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St. Louis Rams | Injuries - What's New?

St. Louis Rams | Injuries – What’s New?

St. Louis, Missouri – As per usual the St. Louis Rams have suffered what will likely be season ruining injuries early in the season. Star cornerback Sammy Burgess has been lost for the season with a severe spine injury and defensive captain Thad Gibson has been lost for at least the first 12 weeks of the season with a broken jaw.

’I can’t deal with it anymore. I have been blamed for years for getting Joe Flacco injured time and time again. Many general managers have said I have mismanaged him as a player. That I can somewhat understand. This? These injuries? All I can honestly say is I despise the preseason. What am I supposed to do? Sign enough players that none of my starters even touch the field in these four absolutely meaningless games? This is complete bull****.’ general manager Jeff Downey was quoted as saying after the game.

The Rams have lost their top corner, signed this offseason to a monster contract, and by far the best linebacker on their squad. What is ever worse for the Rams is the fact that this would be the last season with some aging pieces being at full speed to make another run.

’Same old story for us Rams. Finding a replacement cornerback will be nearly impossible, especially one of Sammy Burgess’ calibre. We may just have to take our lumps for yet another season and start a true rebuild here in St. Louis. Fetch as many picks as possible and blows this damn thing up. Downey said when asked how they would react to these losses.

It is no doubt that this is an enormous hit to the St. Louis Rams and if their past repeats itself it likely won’t be the last enormous loss of the season for them.

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St. Louis Rams | 2024 Preseason and Captains Announced

St. Louis Rams | 2024 Preseason Opponents and Captains Announced

St. Louis, Missouri – The new look St. Louis Rams are coming into the 2024 preseason with a lot to prove. They have a lot of new pieces on both sides of the ball that are going to need to step up if the Rams hope to make a deep playoff run this coming season.

Earlier this week the RZL head office announced the preseason schedule for the league. The St. Louis Rams will be facing off against the Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals. The four teams all requested to play the Rams as per league sources. The Tennessee Titans are long time cross-conference rivals of the St. Louis Rams and general manager Jeff Downey often cites Titans general manager Nic St. Marie as being one of his mentors. The Baltimore Ravens are coming off of a Super Bowl loss so they will be chomping at the bit to get the season off to a good start. The Oakland Raiders are coming off of a tough season of poor quarterback play but boast one of the top running backs in the game in Shane Vereen. The Bengals are also coming off of a less than stellar season but have added a new top flight quarterback in Matt Flynn and could see a large improvement. The St. Louis Rams will likely be avoiding putting some of their more injury prone starters on the field as they would like to see their new players get some on-field time to learn the playbook.

Another big piece of news for the St. Louis Rams this week is the announcing of the three team captains for this coming season. On the offensive side of the ball left tackle Nate Solder will be calling the shots. He is a five year veteran with the team and is making the move from right guard to left tackle where he will be protecting the quarterbacks blind side. On the defensive side the captains will be middle linebacker Thad Gibson and cornerback Akwasi Owusu-Ansah. These two players are the longest serving St. Louis Rams on the defensive side of the ball and are perfect for the leadership role. Akwasi will be assuming a leadership role for the young players of the secondary while Thad Gibson will be calling the shots from the middle of the field.

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St. Louis Rams | 2024 Training Camp

St. Louis Rams | 2024 Training Camp

St. Louis, Missouri – This past season was one strife with disappointment and failure. It was the worst in the tenure of general manager Jeff Downey including all the years of toiling mediocrity that were at the start of his tenure. Overall the St. Louis Rams are coming into this season with much higher hopes, a new potential franchise quarterback, and a new look defense that should lead to a much better year.


Season Recap

The St. Louis Rams had high hopes going into last season. They were coming off of a (12-4) season in 2022 that saw them make an appearance in the NFC Conference Championship. However the offseason following those playoffs turned into a disaster. Errors in management led to the departure of some key players and with general manager Jeff Downey missing the draft many poor picks were made. These moves, or lack thereof, led analysts to predict for a down year for the Rams that could possibly see them missing the playoffs unless Joe Flacco could once again lead the Rams to the promise land.

The St. Louis Rams opened the schedule with a very hard stretch of games. Their first game was against the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers whom they managed to play tough but still fell in a defeat. Joe Flacco went down with an early injury and John Skelton failed to get much of anything going on offense. Injuries to Joe Flacco would once again become a common happening in St. Louis. In the following two games the Rams would once again lose With Joe Flacco missing time in one of the game once again. In week four the Rams would secure their first victory against the tough Pittsburgh Steelers in a dominating performance by Flacco and the defense. Through one quarter of the season they were (1-3), a mark no acceptable by standard Rams levels.

The fifth game of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles is where the season took a true turn for the worst. Joe Flacco went down with a serious season-ending injury and the bulk of the offensive responsibility fell onto John Skelton’s shoulders who proved he would be able to pass the deep ball but sustaining offense was not his forte. The Rams would go on to lose the remaining three games in the first half of the season. At the half way point the Rams were sitting at a terrible (1-7) record and analysts were calling for general manager Jeff Downey to be fired from his position.

The next section of the season started much the same way with a disappointing loss to the division rival Arizona Cardinals. The once powerful Rams would go on to lose two more games before halting their skid with a win against the Washington Redskins. By the end of the twelfth game of the season the Rams were sitting at (2-10) and were looking to lock up their highest draft pick in team history.

The final quarter of the season saw the Rams pick up losses against the Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers while beating the Chicago Bears. The final record on the season was (3-13), the Rams worst since the start of the RZL. There were very few bright spots on the year. Anthony Young broke 1000 yards for the second straight season. Second year player Manny Irvin had a breakout year regardless of the poor offensive play and managed to put up 1250 receiving yards on 73 receptions. Adam Borque was the big surprise on the defensive side of the field as the linebacker had 21 tackles behind the line including five sacks.


Offseason Recap

After such a disappointing season for the St. Louis Rams this offseason was meant to be one of big changes and that is definitely what has happened. A new franchise quarterback has been drafted, a new number one cornerback was picked up through free agency and many more moves have been made. The team is definitely looking better than it did at the end of last season and it looks as if the Rams could be poised to make another playoff run.

Free Agency

Free agency is a thing some general managers love and others hate. It brings the opportunity for ‘free talent’ that won’t cost your team any of its assets however it often comes at an extreme overpayment. This year the Rams managed to make a splash in the first round of free agency and pick up some depth throughout. Although some of these players may have come at a high cost they will be integral to the Rams success in the upcoming season. The free agency pickups for the St. Louis Rams were as follows:

Name: Sammy Burgess
Position: Cornerback
Age: 29
Height: 6’1
Weight: 206 lbs.
Expected Position: Number one cornerback
Contract: 4 Years | $69.69 million
Key Attributes: 94 SPD | 62 STR | 99 AWR | 93 ACC | 62 CTH | 72 TAK

Sammy Burgess is one of the more complete cornerbacks in the league. He brings great size, athleticism and on-field awareness to the table and should shore up one of the worst secondaries in the league from a season ago. He will be manning the opposite side of the field from star cornerback Akwasi Owusu-Ansah this coming season and they should make a great shutdown duo. Some will criticize the contract and that is potentially warranted but as of now the Rams have filled their most glaring hole.

Name: Vincent Jimenez
Position: Quarterback
Age: 34
Height: 6’0
Weight: 185 lbs.
Expected Position: Backup Quarterback
Contract: 1 Year | $14 million
Key Attributes: 96 AWR | 87 THP | 93 THA

A veteran quarterback who has spent most of his career as a backup but managed to win the Super Bowl with the division rival Seattle Seahawks last season. Jimenez is looking to come in to act as both a backup for the oft-injured Joe Flacco and as a mentor to the up and coming Derek Carr. He has great awareness in the pocket and good accuracy but lacks the arm strength to get it down the field any longer. He could very well end up being the starter for the Rams this year.

Name: Allen Bradford
Position: Halfback
Age: 28
Height: 5’11
Weight: 242 lbs.
Expected Position: Starting Runningback
Contract: 3 Years | $7 million
Key Attributes: 90 SPD | 75 STR | 81 AWR

Allen Bradford was signed from the Buccaneers roster in order to come in and challenge the incumbent starter Anthony Young. Both bring a solid power running game with size to the table but Bradford’s raw talent is more impressive than that of Anthony Young. Look for a committee approach this coming season in St. Louis with a lot of carries from each back.

Name: Kavell Conner
Position: Right Outside Linebacker
Age: 31
Height: 6’0
Weight: 242 lbs.
Expected Position: Starting Right Outside Linebacker
Contract: 2 Years | $12.5 million
Key Attributes: 85 SPD | 74 STR | 84 ACC | 86 TAK

Kavell Conner is a very athletically talented outside linebacker who will be relied upon to put pressure on the quarterback from the right side of the defense. He is coming from Minnesota where he managed to make tackles in the backfield a total of 33 times including 12 sacks. If put to good use he could wreak havoc on opposing offenses.

Name: Joseph Burnett
Position: Middle Linebacker
Age: 33
Height: 6’4
Weight: 245 lbs.
Expected Position: Backup Middle Linebacker
Contract: 1 Year | $5.5 million
Key Attributes: 75 SPD | 87 STR | 84 AWR | 81 ACC | 78 TAK

Joseph Burnett is a very large bodied middle linebacker who will be brought on in mostly a backup role. He is very strong against the run and should see time on running downs however his coverage skills are beginning to lack as his age increases.

Name: Shea McClellin
Position: Right Defensive End
Age: 27
Height: 6’3
Weight: 255 lbs.
Expected Position: Starting Right End
Contract: 3 Years | $17 million
Key Attributes: 80 SPD | 80 STR | 73 AWR | 83 AGI | 81 ACC

Shea McClellin is a very well balanced defensive end who was brought in through free agency to be a starter on the right end of the St. Louis defensive line. He doesn’t do anything spectacularly but also doesn’t lack in any categories. He should compete with Preston Parker for the starting position.

RZL Draft

The RZL draft has long been general manager Jeff Downey’s favourite part of the offseason. This year he managed to put in a lot more time than he had usually allotted and many analysts are ranking their draft as one of the more successful in the league. They managed to come out of the draft with a new starting defensive end in Lester Hamilton who has the potential to be a star in the very near future. Defensive tackle Julius Bryant is an interesting mould for a defensive tackle who with some work on his strength could dominate up the middle or off the edge. Quarterback Derek Carr, picked at 10th overall, will be developed to replace Joe Flacco once he retires in the near future and has the raw ability to become a top flight quarterback in the future.

To view a full draft recap please refer to this article: Draft Recap

Overall the offseason has been one of great success for the St. Louis Rams. Through the draft and free agency they have filled many holes on their team. There is no question that the team has improved through this offseason but the results remain to be seen. The Rams will need to complete training camp and play games in order to see if their new acquisitions will have the impact that the general manager hopes they will have.


Training Camp

Training camp is always an exciting time of the year for both players and fans alike. Fans get to see their favourite players take the field for the first time since the previous season and players get to see their old teammates again. After such a poor showing last season the Rams will no doubt be working very hard to get themselves into game shape. All of their new acquisitions will also need to learn the playbook and get up to speed. We will cover some of the key players in this training camp and what exactly they will need to do to take steps in improving their game.

Rookie defensive end Lester Hamilton will be a big focus of this upcoming offseason. He will likely be staying at the left end position while last year’s starter Preston Parker is moved to the opposite side of the line. The aforementioned Preston Parker will be performing in the exact same program. To improve upon their already potent edge rushing talent they are going to be entered into a program centered around increasing his speed and explosiveness off the line. These drills will include weighted wind sprints and overall leg strength exercises. This will increase both their first step explosiveness and their overall top speed in getting to the passer. Lester Hamilton is definitely more of a finesse rusher than Preston Parker so he will use this speed and acceleration to get around the right tackle in hopes of catching him flat footed. Preston Parker, who will be rushing the quarterback’s blind side, will use this new found acceleration and speed to push his explosive strength into the left tackle much more quickly and hopefully increase his chances of bull rushing through the tackle and guard.

Drill Results:
Defensive End Lester Hamilton: +1 Speed | +1 Acceleration
Defensive End Preston Parker: +1 Speed | +1 Acceleration

Defensive tackle Julius Bryant was a bit of a surprise pick for the St. Louis Rams in the second round of the RZL draft this year. The rookie defensive tackle was at one point expected to be a top 10-15 pick by some analysts because of his elite athleticism combined with his decent size. However prior to the draft at the combine he had a very poor showing in the strength drills which led a lot of teams to question his ability to play on the inside of the line. The Rams overlooked these issues and hope that with some training in the weight room he will be able to flourish into one of the top defensive tackles in the game. Julius Bryant will be entered in a strength training program that is going to include sled drills and general weight training. Former Rams’ great Orlando Pace is being brought in to help some players with their strength training so Bryant will be working with him.

Drill Results:
Defensive Tackle Julius Bryant: +1 Strength

Cornerback Phil Douglas is entering his second season with the Rams. Last season he played a lot of time in the slot and was bumped up to starter with the large amount of injuries. He was drafted by the Rams in the second round of last year’s draft so he should eventually start for the team but his lack of speed may limit him to being a situational cornerback at best. This year, much like the pair of defensive ends, Douglas is going to be working on his top end speed. He will be taking part in weighted wind sprints as well as other speed related drills.

Drill Results:
Cornerback Phil Douglas: +1 Speed


2024 Season Preview

This upcoming season is going to be one of big changes. There are big questions as to how much certain players will be playing such as whether or not Derek Carr will get a shot at starting this season. If the St. Louis Rams are able to turn it around somewhat and build up talent like they had before they should have an easier schedule. The Seattle Seahawks have taken a step back after their Super Bowl season losing their best wide receiver. The Rams will also be matched up against the last place finishers in each NFC division once due to their terrible record one year ago. The NFC West should be paired up with the very tough AFC East this coming season so that will be very hard for the St. Louis Rams. All four of the Patriots, Bills, Jets and Dolphins will be very hard matchups.

There are rumblings around the St. Louis Rams that they will be moving to a more conservative power running based attack. They are definitely lacking the talent they once possessed at wide receiver which could greatly hinder their passing attack but they do have faith in young receivers Manny Irvin, Louis McCamey and Stedman Bailey. The power rushing duo of Anthony Young and Allen Bradford will once again be running behind one of the top offensive lines in the league. Quarterback Joe Flacco, as long as he is healthy, should always be a threat to be a top passer in the league. However with both Vincent Jimenez and Derek Carr backing up Flacco they should not have to worry nearly as much if he is injured. The new look defense should generate a lot of pressure from the line with new additions Shea McClellin, Julius Bryant and Lester Hamilton combined with the ever improving Preston Parker and Patrick Sanders. The linebacking corps should be improved with the addition of Kavell Conner and the continued improvement of Dwayne Maes and Adam Borque. The secondary will be leaps and bounds better than last season as Sammy Burgess will move into a shutdown role and Akwasi Owusu-Ansah will look to stay healthy. Fifth round pick Shawn Clark will look to build off of a surprising rookie campaign and there should be a solid position battle at free safety between Hunter Jones and Henry Boone.

Overall the St. Louis Rams are projecting to be a hopeful playoff team. Analysts have them pegged as anywhere between 9 and 11 wins with them pushing for a playoff spot and potential divisional title. If things go well for Flacco and the new defensive acquisitions gel as well as general manager Jeff Downey hopes they will they could push for the upper end of that window and maybe even surpass it. With teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers expected to improve greatly the NFC should be as hard as ever to win and the road to the Super Bowl is going to be a very tough one.

Regardless of what happens look for a lot more attention to be paid to the Rams this upcoming season.

2024 St. Louis Rams Projected Lineup

QB: Joe Flacco
HB: Anthony Young/Allen Bradford
FB: Kenny Bowman
WR1: Louis McCamey
WR2: Manny Irvin
WR3: Stedman Bailey
TE: Corey Harmon
LT: Nate Solder*
LG: Marshall Newhouse
C: Eric Fisher
RG: Antonio Powe
RT: Hector Savage

LE: Lester Hamilton
DT1: Patrick Sanders
DT2: Julius Bryant
RE: Preston Parker
LOLB: Adam Borque
MLB: Thad Gibson/Dwayne Maes
ROLB: Kavell Conner
LCB: Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
FS: Hunter Jones
SS: Shawn Clark
NCB: Phil Douglas
RCB: Sammy Burgess

BOLD denotes new starter at that position

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St. Louis Rams | New Carr Smell [Draft Recap]

St. Louis Rams | New Carr Smell [Draft Recap]

St. Louis, Missouri – The St. Louis Rams entered the 2024 NFL Draft with the third overall pick in the draft after an abysmal (3-13) season, the worst in general manager Jeff Downey’s tenure. Not normally known for his trades Downey made a splash by trading back to the 12th overall pick while picking up a third round pick in this year’s draft along with a first and second round pick in next year’s draft. As the 10th overall selection came up on the clock there were rumblings that someone else would try and take their target at either 10th or 11th overall. Downey quickly made a move and moved up to pick up what could be the team’s future pivot.

First Round – 10th Overall | QB Derek Carr
Key Attributes | 66 AWR | 94 THP | 82 THA | 87 INJ

Coming to the end of the Joe Flacco era in St. Louis has been nowhere near what the Rams would call smooth. With Joe Flacco being perennially injured they went out this offseason and spent big money to bring in defending Super Bowl winning quarterback Vincent Jimenez. Much like when the Rams picked Joe Flacco 10 years ago the Rams had to trade up to get the pick. Dereck Carr will be starting his career on the bench where he will be mentored by a combined three Super Bowls at quarterback. There may not be a better situation for a young quarterback to come into. Carr, although raw, has the intangibles that the Rams hope can help lead the team for another 15 years much like his predecessor and if the Rams can surround him with the required weapons he could bring the Super Bowl back to the Greatest Show on Turf.

Second Round – 35th Overall | DE Lester Hamilton
Key Attributes | 82 SPD | 78 STR | 80 AGI | 83 ACC | 76 TAK

With the third pick in the second round of the draft the Rams went what they believe is best player available at this slot and chose DE Lester Hamilton. Already with a log jam at defensive end with first round selection Preston Parker and recent free agent acquisition Shea McClellin the Rams selected yet another defensive end which may have some people scratching their heads. Hamilton, with some work, could become a very good rush end with some great strength and should be great opposite Preston Parker. Due to their builds it would appear Hamilton is the more prototypical left end and with an increase in speed and acceleration he could do very well at that position.

Second Round – 46th Overall | DT Julius Bryant
Key Attributes | 74 SPD | 83 STR | 76 AGI | 85 ACC

Once rumoured to be a top ten pick his disappointing showings in strength drills at the combine caused his draft stock to fall. Julius brings elite athleticism to the defensive tackle position often reserved for defensive ends but he will be looking to do it from the middle of the line. The combination of his size and athleticism could also make him a deadly force at the right end position. General manager Jeff Downey has already stated that this will be an experimental pick so we will have to wait and see what he does here.

Third Round –91st Overall | CB Jermaine Moss
Key Attributes | 6’1 | 92 SPD | 88 AGI | 91 ACC

Jermaine Moss is the epitome of a project player. With a good combination of size and athleticism he could have what it takes to be a starter in the future but his 44 awareness will take a very long time to develop into a startable level. Look for the Rams the keep him sheltered behind their more talented cornerbacks for the near future with him maybe starting in a few years time.

Fourth Round –99th Overall | FB Kenny Bowman
Key Attributes | 6’3 | 239 LBS | 70 SPD | 76 STR | 78 ACC | 49 PBK | 64 RBK

FB Kenny Bowman is a big bodied fullback with decent athleticism, very good strength and excellent run blocking. He will possibly be taking over for FB Cody Johnson off the start. Once he develops a bit more he could turn into a premier run blocking fullback.

Sixth Round –163rd Overall | DE Scott Stills
Key Attributes | 6’3 | 269 LBS | 75 SPD | 81 STR | 64 AWR | 77 ACC

A big bodied and strong defensive end Scott Stills will be adding some defensive line depth for the St. Louis Rams this coming season. With a decent skew he could turn into a competent right defensive end in the future with his combination of athleticism and strength.

Seventh Round –195th Overall | FS Keyshawn Blair
Key Attributes | 6’0 | 87 SPD | 66 AWR | 63 CTH

Keyshawn Blair is another decently sized safety yet is a bit on the slower side. He has nearly RZL ready awareness right out of the draft which will help him phase in as a backup very easily. With a very good skew he may be able to start but as of right now he is just depth.

Seventh Round –203rd Overall | TE Arthur Lynch
Key Attributes | 6’5 | 258 LBS | 66 SPD | 70 STR | 78 AGI | 80 ACC | 71 CTH | 80 BTK

A huge tight end who lacks the top end speed required to make him a potent passing target. Great secondary athletic attributes. Should be useful as a blocking tight end who can also catch passes in the red zone.

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St. Louis Rams | Change is Coming

St. Louis Rams | Change is Coming

St. Louis, Missouri – In the last 24 hours the St. Louis Rams have made two very big trades that could change the direction of the teams future drastically. One sent an aging veteran away to the NFC rival New Orleans Saints and another had the Rams trading down in the draft and stockpiling picks for a youthful retooling.

The first trade was completed with the New England Patriots last night. The terms of the trade were as follows:

New England Patriots send:

- 2024 Detroit Lions First Round Draft Choice [1.12] –
- 2024 Detroit Lions Third Round Draft Choice [3.12] –
- 2025 Green Bay Packers First Round Draft Choice –
- 2025 New England Patriots Second Round Draft Choice –

St. Louis Rams send:

- 2024 St. Louis Rams First Round Draft Choice [1.03] –
- 2025 St. Louis Rams Seventh Round Draft Choice –

This deal was one that took a lot of mulling over for general manager Jeff Downey. Although the draft is very talent heavy at the top there are two players that the Rams had at a higher grade than anyone else. With the likelihood of those two players being gone by the time the Rams were on the clock they decided that to better the future of the franchise they would need more draft choices. With the 12th selections of both the first and third rounds the Rams feel they can get two players that can contribute immediately. They have high hopes that next season the Green Bay Packers will once again have a high selection which would give them another high talent player. This is a deal that’s value will only be determined once both teams can use the draft picks as they see fit.

The second trade was finished minutes before the deadline with the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints send:

- RG Antonio Poe [99]
- 2024 New Orleans Saints Third Round Draft Choice [3.24] –
- 2024 Miami Dolphins Third Round Draft Choice [3.30] -

St. Louis Rams send:

- LT Sean Green [99] -

Saints general manager Kevin Mullendore came knocking about Sean Green when he was posted on the Rams block. Sean Green was drafted by the St. Louis Rams ten seasons ago and has been a staple on the left side of their line for years. Unfortunately with Sean Green getting up in age and the team needing an infusion of youth the decision was made to move the highly paid left tackle. Antonio Poe is in more of a strength type build than the prototypical athletic offensive lineman that Downey is known so well for liking. Poe is fast but in his age has lost a step. It is likely that he will be kept at right guard with Nate Solder moving to occupy either the right or left tackle position.

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At A Glance

GM J_Downey
Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Offensive Coordinator Isaac Bruce
Defensive Coordinator James Farrior
Special Teams Richard Smith
Salary $185.54M
Cap Penalty $1.99M
Cap Room $11.8M

Rams Patrick Sanders DT 74 Out for season
Rams Sammy Burgess CB 94 Out for season
Rams Thad Gibson MLB 88 Out for season

NFC West
#7 Seahawks Seahawks 11-5-0 0.69 5-1
#24 Cardinals Cardinals 6-10-0 0.38 2-4
#30 Rams Rams 5-11-0 0.31 3-3
#28 49ers 49ers 4-12-0 0.25 2-4

1 Sun at Packers Packers #32
Won 43-3
2 Sun vs Jets Jets #12
Lost 22-27
3 Sun vs Bears Bears #20
Lost 16-34
5 Sun vs Bills Bills #21
Won 41-15
6 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #26
Lost 0-27
7 Sun at Vikings Vikings #3
Lost 21-31
8 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #1
Lost 16-48
9 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #28
Won 23-20
10 Sun vs Giants Giants #27
Lost 21-31
11 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #24
Lost 20-34
12 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #7
Won 25-10
13 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 29-22
14 Sun at Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 20-27
15 Sun vs Lions Lions #18
Lost 13-38
16 Sat at 49ers 49ers #28
Lost 27-30
17 Sat vs Seahawks Seahawks #7
Lost 10-22

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