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2024 - Jets All In - Training Camp

2023 Recap
Another 11 win season (their second straight), and yet another disappointment for the fans of New York. The New York Jets are a dominant force during the regular season, but they just cannot seem to put things together in the postseason. It's not like they play in a cupcake division all season, the AFC East is regularly one of the top divisions in the league, usually with at least two if not three teams battling for the top spot (the Bills and Dolphins also finished with 11 wins). The playoff meltdown once again infuriated management to the point where multiple sources thought that there would be a change in leadership before the offseason kicked into full gear. However, General Manager Matt Spencer was retained and he quickly got to work. But before we get to the offseason, here's a recap of what transpired positionally for the Jets in 2023:

HB - Who's going to slow down Ben Tate? Not mother time. He looked a little slower coming into the 2023 season, but once games began, it was clear that he was still an elite back with the vision and ability to make tacklers miss to carry the offense at times. Crushing his previous season high of 1,676 yards, Tate finished with 1,836 yards, bringing him within just 500 yards of becoming the RZL's all time leading rusher.

WR/TE - Dwight Jones continued to grow as the number one receiving threat for the Jets. He hauled in 88 catches for 1,500+ yards while 2nd year man out of LSU, Rueben Randle established himself as a go-to-guy with 1,000+ yards and 9 Touchdowns. Andrew Luck really spread the ball around well this season, as he even got two Tight Ends involved. Both Jimmy Graham and Jameson Konz finished with 5 TD catches, and they combined for 880 yards. 9 different receivers caught a touchdown from Luck in 2023.

OL - The Jets replaced the outstanding Jeremy Zuttah prior to the year with Thaddeus Coleman, and never missed a beat. Coleman and the ever reliable Russell Okung combined for 215 pancakes and only 6 sacks allowed. Denver Beach and Maynard Coe struggled a little at the guard positions, giving up a few too many sacks, but were strong in the running game, opening holes for the soon to be record breaking Ben Tate.

CB - The Jets jettisoned Xavier Rhodes, and ended up with just one complete Corner on the roster. Ray Wilson put together his second consecutive 4+ INT and 30+ deflection season, but the real story was the acquisition of Bobby Peterson prior to Week 5, and in his first game as a Jet he picked off 3 passes. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm that that performance brought did not carry over as he failed to intercept another pass all season long. The Jets also brought in Isaac McClain late in the season to further boost the position, but only got 4 deflections and zero interceptions from the veteran in the 5 games he played as a Jet.

S - A step back for one of the games rising stars at the position, Robert Sands failed to cause a turnover for the first time in his 6 year career. Aaron Henry beside him was steady yet ordinary, intercepting just 2 passes.

LB - It usually doesn't take a player 11 seasons to bring his best to the table, but that's what happened when the Jets signed Spencer Adkins. The team had sorely missed a presence in the middle of their defense since the retirement of Jon Vilma, and Adkins brought that with 100+ tackles and 4 forced turnovers. Sean Spence played decently in 2023, enough so to earn him a significant raise as the Jets had to match on the open market to retain him for a big 5 year 40+ million dollar contract.

DL - After the big 20 sack season of 2022, Cameron Jordan returned to earth with just 7 sacks. Part of that may have to do with the performance of veteran DT Darrell Burgess who is garnering attention for the Best Defensive Lineman award. 13 sacks from the interior is a great number, 2nd in the RZL's history, he also added 4 forced turnovers and 7 tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Rookie RE Sam Phillips recorded 6 sacks on the year in what was an up and down campaign for the youngster.

2023 Offseason

GM Spencer knows that the time has come to go all in, and this offseason has shown that he intends to do so. After not retaining the services of CB Isaac McClain, OG Denver Beach, and LB Spencer Adkins he turned his sights to Free Agency, and more specifically the Buffalo Bills.

Pre-Draft Free Agency

Again looking to revamp a weak linebacking corps, Spencer made Match Eligible offers to LB Sean Spence and then went hard after MLB Juan Patterson of the Raiders and OLB Sergio Kindle of the Bills. They also lined up offers for Patriots CB Sammy Burgess and Bills linemen Wm Wong and Hobert Lymon. With plenty of cash to spend, the team thought they had a good shot at both upgrading their roster as well as poaching players from their division rivals. However, other teams more flush with cash came after Burgess and Kindle and Wong offers were matched by Buffalo.

The team did end up signing Patterson to a 3 Year $40 million dollar deal, which will hopefully stabilize the position for the near future. Also not matched was C Hobert Lymon and he signed a 3 year $21 million dollar deal and will likely slide over to OG to allow Mike Golic Jr. to retain his starting position.

Draft Recap

Here's where things got interesting for the Jets in the offseason. Shortly before the draft, league sources reported that the Jets had traded up from the 17th overall pick to the 2nd overall pick, shocking Jets Nation and thrilling fans throughout the country. The cost though, came in as future 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks, a haul that some praised the Bengals for and others thought was too little. This means the deal was likely a fair one and both teams will come ahead on. And to the selection that was made with that pick....

1.2 DE Jadaveon Clowney

After seeing the draft class, the team knew that it had the goods and the needs to trade up in this draft. When the Bengals went shopping with the 2nd overall pick, the team didn't hesitate a moment knowing that the QB would be first off the board leaving them with Clowney. His combination of athleticism and size and strength are unmatched in the league and the coaching staff is just itching to get him onto the field. As his name was called, you know Cameron Jordan, the incumbent LE of the Jets just had to know his days were numbered.

That's when the draft became even more of a time for the Jets to pounce, as the Seahawks put Wide Receiver AJ Green on the block during the draft. GM Spencer once again did not hesitate and put his best offer forward from the get go; the 24th pick in the first round (WR Damien Whitehead), WR Rueben Randle, and DE Cameron Jordan, all in exchange for the standout Wide Receiver. This brings back memories of the historically awesome tandem of Calvin Johnson and Jonathan Orr running wild for the Jets with whomever was behind Center at the time. Now, Andrew Luck truly has 2 weapons that will force opposing defenses into mismatches on both sides of the field.

Post Draft Free Agency

While the team put out feelers for multiple Free Agents, they were only able to snare one into an agreement, which left GM Spencer slightly disheartened as his roster rounds into form for 2024. The team was able to bring back veteran Offensive Lineman Ronny Hodge on 3 year deal worth $18 Million ($7.2 of which guaranteed). Hodge was a highly criticized top draft pick of the team 10 years ago when he was selected 5th overall and was part of the gigantic package of picks and players the team sent to Houston for the top overall pick in 2019 when Andrew Luck was coming out of Stanford. His career comes full circle in 2024 after spending the past 3 seasons in Miami, he returns to the Jets and will likely slide to the left side of the line as incumbent Russell Okung has the Right Tackle spot locked up.

The Jets swung and missed on veteran Quarterback Jason Boltus, Wide Receiver Brooks Foster, and young Defensive Tackle Danial Barrios. Foster would have been a veteran presence in the slot, and will likely be the sorest spot in Post Draft FA for the front office.

Training Camp

The New York Jets come into Training Camp as a talented, yet not deep, bunch. It seems the coaching staff is ready to ignore depth and let it ride in 2024 as they focused on the already talented players during Training Camp. The entire organization is thrilled with the progress of 2nd overall pick Jadaveon Clowney, who has exceeded already sky high expectations during camp. He has taken everything in from the training staff and seems to have increased his burst off the line and even his top end speed. But he hasn't stopped there, it seems he has his sights set on a historic rookie campaign as he's even been bullying around one of the strongest Offensive Linemen in the league in Russell Okung. Clowney has been re-evaluated at 85 SPD [+1], 75 STR [+1], and 93 ACC [+1] heading into a highly anticipated career.

Also seeing improvement, the Jets' two 5th year veterans WR Dwight Jones and CB Ray Wilson. The coaching staff associates this improvement with the addition of WR AJ Green, as Green has pushed Jones in the training room to improve on his already brilliant young career. Wilson has also reaped the benefit of facing stiffer competition in Training Camp practices and it seems he's gained a bit on his top end speed, having to keep up with Green while being tested on deep routes.

The team is excited about the work put in during Training Camp from the entire squad, and is looking forward to getting back to games that count.

2024 Season Outlook

This could be the year we see Andrew Luck go off like the Jets' Quarterbacks of old. He has finally been handed a complimentary receiver who is just as good as his #1 option. The tandem of Green and Jones should be good enough to prevent many defenses in the league from taking away the passing game. Not since the team had Calvin Johnson and Jonathan Orr in their primes have they had two weapons with such complete games. To go with the two dynamic receivers, add to that two Tight Ends who are a complete package in Jameson Konz and Jimmy Graham. With these 4 threats, and the aging of starting Halfback Ben Tate, we could see a shift from a ground game focus to an all out aerial attack. Although, if they drop back 30+ times a game, they put their franchise QB, who has faced injury problems in the past, in the crosshairs of opposing defenses. Look to the Jets to stay balanced on offense and exploit mismatches when they arise.

In New York, and around the league, all eyes will be on expected phenom Jadaveon Clowney and how he makes the transition from the college level to the RZL. The Jets are replacing their second best DE ever in Cameron Jordan with a player with even higher of a ceiling. The team is hoping that the consistent pressure and presence in the opposing backfield that Clowney can bring, will help their defense take a next step to being one of the better in the league. At the linebacker level, they've added two new faces in Juan Patterson and Jeremy Lin, hoping to solidify the 2nd line of defense. In the secondary, Ray Wilson looks to make the leap from that 2nd tier of Cornerbacks into the upper echelon elite playmakers.

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2023 New York Jets Training Camp [In Progress]

2022 Recap
The 2022 New York Jets once again found themselves back into the postseason for the 9th time in RZL History. Unfortunately, their 11 wins were not enough to win the division, and would earn them a Wild Card Round trip to eventual AFC Champion Jacksonville. The offense would perform well enough to win, but a defensive lapse in the 2nd Quarter that allowed Jags QB Adrian McPherson 2 touchdowns would lead to yet another Jets' 1-and-done playoff appearance.

At the beginning of the year, after a 1 and 2 start, it had looked like the Jets were not destined for a big year. They were able to overcome that start and played much more consistently through the year. Injuries to Andrew Luck were overcome with veteran backup Brian Brohm performing well in his absence, and even when the fragile Brohm would miss time Anthony Morelli was there to step in and play just as well. In actuality, both Brohm and Morelli played better football than Luck did in 2022.

HB - The veteran Tate bounced back from an injury plagued 2021 to produce one of his finest seasons of his career. 1600+ yards and 17 touchdowns, the touchdown total being the 2nd most in RZL history, two behind his record holding 19 in 2017. His total stood at 17 with 3 games remaining in the year, but he couldn't find his way into the endzone to try to break his own record.

WR/TE - 3rd Year WR Dwight Jones backed up his impressive sophomore campaign with another very good season, proving that he belongs at the top of the league as one of the best field stretching targets in the game. Veteran Kenny Britt was dependable once again and Rookie WR Rueben Randle exceeded expectations out of the slot with 800+ yards and 3 Touchdowns. TE Jameson Konz' 2nd season in green was just as fruitful as his first, hauling in nearly 600 yards and 5 touchdowns.

OL - Offensive Tackles Russell Okung and Jeremy Zuttah combined for 233 pancakes in 2022, Zuttah allowing only 1 sack on the year. That performance led him to holdout in the offseason, which will be covered later. Guard play from Denver Beach and Maynard Coe was solid, yet unspectacular and Center Mike Golic Jr. struggled at times in his first season in the league, allowing 7 sacks.

CB - 2022 was a year of passing the torch in the secondary, never before has the Jets had a pair of young Corners with the promise and potential of Ray Wilson and Xavier Rhodes. This forced Nelson Marcus and Marcus Brown in to matchup roles throughout the season, yet Brown was able to pick off 5 passes. Wilson had the best year of his 3 year career, intercepting 4 passes on the season and deflecting 30 other passes. Rhodes impressed at times during his Rookie year, but was also exposed by more veteran signal callers.

S - Robert Sands, quietly one of the best Safeties in the league, made his 2nd consecutive Pro Bowl in 2022, his towering presence at the back of the defense disrupting many plays. Aaron Henry continued to make progress and had his best pass disruption season thus far.

LB - An area of weakness for the Jets defense, Joe Romero and Pavon Demille combined for 97 tackles and 3 sacks while they injury shared the MLB position. Sean Spence took down 5 sacks from the Left Side and veteran King Leduc played solidly on the Right. All were solid, but none shined in 2022, and that led to the team overhauling the position in the offseason.

DL - One of the biggest stories during the 2022 RZL season was Cameron Jordan's incredible season and chase after the season record for Sacks. The former 1st round pick finally lived up to the hype he had coming out of Cal. He doubled the total of sacks he had generated in his first 4 seasons and came within 3 sacks of Shawne Merriman's record 23 sacks in 2013. Jordan wasn't the only lineman with a big year, as Darrell Burgess posted the 2nd most sacks (9) from the DT position in 2022.

2023 Offseason

After yet another playoff disappointment, GM Spencer quickly turned his back on some of the best veterans on the roster, clearing nearly 40 million in cap space in the process. A flurry of other releases were announced shortly after the offseason began:
CB Marcus Brown
WR Kenny Britt
MLB Joe Romero
LB King Leduc
DE Jarron Gilbert
HB Darius Marshall

As mentioned earlier, OT Jeremy Zuttah had the best year of his long career, and he and his agent decided to hold out for a new contract. The team did not take long to respond to his decision but releasing him. On the open market, he found a 2 year 30 Million dollar deal with 5+ guaranteed from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The team lost promising, yet disappointing Middle Linebacker, Brian Rolle to the Buccaneers in Pre Draft Free Agency. Kicker Mason Crosby, entering his 17th season, was given a 2 year deal after nearly kicking perfect in 2022. His leg is getting shorter and shorter each season, but the accuracy is unmatched in the league. The team also retained backup Quarterback Anthony Morelli, which became even more important after Brian Brohm announced his retirement.

Pre-Draft Free Agency

GM Matt Spencer made it clear that he wanted to upgrade his Linebacking corps, making a big 30M/3yr offer to Giants FA LB Larry Hart. However, his offer fell short of what other teams were willing to offer, eventually signing with the Chiefs for 33M/3y an more guaranteed money.

Draft Recap

Unlike 2021 where the depth of the class allowed the Jets to slide down the draft board and nab two impact players in CB Rhodes and WR Randle, the 2022 class left something to be desired. Many teams were looking to move their picks in this draft into future considerations, and the Jets were one of those teams as well.

1.24 DE Sam Phillips

After "knowing" that LB Joe Taylor would slip to them at 1.24, the Detroit Lions moved up a few spots in front of the Jets to snag the potential impact linebacker right out from under them. GM Spencer immediately put the APB out that he was looking to move down or into the 2024 draft, and though he got big interest from the Lions, they could not come to an agreement and the team debated between Phillips and PSU linebacker Ryan Carroll. Spencer ultimately settled on another need, adding Phillips who projects immediately into the Right Defensive End spot in the lineup. Phillips' combination of size, strength, and top end speed were attractive to the team even with his shortfalls (initial quickness and field awareness).

4.18 LB Darius Hughes
6.32 LB Carlton Hansen
7.24 LB Taye Jackson

After missing out on an impact Linebacker in the first round, Spencer and the Jets took a swing at 3 raw prospects at the position with the hopes of finding a player that could develop into a very good player. Much of that hope lies in the hands of the post draft skew which could lead to a gem or cause each of these players to wind up as Training Camp roster casualties. Each of these players are built similarly, highly athletic yet not as strong as one would like and lacking the field awareness to step in and contribute immediately.

7.26 WR Pat Jenkins

With their final pick of the 2023 draft, the Jets picked up a slot receiver, who with a positive skew, has a good chance of making the team and possibly contributing on Special Teams and occasionally making his way into 5 WR sets on offense.

Post Draft Free Agency

CB Mario McFadden[2 Years 6M/2.4M] - The Jets have long lacked a special return man, and late into the Free Agency period, the team locked up the undersized yet speedy McFadden to a 2 year deal. He will likely battle for the Dime CB position as well, but his main duties will be duplicating his 2022 performance in returning kicks (22 YPR and 2 TDs).

HB Braxton Murphy [3 Years 9M/3M] - Another low key acquisition, Murphy has just 41 carries over the first 3 years of his career, but could see some time returning kicks if McFadden struggles in the role. He likely won't sniff the field on offense as Ben Tate still has some gas left in the tank.

Training Camp


2023 Season Outlook


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Historical Seasons for 3 as Jets Exit Playoffs

Jets Fall Flat in Jacksonville
For the 6th consecutive postseason appearance, the Jets failed to get out of the Wild Card round in falling flat against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The 11-5 Jets face another season of disappointment as they just don't have what it takes once it gets to the win or go home games. A season in which the team battled through tough injuries on both side of the ball ended when the Jaguars stormed out to a 17-6 halftime lead and never looked back in an easy victory. Andrew Luck, back from a long injury, struggled early before padding his stats in the 4th quarter. Similarly, MVP candidate Ben Tate struggled big time before finding bigger running lanes late in the game as the Jags sat back protecting their big lead. The Jets' defense had no answer for Adrian McPherson all day long as the quarterback racked up 300+ yards and 3 touchdowns.

Now, as the RZL has survived reboot-a-gate, the Jets look to the future, a future in which fans question whether General Manager Spencer should be on his way out of town. His failure to lead the team past the Wild Card round in nearly a decade has talk show hosts and fans calling for change at the top of the organization. Fresh blood might be the answer for a franchise that has put up a 155-117 record in the RZL.

Record Books Rewritten
HB Brandon Tate posted arguably his best season of his career rushing for 1,600+ yards and 17 touchdowns in 2022. Tate has been a model of consistency for the 8 years he has been in the league and that is proven by the accomplishment he reached this season. Tate's touchdown run in Week 12 against the Miami Dolphins gave him 93 for his career, pushing him into the top spot all-time over Raiders great, Darren McFadden (Tate finished the 2022 season with 95 rushing touchdowns). Chargers great and current Titan Frank Summers was able to tie McFadden in 2022, though he received only 20 carries all season. Tate, with 8 seasons under his belt, still has his eyes on the all-time yardage mark where he trails the aforementioned McFadden by more than 2,300 yards. Two seasons at his current career averages would be enough to push him near that level.

K Mason Crosby became the league's top field goal kicker in terms of career field goals made in 2022. Crosby was dead on 36 of 37 this season and in Week 16, he elevated past Rams great Josh Scobee with his first field goal of the game. The Jets selected at the end of the 1st round in 2007 and have not regretted the decision since. He has made 40+ field goals in a season five times and has two perfect seasons to his name. The team signed young Kicker Trevor Walls this past offseason which could signal the coming end of Crosby's career, or at least the end of his time in New York.

DE Cameron Jordan approached a 9 year old season record held by San Diego's Shawne Merriman. Jordan collected 20 sacks in 2022, almost doubling the output he generated in his first 4 years in the league. Merriman's 23 sacks in 2013 looked like it was in serious jeopardy after Jordan nailed Ravens' QBs 5 times pushing his total to 18 with 4 games to play. Jordan "faltered" down the stretch collecting just 2 sacks in the remaining 4 games, but definitely had one of the better seasons of all time from the DE spot.

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New York Jets | 2022 Training Camp

2021 Recap
The 16th edition of the RZL New York Jets failed to make the playoffs and once again disappointed their fan base. After a dismal 3-6 start to the season which included splits with the division rival Bills and eventual AFC East champ Patriots, the Jets turned things around and ran a 4 game win streak to set themselves up nicely to contend for a playoff spot. Those hopes were dashed in Week 15 when they threw away a very winnable game against the San Diego Chargers. Splitting the final two games of the season was not enough to overcome the slow start and the Jets were on the outside looking in for the 8th time in 16 seasons. They ended up in a 4 way tie at 8-8 for the final Wild Card spot, and that spot was awarded to the Oakland Raiders based on tiebreakers.

QB - Andrew Luck posted his healthiest season since being drafted #1 overall by the Jets in 2019. He also posted very good stats with a 29:14 Touchdown to Interception ratio and more than 4,400 yards.

HB - The slow start to the season could have been attributed to the loss of stud back Ben Tate for 5 weeks when he went out in Week 2 after just 2 carries. Because of the injury, Tate failed to break the 1,000 yard mark for the first time in his career. Bilal Powell was not able to pick up the slack and the offense suffered from the loss.

WR/TE - A big bright spot for the Jets' future was Dwight Jones' performance in 2021. After reeling in just 37 catches in his rookie campaign, Jones became one of the league's brightest stars at the position. His sophomore season saw him tally 102 catches for 1830 yards and 14 touchdowns, helping Jets fans slowly push the aging Calvin Johnson to the back of their minds. Also putting up big numbers was FA acquisition Kenny Britt who caught 68 balls for more than 1,000 yards and 8 touchdowns. Newly acquired TE Jameson Konz paired up with Jimmy Graham to provide the Jets with two very athletic and impressive Tight Ends.

OL - Russell Okung's play slipped a bit in 2021, allowing 8 sacks (career high). Young OG Maynard Coe improved upon his numbers and Jeremy Zuttah did what he does best. The big disappointment in this group was OG Denver Beach, who got big money from the team prior to the season only to post his worst numbers of his career. The team hopes he will have a bounce back season in 2022.

CB - Marcus Brown and Nelson Marcus had their second season together in New York, and it was slightly better than their first. Brown picked off 5 passes but the defense overall did not improve much. Sophomore corner Ray Wilson didn't register an interception from his slot duties, but did come up with 4 sacks on the season.

S - The acquisition of Aaron Henry from Tampa Bay slid Robert Sands over to SS and the move seemed to ignite the towering safety. He picked off 4 passes and was pretty solid in run support. Henry failed to record any big plays and could look to improve upon his performance in 2022.

LB - The move of Joe Romero to MLB payed off as the veteran made the Pro Bowl and had an insane stat line. 116 tackles, 4 sacks, 3 interceptions. He did it all, it was his mates in the front 7 that probably bled a little too much and allowed him to make all the plays. Sean Spence returned to the Jets after a season with Arizona and recorded 5 sacks while Kam Chancellor did not hold up very well on the Right side.

DL - The Jets brought in plenty of new (and old) faces on the front 4. Darrell Burgess was brought back to New York on a big contract and Lawrence Sidbury was acquired to help bring edge pressure. Neither had as big a season as was hoped and even Cameron Jordan said that he was disappointed in his own performance in 2021.

2021 Offseason

The offseason got off to a very sad start in New York. The team was forced to cut ties with future HoF Receiver Calvin Johnson. CJ had failed to record a TD catch in each of his final two seasons in New York, and the team had expected him to hang up his cleats at the end of 2021. When that didn't happen, GM Matt Spencer had to remove emotion from the decision and released Johnson to clear the space on the books. Johnson will likely not get another offer and will not officially retire until after the 2022 season. A flurry of other releases followed shortly thereafter with the following being shown the door:
C Nick Mangold
CB Roosevelt Gamblin
DT Corvey Irvin
OG Bruce Goodwin
DE Brendan Reece
DE Lawrence Sidbury
DE Nathan Triplett
CB Clarence White
MLB Scott McKillop

After Russell Okung's play slipped in 2021, he was set to make nearly 20 million in 2022, but the two sides came together on a 7 year extension (after being dangled on the trade block) worth more than 110 million over the life of the contract with 28.28 million of that being guaranteed. The extension cleared more than 12 million off of the 2022 books for the Jets and allowed them to attempt to be players in the Free Agent frenzy.

The team also locked up HB Ben Tate to a 3 year contract after his deal ended post 2021. Tate, knowing that an injury plagues 2021 hurt his stock took somewhat of a team friendly deal of just over 17.5 million over 3 years with just 3.5 of that guaranteed. Tate hopes that the next three season will allow himself to prove that he his durable and earn his big payday in 2025.

Mr. Automatic, Mason Crosby was slapped with a 6.71 million dollar Franchise Tag by the team as he enters his 16th season with the team. His leg has gotten shorter and shorter, but from inside 50 yards, he's still one of the best options out there. It wouldn't be hard to imagine Crosby getting the tag again next season, which could be his last as a Jet.

Pre-Draft Free Agency

GM Matt Spencer was decidedly stagnant during this phase of the Free Agency period, tendering offers to MLB Joe Romero and CB Nelson Marcus. Both ended up drawing zero interest from other teams and returned to the Jets, Romero on a very team friendly 3 year deal and Marcus on a light 1 year deal.

Draft Recap

After scouting the incoming draft class, GM Matt Spencer immediately noticed how deep it was and started working the phones to slide back from the 1.18 pick to add more bulk to the cupboard of draft picks. Initially the team was set with 1.18, 7.18, and 7.31. Before the draft, Spencer and Bengals GM Daryl Breckheimer struck a deal to send 1.18 to the Bengals for 2.1, 2.24, and 3.25, a deal that many analysts favored the Jets for. A draft day deal ended up getting the Jets the 19th pick of the 4th round for future considerations. As for the picks, the team is very happy with their selections.

2.1 CB Xavier Rhodes

Rhodes was the 6th cornerback taken in the 2021 draft, but the Jets are happy to get him with the first pick of the second round. At 6'1" he has the size that GM's around the league covet. To go along with that he has decent athleticism and strength. He's not the most pro-ready corner in the draft, but with some work he should be very capable of shutting down receivers in this league.

2.24 WR Rueben Randle

With just average athleticism, Randle won't blow the top off of defenses, but he has good size, sure hands and runs pretty good routes coming out of LSU. Randle surely will be worked hard in the offseason and the hope would be to pair him with Dwight Jones to provide a very good 1-2 punch for Andrew Luck.

3.25 LT Xavier Nixon

With some aging offensive lineman, the Jets snag a pretty good prospect in the 3rd round. Jeremy Zuttah has a year or two left in New York and Nixon is as good a prospect as any to be groomed to take over for him. He has very good mobility for an OT, but could use some more bulk at the professional level.

4.19 C Mike Golic Jr.

The release of C Nick Mangold left the Jets without a guy on the roster who could slide in and replace him. The team sent future picks to get back into the 4th round and get Golic Jr. who looks like he'll get a chance to start from day 1. He provides a very good knowledge of blocking schemes coming out of Notre Dame and his technique is also refined. He may struggle against some of the more physically gifted interior rushers, but he should hold up just fine against most.

Post Draft Free Agency

DE Jarron Gilbert – 3 Years [15.9M/3.39M]
The Jets released 3 defensive ends at the start of the offseason, and Gilbert is one of two signed in the Post Draft section of Free Agency. The deal is not a large one, as Gilbert will begin to regress. But he should provide a season of two of very good production coming off of the right edge, or moving inside to provide an interior push.

DE King Leduc - 3 Years [15M/1.92M]
Leduc was given a similar contract to that of Gilbert's and he provides a different element being more of a speed rusher. The Jets now have 3 defensive ends they are comfortable with and can mix and match them based on matchups.

QB Anthony Morelli - 1 Year [8M/3.2M]
With three Quarterbacks on the roster already, it's a curious move, but provides the team with tremendous depth at the position. They went after Matt Flynn in the first round of free agency and came up empty. Morelli has a big arm and decent enough awareness not to make boneheaded throws. It's surprising that he was willing to come to New York and possibly be the #3 or #4 guy on the depth chart.

K Trevor Walls – 7 Years [14M/3.01M]
Mason Crosby's long career in New York is winding down, so the team invested 7 years into the 25 year old Walls. The kid has a hell of a leg and just needs to work on his accuracy. It's a given that he'll take over the kickoff duties and hopefully learn behind one of the RZL's greatest kickers of all time.

CB Marcus Gilchrist – 5 Years [10M/1M]
With the top 4 spots on the depth chart already known, Gilchrist comes in with a long deal to provide emergency depth. He's got great strength and athleticism and the knock is that he's just 5'10". The coaching staff will likely try to coach him up and get him ready to step into the Nickel back role in a season or two.

Training Camp

It should be an exciting camp this year as the Jets try to take their rebuilding efforts to the next level. Expect to see plenty of work on WR's Dwight Jones and Rueben Randle, as well as Cornerbacks Ray Wilson and Xavier Rhodes.

Attention could be placed on some of the younger lineman as well as the team gets ready to possibly phase out the elder statesmen of that group. Guys like Xavier Nixon, Maynard Coe, Mike Golic, Monroe McGhee, and Cletus Giguere all have plenty of physical talent, it will be up to the coaching staff to get them ready to become a unit as they could all wind up starting within a season or two.

2022 Season Outlook

The Jets didn't make any splashy moves this offseason, instead focusing on making smart decisions and stocking the roster with affordable talent. With the blend of veterans and youth, the team hopes that the history of just 2 losing seasons out of 16 years of RZL football continues, and that they can push themselves to the next level. Andrew Luck is 3 years into his career and looks ready to become the best QB in the league. Will Dwight Jones match the production of last year, or will there be a regression to the mean? Will the team go with two youngsters in the secondary, or lean on the Marcus/Marcus tandem for a 3rd consecutive season?

Questions are fun, but answers are better as we march our way towards Opening Kickoff of 2022!

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New York Jets Training Camp

2020 Recap
Last season was somewhat of a success for the New York Jets, a season in which they won 10 games and advanced to the playoffs as one of the Wild Cards. The feeling around the team during the offseason though, was not one of happiness. The team was, and still is, upset that they were swept by the resurgent Miami Dolphins in three games, including knocking the Jets out of the playoffs. It was surprising that the Jets even made it that far, having Andrew Luck injured for 8 weeks of the season and also losing Nelson Marcus for the final 5 weeks of the season and the playoff tilt with the Dolphins. The Jets team was a tale of two halves, the first half was a disastrous 4-4, while the second half of the season featured a 7 game winning streak and the final 8 games were 6-2.

The Defense was a disaster in 2020, allowing over 30 points per game and an opposing passer rating of over 100. This was not what the front office and coaching staff had envisioned when they brought in Marcus Brown and Nelson Marcus in the offseason. The Offense was led by steady running back Ben Tate who ran for more than 1,500 yards and punched into the endzone 14 times. He was clearly the MVP of the offense while the team went through 4 quarterbacks during the season due to injury.

There were two rookies who the team had high hopes for entering 2020, WR Dwight Jones and CB Ray Wilson. Jones didn't have a great season, but he showed glimpses of his potential with a 20.24 average on his 37 receptions and 5 touchdowns. Wilson played in the Nickel package for most of the season while Marcus and Brown were healthy. When he was thrown into the starting lineup after the injury to Nelson, he struggled in coverage and mustered only 1 interception and 5 deflections on the entire season. The team clearly has higher expectations of the 1st rounder.

2021 Offseason

The offseason got off to a very volatile start with the team releasing 8 players as soon as transactions opened. The notable players released were:

WR Mario Urrutia who just doesn't have the athleticism to compete anymore and will probably remain unsigned until he announces his retiremnt. He has had a great career, but it seems it has come to an end.
FS Gerald Murphy who after throwing a sweaty towel at Head Coach Dom Capers after the team's playoff defeat, it seemed Gerald Murphy's days in New York were numbered. That assumption became reality as the Jets cut the 31 year old FS.
WR Will Franklin had a beastly 4 years of productivity in New York, producing over 1,400 yards in 3 of the 4 seasonss and 1,100 yards in his last with the team. He also found the end zone 39 times during the 4 years. After seeing his athleticism decline during the 2020 season, the team parted ways with Franklin.
DT Kyle Clement was released after two seasons with the Jets. His first season in New York was successful, but he just didn't cut it in 2020.

The Jets have made just one trade to this point, dealing veteran OG Joe Staley to the Chicago Bears in exchange for LT Monroe Mcghee and the Saints' 4th Round draft pick. The move was purely one of financial flexibility as Staley was set to make more than $14 million dollars. That figure was just too much for the Jets to handle and the Bears were the only team to show any interest.

Calvin Johnson was surprisingly brought back to the team with a 3 year 17.5 million dollar deal. The Jets franchise has been known to part with their greatest contributors once they reach a point of being unable to contribute. But this resigning seems to be one of good faith to a player who has provided 14 seasons of historic production. He continues onward in his career with the Jets, having 100 more catches and 2,000 more yards than any other player in RZL history and his 19,135 career yards would place him 2nd in football history to Jerry Rice.

Backup Quarterback Brian Brohm was also brought back on a team friendly deal (3 years 24.2 million dollars). He filled in nicely for the injured Andrew Luck and will continue to provide valuable depth for the Jets.

Pre-Draft Free Agency

GM Matt Spencer was very aggressive in his pursuit of a couple of big name free agents. DT Ndamukong Suh was his primary target, and along with the Vikings and Lions pursued him with big money. The Jets won the bidding with a contract of $98 million over 7 years and a 39.2 million dollar signing bonus. The huge contract was one that Spencer was hoping would put doubt in the Raiders' GM Hickman's mind about matching, but the Raiders quickly matched and the dream of Suh manning the middle of the defensive line was dashed. The other target that Spencer went after was WR Brad Ekwerekwu. The big target would be a big upgrade over the released Will Franklin and the declining Calvin Johnson. A $23 million over 2 years offer was not enough to force the Browns to decline and GM Paul Willis matched the offer making the Jets come up empty handed in Pre-Draft Free Agency.

Draft Recap

4.10 WR Alexander Burnett
4.28 LG Cletus Giguere
5.18 LE Gaston Harman
6.8 FS Lewis Clark
6.18 LT Matthew Davis
6.23 CB Kary Lewis
7.18 LG Emilio Simmons
7.23 WR Jack Whitman

Not much to talk about with regards to the Jets’ draft as they didn’t make a selection until the 4th round. These are players that will serve as bench players and hopefully not to be called upon anytime soon to contribute. Alexander Burnett is the one player that could see extensive playing time as his 6’1” frame pairs well with his decent speed. Gaston Harman could also

Post Draft Free Agency

OG Denver Beach – 3 Years [24M/9.6M]
The team dealt Joe Staley over the offseason and brings in a stronger, less athletic guard to replace him. They also pay Beach half of what Staley was to make this season in New York. Beach has 7 seasons under his belt and has performed better as his career has progressed.

DT Darrell Burgess – 5 Years [40M/16M]
Burgess returns to the team that made him a 1st round draft pick back in 2014. He also enjoyed his most productive seasons in New York, recording 22 sacks in the 5 years he played with the team. The big tackle still has a good motor and will pair with a behemoth that the Jets signed below.

DT Jermaine Brown – 7 Years [21M/8.4M]
The 3rd round pick of the Texans went unsigned by the team this offseason and got a great free agent deal from the Jets. One of the strongest tackle prospects to come out of college in recent memory, Brown should be able to attract double teams that will help Burgess produce next to him. He should be very steady in run defending as well.

WR Kenny Britt – 4 Years [21.88M/4.6M]
After losing out to the Jaguars on WR Beau Hanson, the Jets quickly turned their attention to Britt, who also provides good size (6’3”) to go along with decent quickness. He provides Andrew Luck with another big target to throw to. The 4 year deal he received has little guaranteed money, so I would not expect Britt to play out the full contract in New York.

P Oren Rogers – 7 Years [14M/5.6M]
The Jets haven’t found themselves in need of a Punter since they signed Michael Koenen prior to the 2007 season. Koenen played out two 7 year contracts with the Jets providing the team with much needed stability at the position. Now with Rogers, they shell out another 7 year deal hoping he too will be steady and productive on special teams.

Training Camp

Once again the Jets look to the future during Training Camp, spending plenty of their focus on the younger players who don’t have much experience in the league. Last season’s two first round picks, WR Dwight Jones and Cornerback Ray Wilson have been put head to head in speed and quickness drills. Each player needs to improve upon their average rookie seasons in order to continue to progress and eventually become what management had thought them to be when drafted. Andrew Luck continues to impress as he has shown great progression since being drafted first overall. He no longer has his top weapon from his first two seasons, Will Franklin, so a lot of time has been spent with Luck, Jones, and newly acquired Kenny Britt on the timing and route running. Calvin Johnson, who signed a surprising 3 year extension this offseason, has taken on somewhat of a coaching role. He has been a presence leading young receivers Jones and recently drafted Alexander Burnett, and it leads one to wonder if CJ may have a career after his playing days are done.

Head Coach Dom Capers has put an emphasis on defensive accountability this season after a disastrous defensive performance in 2020. The team has plenty of good pieces that just haven’t come together as one unit to play effective football and keep opposing offenses out of the end zone. Cornerbacks Marcus Brown and Nelson Marcus return and have also been seen spending plenty of their practice time helping out the younger players in the secondary.

2021 Season Outlook

With a retooled defense and a new weapon on offense, the 2021 outlook is an interesting one. How will the Jets handle not having an ELITE receiver on the roster? Will the new defensive tackles bring any stability to the defensive line and help the unit come together as one? Will Andrew Luck stay healthy? These are the keys to the 2021 Jets, the division has only gotten tougher and the fans continue to wait for that long lost Super Bowl trophy.

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At A Glance

GM M_Spencer
Head Coach John Gruden
Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels
Defensive Coordinator S.Ellis
Special Teams Paul Ferraro
Salary $179.58M
Cap Penalty $13.63M
Cap Room $6.12M

Jets Jameson Konz TE 84 3 weeks
Jets Howard Phillips CB 73 Questionable

AFC East
#12 Jets Jets 10-6-0 0.63 4-2
#21 Bills Bills 8-8-0 0.50 3-3
#23 Patriots Patriots 7-9-0 0.44 2-4
#26 Dolphins Dolphins 6-10-0 0.38 3-3

1 Sun at Colts Colts #31
Won 24-14
2 Sun at Rams Rams #30
Won 27-22
3 Sun vs Bengals Bengals #14
Won 45-31
5 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #26
Won 45-34
6 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 17-20
7 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 40-34
8 Sun at Patriots Patriots #23
Won 24-16
9 Sun vs Bills Bills #21
Won 34-28
10 Sun vs Texans Texans #17
Lost 17-20
11 Sun at Raiders Raiders #29
Won 37-21
12 Sun at Jaguars Jaguars #9
Lost 13-20
13 Sun at 49ers 49ers #28
Won 26-14
14 Sun vs Titans Titans #2
Lost 24-34
15 Sat at Bills Bills #21
Lost 21-34
16 Sat vs Seahawks Seahawks #7
Lost 17-24
17 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #26
Won 30-27

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