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Falcons see big change in roster
Falcons kept together their roster last year for one more push at the playoffs. It worked as falcons came with one game of the super bowl. This off season would see alot of change with many players leaving the team.

Falcons manage to retain both RFAs in QB P. Christopher and HB Z. Kresky.
Falcons need a good young QB to back up Clausen and Christopher fits that bill. A few team have asked about Christopher in trade talks but Falcons really want to keep him.

Falcons have let go long time DT J. Morioka go. He has started to regress and his salary demands were to high for the falcons at this time. Falcons tender offers to five players . WR T.Y Hilton, DT T. Miller, OL E. Murphy, CB R.J Standford and C K. Ocha .

Falcons knew that they would not be able to keep all these players. In the end Falcons on retained their Pro Bowl Center K. Ocha. The other players were offered contracts the falcons could not afford or were unwilling to pay.

DT T. Miller will probably be biggest loss for the Falcons. when the falcons started to see the money he was being offered they went straight to work and acquired DT M. Brockers from the lions for 1.30. Brockers has played four years and is still under 25 years old. These meet the Falcons needs when they are thinking about move their 1st pick in the draft. Falcons also did a deal like this for MLB D . Hightower in 2020 and it has worked out very well. Falcons are hoping to repeat this again with this deal. DT T. Johnson will get chance to start after learning for three years under Miller and Morioka. Falcons are hoping to can fill the spot and become the player they wanted when they drafted him in the third round.

Falcons knew that CB R.J Standford was as good as gone and have tried to move him before but a deal could never be struck. Either L. Stewart or C. cooner will take over the Falcons nickle back spot.

T.Y Hilton was a nice surprise coming over from the Buccs last year. Falcons really hoped to bring him back to the fold. He was offered a one year 5M plus deal. Thats too rich for a slot receiver for the falcons .

Falcons have some work to do before the draft but don't have very much cap space to do it in. They will try to make deals with picks to fill their holes or use those picks to replace and build depth to the roster.
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Falcons making moves
After the horrible season where Falcons finished 4-12 some moves needed to be made. This year Falcons have taking same route and are trying to bring in more experienced players for their mid to late round picks.

Falcons have made three deals so far with one pending once the league approves another deal. The moves are as follows.

Falcons send 4.4 to the Buccs for WR T.Y Hilton.

Falcons have had very good success in the past with making deals with the Buccs. With long time WR L. Robinson moving on Falcons needed to find a player that could play the slot position. T.Y Hilton should fill this role.

Falcons send 1.4 and 5.4 to Bengals for 1.7 3.18 and 4.6

Falcons looked to add extra picks and got just that by getting a extra 3rd and moving up form 5.4 to 4.6. This should help falcons get the depth they need.

Falcons send 4.6 to the Raiders for C Kevin Ochoa

Falcons needed a starting center since letting B. Carvolla go a few seasons back. They had LG B. Washington play there last season but just didn't feel comfortable there. K. Ochoa will step right in. This deal has yet to be done as league has not processed trade with the Bengals yet.

Falcons did release two players today MLB John Hall and DE Clayton Cirillo. The move will give the Falcons 9.42 M in cap space. Falcons are close to the cap and do not expect to take part in FA period this year and will look to the draft to fill there needs.
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2022 Falcons trianing camp
The Falcons finally did what GM Trevor Gloeckler said they would need to do. Have a winning record vs. the NFC South! They finished 4-2 vs. the division and grabbed the last playoff spot this was the Falconís second appearance in the post season and first since2008 season. The Falcons came in as underdogs to the Redskins in the wild card round. Things didnít look good as Falcons were down 20-10 at half time. Falcons turned it around in the second half won the game 24-23 to advance to meet the Rams in the next round of the playoffs. Falcons played a bend but donít break game vs. the Rams and held on to win the game 24-23. Falcons again were the underdogs and proved that it wasnít a fluke and that they finally have arrived. Next up the Buccs a team that has had the Falcons number over the years. The Falcons were leading at half time but old ghosts came to haunt them. The second half things went wrong a muffed punt got the Bucs back in the game. Falcons tried to keep up but the tide had turned and Bucs went on to win the game and a trip to the super bowl. Falcons had a very good season and now have to prove they can do it again next year and make it to the big dance.

Falconís offence had a good season lead by their leader QB J. Claussen. He was in the top ten for QBs all season long and finished with 4000yds 28 tds and 12 ints with a passer rating over 100.00. Itís clear the Claussen is the corner stone of the offence and is ready to lead this team. WR. J.Blackmon is turning into a stud WR in the RZL. He had 1770yds 97 receptions and 12 tds on the season. The duo should be able the terrorize defences for years to come. HB R. Jewel a 3rd round pick in the draft had to come in a replace injured HB M. Leshore. Jewel proves to be a gem as he rushed for 1100 yds and 11 tds on the year. The Falcons proved that they still could run the ball even with their number one HB on the injured list.

Falcons defence proved tough this year especially against the run only allowing 90 yds a game on average. The Falcons Defensive line played tough inside and pressured the QB when needed. They finished the year with 31 sacks. DE H. Pritts lead the way with 11 on the season but it was an effort by the entire lineman that made the difference. MLB D. Hightower led the defence again this year on and off the flied. He had 112 tackles and 4 ints. Hightower has been a rock since coming over in a deal in the offseason.

more to come
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Falcons TC
The Team:

One the RZLs worst franchises had another losing year. Falcons failed against the NFC South wining only two games against the division. The Falcons finished fourth in the NFC South with a 7-8-1 record in the 2020 season After finishing last season with a 10-6 record much more was expected. What happened|? |There were no big injuries or hold out by players. The team just couldnít win the close games when it mattered. They lost 6 games by 3points or less and tied one game during the season. Its clear this team is still learning what it takes to be one of the better teams in the RZL. Falcon road record wasnít much better with only two wins. There is some areas that the Falcons need to improve if they want to take that step from being a laughing stock of the RZL.

The Players:

OLB K. Sheppard was standout on defence for the Falcons. He led the team with 103 tackles. He made plays all over the field and proved the Falcons werenít wrong in selecting him. OLB H. Reed led all linebackers with 8 sacks which also tied him for the team lead. DT J. Morioka lead the defensive line with 8 sacks and star DE H. Pritts had 7. Pritts had a down year in term of production but will bounce back next year.

HB M. LeShoure went to the pro bowl and had a break out year with 1400 yards and 15 touchdowns on the season. The falcons have been looking for a HB since they traded away K. Mereno 2 years ago and it looks like they have found him in LeShoure. WR J Blackmon had a solid second season and is getting better at his craft. J. Claussen stats fell a bit in total yards and touchdowns but he also decreased his interceptions form 20 to 7 a hug improvement. Claussen is now a star QB in the RZL and must lead this team.

The offseason:

Falcons have restructured LOLB Hugh Reed to a new 6 year deal worth 39.29 M. Falcons drafted Reed in the second round 39th overall in the 2014 RZL draft. Reed has become one of the Falcons top linebackers and a leader on the defence. Last season Reed had a career high 8 sacks to lead the Falcons linebackers. Falcons then Franchise tagged punter D. Sepulveda to keep him as a Falcon for the next year. The Falcons hope to lock him up to a long term deal in the future. Falcons locked up LT E. Murphy to a three year deal.

Falcons then moved there first pick to the Giants to get MLB D, Hightower. The Falcons did this same move last year moving their first pick for a young player that already had a few seasons under their belt. It worked out well when Falcons got big T. Miller form the Buccs. He helped plug the middle of the line for the Falcons defence. Hightower will replace last year starter C. Sintim who was brought back in free agency after the draft for depth. Falcons got some depth help form the Buccs dealing a 4th round pick got safety H. Coleman. He is expected to bring some veteran presence to the safety position for the Falcons.
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Reed stays with Falcons
Falcons have restructured LOLB Hugh Reed to a new 6 year deal worth 39.29 M. Falcons drafted Reed in the second round 39th overall in the 2014 RZL draft. Reed has become one of the Falcons top linebackers and a leader on the defence. Last season Reed had a career high 8 sacks to lead the Falcons linebackers.

This is just one of many key free agents the Falcons will have to deal with this offseason. Falcons are working on deals with staring LT E. Murphy, punter D. Sepulveda, FB H. Parkin, TE K. Kapanui and backup QB K. O'Connell.
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At A Glance

GM T_Gloeckler
Head Coach Clancy Pendergast
Offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey
Defensive Coordinator Frank Bush
Special Teams Danny Crossman
Salary $193.92M
Cap Penalty $2.36M
Cap Room $3.05M

Falcons Myron Lewis CB 96 Doubtful
Falcons Chad Conner CB 84 Questionable

NFC South
#1 Buccaneers Buccaneers 12-4-0 0.75 4-2
#4 Saints Saints 10-6-0 0.63 4-2
#5 Falcons Falcons 10-6-0 0.63 1-5
#10 Panthers Panthers 9-7-0 0.56 3-3

1 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #1
Lost 17-32
2 Sun at Bears Bears #20
Won 20-17
3 Sun at Panthers Panthers #10
Lost 15-25
4 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #6
Won 27-0
5 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #1
Won 34-27
6 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #10
Lost 14-24
7 Sun vs Eagles Eagles #8
Won 41-23
8 Sun at Chargers Chargers #16
Won 14-13
9 Sun at Raiders Raiders #29
Won 16-13
11 Sun at Giants Giants #27
Won 41-3
12 Sun vs Saints Saints #4
Lost 0-23
13 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #7
Won 28-21
14 Sun at Saints Saints #4
Lost 20-26
15 Sun at Redskins Redskins #11
Won 27-3
16 Sat vs Broncos Broncos #13
Lost 14-27
17 Sun vs Cowboys Cowboys #15
Won 27-24

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