoff exposure has eluded the team since their 2020 loss to the Carolina Panthers in the 2020 decider.

"I believe I have the passion the team, the players and the fans." Pearce commented at the press conference. "My predecessor has done a fine job in his time here and I wish him all the luck in Chicago. But let me make this clear, I will put my own mark on this team and I will make it into the powerhouse we know it to be."

When asked what moves he may be looking to pull,Pearce was fairly blunt.

"The who defensive structure is going to be looked at." He stated. "We're not even sure a 4-3 defense is what suits the Steel City and we will be going aggressively into the trade period. And we need to get someone resigned as soon as we can under the exclusive restructure clause."

With the Steelers out of this season's playoff race, Pearce can focus on the start of his own era of Steeler football.
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Steelers TC - Finished

Steelers: 2022 Recap

The 2022 season began with an turnover in GM's
as GM Hewko was shown the door after the rookie draft. Not one word
was ever mentioned of this by the Steelers ownership but sources have
specualted that it had much to do with the drafting of a Fullback in the 1st
round followed by back to back 5'9" corner backs in the 3rd round.

It is unknown if any of that is true. GM Hewko did also draft HB Lattimore
in the 1st and Wide Receiver Terrance Williams in the 3rd. Lattimore
finished the season 11th overall in rushing with 1348 yards and 10 TD's
and led all rookies in yardage and TD's. He was also runner up in a close
race for Rookie of the Year. WR Williams was no slouch himself amassing
1458 yards, leading all rookie receivers and another 10 TD's. He would
finish 10th overall in receiving yards.

Either way, newly hired GM Nissen took the reigns in Steel Town and led
the team to a 9-7 record. Four of those wins game as a direct result of
being in the same division as the Bengals and Browns. Those teams
combined only won three games last season. The Steelers were streaky
all season and ended up blowing any shot at the Playoffs when they
finished on a three game losing streak.

Quarterback Sam Bradford was having a pretty good season but ended up
getting injured late in the season and even when he was cleared to play
he sat out the remainder of the season to get himself fully healed.
Bradford was not happy with this decision but he is getting up there in age
and Nissen would like him to be 100% for 2023.

As mentioned earlier, rookie wide receiver Terrance Williams led the team
in receiving in 2022 but on the other side of the field wide receiver Donald
Bryan had a breakout year of his own. Bryan pulled down carreer highs in
just about every statistical category for receivers and finished with 68
catches for 1138 yards and 10 TD's.

One of the five foot, nine inch corner backs taken in the third round last off
season was Tyrann Mathieu.
He played pretty well as the nickel corner getting 35 tackles and two
sacks. He was also the kick return specialist for Pittsburgh
in 2022. We expect him to continue that role this upcoming season.

Left Tackle Carl Nicks led the offensive line in pancakes with a total of 103
while only giving up two sacks. Next closest would be
Right Tackle Ramiro Maxwell who only had sixty six pancakes while giving
up four sacks.

Corner back Shad Roth and Strong Safety Mark James had a little inside
competition for the team lead in tackles. It ended in an impressive tie with
both laying out ninety two ball carries. It didn't end there either. They
both had a sack and three Inerceptions apiece. Staggering numbers from
both defensive backs, really.

Outside linebacker Kam Chancellor tied defensive end Adrian Clayborn
with eight sacks each to lead the team in that category. The Steelers
other outside linebacker, Paul Bennett, pulled down another seven

Steelers: Off Season Recap

Heading into his first off-season as General Manager for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Red Zone League, Nissen not only wanted to try and improve this roster but also give it an injection of talented youth. Staring at a rookie draft class that was seriously lacking in talent and depth GM Nissen decided to trade one of Pittsburgh's two first-round draft picks to the Kansas City Chiefs for defensive tackle Lamarr Houston. The contract Houston was under in Kansas City was very bloated and unmanageable. After Lamarr worked out for the Steelers and passed a very strict physical he and his agent sat down with Pittsburgh management and inked out a five-year deal. This new deal is very manageable and more in line with comparable defensive tackles in this league. Houston would now have to play more than three seasons to make what he would've made in his final season in Kansas City.

The signing of Lamarr Houston also enabled the Steelers to move Corey Peters to the Right End position to be more effective in the 3-4 scheme the Steelers plan to use once again this upcoming season. Last season Peters played out of position most of the year. This season Houston and Dan Williams will hold down the middle with Peters playing outside along with Adrian Clayborn. At the start of this off-season Clayborn appears to have the edge at the Left End position but will have heavy competition from three other defensive ends.

Another player seeing a position change from the 2022 season is Cornerback Vontae Davis. After visually losing a step Davis will move over to the Strong Safety position. It is uncertain at this point if Davis will actually end up being the starter that we can be sure that he will see plenty of playing time, most likely Numerous positions. Davis is a very smart player and will do just fine at the Safety position.

There were a few changes to the offensive side of the ball notably Left Tackle Carl Nicks. He was a very good player for the Steelers but his contract was up and Pittsburgh failed to label him as a match eligible player. Nicks found himself a new home in Cleveland and we wish him all the best. Taking his place for the upcoming season will be veteran Left Tackle Jeremy Zuttah. He spent the last four seasons playing for the Jets and playing very well. He is aging but remains one of the league's elite players at his position and will play the next two seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At the Quarterback position veteran Sam Bradford will return for the 2023 season but gone are backups Rusty Smith and Colt Brennan. The Steelers have replaced Smith and Brennan with Lazzaro Keener and young scrambler Russell Wilson.

When the 2023 draft rolled around the Pittsburgh Steelers still had a total of eight picks with three being in the first two rounds. With the 26th overall pick the Steelers selected cornerback Willie Saunders from Utah State. While not as tall as GM Nissen would like Saunders does bring very good tools to the table. He has very good speed and athleticism and should find himself as a starter on this team in a season or two. This off-season will most likely find him battling for the nickel corner spot and kick returner position as well. The Steelers have found themselves a very deep at the kick returner position and would like to trade at least one of these gifted players.

With the fifth overall pick in round two Pittsburgh selected outside linebacker Andrew Gonzales. The Steelers believe Gonzales has a very good toolset and with a little work on his speed and awareness he should find himself having a very good career in this league.

Later, in the second round, the Steelers decided to draft punter Benjamin Watts. With former punter Michael Hughes showing his age he will be shown the door after 12 seasons in Pittsburgh to make room for Watts. Watts has a pretty big leg and will hopefully hold down the position for the next decade. Some of questioned the Steelers selecting a punter in the second round but Watts was the second punter to be selected at this point and, as we said earlier, this draft class was very thin and punter was a need position for the Steelers.

The remainder of the 2023 picks for your Pittsburgh Steelers have either been cut already or will find themselves playing special-teams and adding depth to this roster.

Other notable additions and subtractions from the Pittsburgh Steelers roster this off-season are as follows. Defensive End Jerome Washington was traded to the Houston Texans for their 2024 fourth-round draft pick. Clifton Geathers was released and to replace those two positions the Pittsburgh Steelers dipped into free agency and brought and Jermaine Cunningham and Long Garrett. As you can see the Steelers brought in plenty of depth to the outside of their defensive line to create an atmosphere that should promote very good competition for playing time.

Normally GM Nissen does not and will not trade within his division but the lack of available outside linebackers with the speed Nissen was looking for was virtually nonexistent. Therefore the Pittsburgh Steelers would send their 2022 third and fourth round draft picks to the Cincinnati Bengals for outside linebacker Tyler Wilson. This move allowed the Steelers to move former outside linebacker, Paul Bennett, inside to play middle linebacker in this upcoming season.

In the secondary the Steelers also added cornerback Brandon Ghee during the match eligible phase of free agency. Ghee will find himself starting the season as the number two corner alongside veteran Shad Roth.

Cornerback Willard Newton along with middle linebackers Vince Hall and Clint White found themselves on the do not return list along with veteran right guard Ferguson and wide receiver Stefan Burton. Overall the roster did get a little younger but as to whether or not it has been improved remains to be seen. It is well known within the organization that the roster as a whole is very old. And, unfortunately, the aging players seem to be mostly at very key positions and experts don't expect this team to remain together more than one or two more seasons without a total overhaul.

2023 Training Camp

Training camp for the 2023 Pittsburgh Steelers starting roster has gotten underway. All player cuts and additions including free agency and draft picks have been signed and all players have now reported to camp in light of preseason coming up fast.

Some of the battles we expect to see in this year's training camp will be pretty hard-fought. Let's take a look at the cornerback position. Veteran Shad Roth appears to be pretty secure as one of the two starting corners. The battle begins with the rest of the cornerback positions wide open. Initially it was thought that free-agent pickup Brandon Ghee would have the number two spot secured. But last year's third round draft pick, Tyrann Mathieu, and this year's first-round draft pick Willie Saunders will all battle for the number two and three positions. Saunders and Mathieu are also expected to be in a heated battle with Jason Taber and wide receiver Jacoby Jones to return kicks for this franchise in the 2023 season.

Veteran outside linebacker Shane Ferguson was injured last season and the Steelers brought in Kam Chancellor last season to take his place. Chancellor played very well for the Steelers in 2022 recording 69 tackles and eight sacks. Ferguson, on the other hand, had only recorded eight sacks in his previous three seasons combined. As of now it would appear to this reporter that Chancellor has the upper hand to be the starter at that position due to his production last season and the fact that he is much faster than Ferguson.

As mentioned earlier Corey Peters is expected to start at the right end position but may see a little pressure from Adrian Clayborn who is expected to start on the left side. The battle for the left side appears to be pretty epic as there are for players battling for one starting spot there. Clayborn, as we said, has the upper hand to start their but veterans Brandon Bair, Jermaine Cunningham and Long Garrett are expected to bring some serious competition to this position.

At the wide receiver position Jason Barnett, Donald Bryan and Jacoby Jones will all battle it out for the number two and three receiver positions. After a solid 2022 campaign it doesn't seem likely that Donald Bryan will be uprooted from the number two spot leaving Barnett and Jacoby Jones to fight for the nickel receiver slot position. The Steelers have tried numerous times to trade Donald Bryan who is unhappy with his lack of playing time and that is understandable. The wide receiver has good height and speed and deserves more playing time but he will likely not find that on this Steelers roster unless there is an injury.

With Lamarr Houston being brought in to play nose tackle most don't expect a very big battle from veteran Dan Williams to unseat Houston as the starter. Paul Bennett will take over the starting role at middle linebacker unless Antonio Coleman or rookie Jonathan Foster can have great training camps and take that role away from him.

Vontae Davis will battle with Mark James for the strong safety position. James had a stellar year in 2022 racking up 92 tackles to go along with three interceptions. It is unlikely that Davis will take the starting role from James at the strong safety position but one never knows. Davis could also find himself battling with Bernard Jackson and TJ Ward at the free safety position. Jackson was having a good season last year until he was injured in the Steelers brought in TJ Ward. Whoever wins these two positions seems not to matter as much as the fact that Pittsburgh has good depth heading into the 2023 season at these positions.

Upcoming Season Predictions

Predicting how the Pittsburgh Steelers will do in the 2023 season is that something this GM likes to do. Especially when he is unsure that he improved this roster much at all. Last season saw the Steelers finish with a nine and seven record and nearly making the playoffs. They did when four out of six division games but the two games they lost were both to the Baltimore Ravens and both very solid butt kicking's.

That said, with his GM unsure of much improvement to this year's roster, we don't speculate the Steelers to have much more success than they did in 2022. It is unlikely that they made up too much ground on the Ravens but that is why this game is so much fun to be a part of. If Pittsburgh would have split with Baltimore last season they may have been in the playoffs. Their goal the season will be able to not only play better against Baltimore but to beat Baltimore.

At the other end of the division are the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals. These two teams combined for a total of three wins and 29 losses in 2022. It is this GM's hope that he did not worsen this year's roster to the point that one of these two teams will join the battle between Pittsburgh and Baltimore for the division title. It is well known that both Cincinnati and Cleveland are run by very good and talented GM's, and while I haven't watched their every move this off-season, I do know that Cincinnati had a lots of draft picks this season and I know their stock up for next season as well so I expect that team to get a whole lot better very soon. I honestly have not watched what Cleveland has done so I cannot speak as to whether I believe they will be improved or not the season.

With all of that said and knowing what I know I expect the Steelers team to play better than they did last season. I know they had a lot of injuries to overcome in 2022. If this team can stay healthy in 2023 and come together as a unit, which means stepping up their play against the better teams in the league, I believe the 2023 Pittsburgh Steelers will finish the season with a 10-6 record and sneak into the playoffs as a Wildcard.

Steelers Rule
Bengals Drool

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At A Glance

GM W_Pearce
Head Coach Todd Grantham
Offensive Coordinator Maurice Carthon
Defensive Coordinator D.Burgess
Special Teams Brad Miller
Salary $142.51M
Cap Penalty $11.46M
Cap Room $45.36M

Steelers Andrew Gonzalez LOLB 77 2 weeks

AFC North
#14 Bengals Bengals 9-7-0 0.56 4-2
#22 Browns Browns 8-8-0 0.50 4-2
#25 Steelers Steelers 6-10-0 0.38 4-2
#19 Ravens Ravens 6-10-0 0.38 0-6

1 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #26
Won 20-16
2 Sun vs Titans Titans #2
Won 23-20
3 Sun at Chargers Chargers #16
Lost 20-33
4 Sun at Ravens Ravens #19
Won 30-27
5 Mon at Eagles Eagles #8
Lost 7-36
7 Sun vs Ravens Ravens #19
Won 34-24
8 Sun at Browns Browns #22
Won 20-10
9 Sun vs Giants Giants #27
Lost 24-34
10 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #13
Lost 0-16
11 Sun at Cowboys Cowboys #15
Lost 19-27
12 Sun at Raiders Raiders #29
Lost 28-35
13 Sun at Bengals Bengals #14
Lost 9-12
14 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #6
Lost 20-27
15 Sun vs Browns Browns #22
Lost 6-24
16 Mon vs Bengals Bengals #14
Won 30-14
17 Sun vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 17-33

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