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Doyle Edgell Returns to Seattle
Doyle Edgell Returns to Seattle
All Time Leading Seahawks Receiver

The Seattle Seahawks are pleased to announce that all-time leading Seahawks receiver Doyle Edgell will return after a trade was finalized with the Washington Redskins. Edgell now thirty-two had spent his first eight seasons in the RZL after the Seahawks drafted him 22nd overall back in 2013. Since his departure he has spent time with Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Miami and most recently Washington.

Edgell was a fan favourite of the Seahawks fans and they were left shocked when he was traded away in 2021. But the fans will be excited to see the famous number eighty-one return for the Seahawks as early as this week.

"I am extremely excited and thankful to be returning to Seattle. I enjoyed my eight seasons here and although I have enjoyed the past few years I get the chance to wear the Seahawks uniform again and hopefully finish my career here. Watching them win the Super Bowl last year was amazing, to see how far this team has come. My opportunities have been limited this year but after speaking with Coach Davis, I think I will really be able to contribute this year and help with the playoff push." Seahawks Wide Receiver Doyle Edgell.

"Doyle is a true professional and when we were searching for a veteran wide out he was the first guy we asked about. The fans are going to get a real kick out of seeing him back on the field." Seahawks GM Kurt Ison.

Edgell is currently the 32nd overall in RZL reception yards. The Seahawks agreed to send their fourth round pick along with Wide Receiver T.J. Jackson. The former fourth round pick has spent his entire six year career in Seattle where he featured predominantly as a Kick Returner.
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Seahawks Return to Camp
Seahawks Return to Camp
Prepare to Defend the Title

~ Return to Camp ~

Following a miracle season which was capped by the Seattle Seahawks winning Super Bowl XVIII, the squad and staff have returned to work and headed into training camp. The roster has had its changes from its Championship winning side, but the new Seahawks look just as capable. The team is in the early stages of training camp and any suggestion of compliancy is being worked out of the team.

A fresh and healthy James Hartle returns to the team following a injury plagued season which saw him miss half the season along with the playoffs. He returns as the Seahawks starting quarterback and will lead a offence which was ranked the best in the league for most of the year.

~ Draft Recap ~

1.23 - Ohio State Linebacker Ryan Shazier
The Seahawks didn't impress anyone with their linebacker corp last season. Rookies such as Patrick Peterson were relied on to play well above their level and did so. But help has arrived in the form of Shazier, touted as the best line backer in the draft he will add speed to this defence.

2.32 - Missouri Guard Norman Crane
A hole in the offensive line heading into next season needed filling and Crane will be more than capable. A big body and quik off the mark, Crane has great blocking skills for a rookie and will look to quickly become a established member of the Seahawks offensive line.

5.32 - Nevada Kicker Jason Wiggins
After the disappointing departure of Dave Dennis, the 'Hawks needed to fill the spot. The rookie will get the chance to make the spot his own, it's hoped he will get more chances at extra points than field goals in his rookie year.

6.32 - Marshall Defensive End Kory Williams
A well rounded defensive end, Williams will provide depth behind the likes of Brandon Graham, Cameron Jordan and Timothy Terry.

7.32 - Fresno State Guard Jevon Jackson
Mr. Irrelevant joins the Seahawks offensive line and will sit behind William Ballard for the right guard spot.

~ New Faces ~

Besides the rookies, there are plenty of new faces spending their first time at camp in Seattle. Former first round pick and journeyman Quarterback Lou Bishop joins the team after a deal with the New England Patriots. Last season proved how vital depth at quarterback is, with the departure of hero Vincent Jimenez the team needed a veteran backup. Bishop has spent time at six teams and will bring plenty of experience and stability.

A deal before the draft saw fan favourite AJ Green depart for New York City to join the Jets, in return came receiver Reuben Randle and defensive end Cameron Jordan. Randle is entering his third season and is coming off a breakout year when he gained over 1,000 yards and 9 touchdowns. Randle will be a vital addition and will be relied on to continue his development. Cameron Jordan isn't the first talented defensive end to join from the Jets, with current Seahawks star Timothy Terry starting his career in New York. Jordan joins a talented defensive line and adds even more skill and speed to a unit which will terrorize offences this season.

~ Training Camp Standouts ~

CB Daniel Larsson (+1 SPD)
After joining the team midseason, Larsson is making the most of his first training camp with the Seahawks. He looks to have gained a step to add along with his imposing 6'3" frame.

WR Rueben Randle (+1 SPD)
Another new face who is impressing in camp. Randle who was rated as a average speed receiver has surpassed expectation and has been seen to beat defenders with his speed.

OLB Ryan Shazier (+1 SPD)
He was known for his speed during college and confirmed it at the combine. But he is looking as fast if not faster with the pros, he will be a welcome addition beside Justin Houston.

CB Sean Allen (+1 SPD)
Last years first round pick had a solid first season as he quality game time and showed he was ready to compete. He has worked hard in the off-season and has gained a step which will only improve his coverage skills.

SS Eric Reid (+1 SPD)
After missing most of his rookie year due to injury, Reid got his chance to complete a full season and impressed with his physical play. Another training camp under his belt has seen him improve on his speed and he will be a enforcer for this defence.

~ Projected Starting Line-up ~

1. James Hartle
2. Lou Bishop

Hartle returns as the starter and will beat out Bishop for the job. But Bishop will need to stay ready as Hartle has struggled with injuries. Both will likely see game time this season. Look for the Seahawks to add another QB before pre-season.

1. Kyle Parsons
2. Mike Hoffman
3. Michael Paxton

Parsons remains the ball carrier in Seattle, his lightning speed and tackle busting ability make him a favourite. He will be backed up by veteran Mike Hoffman who will help carry the load.

1. Stanley Havili

The six year veteran has been the Seahawks starting fullback since his rookie year. He will once again be the lead blocker for the Seattle offence.

1. Micheal Bishop
2. Reuben Randle
3. Julius Geier
4. Vick Allen
5. Kirk Morse
6. T.J. Jackson
7. Mitchell Gill

Following the departure of AJ Green, the main threat will be the pocket rocket Bishop who has proven he is able to carry the weight. Opposite him will be the new comer Randle, who will see the most game time of his short career. Veteran Julius Geier likely in his last season will be the number three receiver.

1. Robert Housler
2. Clark Morgan

Both players have yet to post huge numbers. However Housler's athleticism will give him the go ahead to be the number one tight end. Its his final year of his rookie contract and a less than stellar year could prove to be his last.

1. Kyle Warner
2. Nicholas Cooper

The big bodied Warner was extremely impressive last year and the left tackle position is his to lose. Cooper provides great depth but is unlikely to play many snaps.

1. Norman Crane
2. Shawn De'Torres

The rookie will be given the first chance at left guard, he joins a young line which has lost some veterans over the past year. De'Torres will provide depth.

1. Marshawn Wright
2. Camden Wentz

The former fifth round pick gets another opportunity to cement his spot on the line. He has yet to excel but he is making progress and this season could be his break out year.

1. William Ballard
2. Jevon Jackson

The longest serving member of the Seahawks line, Ballard has owned the right guard position for six seasons and will once again hold his spot. He is backed up by the final pick in this season draft in Jevon Jackson.

1. Nickolas Mcalpin
2. Lanny Rodriguez

After the retirement of the long serving Joe Thomas after seventeen seasons, the Seahawks turned to free agency to fill the void. They added two veteran tackles, with Mcalpin to start and Rodriguez to play backup.

1. Cameron Jordan
2. Kory Williams

Two new faces in Seattle. The talented Jordan gets the start as Brandon Graham was shipped to Washington in a post draft deal. Rookie Williams provides depth.

1. Arlen McDaniels
2. Jared Crick
3. Adrian Taylor

Long time anchor Evander Hood was released from the team which gives McDaniels the primary spot on the defensive line. Free agent addition Jared Crick slots in as the number two.

1. Timothy Terry
2. Lenny Waters

The extremely talented Terry teams up with Jordan to pose a lightning quick set of defensive ends. Terry has seen time before at line backer but he is expected to spend the season with a hand on the ground.

1. Patrick Peterson
2. Nigel Bradham
3. Roy Lopez

The second year Peterson played well above his expectations last year and has progressed quickly. He earns back his starting spot and Bradham will see time behind him.

1. Justin Houston
2. Kirk Bishop

The former first overall returns for his fourth season in Seattle where he has found his home. He will be the leader of this defence and will look to have another big year.

1. Ryan Shazier
2. Matt Doubront

The Seahawks first round pick, Shazier gets a immediate chance to prove he was the best linebacker in the class. He will be backed up by Matt Doubront.

1. Martin Crawford
2. Daniel Larsson
3. Sean Allen
4. Jing Yao
5. Takari Parker
6. Peter Mauer

A strong corner group returns which proved vital in the Seahawks Champion run. Two of the Seahawks first rounders in Crawford and Allen have proved to be great picks and the mid season trade for Larsson has looked to have paid off. A strong pass defence is expected with these three starters.

1. Eric Reid
2. David Williams

Reid has enjoyed his first full season after injury cut his rookie season short. He has made strides the past season and starts this season in the best shape he has been in.

1. Josh Taylor
2. TBA

Josh Taylor is the other young safety who completes the defensive backfield. Entering his fourth season he is becoming more and more a student of the game. Depth has yet to be filled at Free Safety.

1. Jason Wiggins

Following the departure of Dave Dennis, the Seahawks drafted Wiggins to become their sole kicker. He is expected to make mistakes but the 'Hawks will push on though his rookie year.

1. Ryan Donahue

Somewhat of a veteran, Donahue returns as the 'Hawks punter. He will once again put in a solid punting season.
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Seahawks Win Super Bowl XVIII
Seahawks Win Super Bowl XVIII
SB XVIII Champions

The Seattle Seahawks are the World Champions following a 25-20 Victory over the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XVIII. On a clear day in Miami both teams entered with confidence, both the Seahawks and Ravens had progressed past quality opposition to earn their spot in the Super Bowl. Baltimore was favoured heading into the game with some still questioning Seahawks back-up Quarterback Vincent Jimenez being able to do enough.

Everything was going right for Seattle in the opening quarter and half which saw them pull out to a 19-3 lead. Jimenez hit AJ Green for a 53 yard touchdown pass but was hit late and would leave the game suffering a broken jaw. Dan Lefevour the only active quarterback left would be counted on to steer the Seahawks for the final two and a half quarters. Kicker Dave Dennis would add four field goals in the first half to see the Seahawks enjoy a comfortable lead which would later prove the difference.

With Jimenez out, the momentum had swung to the Ravens. Veteran and long time Raven Marvin Bath would find the endzone, Kicker Raul Stanley would also add his second field goal for the game. A ten point third quarter from Baltimore would see the game closing down to 19-13 as the teams returned for the final quarter.

Seahawks fans were nervous as they watched the Ravens draw closer and closer, then the blow came when Cameron Rymer found Marvin Barth again and the Ravens had hit the lead for the first time. The Seahawks were down by one and they turned to Dan Lefevour, who had thrown a costly interception earlier to lead them to victory. Lefevour relied heavily on both AJ Green and Micheal Bishop as the 'Hawks moved down field. Getting inside the Ravens Ten yard line they had the chance to take the lead and it was Lefevour who called his own number and broke into the endzone to regain the lead for Seattle.

The Ravens would have just over two minutes as they received the ball. The two minute offence was clicking as they moved quickly down field and into the Seahawks half. Seattle's defence was tiring and the Ravens punched the ball into the red zone. But it was time for the 'Hawks defence to answer and they did, stopping the Ravens on fourth down on their own fourteen yard line and handing the ball back to their offence. The Seahawks had run the ball twice and had been stuffed, facing a 3rd and long the ball was handed off to Kyle Parsons who would force his way over for the first down. The offence entered the victory formation and kneeled out the game to claim Super Bowl XVIII.

"Absolutely amazing season. We lose James [Hartle] in week four and then to have Vincent [Jimenez] to come in and guide this team all the way to a game winning lead in the Super Bowl in something you couldn't imagine. Then to have a guy like Dan [Lefevour] take over his first game all year in the Super Bowl!? And he runs into the end zone to win us the game.

It is just a incredible achievement and all the players and staff deserve it. Take a guy like Joe Thomas, who entered the league back in 2007 and has played his entire seventeen career year as a Seahawk and in his final season wins the Super Bowl, it's just incredible." Seahawks GM Kurt Ison.
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Seahawks into Super Bowl XVIII
Seahawks into Super Bowl XVIII
NFC Champions

The Seattle Seahawks are heading to their first RZL Super Bowl with a 29-25 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game! The Seahawks biggest win in its franchises history will see them compete to be World Champions in Super Bowl XVIII in Miami.

After finishing the season 10-6 and as NFC West Champions the Seahawks were not favoured to cause to much of a stir in the playoffs. Even with a strong second half of the season which saw them win eight of their last ten games with second string and journeyman quarterback Vincent Jimenez at the helm. It was a relief following last seasons 10-6 finish which saw the inform Seahawks miss out on a wildcard spot due to a tiebreaker, made worse by the fact the Super Bowl would take place in their own house.

But 2023 has revived Seattle and the city in a buzz with the hopes of the Lombardi trophy returning to the North West. But in their way is the Baltimore Ravens, a team which has experienced a Super Bowl back in 2014 when they were narrowly defeated by the Buccaneer dynasty. Since then they have featured in three AFC Championship games and now have the chance to win their first RZL Championship following a 32-22 win over the San Diego Chargers.

"This has been a long time coming. We have been building this franchise for seven years. There has been a lot of mediocre seasons and some bad luck, but we have made the big step into becoming one of the big teams. Being in the NFC and in particular the NFC West we have had a hard time breaking past teams like Tampa Bay and St. Louis. But we have finally done it and now its our time in the sun and we need to make the most of this. If we win this Super Bowl it will be a huge for this franchise, team and city. We want don't want to be a flash in the pan, we like playing at this time of year and we want to do it every year." Seahawks GM Kurt Ison.
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Seahawks Trade for Hartle
Seahawks Trade for Hartle
Quarterback change in 2022

Days following the end of another disappointing 5-11 season, the Seattle Seahawks have started their off-season quickly and began with brining in a veteran passer. The Seahawks contacted the San Diego Chargers who were also eager to change things up after their own disappointing season. The teams quickly worked out a deal which see's multiple players headed to new teams.

Seattle agreed to send young quarterback Ryan Mallett, many thought was here to be the future of the Seahawks. However he suffered a injury which kept him out for over half the season and the Seahawks suffered. The other players to move were four year veteran linebacker Jesse Coleman, who joined the team in the 2018 draft after be taken in the second round. The other is five year Seahawks cornerback Devin McCourty who joined the team in a trade from Detroit.

Headed to Seattle is long time San Diego quarterback James Hartle, he was drafted thirty-second overall in the 2013 draft and has had a great career with the Chargers. However he is rumoured to have wanted a start elsewhere and he has found a home in Seattle as a Seahawk. Seattle also welcome back a former player in quarterback Vincent Jimenez who played for Seattle in 2020. The Seahawks will also receive the Chargers second round pick, which will be the Seahawks highest pick in the upcoming draft.

"We felt we needed to make a move. While we believe Ryan [Mallett] has a big career ahead of him, we couldn't afford to wait till he gets there. His injury this season really stopped momentum and so we feel this is a move in the right direction. We play in a division with elite quarterbacks, we need one who can match it with them and James [Hartle] is a guy who can. We thank Devin [McCourty], Jesse [Coleman] and Ryan [Mallett] for all their service in Seattle and we wish them all the best in San Diego." Seahawks GM Kurt Ison.
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At A Glance

GM K_Ison
Head Coach Billy Davis
Offensive Coordinator Tiki Barber
Defensive Coordinator P.Kerney
Special Teams Dave Toub
Salary $199.24M
Cap Penalty $0K
Cap Room $90K


NFC West
#7 Seahawks Seahawks 11-5-0 0.69 5-1
#24 Cardinals Cardinals 6-10-0 0.38 2-4
#30 Rams Rams 5-11-0 0.31 3-3
#28 49ers 49ers 4-12-0 0.25 2-4

1 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #3
Lost 31-38
2 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 29-22
3 Mon vs Packers Packers #32
Won 14-10
4 Sun at Lions Lions #18
Won 44-27
5 Sun at 49ers 49ers #28
Won 31-28
6 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 27-22
7 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #23
Won 24-3
9 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #26
Won 44-17
10 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #28
Won 17-10
11 Sun at Bears Bears #20
Won 10-7
12 Sun vs Rams Rams #30
Lost 10-25
13 Sun at Falcons Falcons #5
Lost 21-28
14 Sun at Bills Bills #21
Lost 38-41
15 Sun vs Eagles Eagles #8
Lost 24-36
16 Sat at Jets Jets #12
Won 24-17
17 Sat at Rams Rams #30
Won 22-10

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