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Dolphins Pulse

Miami GM Stepping down From Red zone at Seasons End.
At The End Dolphins Season I will be Leaving RZL
as some of know my Mom has been very sick

She had a Stroke and is Palatalized from Legs down .
I may be forced to put her in a Long Term Care Retirement Home.
Dealing with her Estate and Selling the Family home
This should pay for her long term care
Rapping up her affairs will take at least 6 months .

I will Finish out this season in RZL and Step Down .
I will Stay with GZL Lions And focus on Them.
as I only time for 1 Madden league for a while.

I wish thank The Staff at RZL for years of Enjoyment .

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Phins add a QB

GM Tom Riddell has Traded the Phins 5th Round Pick to Cardinals
In Return The Pins get QB Colin Porter
Porter is Drop back passer and fit right in

Porter will be The backup to New Starter Percy McFarland
This gives the phins 3 QB to finish the Season
Porter was drafted by Cardinals 2015 draft in the 3rd round

Rumors are he's been unhappy in Arizona for past 2 seasons
He now get a chance to back up in Miami to finish his carrier.
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The McFarland Era Begins in Miami

GM Tom Riddell has Trades QB Erick Stubbs to Tampa
In Return The Pins get a 3rd round pick & QB Lou Bishop
Bishop will sent to Settle for Tampa's 2nd Round Pick

This give the phins Lot Draft picks for 2025 Draft.
2 2nd round pick 1 3rd Rounder 2 4th & 5th Rounds
Plus 6 and 7th round

With very little chance of Playoffs this year.
The Phins Decided to Send the ageing Stubb to playoff Team
to Start the Percy McFarland Era in Miami
Build For next year.
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Miami Quarterbacks The Field Generals.

Head Coach Shawn Payton
Introduces the The Field Generals his QB

QB Tyler Bray takes Snaps on the scout Team

QB Eric Stubs 97 Over age 33(the Starter)
Eric is in 2nd year in Miami after taking the Team to playoff last year
Stubs threw more pass then any time in his carrer in 2023
He also thew 32 TD passes

AWR 91 THP 95 THA 99

QB Percy McFarland 76 over age 24 (Backup & Star of Future)
Drafted in 2021 Draft cause of Cannon arm 95 THP
He was 4th String QB in Miami when GM Riddell took over

Now he's the Backup and Future starter
Percy was sent to Training camp to work THA
as It felt he needs to improve it soon as Stubs only few years left.

AWR 73 THP 95 THA 76

QB Tyler Bray (the 3rd Stringer scout Team QB)
Tyler was Acquired in Trade this year with Rival New England
Very Raw but has a big Arm 95 THP
He'll sit and learn under two main Quarterbacks

Bray & McFarland will be only QB Taking Reps in preseason
Stubs dose not need the reps said Payton the Young kids do .

AWR 64 THP 65 THA 74

Mami Has Started to get Forge ahead with younger players
But still hopes to make playoffs for 3rd straight year
meet the Specials Teams Players in the next Edition
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RB FB TE Into's

Head Coach Shawn Payton
Introduces the Pound pack HB FB TE

There been a few changes in this year to the pound pack
Gone are Lamar Miller Traded to Rival New England & TE Michael Sturlock cut
HB Garry Reyes is back for his 7 season
Reyes has a 1000 yards every since he was drafted 2017
He is leader of Running backs.
94 Speed 94 AWR 87 CAR & 87 Break Tackle

HB Jeffrey afterburner Demps was Teams kick Returner last year
Now steps into back up Role after miller was traded
If you miss a Tackle on Demps You won't catch him
99 Speed 99 acc

HB Koren Ross Drafted in 5th Round this year
was pleasant late pick up & he had a very good Skue
He'll start the season at #3
94 Speed 94 acc 74 car 79 btk

Now the Full backs & TE
FB Rickey Frank is back after being getting offer sheet matched.
The 31 year old FB should be a Hammer this year
79 Speed 52 PBK 61 RBK

TE Frank Wymore is one smallest TE in the League at 6'1 222 Pounds
He more of WR Playing TE Expect the Team look for him
when Pressure is on late in Games
80 Speed 87 Catch

Mike Simpson was controversial 1st pick in this year draft
6'6 Has good top end speed but getting to top speed
will have to be worked on . He is very good blocker
84 Speed 61 PBK 50 RBK

TE Mike Fernandez is 6'2 could be used the goal line
82 Speed 80 Catch

Again it very young Core here as Dolphins look to reload

Next Article will be Miami's QB
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Induction to Dolphins WR Core 2024

Head Coach Shawn Payton
has made some changes to it's WR Core this year
Traded after injury plagued year was Doyle Edgell
He's now a Redskin

Who's going to replace his Speed in Miami Core?
Fear not Phins fans The Flying Fins will See the field
We are the Flying Phins ?

WR Frankie Freeman #84 Catches a TD pass vs Buffalo last year

WR Jonathan Baldwin 6'4 228
93 Speed 90 Catch
Caught 87 Passes for 1341 yards 7 TD.
The Emotional Leader of Very young WR Core

WR Frankie Freeman 6'1 201
98 Speed 75 Catch
Freeman Started almost half the season after edge Got hurt
Catching 75 Passes for 1400+ 9 TD

WR Stephen Hill 6'4 215
94 Speed 75 Chat
Hill will get Training camp boost to Catch and Speed
He took slot WR last year Catching 26 passes for 450 Yards

WR Jessie Smith 5'10 176
93 Speed 72 Catch
Will move into Starting 4 WR this year. after being Draft last year.

WR Jalen "might mouse "Saunders
5'9 93 Speed 75 Catch
Drafted this year in 4th Round will be depth

WR Clay Stevenson 5'11 194
90 Speed 77 Catch
The slowest of WR He'll be bench Depth

When asked about His pass catchers lack catching Rating
The head coach said They'll have grow into their rolls on this Team
They Phins also have more balance and Give ball to 3 Talented Runners.

Who'll meet next article
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Dolphins Video 2024 Draft Class Recap show

Dolphins 2024 Draft class

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o-line Changes afoot in Miami

MIami GM Tom Riddell & Head coach Sean Payton Have decided to make changes.
There coming to the Miami O-line this year

The Biggest change is at Center
Zachary Carter in his Final year of his deal
He is a Huge # on the cap
He was sent to Vikings along with a 7th Round Pick
The Phins got a 4th Rounder for Carter

The Phins then Reach Across the Division to Pats
Sending 3 3rd round picks to NE for OC Kendrick Huerta
Huerta is more athletic Center Then Carter
He also signed for 2 more years.
Two Late 7th Pick will also come to Miami

The Two Deals save Miami Saving 9M on the cap.

Nathaniel Montgomery who started all season at LT will move to RT

David Yankey will start at RT after being drafted in 2022 Draft.

The moves allow the Phins to be more athletic and quicker
with Jets adding Clowney in the draft
The AFC EAST has good pass rushes in Buffalo and NE also .

Next Up the Draft where Team has 9 picks
1 in 1st round 3 in the 4th 2 in the 5th 1 in the 6 2 in the 7th

The team will looking 1 Splash pick in 1st and then depth for season ahead
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Zack Thomas comes home to Miami as new DC

After years away from Miami zack Thomas is coming home
He was hired as Dolphins New DC today

He takes over from Shawn Payton he was promoted to head coach
Thomas was drafted by the Miami Dolphins i
n the fifth round of the 1996 NFL Draft,
He played for the Dolphins his first twelve seasons in the NFL.
He was selected to the Pro Bowl eight times and recorded over 1,700 tackles.

He then went on to coach in RZL for Miami in 2012 -14
Then he moved on coach Panthers and Vikings
But now returns to Miami
Where he lead one leagues top Defences in 2023.

so now here a look at 2024 Coaching staff in Miami
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Dolphins Head Coach Payton Hres OC

MIami Head coach Sean Payton
Has Hired Kurt Warner as his New OC

Warner was Fired as Head Coach of Texas by GM Russell Warner (no Relation)Earlier this week
Wehad good year last year said Payton But we came up short.
I feel we started Down road to Regain the AFC East title with signing of Kurt.

Warmer Record as Oc 75-85
His Best Season as oc was 2017 with Titans where he was 14 and 2
His worst season as oc was 2019 with the lions he was 5 and 11
Next up for Dolpins they will drafted the DC Monday

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Bishop is Pittsburgh Bound

MIami has traded QB Lou Bishop to The Steelers for CB Shad Roth

Bishop Time in Miami was short He only threw 153 Passes
He was not able to stay healthy
He had 1 playoff game and it was a disaster
He' Failed to impress GM Tom Riddell


In Camp Falling to #2 Spot and then #3 in Training camp
With Bishop now moved Percy McFarland is now #2 QB
McFarland Impressed in Preseason games
Will Bishop was hurt .
Young and could molded into a starter
He is future for Mami at QB.

With The trade The Phins get a very good CB in Shad Roth
Who is Second in the league in INT's right now.
The was a Deal on Table with the Raves early in year
But Bishop Injury and the trade of Peterson to Jets
Directly Effected it and GM Riddell walked away.

"we had a few offers but nothing that Thought fit us "
Gm Riddell Talking to the Media

we felts this was best we could do .
The Jets sent FS Lewis Clark
(2) Jets
Dolphins Send:CB Bobby Peterson

The Ravens had Similar deal In Place
with Bishop being moved to Baltimore

" we not did want Two Safeties
Both Deals had them
Since we have 4 the roster now .

The jets deal was better so Rejected the Ravens offer
Asking for 2nd and 4th Round picks
He rejected it so we where done with them.

Again we open trade talks with a few Clubs
But Then final agreed on Deal with Pittsburgh. .

With the Trade to the Steelers
we get CB who signed 2 years
The reason Petterson was moved was 1 year left on his deal

we could not resign him as we have quite a few FA Next year.
We have Starting LG RG and RT Free Agents as Well Key Players on Defence.
"Gm Riddell Talking to the Media

When told of news Bishop had no Comment
He boarded the steelers Private Plane
for a Physical that will Finalise the deal

New CB Shad Roth said it good to be out of Cold
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Dolphins trade CB Bobby Peterson to AFC Rival Jets

Bobby Peterson has waved his no Trade contract
GM Tom Riddell has Moved The Vet CB to The Rival Jets
We Wanted to avoid sending him to Rival Team
But they had the best offer Said the GM Riddell

No one came up with better offer since we put word out
He could be had for a good offer .
Lucky for us we only have to face the Jets 1 more time

Peterson was in the last year of Contact
The Team was going to be Resign him
In Return Phins can the Jets 2nd Round Pick + FS Lewis Clark
Clark is signed for another 4 Years at very cheep Salary

The Jets Get a 1 Year Rental Who will be not Cheep to resign.

Next to go The Door will Be QB Lou Bishop Before Thursday when GM Riddell Leaves for 4 Day Trip to His Cottage in MUSKOKA
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Phin go 4 and 0 in the preaseason.

Dolphins QB Eric Stubbs has Help Miami to 4-0 Preseason
Stubbs play 1st half of all Games throwing 59 Passes for 703 Yard 5 TD No Picks 1 sack

The Offence really Fits My Style
Now one to main Season Said the QB
The Team always has also Seen changes in Leadership
as Team Players from Last year hit the trade Block

QB Lou Bishop & CB Bobby Peterson are being Shopped openly
The Team is moving forward Grooming QB Percy McFarland to take over in 2 seasons .

Taking over Peterson Spot at #2 CB is Walter Thurmond
will nickle spot CB Gage Williams moves in
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Dolphins Training Camp Report 2023

Season Recap

Dolphins GM Tom Riddell Was hired by Dolphins in WK 6 of 2022 Season
Leading the phins to 9 wins after his hire
He also won the Division the & the #2 Playoff seed
With a Winning Record of 12 and 4

After making controversial Move at Benching Brady Quin
starting Lou Bishop just back from Injury
It cost them a win

Off-Season Recap

With Brady Quin Retired
GM Riddell Tried Request a reinstatement of Quin
That Claim was Reject By the Redzone Board

GM Riddell is working With a Vet Roster
With The Superbowl in Miami this year
He wants to be there as AFC Champ.

He made trade with Raiders
Sending 4th and 6th round pick to them for OT Quentin Booth
Both will make a position change to RG

After they Phins GM Decided to not to Franny Tag RG William Beatty
The Trade save 1M vs a Franny Tag

Texans did a trade 1 for 1 trade with dolphins
Coming to Texans is SS Charles Sanchez
l going to Dolphins is OLB Zach Brown
The Dolphins will move Rookie Myron Sanchez into SS Spot

They also Released Slot WR Jeremy Maclin
This was done cause they have Frankie Freeman & Stephen Hill
Both players will be Battling for Slot WR Spot .

On the QB Front The Phins QB Jose Giradeau to the colts
For 2 Draft Picks 2.08 and 4.08

We made another Trade This Time with Detroit
Bring in Eric Stubbs for a 2nd Round & QB Tyler Willson +
2024 2nd Round pick

We also made a few draft trades as well

QB Depth
Eric Stubbs

(2) Lou Bishop
(3) Percy McFarland


Training Camp

The Team will spend 3 Points on Defence side of The ball
work must be done on now very young Secondary
The other Two Points will Be spend on QB Bishop
as they Getting him Ready for 2024

The Goal this camp is to better This Team for a Superbowl Run
The Battles at CB Nickle CB
as Vet CB Walter Thurmond Moves From Nickle #2
As Team Moves away from Suspend Bobby Peterson
The Nickle CB is Lynch pin of this D This year

On Offence The Battle is Really for slot WR Spot
Between The Speedy Frankie Freeman & Large Stephen Hill

Upcoming Season Predictions

Miami Dolphins Off-season Depth Chart Depth Chart - 2023
Regular Offense
WRDoyle Edgell #19Stephen Hill #88TBA
TEKim Lawson #80Michael Sturlock #83TBA
LTNathaniel Montgomery #75 David Yankey #63
LGNate Potter #72David Turner #73
CZachary Carter #68Joe Madsen #76
RGQuentin Booth #69 Timothy Cooper #66Troy Moody # 77(R)
RT Ronny Hodge #78 Ronny Hodge #78
WRJonathan Baldwin #11Frankie Freeman #84Jessie Smith #83(R)
QBEric Stubbs #18Lou Bishop #16Percy McFarland #2
FB Rickey Frank #35
HBGarry Reyes #44Lamar Miller #26 Jeffrey Demps #20
Base 4-3 Defense
LDEAdam Fairbanks #97Francis Stevens #94
LDTMichael Gibson #91TBA
RDTMike Neal #93awrence Alexander #98
RDERobert Quinn #96Lindsey Witten #92
WLBZach Brown #55Tank Carder #56
MLBDonald Butler #52Arnulfo Bishop #58
SLB Von Miller #50Douglas Price #51(R)
CBWalter Thurmond #41Gage Williams #31Santiago Payne #35(R)
SSNate Allen #29Myron Sanchez #45
FSTJ Royster #47 D.J. Swearinger #36
CB Perrish Cox #25Howard Phillips #30Bobby Peterson #24
Special Teams
KBrandon Coutu #12
PChris Phillips #3
HLou Bishop #16
PR Jeffrey Demps #20Frankie Freeman #84
KR Jeffrey Demps #20Frankie Freeman #84
LSJoe Madsen #76

The Dolphins must Win the AFC East and then #1 Seed
it's super bowl or bust the Dolphins with the game being played in Miami
This is Season of Big Risks Miami has Become Vegas let home they Come up Snake Eyes
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2023 Dolphins Draft Class

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Stubbs can't wait to get to Miami

Eric Stubbs Said He can wait to learn The Miami Playbook
After Being Traded There this Week
I Spoke Mr Riddell Today and I am flying to Miami on Thursday

Miami QB Eric Stubbs #18

We Know Eric Quite well Having been in Detroit said the GM to the Miami Harold
GM Riddell was The GM Of Lions durring 2010-2011 Season
When Stubbs Threw for 3485 yards 23 TD with 8 picks
that year Taking the Lions to playoffs
Losing to Tampa in the wildcard Round

2 Season later he and GM Riddell are reunited .
With Super Bowl in Miami There hoping to Raise
the Redzone League Title
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Miami Trades for QB Eric Stubbs

Dolphins GM Tom Riddell has made a Trade Withthe Detroit Lions
The Phins send The Dolphins 2nd Round & QB Tyler Willson +
2024 2nd Round pick

The Lions Send 5th Round & QB Eric Stubbs 2024 5th Round Pick
The GM had This to say about the Deal
"We look at FA QB this year
we have a very tight cap right now

it Made no Since to sign a FA QB
I look at Draft I was not thrilled with the Class Depth
Giving up a Late 2nd a Young QB was nothing

Since we have Two young QB on the Roster
Lou Bishop 29 years old & Percy McFarland 23 years old.
The 2nd Next year may hurt
we hoping it will be the 64th pick over all next year.
Very happy with our trade
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Texans and Phins do the Texas two step trade

The Dolphins and Texans have done a Minor trade
Returning Texans GM Ricky Lung & Dolphins GM Tom Riddell
have traded many times in past In Green and Redzone.

"It was great to deal with RickyAgain
He is one of the most reasonable GM in Redzone"
Coming to Texans is SS Charles Sanchez will going to Dolphins is OLB Zach Brown
The Dolphins will move Rupert Chase into SS Spot
He' ll backup to Starter Nate Allen
Who has the Franny Tag this year

The Trade fills a Need at OLB for Dolphins
Who have 2.08 and 2.27 in 2nd round of the Draft
GM Riddell issued a short Statement
"with Draft class being rather weak we have pick and choose
where take players careful . We Feel making this trade gives us Flexibility
a starter ROLB and Now pick the Best Players at 208 and 2.27
or maybe trade those picks for something else :
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Dolphins Trade QB Jose Giradeau to Colts

GM Tom Riddell has Trade QB Jose Giradeau to the colts for 2 Draft Picks 2.08 and 4.08
The Dolphins had 5 QB on the Roster at Seasons end

here where they stand now :

Brady Quin Retired

Jose Giradeau Traded to Indy pending legal approval

Tyler Wilson Traded to San Diego pending legal approval

Percy McFarland 3rd Sting QB and Future starter .

Lou Bishop Back up QB and Pending mid season starter

Roddick Rosario Pending Trade with League approval
Roddick will Starting The season
He will be come the back up after Lou get to 85 AWR.
Part way threw the season

QB Depth to start this season as Follows:

(1) Roddick Rosario Trade from SD

(2) Lou Bishop
(3) Percy McFarland
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Dolphins trade for Vet QB

The Dolphins and Chargers have Come to Terms on trade
The Phins send lions 3rd Round and QB Tyler Wilson to Charges
Coming to Miami is Vet QB Roddick Rosario & SD 6th round pick

Since Rosario is FA
The chargers must resign or Franny him
The Dolphins wanted a Vet QB to start the season
Talking to Several Teams before agreeing on a deal with SD
This gives them a Time to get #2 QB Lou Bishop
Ready to start later in the season.

GM Riddell said this about the Trade
" We Wanted to Bring Brady Quin back
After talking to league they told us No
we went shopping spoke to a few Teams
This was best deal we could find.

Some would ask why trade for pending FA?
To Keep off the open market and not over pay for a rental.
we don't want get into Bidding war for a 1 year player

it allows us take our Time Getting Lou Ready .
Roddick will start the season
as we Work on Lou's THA and AWR
He should be ready to start mind way threw this season"

Deal must be approved by The league and could still fall threw
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Dolphins acquire OT Quentin Booth From Raiders

Dolphins GM Tom Riddell & Raiders GM Gary Hickman Have Agree on a Trade
The Phins sent the 4th round Round & Browns 6th to Oakland
Coming to Miami is OT Quentin Booth who will change pos to RG

Former Starting RG William Beatty is FA
The Phins did want spend 10M to Franny tag on him
This trade saves them 1M Dollars
Booth is also 29 6 years young the Beatty

Next up is getting a Replacement for Quin as league may not Restate him after Retirement this year
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Dolphins GM talks Brady Quin into coming back 1 more year

GM Tom, Riddell has talked QB Brady Quin into 1 more Run.
Quin was about to file his Retirement Papers with Redzone league office
When The GM Show up at Off-season Miami home with Bottle of Jamaican rum.

Quin Led the dolphins to AFC East Title win last year
The chance for one more playoff run was too much to turn down

Quin will be starter and Train back QB Lou Bishop
so Bishop is ready to start next year.
The Dolphins Management has apply to league for his restatement
If league declines Reinstatement will Phins will look else where .


The RZL will allow GMs to try and convince players to come out of retirement if they so chose. In order to do this the GM will have to submit via a PM the reasoning they want this player and why the player would actually consider playing for their team. Each GM will only be allowed to do this once per season.

The Player will only consider your team if it has sentimental value or your team is a winning team or a playoff favorite.

1. If the retired player has played more than 3 seasons for your franchise he would consider coming out of retirement for you as a personal favor.

2. If your team has a winning record the previous season he would consider coming out of retirement for one last run.

3. If your team has been in the post season 4 of the last 5 seasons he would consider coming out of retirement as an attempt to get you over the hump.

All players coming out of retirement must be signed for a 1 year term and for the players dollar value he demands, then at which point the RZL will Max out his Bonus and then add 2M to his contract. This will be the price GMs must pay to bring a player back out of retirement.

HOF Players are not eligible. All Players coming out of retirement will have a No Trade Clause.

All Players coming out of retirement will suffer from being out of the game.

1 Year - All Bolded attributes -3
2 Years - All Bolded attributes -5
3 Years - All Bolded attributes -7
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Dolphins to Place MLB On IR

Miami ,
GM Tom Riddell Said backup MLB Jean Simon has Foot Fracture is Out for Season
HE Will be Place IR Monday
ROLB Neal Change will move Inside to back up

The Phins have Signed ROLB Garret Torres
The 33 Year old will take over at ROLB
He signed a 1 year deal

The Team Tried to make trade but could not agree on a deal
We look around the league the past 3 days
We did not find a deal we liked

The Dolphins Face the Jets this week in AFC East Battle
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Next 3 Games could Decide the AFC EAST

Miami ,
GM Tom Riddell Said the Next 3 Games could Decided the Season
The Dolphins face Jets at Home Week 10
Followed by Vist from New England at home WK 11
The Jets come to Miami WK 12
Winning 2 out of 3 Is must He Said .

The Dolphins have 3 game lead losing all 3 would be a Disaster for the Phins

On Injury Note : Phins lost FS T.J. Royster - Strained Quadricep for 1 week
also Lost backup MLB Jean Simon - Foot Fracture (Out for Season)

Where looking to trade for a LB Now to fill the void
We fine at FS Rupert Chase will start & D.J. Swearinger will backup
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Dolphins cut 1 Sign 1

LOLB Al Vollmer has Been Released By The Dolphins
Rolb Arnulfo Bishop will move to to Lolb to Replace Volmer
Signed was Clarence White a 6'0 198 Pound CB From Virginia Tech
He'll add extra Depth to CB Spot

GM Riddell Tried to make Trade but could't find one he Felt was reasonable
The Deal is for 3 years
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Phins when 2nd Game in a Row for new GM

Miami Fl,
New GM Tom Riddell Watch his Dolphins up vs his Old Team in Redzone.
The Detroit Lions a Few Season ago he took them to the playoffs .
Now He was on the other side of Ball.

The Lions started off on Fire going up 10-0 end of 1st Qrt
They held the Phins out the endzone to last 2 mins of the 1st half
As Coutu Kick the Lions on the board with 3 .

QB Brady Quin back to pass vs the Lions

The 2nd half The Dolphins Drove down the Field for 6. Ending in Doyle Edgell TD pass .
Edgell was traded here from Cincy this week
He Seems to be Fitting right in with his new Team Mates
Pranking Starting QB Brady Quin By Hiding his Helmet
In the cheerleaders locker room

Coute Kick another 3 For Phins to take the Lead 13-10 end of the 3rd.
The Phins Defence then took over Getting to Lions QB Stubbs
Twice Sacking him and Picking him off once

QB Brady Quin Then late in 4th Qrt Lead lions on 10 play Drive
Throwing a TD to TE Rob Wenthold 20-10 Miami
DT Mike Neal Gets to Lions QB Stubbs and Knocks him out of the game

Brock Osweiler Still Leads them down for a late TD to Golden Tate
With 40 Seconds left they try the Onside Kick with no timeouts
Phins recover and Run the clock out 20-17 Final

GM Tom Riddell had this to say I about the game
"I know Lions Personal very well I knew it would be a close game
Where very lucky to come out with a win "
Next up a Game vs the Division Rival Buffalo Bills
With 2 game lead over the Jets & Pats
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Dolphins GM Makes his 1st Moves

New Phins GM Tom Riddell
Made His 1st moves as the Man in Miami
Cut where (C) Albert Willimas (LG) James Brooks & (K) Joseph white
"We had Glut of Depth at these Spots "Said the GM "and these players had to go .
RG David Turner Will move into LG Spot and back up "

Then He Dipped into the Free Agent Pool and Signed vet RB Tyler Roehl
Roehl is bruser and will back up Starter Garry Reyes
Allowing Last weeks Starter Lamar Miller to be the 3rd down back
Jeffrey Demps be the main Kick and punt Returner and back up at WR and HB

The Dolphins also wanted to get another Fast Wide Receiver to allow them move Jeremy Maclin to the Slot
After talking to two teams Detroit and Cincinnati.
they Decided to Make a Deal with The Cincinnati Bengals for WR Doyle Edgell

Doyle Edgell as Buccaneer Durring 2021 season

The GM also had this to say about the trade
" we decided to Trade for Edgell
He also Better Hands and has a longer contract Then hayward Bey
He has Good Size at 6'2 Great Hands with a 99 Catch Rating
also he in his 9th year will heyward Bey is in his 10th

Doyle is also one of The fastest WR in The Redzone Football League.
We go by The Moto of Speed kills

After Speaking to Bengals GM Darryl Breckheimer
We agree to make the deal he did to get Edgell from Tampa
Our 1st round for Edgell and 3rd It high Price to pay
but we felt it was worth it to make a playoff Push
We will not be making anymore Trades unless someone comes to us with a Offer we can Refuse
It now time Win a Division Title "
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Dolphins Under New GM

GM Tom Riddell Returns to Redzone
The Last Time Tom Was member of Redzone He took Detroit lions to playoffs
as an Interm GM Before Returning Full Time to the Green Detroit Lions

He now Returns as Full time GM of Miami
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Dolphins add elite CB
Word has it that the Dolphins and Steelers have worked out a deal that will send All-Pro CB Chris Cook to the Miami Dolphins. In return the Steelers will receive 1st and 2nd round picks, as well as CB Walter Thurmond.

The Dolphins have been going hard this whole offseason, trying to add an elite level CB to their roster to pair with Bobby Peterson, and it now appears they have found their man.

Word has it too that another elite CB could be on his way to Miami, but more details on that later.

This trade should give the Dolphins one of the most feared CB duos in the entire league.
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Dolphins 2021 Training Camp
Dolphins Training Camp

2020 Recap:
2020 was the year that nobody in the world expected. Those lowly Dolphins that had been the laughing stock of the league made it to the AFC championship game, and came very close to a Super Bowl birth. How did that happen? I am not too sure myself, but what I know is that there were a few players that certainly played a huge part in that happening. The first, was trade deadline acquisition Brady Quinn. The Dolphins flipped a 3rd round pick and Tim Hiller to the Vikings for the elite, yet injury prone QB, and he paid immediate dividends, and, while he was healthy, turned the Dolphins into an apparent contender – even after the team dealt their best WR, Darrius Heyward-Bey, before the seasons started. Garry Reyes compiled an MVP caliber season, raking in a whopping 15 rushing touchdowns and over 1300 yards. On defense, Bobby Peterson yet again showed why he in one of the best cornerbacks in the league, compiling an astounding 42 deflections and 8 interceptions. MLB Arnulfo Bishop manned the middle to the tune of 114 tackles, while LE Robert Quinn finally had his breakout season getting himself 13 sacks. Everything just seems to come together for the Dolphins this past season, but the question is, can they do it all again?


The short answer? Why not! Brady Quinn decided he’s got another year left in him, and they lost no key players on either part of the ball. Saying that, they also did not pull off any big trades to help improve their roster, even though that was not without effort. GM Eggleston was searching all offseason to try and find himself another elite CB to pair with Peterson, and made a few high quality offers on players such as Nate Stephens and Stephon Gilmore, but nothing came of either of those in the end. When it came down to it, the team made two more minor trades this offseason. The first, the deal flipped a 2nd round pick for OLB Bruce Irvin, who will immediately become the team’s starting LOLB, and TE Rob Wenthold, who was in a deal in which the team traded the 7th overall selection.

Pre-Draft Free Agency

For the second straight offseason, the Dolphins did not sign any Free Agents in the pre-draft period, but again, that doesn’t mean the team didn’t try. Many big money offers were shelled out, but they all either got matched by the team, or topped by a more zealous GM. In the end, the team let RG Loyd Stuckey go, when they decided not to match the fairly hefty contract offer tendered to him.

Draft Day

The Dolphins entered draft season with 3 first round picks, and 3 second round picks, but to their misfortune, they ran into a draft class they were not too pleased with. This led the organisation to trade out of the 1.7 slot, down to 1.20 and pick up the aforementioned TE Wenthold and a future 2nd round pick. Even with this fairly weak class, the Dolphins did fairly well for themselves, and certainly achieved their goal of bolstering the defense. With the 20th pick, the team drafted DT Michael Gibson, who will immediately start next to Mike Neal. This will push Reid Lemmon to the 3rd DT role, but also gives the team a lot more flexibility along the Defensive Line. In continuing that effort, the team drafted extremely talented, but potentially injury-prone DE Adam Fairbanks with the 22nd pick. Fairbanks is strong, with a very good motor, and if he stays healthy, could become an elite DE. But that is a big IF. Their final 1st round pick, number 29, was more of a value pick, when they selected FS TJ Royster. Royster is massive at 6’3 and has very good speed to accompany that, and will become the team’s starting FS, shifting Nate Allen to the SS role and Joe Lefeged to the bench. Later on in the draft, the team added a big legged kicker, a big legged punter, and two developmental QBs. The team is hoping that if they can continue going to the playoffs, they can develop one of these QBs to take over one day. Overall, a successful draft day.

Training Camp

For the fifth straight season in Miami, training camp will only be mandatory for players with less than five years played. After a very promising season in south beach, the team is excited to get back at it and repeat their effort. Receivers Freeman and Baldwin have been spotted on the track with CB Dowling and the team’s Strength and Conditioning coach, trying to perfect their running form. While many other players have been putting in extra time in the weight room preparing for what is sure to be another exciting season in South Beach.

Heading into the season, the team has a very strong predicted starting line-up, and it is as follows:

QB: Brady Quinn
HB: Garry Reyes
WR: Jon Baldwin, Frankie Freeman, Frank Coleman
TE: Rob Wenthold
LT: Nathaniel Mongomery
LG: James Brooks
C: Zachary Carter
RG: Nate Potter
RT: William Beatty


RE: Robert Quinn
DT: Mike Neal, Michael Gibson
LE: Adam Fairbanks
ROLB: Josh Mauga
MLB: Arnulfo Bishop
LOLB: Bruce Irvin
CB: Bobby Peterson, Ras-I Dowling, Walter Thurmond
FS: TJ Royster
SS Nate Allen

The Dolphins have extremely high expectations this year, and have more depth than ever before. A playoff berth is in sight, can they do it again?
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Rumour: All-Pro WR Darrius Heyward-Bey traded
As was reported earlier in the off season, the Miami Dolphins organization had been shopping Heyward-Bey for most off the off season, and it appears that over the past few days, a deal has been finalized that will jettison him out of Miami, and the AFC itself.

Heyward-Bey will be on the move to the Motor City. Yes, he is heading to the Detroit Lions for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks. Heyward-Bey should fit in immediately, and help give the Lions one of the most formidable WR corps in the league.

There were multiple interested parties involved in the negotiation process, but in the end, it came down to the Lions and Panthers. The Panther capped out with a very, very good offer, but the Lions were willing to sell the farm for one of RZL's elite.

Only time will tell how this plays out for either side, but one thing is certain -- the remaining NFC North teams just shivered a bit, now knowing that they will have to find a way to cover the uncoverable.
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Dolphins 2020 Review
Dolphins Training Camp

2019 Recap:
2019 turned out to be a very positive season for the Dolphins franchise. They finished 7-9, which to most would be disappointing, but to the Dolphins, it was a sign of improvement. For the first time in, well, forever, the team scored more point (390) then they allowed (383). Sadly, this still left them sitting in the AFC East cellar – looking up at the Bills Patriots and Jets for at least one more season. 2019 also showed major success for many of the Dolphins younger players. CB Peterson had another outstanding year, and first year starter Thurmond played very well. MLB Bishop played like a world beater in the middle, and new addition Levy was all that he was expected to be. If there had to be one major disappointment on the team, it would have to be the Defensive Line. They just did not produce in any aspect as much as needed.


Coming into the off season, Gm Eggleston felt that the team was a few key moves away the much anticipated playoff berth. But before he could do anything, the team found itself a little tight with the salary cap. Easy fix, but an emotional one, as the team let go of long time starters Duke Robinson, who has been with GM Eggleston since his first transaction as a GM, and Anthony Collins. Both are still great Offensive Linemen, but at making close to 10 million apiece, they just cost too much to keep. Unlike last season, there were no major trades made to try and shake up the makeup of the team, although there were rumblings that the team may be considering traded All-Pro wide out Darrius Heyward-Bey. This did not go over too well with the fans though, so the Dolphins temporarily took him off the market, but rumors have been swirling that they are still looking to deal the pro bowler.

Pre-Draft Free Agency

Also unlike last offseason, the team ended up making no major Free Agent splashes, but that does not mean they didn’t try. Reports say that the Dolphins were in on almost every big name Free Agent. But even with cutting almost 30 million in cap space, they didn’t muster up enough money to snag any of the big name Free Agents.
They didn’t come out empty handed, though, as they signed a solid backup LB in Neil Chang. He is a former Bronco who the Dolphins have liked for a few years now. The Dolphins also kept all of their big name Free Agents, including Reid Lemmon, Arnulfo Bishop and JaMarcus Russell.
The Dolphins organization also made a few pre-draft trades. One was sending a pair of 5th round picks to get OLB Tank Carder, and former 2nd round pick CB Howard Phillips. Both players will provide great depth, and a nice boost on Special Teams. It is even possible that Phillips could push for the Nickel CB job.

Draft Day

This year, draft day went a lot more smoothly then last year. Most importantly, the team did not miss their first round pick! Early in the draft stage, the team agreed to move back from 1.11 to 1.17 and picked up a 2021 2nd round pick for their efforts. In this process, they were still able to get the player they targeted, in WR Frankie Freeman. This now gives the Dolphins three fantastic young Wide Receivers in Baldwin, Freeman and Posey; and also bring the suspicions that the team will trade DHB to the forefront.

In the second round, the Dolphins grabbed their LT of the future in Nathaniel Montgomery, and OLB Ronnell Lewis, who is expected to immediately take the starting ROLB spot. Montgomery has almost everything you look for in an Offensive Tackle, except for his strength, but that can be dealt with. Had he repped out 5 or 6 more reps at 225, he could have been a top ten pick, but since teams viewed him as soft, he fell right into the waiting laps of the Dolphins in the second round.

Training Camp

For the fourth straight season in Miami, training camp will only be mandatory for players with less than five years played. After a growing season in Miami, expectations are high for the upcoming season, and the young guns are coming in early trying to get the playbook down so they can get on the same level as the Vets. Second year WR DeVier Posey was seen with rookie wideout Freeman and CB Ras-I Dowling running ladders to try and build the fastest team possible. Even veteran LT Beatty was seen in the film room showing Montgomery the finer things about being a professional LT.

Heading into the season, the team has a very strong predicted starting line-up, and it is as follows:

QB: Jason Boltus
HB: Garry Reyes
WR: Jon Baldwin, Frankie Freeman, DeVier Posey (Note no DHB, get your offers in!)
TE: Orson Charles
LT: Nathaniel Mongomery
LG: James Brooks
C: Zachary Carter
RG: Nate Potter
RT: William Beatty


RE: King Leduc
DT: Mike Neal, Reid Lemmon
LE: Robert Quinn
ROLB: Ronnell Lewis
MLB: Arnulfo Bishop
LOLB: Deandre Levy
CB: Bobby Peterson, Ras-I Dowling, Walter Thurmond
FS: Nate Allen
SS Joe Lefeged

Lets hope we can crack .500 this year! Go Dolphins!
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2019 Dolphins
Dolphins Training Camp

2018 Recap:
The 2018 season was another season filled with disappointment for the Dolphin organization. The team started the season with 3 consecutive losses, all to teams that we considered far from playoff contenders. Later on, a 6 game losing streak would drop the team to close to a league worst, 2-10. Obviously, at this point, the team looked to be in complete shamble… and for good reason. Many of their star players had suffered injuries during the season. Glass figure-like BE Andre Woodson could not stay healthy for more than a few plays at a time, both CB Peterson and Lynch had injury issues, as well as many other ‘stars’ the team supposedly has. But as they say, there was only room to go up, and go up is what they did. The Dolphins could have packed it in, but instead GM Eggleston made a move to acquire QB Jason Boltus, and under his guidance, the team finished the season with wins in 3 of the last 4. A 5-11 finish is nothing to be proud of, but the team is happy to have finished the season strong.

GM Eric Eggleston knew that he might be on the hot seat this season if things didn’t turn around. He has led the team to an embarrassing 24-56 record over his 5 seasons at the helm, never cracking 6 wins. Due to the team’s struggles, they were awarded with the 7th pick in the draft, and GM Eggleston knew he had to use it right. So what better way to use it… then to trade it away? He traded picks 1.7, 2.7 and TE Pettigrew to the Cardinals for former 1st round picks Nate Allen and Robert Quinn, as well as picks 1.23. A somewhat ballsy move in such a top-heavy draft, but it seemed like a worthwhile gamble to get potentially three young starters for just one. The team also Franchise Tagged and traded DE Carlos Dunlap to the Saints for former 3rd overall pick DT Reid Lemmon, helping solidify their interior defensive line…. But Eggleston was not done there. He swapped Woodson for yet another former 1st rounder, LB Deandre Levy in a move that immediately bolsters arguably the league worst LB corps.

Shortly before the draft, two more trades would be made. The Dolphins would trade disgruntled CB Kenneth Lynch, as well as picks 3.7 and 5.7, to the Bucs for pick 1.10, apparently with eyes on taking either Aldon Smith or Von Miller. The final trade was a simple draft pick swap with the Texans, acquiring picks 1.30, 2.23 and a 5th rounder for pick 1.23. In conclusion, the Dolphins would enter the draft with pick 1.10, 1.30, 2.23 and several late rounder to fill out a roster that was destined to improve.

Pre-Draft Free Agency
This offseason, management made it their goal to be active in Free Agency, and active they were, making multiple offers to many high-profile Free Agents. In the end, they signed two of the top Free Agents available. Firstly, they signed RE Lindsey Witten of the Buccaneers. Witten will replace King Leduc who left via Free Agency. Witten is quite similar with Leduc in what they bring to the table. Both are extremely tall and physical at the line, with the ability to get 5 or so sacks a season. Eggleston then flipped to the other side of the ball, signing C Zachary Carter away from the divisional rival New York Jets. The team had been looking to replace the aging Ben Grubbs, and grabbed the best Free Agent offensive lineman available, for a fairly reasonable price. Carter is just 25 years old and is already known as one of the best, and the team only expects him to get better. Overall, a successful Free Agency period for the team.

Draft Day
Draft Day… Oh what a mistake this was. As stated earlier, the Dolphins had two first round picks, and were sitting at 1.10 with eyes on grabbing one of the top LB’s. Their plan would have worked out perfectly…had GM Eggleston actually been in the draft room at draft time. Instead he was at an undisclosed location. The team ended up missing pick 1.10 by a long shot, with GM Eggleston not entering the draft room until pick 1.30, when their other pick had come on the clock. By this time, he knew he had made a huge mistake, but that he had to make the best out of it. So with pick 1.10, the Dolphins drafted WR DeVier Posey – a first round talent? Probably… Top 10? Not a chance. Talk about a mess up.

The team then continued with their apparent back to back picks, taking raw CB Ras-I Dowling with pick 1.30. Dowling was an exceptional cover corner in college, but teams were worried about his speed.. or lack their of, possibly fearing having to move him to safety to make up for it. Nevertheless, then team took who they thought was the best player available, and are very happy with the outcome. The team would later go on to draft DE Francis Stevens in round two, OG Nate Potter in round four, OLB Aaron Williamson in round 5, OG James Brooks in round 6, and TE Michael Sturlock in the final round. No matter how their other picks turn out from this draft class, it will always be an utter failure by missing out on an elite talent like Aldon Smith.

Training Camp
For the third straight season in Miami, training camp will only be mandatory for players with less than five years played. The team has been seen working extremely closely with several players, including rookies Ras-I Dowling and DeVier Posey, as well as second year standout Jonathon Baldwin. It has been noted that WR Hakeem Nicks has possibly fallen to the 4th or 5th WR spot, and is being shopped to every team in the league for a bargain basement price. It is expected that Baldwin will start opposite DHB, with either rookie Posey or veteran Roy Collins in the slot. The team is also appears to be installing a new defensive system, built to hopefully get some extra pressure on opposing QBs, and hopefully cause many more turnovers this season.
As with any Training Camp, there are a few position battles to be watched throughout the process, they are as follows:

WR Roy Collins vs. WR DeVier Posey for Slot WR: We project Posey to win the job based on his superior athletic ability, and the fact that he was just a top 10 pick, whether he was worth it or not. The Dolphins should try to get Posey the ball as much as possible if he wins this spot.

MLB Jean Simon vs OLB Arnulfo Bishop for Starting MLB: This will be a battle to watch, as they are two very different players. Simon is your prototypical MLB, he is big and strong and will never be run over. In contrast, Bishop is a speed demon that can cover sideline to sideline at will. He is raw, yet extremely talented.

CB Ras-I Dowling vs CB Walter Thurmond for starting Left CB: If Thurmond doesn’t win this job, we will be surprised, but with Eggleston at the helm anything could happen. We expect former NFL Superstar, and now Head Coach Rodney Harrison to get the final say here, and start the veteran Thurmond to see what he has got to offer.

Hopefully this is the season the Dolphins can finally break the life-long slump they are apparently in, and save GM Eggleston job. Go Dolphins.
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New GM Introduced....
The Miami Dolphins are proud to introduce their new GM... Gary Hickman. Gary has previous experience in this league, with the Seahawks, and rejoins the league with a wealth of knowledge from his jobs held in other leagues. All this experience should help turn around the Dolphins season and get them on track to championship calibre play from last year.
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Miami Dolphins Training Camp 2010

MIAMI, FL Hello, I’m Hary Sak. I will be your eyes and ears giving you the inside scoop on the Dolphins training camp.

Now that the celebrating has died down, it’s time to shift our attention to the 2010 Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins return 10 starters on offense and 9 on defense in an attempt to repeat as RZL Champions.

Last seasons offense was built around the running game. That was due to a combination of things... a bruising HB in Tony Hunt, a terrific O-line and a Rookie QB in Hunter Cantwell. This season the offense should be more balanced and explosive.

The big news this off-season was the addition of QB Tom Brady. Brady, one of the leagues top QB’s will compete with Hunter Cantwell for the starting job. Normally, a second year QB couldn’t compete for the starting job against a player of Brady’s caliber. However, with Cantwell coming of age during the Play-offs, it will be tough to bench a Super bowl winning QB. No matter who wins the job in the Pre-season, the Dolphins are blessed to have two proven QB’s incase an injury occurs.

There will be no competition for the HB position. Tony Hunt is the man! Hunt comes off a great season in which he collected over 1,400 yards and 9 TD’s. With the offense opening up the playbook this season, Hunt won’t be facing 8-man fronts on a consistent bases. With a great O-line blocking for Hunt, expect 1,300 + yards.

A lot of players on the offense will benefit from the strong QB play. The players that will reap most of the benefits will be WR’s Larry Fitzgerald and Malcolm Kelly. Fitzgerald and Kelly are huge targets who will be bigger than any CB that will line-up against them. Expect a Pro bowl season from Fitz.

The unit that makes the offense roll is the O-line. The O-line is one of the leagues elite and is returning all five starters. As with the HB position, there will be no competition in the trenches.

Last season the defense was in the Top 10 in Yards allowed and Points allowed. The defense plays an aggressive style of football led by MLB Channing Crowder.

The defensive line will remain in tact with DE’s Napoleon Harris, Victor Abiamiri and DT’s Andre Fluellen, Ola Dagunduro holding down the trenches.

Much like the defensive line, the linebackers will remain in tact. Scratch that. I’m getting word that the Dolphins and Saints have come to an agreement to trade OLB Chad Greenway to Miami for draft picks.

The addition of Greenway will immediately make Akin Ayodele expendable. Greenway is a gifted athlete who stands at 6’-2”. Greenway can run, jump and tackle. Greenway will be a perfect fit for this aggressive defense.

There will be a few changes as CB’s Deltha O’Neal and Will Peterson are out…. insert CB Marlin Jackson. Jackson is a tremendously skilled CB acquired from St. Louis. What the Dolphins lose in speed they will more than make up for in youth, intelligence and physical play.

This year the Dolphins aren’t holding your everyday training camp, they are making it fan friendly. All age ranges will have a great time. The kids will be able to run numerous football drills taught by the coaching staff. Adults and kids can get pictures and autographs from any player. Some of the players from the 1972 team will make an appearance. The men in the crowd can help determine which of the ladies will make the cheerleading squad… plenty of things to choose from.

Aside from meeting and voting for the prospective cheerleaders, the fans really enjoyes meeting members from the 1972 Dolphins undefeated team. Bob Griese, Paul Warfield, Larry Czonka, Dick Anderson and of course, Don Shula made an appearance.

A special treat to all fans is the ability to view and take pictures with the two RZL Super bowl trophies GM Chad Minear has won.

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Dolphins Insider

By Harry Sak | Friday, August 8, 2008

MIAMI, FLSitting at 6-5 the Dolphins made a change and brought in Chad Minear to guide the team. Little, did anyone expect the Dolphins to be playing in the Super bowl.

After evaluating the team for a couple of weeks, Minear knew if his team was going to be successful in the RZL Playoffs, he had to improve the O-line. The Dolphins immediately cut DT Gerard Warren. Warren was making $8.25M. The newly found money was more than enough to sign UFA’s Todd Weiner and Bred Meester. This move is the reason the Dolphins won the Super bowl

“With an inexperienced QB and a bruising HB it was imperative to surround [Tony] Hunt with the best blockers we could get. Fortunate for us we found [Todd] Weiner and [Brad] Meester sitting in free agency,”
said Minear.

Minear, has been to three Super bowls, while winning two RZL trophies and has improved his career record to 42-22 in regular season games and a more impressive 9-1 in the playoffs

“I learned real fast in Chicago that you don’t need a great passing attack to win in the regular season and the playoffs, all you need is a great HB, O-line and a QB that will make smart decisions,” said Minear.

With Tom Brady and Marlin Jackson rumored to be heading to Miami, along with the emergence of Cantwell, Hunt, Moore, Carey, Grubbs, Lee, Griffin, Pickard, Culver and company the Dolphins on paper should be stronger next season.

“We have our eye on one more elite CB. If that doesn’t workout we might resign either O’Neal or Allen or just let Stanley Wilson take over as the #2 CB. Wilson has been tremendous since O’Neal went down with an injury 6 weeks ago and his post-season progression will show that,” said Minear.

Can the Dolphins win back-to-back titles in 2010?

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Dolphins Insider

By Harry Sak | Saturday, July 12, 2008

MIAMI, FL -- GM Minear continues to setup deals for the off-season that will upgrade the team for next season and the future seasons.

GM Chad Minear and GM Jeff Downey have come to an agreement that will send CB Marlin Jackson [94, 26-yrs] to the Dolphins. Terms of the deal are unavailable.

With current CB's Deltha O'Neal and Will Allen both getting older and declining in SPD, AGI & ACC the front office felt it was imperative to get a CB that has a lot more upside.

"O'Neal and Allen are both losing their athletic ability and they are free agents. I just went ahead and secured a CB that we really like," said Minear. "Marlin was on a list of 3 CB's that we wanted.... I fully expect to get another targeted CB either through trade or free agency."
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Dolphins Insider

By Harry Sak | Saturday, July 12, 2008

MIAMI, FL -- Based on GM Minear's experience in Chicago, you need to be able to run the ball and play great defense if you want to compete in the RZL Play-offs.

The Dolphins open up the checkbook and signed two of the elite O-linemen in the league, who happen to be sitting in Free Agency. LT Todd Weiner [93, 33-yrs] and C Brad Meester [93, 32-yrs]. The signings will solidify the O-line.

In order to make these signings the Dolphins released DT Gerard Warren and his $8.25M salary were shown the door.
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Dolphins Insider

By Harry Sak | Monday, July 8, 2008

MIAMI, FL --At one time GM Chad Minear and GM James Paronne were once bitter rivals in the NFC North, now rumors are circulating that the two rivals have been on the phones discussing an off-season trade that would send Tom Brady to Miami. Terms of the deal have not been leaked to the media.

Brady's Bio
Brady has spent the first-3 yrs of his RZL career in New England. New GM Brett Richmond took over the Patriots and promptly put Brady on the block in an attempt to rebuild through the draft. GM James Paronne jumped at the chance to land a RZL Icon in an attempt to get the Packers into the Play-offs. Brady has only made one trip to the Play-offs in his career, losing to the Bengals [2007].

Brady's Stats
Tom Brady is currently 4th in the history of the RZL in Passing Yards [13,919], 6th in TD Passes [96] and 11th in QB Rating [86.4]
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Rookie QB Hunter Cantwell Starting Against Bills
Forum Discussion (by T_Collins on 04/29/2008) Replies - 1 :: Views - 32
Dolphins Upset Jaguars, Move To 2-1
Forum Discussion (by T_Collins on 04/27/2008) Replies - 5 :: Views - 58
Dolphins Fine Tune Offense In Preparation For Jacksonville
Forum Discussion (by T_Collins on 04/20/2008) Replies - 2 :: Views - 48
Dolphins Put Up Fight, But Lose On Costly Mistakes
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Special Teams, Defense Lead Dolphins Over Bills
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QB Jake Delhomme 94 AWR | 88 THP | 92 THA

Comes back after a half-season with the Dolphins. Didn't do so hot last year, but the supporting cast is much stronger this season. Word out of Dolphins camp is that he's building a strong relationship with Larry Fitzgerald and Malcom Kelly on the field. They've spent countless hours running routes and going over the offense. If Delhomme gets hurt, or the team doesn't play up to expectations, rookie Hunter Cantwell may see some action this year.

HB Tony Hunt 6'2" | 239lbs | 88 SPD | 75 STR | 65 AWR | 85 AGI | 92 ACC | 65 CTH | 75 CAR | 85 BTK

He has big shoes to fill. Filling in for a former MVP in Ronnie Brown. But he reminds the Dolphins of a young Steve Jackson. Despite being raw, the team has faith that he will give them the same rushing attack that they had last season with Ronnie Brown. Cedric Houston was brought in to give the team insurance in the event that Hunt goes down.

FB Michael Robinson 6'1" | 219lbs | 87 SPD | 66 STR | 60 AWR | 89 AGI | 89 ACC | 74 CTH | 77 CAR | 75 BTK

The team traded rookie Jacob Hester knowing Robinson would do a good job for them at FB. He was on pace to tie the pancakes leader at the position and provides the team with speed to get to the outside on toss plays. Doing so gives them a more likely chance of gaining position yardage on the dreaded play and the Dolphins feel they're better off with Robinson, and got something out of the deal as well.

WR Larry Fitzgerald 6'3" | 225lbs | 89 SPD | 70 STR | 91 AWR | 90 AGI | 91 ACC | 99 CTH | 97 JMP | 70 BTK

Coming off an MVP season with a similar QB in Matt Leinart, Fitzgerald and Delhomme have been building chemistry and seem to be excited about the upcoming season. Fitzgerald worked hard this off-season on improving his quickness and top speed to make him an even more dangerous threat. He gives the team the aerial threat they were sorely lacking.

WR Malcom Kelly 6'4" | 218lbs | 88 SPD | 50 STR | 55 AWR | 86 AGI | 89 ACC | 80 CTH | 90 JMP | 62 BTK

Think defending Fitzgerald is going to be difficult? Try defending two big guys. Kelly is good at using his 6'4" frame to his advantage and will give opposing teams matchup problems each week. While he isn't polished like Fitzgerald or have his hands, he's still a threat with his size.

TE L.J. Smith 6'3" | 258lbs | 81 SPD | 69 STR | 84 AWR | 80 AGI | 84 ACC | 84 CTH | 85 JMP | 68 BTK

Returning for another season after being the Dolphins most reliable receiving threat towards the end of the season. He comes back in good shape and is loving what he's seeing with the big boys on the outside. It's going to give him some nice lanes up the middle and won't stand out like a sore thumb anymore. The team is expecting a bigger season out of Smith.

LT Reggie Youngblood 6'5" | 310lbs | 56 SPD | 89 STR | 73 AWR | 60 AGI | 76 ACC | 78 PBK | 78 RBK

Drafted late in the second round, the team liked him enough to move Vernon Carey to RG. He's very polished for his age and shouldn't hurt the team in the running or passing game. With good speed, agility and acceleration, he shouldn't have any troubles holding down the LT position.

LG Kirk Barton 6'6" | 312lbs | 62 SPD | 90 STR | 59 AWR | 53 AGI | 70 ACC | 88 PBK | 85 RBK

The team jumped on the opportunity to obtain Barton and move him to LG. They wanted to keep him on the left side to help him develop more quickly and felt his rawness wouldn't hurt him so much in that position. He was shipped from Houston after a rough campaign as the starting RT, a position he wasn't ready to play. He'll have a great sophomore season in Miami.

C Samson Satele 6'3" | 300lbs | 56 SPD | 89 STR | 73 AWR | 51 AGI | 72 ACC | 84 PBK | 85 RBK

Brought in as a backup in the Alex Smith trade last season, Satele saw John Sullivan traded to Dallas giving him the starting job. He's not as good as Sullivan, but he's still a good C. With good speed, agility, acceleration and better strength, he should hold down the position just fine. He was at about the same development level as Sullivan as well, so much for a downgrade.

RG Vernon Carey 6'4" | 335lbs | 52 SPD | 92 STR | 80 AWR | 51 AGI | 74 ACC | 86 PBK | 95 RBK

Trading into the second round to draft Youngblood allows the team to build a dominating right side. Carey did well last year as a RT. The team opted to move Grubbs to RT making Carey one of the best RGs in the league.

RT Ben Grubbs 6'3" | 311lbs | 56 SPD | 90 STR | 80 AWR | 55 AGI | 78 ACC | 89 PBK | 92 RBK

After steadily improving at LG, the team decided he was ready to become the new RT. His athletic ability is an upgrade over Carey at RT and allows them to build one of the best RG-RT tandems in the league. The team shouldn't have any trouble running to the right side and Delhomme shouldn't be getting pass rushed much from that side either.
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Dolphins Start Quiet In Free Agency, Then Swing for Fences
The Dolphins were very quiet early on in free agency. The only thing they did was retain Karl Paymah, Andre Davis, Channing Crowder, and Jake Delhomme. They did not bring in any free agents other than the four of their own who had expiring contracts. After the draft, however, they took to a much different approach. The Dolphins made a huge splash in the later parts of free agency. They signed two young lineman in Adam Kraus and Reggie Powell, who the team was especially high on. Kraus and Powell are both expected to be backups, hoping they can develop to the point where they can start at some point.

The big signings made by the Dolphins were Gerard Warren and Stanley Wilson. The team was hoping Andre Fluellen would increase his strength this offseason, but it doesn't look like he will. After bringing in two outside linebackers, they felt like the line needed to be stronger to give the linebackers more room to make plays. Being the most attractive defensive tackle in free agency the Dolphins knew they would have to throw big money at Warren to get him to sign.

And that is exactly what they did. They offered him a one year, $8.25 million dollar contract. Warren knows he will most likely be hitting the free agent market after this season. He signed an unusual contract with no guaranteed money as he is not receiving a signing bonus. However, he is not worried about that considering the defensive tackle situation the team is currently in with only two others at the position, one of which is weak. They were able to give him such a large contract due to their cap room and knowing that money will be available next year.

The other signing was Stanley Wilson. Will Allen will be a free agent after this season but the team is expecting to resign him for another two years as they feel he can still be a number one cornerback for at least that amount of time. Karl Paymah was in the number two spot last season after the team traded a second round pick for him during the middle of the season. But he will most likely be pushed to the nickel with the addition of Wilson. While they didn't really need someone of Wilson's caliber, the Dolphins felt that the cornerback position was one of the most important and that having three very good guys at the position would be great.

However, what it took to bring in Wilson was not a small figure. The Dolphins signed him to a three year, $18.9 million deal. With this large and somewhat unnecessary luxury the team will still be in good shape after they restructure the contract of Larry Fitzgerald and trade Jeno James. Warren's contract will also be expiring as well as about $4 million in other expiring contracts from players the team does not expect to resign. Number 21 pass defense next year? I don't think so.
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Two trades have occured in Miami in the past few days. And since nobody else is writing anything lately, I thought we'd share them with you


RG Jeno James

2010 2nd Round Pick

We thought it over a lot and decided that we should start Youngblood at LT. He has nice AWR for only being a rookie. Also has very good SPD/AGI/ACC. Carey was formerly at LT but will now be our RG. Due to James being 32 and in the last year of his contract, this was the weakest position on our OL IMO. We love Grubbs and moved him to RT and brought in Barton to be our LG. Sullivan is coming off a great rookie campaign so the only position I saw us changing was RG. James became expendable and were able to land a 2nd round pick out of it.


C John Sullivan
2010 3rd Round Pick

MLB Akin Ayodele

We were desperate to find a LOLB. Nobody was trading linebackers. The free agency market wasn't that deep for pass rushing linebackers. The only one on our radar was Blackstock and we knew we would have to overpay for him. So instead of doing that, we decided to keep our cap situation in positive light and made a deal instead. The only guy Dallas was really interested in was Sullivan so the trade had to be centered around him, or we had to go and sign Blackstock. We had offered him $6M/year and that isn't something we would like to pay a good but not great linebacker. Ayodele will be much better for us and Satele is a very good backup who will step into the starting C role and shouldn't hurt us at all. If we had gone the Blackstock route we would be adding $6M in salary, if we didn't raise the bid in top 3 bidding. Instead we added $1M in salary. While Ayodele is 29 we will get 3 good years out of him, which is plenty. It was a tough deal, I didn't want to let Sullivan go. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
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Since many of you guys didn't feel like reading my entire training camp report, I had to make a separate post about it because you're too lazy. And because I'm excited.

I may be bashed for this. But I don't care.

RB Ronnie Brown
WR Demetrius Williams

WR Larry Fitzgerald
RB Tony Hunt
MLB Rory Johnson

Why we did it.

I love the offensive line. I think it's one of the most talented OLs in the league. The left side may be raw, but I feel comfortable about it and think we'll do very well. So a small downgrade at RB should not slow us down much, if at all.

I think many overlook Hunt and undervalue him. He didn't put up great stats, but was in a pass happy offense. He's 6'2" and 239 pounds, so he has the size to be a physical back. He's taller and heavier than Brown.

He is just as strong with 75 STR. His AGI is only 86 but I don't think it will be that big of a deal. His speed is only 88, but I have a thing for RBs who are 88-89 SPD. It allows the OL to setup their blocks, and on the toss to the outside, allows the OT and the FB to get out there and get in the way of the defenders.

His 92 ACC helps ease the thought of his 88 SPD and he has 85 BTK to go along with good strength and he's the power back we desire. He's 4 years younger and much cheaper.

Still not sold on Hunt? No problem. Is Steven Jackson a premiere RB in this league? Yes he is. Averages 1,450 yards and 10 TDs per year the past 3 seasons. Now lets compare him to Tony Hunt shall we?

Hunt....... 88
Jackson.. 88

Hunt....... 75
Jackson.. 75

Hunt....... 86
Jackson.. 86

Hunt....... 92
Jackson.. 92

Hunt....... 85
Jackson.. 92

Jackson's clone.

As for the WR portion of this. Demetrius is 26 and still pretty raw for his age. He could be a Javon Walker type WR with the similar attributes, but it would take time to develop his AWR to that type of level. Instead we get younger with Fitzgerald. He's super-expensive, but he's a Pro Bowl WR who came off an MVP-like season. It will be very difficult for teams to stop Fitzgerald and Kelly, both have great size and very few teams have two big CBs like them. There will be a mismatch somewhere.

And I have been able to build a very good running game in every single league I've been in. I can always run, but can't seem to throw that well. So I'm willing to take a downgrade to upgrade at WR. Fitz should help us become a more balanced attack. We went from having very raw WRs that nobody would be afraid of to having a stud along with a promising rookie. It will make us much stronger since we will no longer be one dimensional.
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Dolphins Training Camp Report
The Early Off-season

Early Departure

The Dolphins decided it was time to let three of their players go. Outside linebacker James Allen was given his release after two seasons with Miami. At 29 years old, Allen wasn't the long term, or short term for that matter, for the team and they felt keeping him on the roster was tying up cap space the team would like to invest elsewhere. That was also the case for offensive tackle Sean Locklear. He was signed last off-season and never played a down for the Dolphins. He was a backup for the team and was eating up too much cap.

The team would rather have young, talented, yet raw offensive lineman for backups. While Locklear may be able to start for a team in this league, he doesn't have a place on the Miami Dolphins. The same goes for Jeremy Leman, though it's doubtful he could start for any teams in this league. The former General Manager felt he was worthy of a first round pick. Current General Manager Tom Collins felt he wasn't even worth a roster spot.

Deuces Wild

Miami was able to make two deals this off-season. One of which was a gentleman's agreement with the Houston Texans. The team had expressed interest in Houston's offensive tackle Kirk Barton earlier in the year. Texans General Manager Rick Lung contacted Miami asking if they were still interested. Despite Barton giving up 18 sacks his rookie season, the team still wanted him and only gave up the 2.31 pick for him. They immediately moved him to LG hoping he develops as well as Ben Grubbs did at the position.

Their second move was pretty minimal. The Dolphins were looking for help at outside linebacker. They contacted the Eagles to see if Tim Dobbins available. Philadelphia was willing to move him and had interest in cornerback Reggie Smith who the team had on the trade block. The Dolphins also added in a 5th round pick in exchange for a 6th. Dobbins has very good speed and acceleration as well as good agility and size. However he is quite raw for his age, 26 years old, and may not be able to make that big of an impact for the team.

Free Agency

Empty Handed

The Dolphins came into free agency looking to make a splash. However, several of the better players were not signing contracts until after the draft. They wanted to see the team's approach to the draft to make sure they didn't join a team that brought in a prized rookie later on. So with a weaker free agent pool, the Dolphins only wanted two players. They attempted to sign strong safety Adrian Wilson. They offered him a huge contract, but was topped by the Oakland Raiders. While they are content with Josh Pinkard at safety, they had planned to move Wilson to outside linebacker where they felt he would wreak havoc.

After that didn't work out for the team the Dolphins put in a smaller offer on Cowboys middle linebacker Kevin Burnett. The team planned on resigning Channing Crowder, however they felt Burnett would give the team great flexibility and possible trade bait with Crowder. However, they didn't want to invest that much into Burnett and the Cowboys ended up retaining him.

In the end, the only thing the Dolphins came out of free agency with was three of their players who had expiring contracts. They retained Andre Davis for one more year after he showed flashes of brilliance last year. They also kept Channing Crowder. Once he was moved from outside linebacker to the middle, he did a terrific job and the team wanted to bring him back for the long haul. However, Atlanta tried to sign him away from the Dolphins and the team was forced to match the offer they had made which was for only two years.

The final player the Dolphins kept was Jake Delhomme. After acquiring him from the Redskins last year after trading Alex Smith, the team was unsure if they would be able to retain him. However, due to Delhomme being 34 years old, not many teams were interested in him and it allowed the Dolphins to hang onto him. They signed him to a two year, $12 million deal. They're hoping he plays for both those years as they plan on starting him for both. However, at his age, he may decide to retire after this coming season in which the team will have to make other arrangements at the position.

The Dolphins have been preparing for draft day for quite some time. They spent a lot of time sifting through the talent well before the weekend's draft. They played all the scenarios out and didn't expect to get much after the first round. However it was a very exciting first day for them.

The Trade That Got Away

Talks began on Friday afternoon with the Arizona Cardinals. Justin Herr, General Manager of the team, contacted the Dolphins General Manager Tom Collins. At first it began as just a conversation and some advice here and there about a possible trade the Cardinals had been cooking up. But as the deal fell through, the Dolphins were interested in making a move with them.

Larry Fitzgerald had been brought up and the Dolphins, without any real threats at the position, were wide eyed about the thought of bringing him to Miami. The Cardinals were looking for a fast receiver in return and had wanted an upgrade at either defensive tackle or strong safety. With the Dolphins liking both Dagundaro at tackle and Pinkard who they traded for last year, there wasn't much of a chance there. However, they did control the 1.13 and 1.17 picks in the draft.

Arizona had their eyes stuck on defensive tackle Antonio Dixon. He was predicted to be a top 5 pick but kept falling on draft day. While the Dolphins and Cardinals had a deal in place, Herr was no where to be found on draft day. Miami was ready to trade Demetrius Williams, 1.13, and 1.17 to the Cardinals in exchange for Larry Fitzgerald, 3.24, and 4.24. However, Herr was not answering his cell phone and was not in the Arizona war room. As a matter of fact, nobody was in the Cardinals war room and they missed not only their first round pick but their second as well.

The First Round

Since a deal could not be made with the Cardinals, the Dolphins went ahead and made their picks. With the 1.13 the Dolphins drafted outside linebacker Sean Lee. He is a bit slower than what Miami usually likes in a linebacker, but he has great agility and acceleration. On top of that he has good strength and the team feels like they can improve his running style to likely increase his speed. Once he's able to accomplish that, they plan on moving him to the left side to hopefully be the team's premiere pass rushing threat for years to come.

With their next pick the team went with quarterback Hunter Cantwell. Some may be surprised with this pick after resigning Jake Delhomme for two more years. However, Delhomme is 34 years old and could very well retire after this season. The team is hoping he does not. They would like to give Cantwell two seasons on the sidelines to understand game management. While he is polished for a rookie quarterback, they feel giving him a few seasons on the sidelines will be best for him.

It's hard for a rookie quarterback to be thrown into the lion's cage right out of the gate. It takes time and that is something the team is willing to give him. They also feel like if they work on his mechanics they will be able to increase his throwing velocity. The way he handles the ball and brings his arm forward may be preventing him from throwing the ball as hard or as deep as he potentially could.

The Draft Pick Swap

After this pick the team didn't have another until the third round. After seeing several of their targets still available they began to get antsy in the early parts of the second round. They called several teams they are in normal contact with hoping they would be able to move into the second.

They had been talking with the Cowboys and their General Manager Pappy Preheim in the first round about possibly moving down from 1.13 to 1.15. And after failed attempts to move into the middle of the second round, they got in touch with Preheim again. After a little bit of a wait-and-see, trying to figure out who would be available, the Dolphins made a deal with the Cowboys sending the 3.13 and 3.17 to Dallas in exchange for the 21st pick of the second round.

Who To Take

The Dolphins had four targets they wanted and were still unsure who they would take. They were hoping the Cowboys would make it easier for them with the 2.18 pick they still had. However they went in another direction and the team had to decide who to go with. They were targeting receiver Malcom Kelly, offensive tackle Reggie Youngblood, center Jonathan Luigs, and offensive tackle Carl Johnson. They narrowed it down to two guys, Kelly and Youngblood. The Dolphins loved Luigs due to his good speed, agility and excellent acceleration. However they were a little concerned with his strength and he is raw. As for Johnson, he was raw as well. His acceleration was good but not as high as the team usually likes. It wasn't the deciding factor however, it was the rawness that prevented the team from considering both him and Luigs.

After finally narrowing it down to receiver Malcom Kelly and offensive tackle Reggie Youngblood, the team went with Kelly. The Dolphins were trying to compare him to another young receiver in the league to see what kind of production would be possible. They found one very similar to Kelly in Limas Sweed of the Saints. After looking at what he had accomplished, the team felt Kelly was their best choice. He has great height and good leaping ability. His speed and acceleration are average and the team is focusing on this. Similar to Sean Lee, the team feels they can change his running style to improve his speed as well as his acceleration. They feel like he runs too flat-footed which slows him down. After he is signed they will be working with him daily in camp to stay on his toes and hopefully it pays dividends for Kelly and the Dolphins.

The Second Trade

After trading away both their third round picks, the Dolphins were all out of ammnunition. No team was going to take two fourth round picks for a late second or early third. The depth just wasn't there in this draft class. However, with Youngblood still on the board, the team decided to take a shot. They contacted Kansas City Chiefs General Manager Dave Bauer. With three picks in the top 12 and an already difficult cap situation, the team felt it was possible they'd be willing to move the pick.

And they were right. After originally wanting a defensive tackle, the Chiefs settled on Leroy Harris. They were going to draft a center with the pick anyways, and because the Dolphins had three centers and had been shopping Harris. The deal made sense for both parties.

The Pick That Shakes Up the Offensive Line

In the end, the Dolphins were able to draft Youngblood who they had debated about taking instead of Kelly with the 2.21 pick they acquired earlier in the round from Dallas. They were high on Youngblood because he had good speed, great ability, and very good acceleration. The team would like him to hit the weight room a bit more, however, and see if he can increase his strength before the season. He is pretty polished for a rookie and it gives the team flexibility.

The 'Phins had the choice to sit Youngblood for the year and let him learn from the sidelines. They also had the choice of starting him at left tackle and moving Vernon Carey to another place on the line. The most likely place would be RG due to Jeno James' age. Barton was brought in by the current regime and Grubbs was moved to RT. Sullivan did very well as a rookie so the only other place would be RG. The team ultimately decided on doing this and solidified their offensive line for years as the ages on the line are 22, 22, 24, 25, and 28.

The Tail End of the Draft

Miami sitting pretty after their four picks in the first two rounds. Their remaining picks will likely be very weak players. They may decide to sign them as cheap depth or not sign them at all. However it works out, it's pretty certain they won't be starting in the RZL at any point in their careers.

The entire Miami Dolphins team reported for camp. Even the unsigned rookies showed up after they were guaranteed a deal would be done shortly after. While most of the players spent time working on several areas of their game, others focused on one aspect the team felt they needed the most improvement in. Those players worked extremely hard and were able to make improvements in these areas.

¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!

There were three members of the Miami Dolphins team that focused strictly on speed. Two happened to be rookies from this past draft and taken in the first two rounds. The other is a newly acquired receiver from Arizona, Mr. Larry Fitzgerald.

The Dolphins first pick, outside linebacker Sean Lee, worked strictly on his speed. Everyday Lee met with the strength and conditioning coaches and ran several drills. "All he did was run," said Deion Sanders, the Dolphins conditioning coach. "We weren't focused on 40 times or straight line speed like the combine does. We wanted football speed. And we worked him all through camp and he busted his tail and improved a lot." He ran with a parachute attached to his back for resistance. On top of that he did a lot of short, repetitive sprints. By the end of camp, the coaches noticed a difference. He was clearly faster than when he started and you could tell the impact it made when he participated in team drills.

Second round rookie receiver Malcom Kelly teamed up with Larry Fitzgerald to focus on their speed, with Kelly also focusing on his acceleration. Working with Sanders, Kelly and Fitz took turns running route after route. They weren't worried about the crispness of the routes. They were more concerned about breaking in and out of the routes. He spent a lot of time working with their balance as well. Kelly is 6'4" and Fitz is 6'3". With receivers as big as them, size can work against them. They worked on the receivers cuts going into and coming out of routes and made sure they kept their weight where it needed to be.

Fitzgerald did more repetitions of those drills while Kelly moved on to working on his acceleration. Teammate Karl Paymah came and joined Kelly to work on his acceleration. They did a lot of short sprints. "We had them run five to seven yards over and over," Sanders said. "We wanted to work on their jump start and there was no need to run them long distances. After we saw improvements we brought Larry back into the mix and had Paymah continue to work on the sprints. We had Fitz and Kelly do a lot of long distance running. We wanted to work on their breakaway speed. A receiver who makes the catch and has the ability to blow by the defensive backs is a very dangerous receiver. Both guys worked very hard on this, trying to elevate their game. They are both very dedicated young men and never gave up. I think when camp breaks you're going to see a new Malcom Kelly and an improved Larry Fitzgerald and Karl Paymah."

2009 Outlook

Finishing Old Business

After the first three rounds of the draft were completed, Mr. Herr finally showed up in the Cardinals war room. After the team made up the three missed picks, talks resumed. While the draft picks and the Cardinals' interest in Dixon were an afterthought, we still had the pieces to get a deal done. Herr felt the team needed a running back and wanted to trade Larry Fitzgerald, Tony Hunt and a draft pick of some sort for an upgrade at running back and a lesser receiver.

While the team really wanted Fitzgerald, they weren't sure if it was worth losing Ronnie Brown. After all, he was the 2006 RZL MVP just two seasons ago. However, after taking a look at Tony Hunt, their worries of a weaker running game were soon settled. Hunt, while not being that fast, is a powerful runner with good acceleration and tackle breaking ability. He is most comparable to Steven Jackson with his speed, acceleration and tackle breaking skills. He is also very affordable and four years younger. To trade Ronnie Brown and a receiver for Larry Fitzgerald, a younger version of Steven Jackson, as well as a draft pick made the Dolphins' mouth water.

Until they knew what receiver the Cardinals wanted. They were interested in Demetrius Williams, whom they acquired last season. They didn't play Williams very much as his contract was expiring and they were trying to keep his stats down so they would be able to resign him, without realizing he was a Restricted Free Agent. When you compare his skills, he's very similar to Javon Walker and he put up over 2,400 yards and 20 touchdowns over the past two seasons. However, Williams is 26 and is still fairly raw.

The draft pick ended up being a 2nd round pick. It helps take away from the loss of Brown and Williams. On top of that it helps settle the salary difference as the Dolphins are going to end up gaining salary in this deal due to the heftiness of both Hunt and Fitzgerald. However, Hunt is very affordable for the level of running back the Dolphins think he can be. And he is signed long term as well. He didn't average four yards per carry for them, but the team feels he will be able to do so with a better offensive line in Miami.

Solidified Offensive Line?

We mentioned earlier how the offensive line would be solidified for years with the average age of the five projected starters being 24 years of age. However, that offensive line that was supposed to be together for years was once again changed. With Carey moving to RG it left star RG Jeno James without a starting job. Knowing that he would want to start somewhere and knowing that his cap figure is too much for a backup, the Dolphins shopped him and were able to trade him very quickly. There were a few bites for James when the team alerted the other 31 teams of the RZL of his availability. It wasn't until he was officially on the block until a deal was struck. Within minutes they received the second round compensation they were looking for and the deal was done. James was packing his bags for Houston.

But James isn't the shakeup we are talking about. It's Sullivan's departure that threw many for a loop. Coming off a good rookie campaign in which he improved throughout the season and over the course of the off-season, it wasn't expected to see Sullivan's name come up in trade talks. However, with the team desperate for a left outside linebacker, they had to make the move. Sullivan is going to ride to Texas with James, only his trip doesn't end in Houston. He's headed to Dallas. The Dolphins are shipping Sullivan along with a third round pick in 2010 for middle linebacker Akin Ayodele, who the team is going to start at the left side.

While Sullivan is only 22 years old, the Dolphins are confident their offensive line will be fine. When they traded Alex Smith last season they were able to obtain Samson Satele in the deal. They hung onto him despite interest from other teams and it paid off as he will now step into the starting role. He is quite young as well at only 24 years of age. Both are the same speed while Sullivan is much more agile and accels much quicker. While Satele doesn't quite have the skills that Sullivan does, he still has good agility and acceleration. And he makes up for it with his additional strength as he is quite stronger than Sullivan.

The move slightly weakens the offensive line at the center position while giving them a top linebacker to strengthen their defense. They have been focused on offense all offseason and it was time for them to upgrade their defense. While Satele is considered a downgrade, he shouldn't cost the team in the running game or in the protection schemes. Like always, the team is hunting for raw, athletic offensive lineman. Due to this trade, the Dolphins reportedly have cut off negotiations with free agent Darryl Blackstock, formerly of the Arizona Cardinals. The Dolphins were rumored to have offered Blackstock a very large contract due to their desperate need for a starting linebacker. With Ayodele coming to Miami, they no longer need Blackstock and it will save the team an estimated $5 million.

Swinging for the Fences

The Dolphins were very quiet early on in free agency. The only thing they did was retain Karl Paymah, Andre Davis, Channing Crowder, and Jake Delhomme. They did not bring in any free agents other than the four of their own who had expiring contracts. After the draft, however, they took to a much different approach. The Dolphins made a huge splash in the later parts of free agency. They signed two young lineman in Adam Kraus and Reggie Powell, who the team was especially high on. Kraus and Powell are both expected to be backups, hoping they can develop to the point where they can start at some point.

The big signings made by the Dolphins were Gerard Warren and Stanley Wilson. The team was hoping Andre Fluellen would increase his strength this offseason, but it doesn't look like he will. After bringing in two outside linebackers, they felt like the line needed to be stronger to give the linebackers more room to make plays. Being the most attractive defensive tackle in free agency the Dolphins knew they would have to throw big money at Warren to get him to sign.

And that is exactly what they did. They offered him a one year, $8.25 million dollar contract. Warren knows he will most likely be hitting the free agent market after this season. He signed an unusual contract with no guaranteed money as he is not receiving a signing bonus. However, he is not worried about that considering the defensive tackle situation the team is currently in with only two others at the position, one of which is weak. They were able to give him such a large contract due to their cap room and knowing that money will be available next year.

The other signing was Stanley Wilson. Will Allen will be a free agent after this season but the team is expecting to resign him for another two years as they feel he can still be a number one cornerback for at least that amount of time. Karl Paymah was in the number two spot last season after the team traded a second round pick for him during the middle of the season. But he will most likely be pushed to the nickel with the addition of Wilson. While they didn't really need someone of Wilson's caliber, the Dolphins felt that the cornerback position was one of the most important and that having three very good guys at the position would be great.

However, what it took to bring in Wilson was not a small figure. The Dolphins signed him to a three year, $18.9 million deal. With this large and somewhat unnecessary luxury the team will still be in good shape after they restructure the contract of Larry Fitzgerald and trade Jeno James. Warren's contract will also be expiring as well as about $4 million in other expiring contracts from players the team does not expect to resign. Number 21 pass defense next year? I don't think so.

The Offensive Trenches

LT Reggie Youngblood: The team didn't expect to be starting any rookies but this kid has a lot of promise.

LG Kirt Barton: The Dolphins traded for the struggling RT because they're going to start him on the left slide and let him develop.

C Samson Satele: 24 years old and while he isn't as good as Sullivan, he will fill in and do very well without downgrading the line.

RG Vernon Carey: He moves from RT to RG to tag-team with Grubbs to anchor a great right side.

RT Ben Grubbs: He was LG and with his increased smarts, moved him to RT to take advantage of his stronger AGI and ACC.

The Backfield

QB Jake Delhomme: Sacked twice a game for the Dolphins last year, the OL is improved and we brought in Kelly & Fitzgerald for him.

HB Tony Hunt: He's no Ronnie Brown, but he's a younger version of Steven Jackson. Take a look and compare the two, you'll be surprised.

FB Michael Robinson: Traded rookie Hester to start him last year. Was on pace to be tied #1 in pancakes.

The Aerial Threats

WR Larry Fitzgerald: He has posted 82 receptions two years in a row and had an MVP-type season. What's not to love?

WR Malcolm Kelly: Coming out of camp faster with better acceleration, the big man will be a big target for Delhomme.

WR Darrius Watts: 3 of his 5 games for us were great and was on pace for over 1,600 yards... and 22 drops.

WR Andre Davis: Resigned to a 1 year deal. Had three great games last year but disappeared in the other four.

TE L.J. Smith: Had a Pro Bowl year and comes back in the same form giving Delhomme a great target.

The Defensive Trenches

LE Napoleon Harris: He didn't get into a rhythm at DE last year. The team is hoping he can work through that this year.

DT Gerard Warren: Signed a huge one year contract to plug up holes and give the linebackers some space to make plays.

DT Ola Dagunduro: He didn't accomplish much either after he was traded from San Diego. Can't see the problem.

RE Victor Abiamiri: Started last year for the first time in his second year. Had a solid campaign and hoping he can build on that.

The Backers

LOLB Akin Ayodele: He is a great linebacker and was worth the team trading John Sullivan and a 3rd for him to start on the left side.

MLB Channing Crowder: He did great once he moved to the inside. Will turn some heads with a full year at the spot this year.

ROLB Sean Lee: Will start off on the right side, may move to the left if we don't find a good starter over there.

The Secondary

CB Will Allen: He's 31 and hasn't slowed down yet. Still our #1 for another two seasons.

CB Stanley Wilson: Didn't have a real need for a starting CB but having three good starters is great to have.

CB Karl Paymah: He did well for us as a #2 and now he's moving to nickel back, try passing on us, bitch.

FS Michael Griffin: He has great size and speed for a free safety, and he has some strength too. He'll be here forever.

SS Josh Pinkard: Traded for him last year and only started two games. We think he'll be a stud over time.

Viva Miami!

And if we don't win... at least we'll have something to stare at.

Or maybe they'll distract us?

We'll see.

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Ronnie Brown is Down
MIAMI (AP) - The Dolphins finally snapped their three game losing streak. In the end it cost them the health of their franchise running back Ronnie Brown. Brown was running up the middle when New York Jets middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma laid a crushing hit on Brown, breaking his jaw in two places.

Brown finished the day with 52 yards on 17 carries. He set a new low in his RZL career in carries, yards, touchdowns and a new high in fumbles. Brown finished the season with 1149 yards and only 4 touchdowns. He scored a total of 23 rushing touchdowns in his two previous seasons.

Sophomore Dwayne Wright came in to replace Brown and put in a much better performance. Wright ran 21 times for 134 yards and a touchdown. He has been surprisingly productive all season averaging nearly 5 yards per carry on 113 carries. He also has 6 touchdowns and fumbled for the first time this week.

Despite Wright's success, the Dolphins have brought in free agent Thomas Jones for a physical. Jones rushed for 2699 yards and 23 touchdowns for Indianapolis in 2006 and 2007. However, he was released by the team in the off-season and no other teams have been interested in his services. With Brown out, the Dolphins are more than likely going to offer Jones a contract.

It is uncertain if Miami will be counting on Jones to be the primary running back or if they will give Wright a chance to showcase what he can do. While Wright has been productive, many feel that he is better suited as a backup and change of pace running back. It is expected for the Dolphins to hold a press conference announcing the signing of Jones and more information will likely be released at that time.
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MIAMI (AP) - Just a day after our last article "The Red Streak," GM Tom Collins is making fans cringe again. It was leaked today that Collins went on a scouting trip this week to the University of Southern California. How this affects the Dolphins? Collins forgot his laptop cord and cell phone, leaving him out of contact for the duration of his trip.

Collins usually provides analysis to the coaches for each upcoming game. This week, however, he will be unable to do so due to his thoughtlessness. He will not be able to contribute to the team's gameplan and starting lineup tweaks this week. The coaching staff usually relies on Collins' input each week.

It looks as though this week they will be taking a stab in the dark against division foe New York. They will have to come up with their own gameplan without any suggestions from Collins and will have to do their best to take advantage of the Jets strengths and weaknesses. That might not be a bad thing after all. It's not like the team is on a winning streak with Collins at the helm.


First day back to college. Left my power cord to my desktop at home and my copy of Madden is in my computer. No gameplanning this week. Good luck Spencer Mad
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The Red Streak
MIAMI (AP) - Since GM Tom Collins came, there has been a lot of shuffling around within the organization. Star players Chris Chambers, Jason Taylor, and Alex Smith were traded. Several players were moved in and out via trades. Others were also given their release while some were signed and brought in.

But for what? Since the team's shootout with the Patriots, the Dolphins have been on a three game skid. Many felt the team improved during the deadline. However it has no helped them in the win column. Since the Patriots game, the fish have lost to the Cardinals, Bills, and Raiders. With a tough matchup against the Jets this week and the Chargers in week 17, they could end the season losing six straight.

And that has to worry some fans in Miami. The team was still in playoff contention when Collins took over. And now they're 1-3 since. With Collins' history with the Minnesota Vikings franchise it makes many wonder if this is just part two of the tirade. However, Collins still defends the moves and thinks this team is headed in the right direction.

"I understand the criticism after our recent losing streak," Collins said. "We were outplayed by the Cardinals. They were a bigger, better team than us. The score didn't indicate how close the game really was, but it doesn't matter because they beat us. However, our past two games is a different story. We had the Buffalo Bills beat up until the final seconds of the game. Jake Plummer throws an 80 yard bomb and wins the game for them."

"There isn't much I can do about that from my office. I feel I put them in the best position to win, and they were winning until that one final play. I'm not going to get into how the defensive assignments should have been called. I'll leave that up to our coaches to deal with. They know my opinion on it as I believe that is why we lost that game. This week we faced another tough loss. We lost by a single point against the Raiders. It could have gone either way but it fell in their favor."

"One less mistake and the game is ours. It's done and over with at this point and all we can do is move on and keep doing our best. Are these losses a result of our moves? I don't think so. I think we have acquired some very good talent and put this franchise in the right direction. We wouldn't have made it very far if we did make it. I'm not saying I don't believe in our players to get the job done. I just don't think we're at as high a level as some of the other teams in this conference."

"Things will be looking much brighter this off-season. We have a boat load of picks and young talent on this team. We should have all our holes plugged with very good players and looking at contending in the AFC East next year. Just remember, one bomb and one point is why we're 5-8 and not 7-6. Things will turn around. I bet my job on it."
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Rate the Dolphins Trade Deadline Moves


  • QB Jake Delhomme: He's 33 and due to be a free agent. However, he's going to give us a very strong finish to the season. He also could be retained depending how free agency plays out. If we can get him at a decent price, we will bring him back next year. We are most likely going to draft a QB at some point next year. He has at least another season left in him, possibly two. He's got great AWR, good enough THP and very good THA.

  • WR Darrius Watts: Due to not being a big named WR he is pretty cheap. He is 6'2" with good speed, agility, acceleration, catching ability, and leaping ability. At only 26 he still has alot of time left in his career and will most certainly make an impact for this team. He has a nice, cheap, long term contract and with Andre Davis and Demetrius Williams, will provide this team with a good passing attack.

  • C Samson Satele: Satele is more of an under-the-radar type of player. This is his second season in the league and only 23 years old. He was a former 4th round pick but we think he could outplay his draft position. He has good speed, agility and acceleration. His blocking abilities are also good and he isn't terribly weak. He will improve again this off-season and might find his way into the starting lineup as the team undergoes a mixup on the line next year. At the very least he provides excellent depth.

  • RT Ryan Cook: Cook was acquired for the same reason as Satale. He gives the team excellent depth at the very least and could possibly step into the starting role. His strength is a concern and would be better suited at Center. With Sullivan at the position already, he could be given a chance on the left side of the line. Regardless, he provides the team with an excellent, young backup.

  • DT Ola Dagunduro: Ola is a big DT at 6'2", 300lbs. He has good strength, acceleration, and very good speed. He is a second year player and steps into the starting role immediately over Alvin McKinley. He will team with Andre Fluellen to give the team two strong, quick DTs to disrupt both the running and passing game.

  • LOLB Napoleon Harris: Harris is expected to be moved to LE to replace Jason Taylor. With his speed, strength, and acceleration he will provide the team with a better pass rusher than they had with Taylor. He isn't as smart, but he is more physically gifted compared to this stage of Taylor's career. He is 29 so he isn't a long term replacement, but he is cheap and will give us a few good years.

  • CB DeJuan Groce: CB Travis Daniels was going to be lost to free agency. We were able to trade him to get two players we wanted and Groce to replace him. Groce is 28 years old and has 3 years left on his contract after this season at a decent salary. For a nickel back, he has good speed, agility, and acceleration. He isn't great, but will be fine as the team's #3 CB.

  • SS Josh Pinkard: Pinkard will be stepping into the starting role at SS immediately. We weren't happy with Hall or Reid. Hill is too slow and 29 years old. Reid is younger and somewhat similar to Pinkard but is 6 years older. By the team he developed, he would be regressing or retiring. Pinkard gives this team a young player who will develop into a great safety and be able to play at that level for quite some time afterwards.

  • Browns 1st Round Pick
  • Chargers 2nd Round Pick
  • Browns 3rd Round Pick
  • Browns 4th Round Pick
  • Steelers 4th Round Pick


  • QB Alex Smith: I couldn't take it anymore. So many times he would just pull the ball down and run with it without looking down field. And everytime he ran he refused to slide or dive. So many gameplans watching him do this over and over finally got to me. Lost several fumbles, and was one hit away from a serious injury. He also had too weak of an arm to take advantage of the fast receivers we have.

  • FB Jacob Hester: He is a rookie and having a great year. He leads all FBs with 60 pancakes and 0 sacks allowed. But still, we felt Michael Robinson would do better. He is better suited as an all around FB for us. He is faster with better agility, acceleration, tackle breaking ability, leaping ability, and carrying ability. He would run the ball better for us, get open on pass routes more frequently and have a better chance of bringing down the pass. He also would be able to get to the outside on toss and sweep plays much faster hopefully giving Ronnie Brown a better opportunity to get positive yardage on those type of plays.

  • WR Arnaz Battle: We had no use for Battle before we acquired WRs we liked. Afterwards he was even lower on the depth chart. To put it this way, he was behind Andre Davis, Darrius Watts, Demetrius Williams, Kelley Washington, Az Hakim, Ronnie Brown, and LJ Smith. He offered us nothing and was a throw in to complete the trade with Minnesota.

  • WR Chris Chambers: Chambers is 30 years old and will be on the downside of his career very soon. If we waited much longer, his value would drop even more than it already had. Not many teams are willing to touch a 30 year old WR. We only received interest from 1 team and sent him packing. With Watts, D.Williams, A.Davis at WR, we are very confident our passing game will be as strong without Chambers. It opens up the opportunity for younger guys to get playing time and helps us out as we received our new #1 DT Ola Dagunduro and two draft picks, one of which acquired Jake Delhomme.

  • LE Jason Taylor: Taylor is 33 years old and on the downside of his career. He was losing his strength and his acceleration wasn't what it used to be. On top of that he was commanding a hefty salary. So by trading him, we save over $10M in cap space next year. With the cap penalty added in, we save over $7M in space next year. And by trading Taylor, we received Harris who is expected to disrupt the QB more efficiently than Taylor has and also received a draft pick. We cut salary, received a better replacement (in our eyes), as well as a draft pick. Can't go wrong with that.

  • CB Travis Daniels: Daniels is due to be a FA. He isn't that quick, although for a nickel back he isn't that bad. However, we would either lose him for nothing in free agency since the market for CBs is pretty high. Or we could trade him and get something out of it. So we traded him and got a WR and OL we liked as well as a replacement CB. Cannot argue with that.

  • Packers 3rd Round Pick
  • Dolphins 7th Round Pick

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As Trade Deadline Looms, Dolphins Make Two More Deals
MIAMI (AP) - With the trade deadline growing closer and closer, the Dolphins were able to complete two more deals. Miami completed a deal they had in the works with Kansas City for a few days. With Chiefs GM David Bauer out of the office for the weekend, the trade was put on hold until today. The other trade wasn't expected. Dolphins GM Tom Collins checked his cell phone to receive a text message from Titans GM Nic St. Marie. After looking things over, Collins made the move.

Miami's trade with Kansas City was a rather small move. Third round rookie FB Jacob Hester has been traded in exchange for fifth round rookie SS Josh Pinkard. Hester is leading the league in pancakes this year and has not allowed a sack all season. The move comes after Miami signed RB Michael Robinson and moved him to FB. Robinson is only 25 and has at least 6 years left in him for the Dolphins. On top of that, he has better speed, agility, acceleration, carrying ability, tackle breaking ability and leaping ability. The Dolphins believe he will be a bigger threat when running the ball as well as catching the ball out of the backfield. With his speed, the team is hopeful he will be able to get outside faster on toss and sweep plays, turning the usual negative yardage into some sort of positive gain.

Since Miami is going with Robinson at FB, Hester became expendable. To their surprise, several teams had expressed their interest in him. However, very few were willing to move a safety the Dolphins had interest in. The lone exception was the Chiefs who were willing to cough up SS Josh Pinkard for Hester. Pinkard is exactly what the Dolphins were looking for in a SS. Having been a 5th round rookie, he is obviously raw and has some things to work on. The Dolphins are confident, however, that he can become a very good player for them if given time. He has good speed, agility, acceleration and size.

The Dolphins final trade with Tennessee included defensive star Jason Taylor. The team sent Taylor to the Titans in exchange for the Steelers 4th round draft pick and LOLB Napoleon Harris. Taylor has shown that he is slowing down as his strength and acceleration have worsened. At 33, nobody is really sure how much longer he will stay in the game. This could be his last season, he could give it one more shot. What the Dolphins do know is that Taylor is making $8M this year and around $10.5M next season.

Harris is expected to take over for Taylor at LE. It gives them a cheap option for at least a couple of seasons. He is 29 years old now, 4 years younger than Taylor, and should play at a high level for at least another two seasons, maybe even three. The team has two 1st round draft picks in next year's draft and have been considering drafting a defensive end, but this trade may allow them to concentrate on other areas of need. Harris is as fast as Taylor but is also stronger with better agility and acceleration. He doesn't have the football smarts that Taylor does, but Miami feels he will do as well or better than Taylor for the remainder of this year and in future years.

The two final trades helped Miami out alot in the eyes of Collins. "In trading Hester, we were able to trade someone who was relegated to a backup role," Collins said. "And in doing so, we improved ourselves at a position we were concerned about. Pinkard will immediately step in as our starting strong safety. While he is a 5th round rookie, he is still better than what we have and we have high hopes for him as a player for this organization. As for trading Taylor, it was a business move."

"Taylor will be loved by this team and this community, but we couldn't afford to keep him anymore. He was drawing in a very high salary and at the downside of his career. Earlier in the season we told him we couldn't employ his services beyond this season. When the Titans sent us that offer, we couldn't refuse it and had to part ways with him sooner than expected. We cut alot of salary, received a mid round draft pick, and get a player who can start at the position for us for at least a couple of seasons. Overall we are very happy with these two trades and all previous trades we made this week."
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Dolphins Deadline Deals
MIAMI (AP) - The Miami Dolphins have been busier than ever at the trade deadline this year. With four different confirmed deals having been made, and possibly a fifth.

Trade#1: Miami trades CB Travis Daniels and WR Arnaz Battle to Minnesota for CB DeJuan Groce, WR Darrius Watts, RT Ryan Cook.

Analysis: Daniels was due to become a free agent this off-season. And with the team already trading their 2nd round pick to acquire Karl Paymah, they have made it pretty clear they will be resigning him this off-season. That means Daniels will most likely be gone as teams tend to pay big bucks for CBs. Miami received Groce as a replacement Nickelback along with a WR they coveted in Watts and a young OL in Cook. Watts will most likely step into the starting role and had been a favorite of Collins' dating back to his days in Minnesota. He is also signed to a long term, cheap contract which alleviates many concerns the Dolphins have each season about who to keep.


Trade #2:
Miami trades WR Chris Chambers to San Diego for DT Ola Dagunduro, Chargers 2nd Round Pick, Packers 3rd Round Pick.

Analysis: After Miami signed Andre Davis, traded for Demetrius Williams, and traded for Darrius Watts, Chris Chambers became expendable. He is still a great talent, but at age 30, his level of production is sure to drop in the next year or two. Miami felt that his trade value was at it's peak and with his salary taken into consideration, it was time to move him while they still could. There weren't many teams interested in Chambers, and Miami is happy to get a good, young starting caliber DT along with two first day picks for him.


Trade #3: Miami trades QB Alex Smith, Dolphins 7th Round Pick to Cleveland for Browns 1st Round Pick, Browns 3rd Round Pick, Browns 4th Round Pick, C Samson Satele.

Analysis: Alex Smith has been the front of negotiations in Miami for weeks now. Finally a trade has been agreed to and sent to the Commisioner's office today. Smith was sought after by several teams. Some teams offering up a top 10 1st Round Pick plus more. But it wasn't all about a top 10 pick. Miami has several holes they need to address next year. And this deal gave them three draft choices along with a young OL signed to a long term deal. The fans in Miami may riot after Collins traded away their franchise QB. He is top 10 in every important stat including completion percentage, yards, TDs, and QB rating. The price was hefty, but many teams were willing to pay it. The stats don't lie.


Trade #4: Miami trades Packers 3rd Round Pick to Washington for QB Jake Delhomme

Analysis: After trading away their best QB, Miami followed up the trade with Cleveland by trading the 3rd Round Pick they received from San Diego in exchange for Jake Delhomme. The team still can be competitive this year and Delhomme has been having a good season when healthy. However, at 33 years old and due to be a free agent, his trade value isn't that high. The Dolphins took a chance on him to finish the season for them and hopefully give them another year next year. It may be tough to retain him after he hits the free agent market. The team still has use of their franchise tag and will consider using it if they feel they are in a good financial situation. Look for Miami to trade a QB to take over for Delhomme after this year or in 2010.
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Week 12: Arizona at Miami preview
MIAMI (AP) - The 6-4 Arizona Cardinals will be visiting the 5-5 Miami Dolphins this week. Both teams are coming off from good wins as the Cardinals beat the Redskins this past week and Miami won a shootout against division rival New England.

This will be a very difficult matchup for the Dolphins. They are not as good as Arizona on paper and have not played as well either. Despite a 6-4 record, Arizona has a very good team. Only two other teams in the league have allowed fewer points per game than they have. And only three other teams have allowed fewer yards per game than Arizona. They are very good at shutting down the pass and forcing teams to run.

Miami showed last week against the Patriots that they can pass the ball effecitvely. Alex Smith only threw 17 passes, completing 13 of them for 360 yards and 4 TDs. He threw a TD almost 25% of the time and averaged over 20 yards per attempt. They have been primarily a running team but with the changes in the front office it seems as though they have changed their focus. However, up against one of the best pass defenses in the league it is unlikely they will air it out like they did last week.

The best chances for the Dolphins to succeed on offense is to run the ball. With Ronnie Brown leading the way the team should be able to grind it out all game long against the #15 rush defense. The Cardinals have proven they can shut down the pass all season long. Not many teams have been able to throw with effectiveness against them. Despite last week's performance, the Dolphins don't feel like they have the personnel to try to beat Arizona through the air. It will be up to #23 to keep the offense moving throughout the game.

"We know what their strengths and weaknesses are," GM Tom Collins said. "We aren't going to not throw because we're afraid of turning the ball over. They are second to last in turnovers right now. The reason we're going to stick to the run game is simple. We have an excellent running back who we feel hasn't been used properly this season. The team was running an offense that didn't take advantage of what he does best. Last week was only his third 100 yard rushing game this season."

"When you have a back like Ronnie Brown, you have to use him. It's very difficult for the defense to stop a big, physical runner like Brown. He's a bruiser, but he's also fast and can take one the distance at any time. He's not a one dimensional runner and that's what is going to make it so difficult for Arizona. They have been average in stopping the run. Brown is our best weapon offensively. It's all about exploiting weaknesses and throwing on them would be doing them a favor as they can shut entire passing games down."

"There have been reports of the Cardinals switching things up so we don't expect what they're going to do this week. I hope they watched the film from our game last week against New England. I hope they spent alot of time studying our team and preparing for us this week. Because their defense will be geared to stop our passing attack, and we'll be running it down their throats while they're wondering what the hell happened."


Miami pass offense: 17th
Miami run offense: 7th

Arizona pass defense: 6th
Arizona run defense: 15th
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TE Carousel in Miami
MIAMI (AP) - Two players who have been with the team since the 2006 season have been released. Tight ends Justin Peelle and Erron Kinney were notified of the team's decision earlier this week. The two were replaced by Jeff King and Zach Hilton. It was a surprise move by Dolphins General Manager Tom Collins as second and third string tight ends are not considered a priority.

However, Collins felt that Miami would be more effective in goal line situations and on special teams with King and Hilton than they would be with Kinney and Peelle. Kinney was one of the slowest tight ends in the league and is better off served as a blocking end. However, Miami has plans to use their ends in short yardage situations not only to block, but because they are big targets for quarterback Alex Smith to target.

That is also why Peelle was released. He had a big frame at 6'4", but he was slower than the ideal speed set by Collins and his leaping ability was basically non-existent. The ideal type of tight ends Collins wanted in this new scheme are guys who are quick on their feet, with good strength, height, and leaping ability. With over twenty tight ends available in free agency, some may wonder why King and Hilton were the two that were signed.

"We liked different things about each player," Collins said. "With Hilton the first thing we noticed was his size. He stands at 6'8" and only one other tight end in the league is as tall as him. His leaping ability isn't that great, but with his size he is a target that can't be missed. He also has pretty decent speed and enough strength to meet our expectations."

"As for King, it wasn't his size that caught our eye but his leaping ability. We're not saying he's short, he's 6'5", but he has excellent leaping ability for his size and a definite threat in short yardage and goal line situations. One guy is huge with decent leaping ability, the other has a great combination of size and leaping ability. We get a little bit of both and hopefully both will be productive when called upon offensively and on the special teams unit."
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Re-evaluation of Players Gets Mixed Reviews From Scouts

QB Alex Smith: +1 AWR, +1 THA
LG Ben Grubbs: +2 AWR, +1 STA
LG Junius Coston: +2 AWR, +1 PBK, +1 RBK, +1 STA
C John Sullivan: +2 AWR, +1 STA
RT Chris White: +2 AWR, +1 PBK, +1 RBK
WR Andre Davis: +2 AWR, +1 CTH
LE Jason Taylor: +1 TAK
CB Travis Daniels: +2 AWR, +1 CTH, +1 TAK, +1 STA
SS Renaldo Hill: +2 AWR, +1 STA


Coston, White, and Davis are big surprises for us. All three were signed this week and the staff still gave them a better rating than they did last week. And after Andre Davis' spectacular performance in his first start of the season, he was given a very nice boast. Travis Daniels was involved in some trade talks this week but they had broken off. Viewing the scouting department's report on him is reassuring and we're glad we hung onto the kid. The report on Alex Smith was expected after last week's game against the Patriots. All in all we are quite satisfied with who our scouts feel are better than previously evaluated.


LE Matt Roth: -1 AWR, -1 TAK
DT Alvin McKinley: -1 AWR, -1 TAK, -1 STA
DT Andre Fluellen: -1 AWR, -1 TAK, -1 STA
ROLB Keith Adams: -1 AWR, -1 TAK, -1 STA
MLB Channing Crowder: -1 AWR, -1 TAK
LOLB Jamar Williams: -1 AWR, -1 TAK, -1 STA
CB Andre Goodman: -2 AWR, -1 STA
FS Michael Griffin: -2 AWR, -1 STA


There is no good without bad. That's what we discovered after reading over the Scouting Department's notes. The defense was hit with several negative grades and not a single offensive player was rated lower. They felt that newly signed Alvin McKinley and Jamar Williams were worse than what they told us last week. It comes as a shock as neither started this week and I'm not sure how they could have changed their minds so quickly. Crowder, Griffin, Adams, and Fluellen are the starters in this group. Each negative report is a blow to an already below average defense. I'm not sure I agree with Fluellen's or Crowder's assessment as Fluellen just moved into the #2 DT role this week and Crowder just moved from LOLB to MLB. Neither have had enough game time experience to be positive of these reports.
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Retirement or Free Agency?
That is what Jason Taylor is asking himself once the season is over. The Dolphins have made it clear that they are ready to move on without Taylor and think that Taylor should move on as well. The team reportedly would prefer Taylor to retire a Dolphin, but would understand if he wants to play another year somewhere else.

"This is Taylor's 12th season of his career. He has accomplished a lot in that time and should be as proud of himself as this entire organization is of him," said GM Tom Collins. "But unfortunately, it's time to move on. We have to start preparing for the future and Jason's body will not hold up forever. He is a tremendous player and a great person, but we just can't fit him into our plans."

"I hope he retires a Dolphin. He has been with this team since he was drafted in 1997 and I would hate to see him play elsewhere because of the direction our team is headed in. I would love for him to start for us next year, but we have to start preparing for the future. The cap constraints and the short term production are just too much for us to bare. I wish him the best of luck after this season and he will be sorely missed as a player, teammate, and member of the Miami community."
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Dolphins beat Patriots 49-44 to end 3 game skid
MIAMI (AP) - The Dolphins headed into Gillette Stadium knowing that they needed a win this week. And despite the ugly finish, they came away with exactly that.

The night before the game they watched the Jets taken down the Raiders. A fourth straight loss would have put them two games back in the division and their playoff hopes would have been dwindling away. And shootouts like this game, well, you never know who is going to come out with the win. Many times it's the team who scores last, in this case, it wasn't.

The Patriots were the first to draw blood as they scored in a little over 2 minutes. On the next series Miami ran 6 plays and that is all it took for them to find the endzone. Brown ran 3 times for 18 yards and Andre Davis pulled in 2 catches for a 19 yards each. Davis, who was signed just this week by Miami, recorded 8 catches for 196 yards and a TD.

On the next series New England drove right back down the field again for another touchdown. After the return by Miami, Alex Smith hooked up with Chris Chambers for a 70 yard TD on the first play, tying it once again. As you can imagine by the score, it went back and forth pretty much all game with very little defense in this match up.

Things started to get interesting right before halftime. The Dolphins had just scored with 9 seconds left on the clock. They then got the ball in the second half and scored quickly for another TD. The Patriots answered back with a TD of their own on a 60 yard TD strike to Laurence Maroney.

After the Dolphins punted on their next drive, Charlie Frye threw an interception that changed the game. The Patriots had an opportunity to take the lead again but turned the ball over, giving the Dolphins possession at their own 46 yard line. The 'Phins drove down the field and scored another TD, putting them up by 11.

The Patriots next drive resulted in a punt. The Dolphins took advantage yet again and on the fourth play, Dwayne Wright busted a 49 yard TD run to put the Dolphins up 49-31. Finally New England got it back together, scoring on the 3rd play of their next possession but failed a 2 point conversion.

The Dolphins lead was down to 12 now and there was over 7 minutes left in the fourth. Miami needed to keep the clock rolling by running the ball effectively but they couldn't. After Ronnie Brown ran for 4 yards, the Dolphins surprisingly called a pass play. Alex Smith obviously didn't like the call as he pulled down the ball and ran with it after barely looking down field. The Dolphins couldn't convert and punted after three plays, giving the Patriots another chance to tie it up.

Frye drove the team down the field once again and delivered a 2 yard TD pass to put the Patriots within 5 points of Miami, a 13 point turnaround. With time remaining on the clock, the Patriots kicked off and left it up to their defense to stop Miami and get them the ball back. They were unable to do so as Miami completed 3 first downs and made it to New England's 23 yard line before kneeling on it twice to end the game.

It was without a doubt an offensive display. You can interpret offensive anyway you would like and it would be an accurate description of the game. GM Tom Collins and the coaching staff has their work cut out for them next week as they face the #10 Cardinals. Every game from this point on is a must-win due to the playoff race between the Dolphins and Jets. If Miami can't fix that defense, they'll be watching from the couch after week 17.
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Collins and Williams reunite in Miami
Upon Collins' arrival into Miami, he was met with an unexpected reunion. He bumped into Sam Williams on his way to his office. Williams and Collins both were a part of the 2006 and 2007 Minnesota Vikings. Williams had his career season under Collins in 2006.

"I was surprised to be honest," Collins said. "I didn't even realize he was on the team. And I didn't expect him to remember me. Especially with the way things worked themselves out last time. Being brought in during a bad season and let go at the start of the next one. They weren't good times, nobody wanted to think back to those two seasons."

"I kept up to date on the happenings in the league. I saw that the Vikings let Sam Williams go. However, I never saw that he signed on with Miami. I'm glad, he was one of my personal favorites on the team. He wasn't rated that highly by many in the league, but he was a very good linebacker for us. And he was very respectable and well-liked in the locker room."

"I hope he can do as well this year for us as he did in 2006. In 2006 he played right outside linebacker for us. Today, I told Head Coach Nick Saban to move him to the left side. With Keith Adams on the right side, we decided to give him a shot at the opposite side. He's a good player and I'm sure he'll do well. I don't even think he knows that he's starting for us yet. I hope he gets the memo soon though, as we have a tough matchup against the Patriots coming up this week and he needs to learn all of his assignments yesterday."
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Out With the Old
The first minute Tom Collins stepped into the General Manager's office in Miami, he had already made a few decisions to make official. While on his flight from New York to Miami, he was looking over the team's roster. Not just for lineup purposes and where the team needs help. But he was also looking at the cap figure.

The team had very little wiggle room inside the cap. It was crucial for them to find some space so that they can make the appropriate free agent signings and possible trades that Collins had been working on. While combing through the salaries, Collins noticed two things that needed to be taken care of immediately.

Not only was Vonnie Holiday starting for some god forsaken reason, but he was being paid a boatload of money. He was very weak and 32 years old, so he had no future on the team. Not only that, but there were clearly better personnel sitting behind him on the depth chart. Holiday was informed immediately to clear out his locker.

The second person released on Collins' first day was left tackle L.J. Shelton. Shelton was a backup for the team and was not getting any playing time. On top of that, he was one of the most expensive players on the team. Like Holiday, Shelton is 32 years old and clearly has no future on the team. It would be a different story if he were younger and being groomed for the position. But he was on his way towards retirement and not contributing to the overall success of this team now or in the future. As a result, he was also released.

Both players gave the team much more cap room and around $3 million in cap hits, much less than the salaries they would receive next year. With the added cap room, Miami has been able to bring in several free agents and also working on some possible trades that could not have been accomplished before.
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Is Channing Crowder up to the task?
Channing Crowder has spent the last three seasons for the Dolphins as an outside linebacker. And while many didn't question the role Crowder played for the team, new GM Tom Collins did. The left outside linebacker position, in his eyes, is responsible for two very important aspects. They are usually responsible for covering tight ends. And they are the primary pass rushing linebacker.

Crowder has the strength to match up with most tight ends. That wasn't a concern with him playing on the outside. His speed, however, was. In Collins' eyes a left outside linebacker should be faster with very good acceleration. Crowder isn't known for his quickness and, with his strength and tackling ability, is better suited as a middle linebacker.

Will he be up to the task? That's for Crowder and the rest of the Dolphins staff to figure out. Is he better suited for the middle linebacker position? Absolutely. His speed is not as important at the position as it is at outside linebacker. He also is an upgrade over last year's first round pick Jeremy Leman who is much slower with terrible agility.

Only time will tell how this move will work for Crowder and the Dolphins. It may take the rest of the season to gauge how well Crowder and the defense does with the change. But it's one worth testing out as Crowder may not have much of a future in Miami if he can't play the inside position.
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Andre Davis: Diamond in the Rough?
For weeks now Andre Davis has been searching for employment. And for weeks, nobody would give him a chance. That was until the GM change in Miami. With new GM Tom Collins running the team in Miami, Davis has found a team that will finally give him another shot.

And it makes Collins wonder why he wasn't on a team before. "At 29 years old, he still has a lot of time to make a big impact in this league," Collins said. "And we feel like he is very capable of that. And at the same time, he is a very cheap option for us and could be a good number two option for us at receiver."

"Why the other thirty one teams passed on him, I do not know. But what I do know is that we have to get him up to speed with our offense as we feel he can contribute immediately. He is 6'1" with good leaping ability, so that isn't a concern. He also has very good speed as only 18 players in the RZL are faster than him at the position. When you take into account his speed, agility, acceleration, leaping ability and height, there are only five other players in the entire league that are as good or better."

"Do I think he's a gem? You're damn right I do. Those five other players include the likes of Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, and Andre Johnson. Do I think he's that good? No. Do I think he can do an excellent job for us and give us a great complement to Chris Chambers? Yes I do. We'll see what he can get done for us this week, hopefully for our sake and his sake he makes some GMs regret not giving him an opportunity."
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From custodian to controller.
Taking over for a losing squad near the season's end, is pretty much impossible to feel like you own a francise when it isnt doing well when given to you. But Damnit! I tried! Tried to rattle the Division, offered some monetary bets, tried to create a Rocky Balboa finish to a down and out of luck team...
Well that ploy was exposed early and we were taken out of the playoff picture quickly. Confused
So, moving forward, the Dolphins should evolve quite a bit (where needed) and become the Les_Dagen team.

Doubt many of you this season has had a chance to visit our team camp this year, so let me point out a couple of possible concerns for you gents in the near future.

QB Alex Smith
1st year as a starter:
171 CMP 287 ATT 59.58 PCT 2495 YDS 8.69 YPA 16 TDS 8 INT
*And he turns 24 next season*

The Backfield:
Ronnie Brown - Last years RZL MVP. Injured in week #14, his careers totals are put on hold but will be at the top of his game starting next year.
Dwayne Wright - Rookie season and has to fill in at the end of the year for francise back Brown. Wright stepped up and avg'ed over 100 yards rushing in the last 2 games of the year.

WR Chris Chambers - Dont think I need to say much here. He is the Dolphins money guy.
TE L.J. Smith - Did not put up the numbers he was capable of this season, but I think he has the potential to revert to his game breaking habits from a season past.

The Front Line:
At 1st glance, you may look briefly and move on. I have wondered a long time about this line. It is a line that could maintain a capable front in a year or two, or with some tweaking, could also create a young fountation to make a monument of.

The Defensive Line:
This group of 4 could easily continue to be our defensive line for another 2 years. But age can arrive quickly and developement is never in time.
We have two high-draft-ranked ends to play with this year. Possibly a high priority come this draft.

The Backer Corps:
Zack Thomas will remain one of the best come the next season. Age and health are becoming a concern for the future. Some changes most likely in our near future.

The CB's:
Except for the awesome duo Allen and James, there is some developement to be had. Lots of youth. Lots of opportunity!

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The Team I Inherited
First impression on taking over the Dolphins...Well, they were a one hit wonder back in the 80's and havent tried to be a contender since. This was a thought I had moving into the management position.

I have been a Bronco fan since before the Orange Crush. Pocket QB's dont work without the premier Wide-outs. But was exciting ball.

With the arrival of Elway, we found something odd and exciting with a mobile QB. Every now and then, A back like Humphies would check in and show the usefullness of a running game with a great QB.

Humpries immediately asked for a raise...and I think he coaches high school football in Florida now.

Several years later, Davis and some tough recivers/te's led the team to the championship. Dispite some changes, the Broncos rolled into a 2nd championship. The menu for winning a SB is outlined.

The Dolphins also know the menu for a great season, but havent drafted or used free agancy to follow the plan in a very long time.

I picked up the Dolphins thinking a lot of changes will need to be made.
The plan set in place by the previous owner was not even close to one I would have implemented. But..this team has components enough to make most GM's look past a denver strategy. Brown is there and has already proven he can be a presence in the backfield. A. Smith is young but the recent #1 draft pick can only help an offense once he developes.

A lot of young players waiting to become a force and just as many capable veterans around to allow the new guys time to mature.

The past management did not assemble a team that I would have, but I can appreciate the vision he had while doing it.

I feel blessed to have my opportunity in Miami.
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Planets align for a possible Miami Rebirth
With the recent managerial changes this week in Miami, fans and media
are beginning to realize that jst a couple wins could change the Dolphin future and upgrade the leagues current opinion of the once powerful

Coming off the win against Dallas, this week will put the Pats smack dab in the middle of the Dolphins road to recovery. The chant this week is they move aside or become "road kill".

No outsiders are allowed to this weeks practices, but the coaches are letting on that starters, gameplans and gameday expectations are all going through changes.
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Miami Boss brings an Aura of Expectation
From Future Team Leader A. Smith to the the special teams player who hopes each week that he played well enough to remain on the team, everyone was aware of the new coach who watch this last game against the Cowboys from a distance in a Luxury Box. Since his hiring, there had been no time for introductions, no meetings to discuss expectations, no hint of changes to occur.

The team on edge was able to focus on this week's opponent the Cowboys and came caway with a 26 to 17 win on the road.

This coming week week of practice should tell a lot of the new coach.
Wheather it be good news or bad, the teams knows it will be change.

The only clues the support staff would give were recommendations to keep an eye on the division games this week. Winning was to become the priority until the post-season was out of reach, and if that become a reality, changes would follow.

More to follow next week.
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Cycilin Crisp of the Miami Herald Reporting.

The Dolphins sit in the 5th or 6th spot in the Play-offs due to their over-all conference record. A win and they are in, a loss and they better hope all the other teams in this race crap the bed.

Saban glowed at the press conference “I am so gosh darn proud of these guys. They find ways to win, and to give me ulcers! I apologize to all our fans that do not have nails left!”

But there is a sour note in this beautiful melody. Jason Taylor will be out for the remainder of the season, including the play-offs. One of the Dolphins top defenders, gone, and maybe for one of the most important games the Dolphins has had in a decade.

Fans are crazed, and every wagon jumper is looking for anything to jump on now. “Win or lose, the Dolphins really showed us something today, I am proud to be a Dolphin fan, even if I do live in NYC” says one rabid fan, surrounded by an angry sea of green and white in a NYC bar, “GO DOLPHINS GO DOLPHINS GO…. Errrr hehe, guys, I’m just kidding honest…”

Player of the Game was definitely Ronnie Brown who had 2 scores and 152 yards rushing. He ran a TD in early to set the tone, and shortly after Volek hit Marty Booker for a score to make it 14-0. Late in the second the Dolphins drove down the field and instead of playing it conservative and handing off to Brown and then line up for a kick, Volek went back to pass and hit Marty booker for his 2nd TD of the game. 21-0 the Dolphins went on cruise control.

Kellen Clemons had a miserable first half, but really picked it up in the 2nd half. A true sign that this kid is a player, most would have sunk and looked for an easy out. But Clemons started to get hot, and brought the Jets roaring back. Vilma was as advertised, with 11 tackles and an interception. The guy was the best defensive player on the field for either team I believe.

HE got a lot of confidence with a drive that ended in their first points, then it was like something snapped. Two consecutive drives in the 4th brought the score up to 21-17. Then Ronnie Brown took over, and just pounded and pounded and even got a little help with a 3rd and inches call. Never the less, He ripped off a 15 yard TD to put the game out of reach.

But as most Dolphins / Jets games, it’s not over, even when you think it’s over. The Jets storm back in less then a minute and score. Clemons was masterful as he hit Chris Baker on a 31 yard strike. But the onside kick was recovered by the Dolphins and Volek ran out the clock.

This game puts the Dolphins in 5th or 6th , and would play either the Steelers or Colts in the first round. The game against the Colts is just simply HUGE.

“Huge game” says Saban “HUUUUGE game.”

The loss of Jason Taylor is going to really hurt and it will be interesting to see where they go from here. Matt Roth was drafted to back up Carter, but could get moved over to fill the spot. The other possibility is to get Zgonina, the monster DT over there, that would reduce the pass rush but upgrade the run defense.

Culpepper will be back and dressed for the big game. Saban had this to say “Volek has earned his position on this team. Its not fair to have an injury set you back a notch on the starting lineup, but it also is not fair to every other player on this team to just change something that has worked so well the past 6 weeks.”

Win or lose the Dolphins has given their fans something cheer about. It will now be a year to remember, and not forget.

OFF - Ronnie Brown was the Player of the Game with 157 yards rushing and 2 TD’s. He also toughed out some yards to help end the game.
DEF- Keith Adams had a wonderful game with 8 tackles and a forced fumble which resulted in a turnover. He has slowly been picking up his game since midseason.

OFF - Its odd how Vernon Carey always seems to get the honor of being the dingle for the offense. He let through the only sack of the game for the Dolphins and struggled.
DEF- Keith Newman was invisible and didn’t make many plays at all. He had 1 tackle and some missed assignments.

Randy McMichael, has to lead all TE’s with Pancakes. He had another 9 pancakes and now has more pancakes then any other player on the team.

Shawn Barber, freshly signed, got on the field for a few plays and did well. He had his first tackle as a dolphin.

Looks like Rex Hadnot will be back, Culpepper as well. Both will be dressed but they will backup the starters McCollum and Volek.
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Cycilin Crisp of the Miami Herald Reporting.
The game plan was to stop Brandon Jacobs, a powerful run you over back. That is what the game plan was and implemented. McCalister was never in the mix nor was the plan to stop a fast agile back.

“You game plan for a team, that has certain players, and by Friday afternoon they have a top 10 back on their team and the game plan goes out the window with it” Saban explained in regards to the last minute trade between the Saints and Vikings.

McCalister was held in check for the first half, for the most part; with a less then 4 yards per carry average. But he busted out with 105 yards of his 162-yard total in the 2nd half and getting a large chunk of yardage on his 48-yard TD scamper.

The scoring began with two Matt Bryant Field Goals giving the Dolphins a 6-0 lead. But a poor play by CB Will Allen gave Aaron Brooks an opportunity to do the one thing he does best, throw the long ball. A perfect strike to Troy Williamson for a 47 -yard TD gave the Vikings a 7-6 lead.

The 3rd quarter was a painful punt fest, with both teams showing their crappery on offense. There was a scary moment when Billy Volek left the field clutching his shoulder late in the 3rd. The Dolphins were down to there 3rd string QB, Anthony Wright.

Ronnie Brown lead the team down the field, and Anthony Wright hit on his first pass to Randy McMichael for an 8-yard TD pass. With Ronnie Brown running consistently, Wright executed a wonderful play action pass leaving McMichael open for the score. The Dolphins went for 2 and failed on a QB draw play leaving the score 12-7.

The Vikings continued to pound the ball on the Dolphins. Patience and consistency ruled the day for Deuce and the Vikings offense. This paid off for them when McCalister popped one to the outside and ran 48 yards for a score giving the lead back to the Vikings. They also went for 2 and failed, leaving the score 13-12.

Wright could not get anything together and threw a 5 yard pass on 4th and 17 right after a sack by the Vikings.

OFF - -Brandon Gorin. Since his induction into the line-up he has not let up a sack and has 19 pancakes. He had 7 pancakes against the Vikes and no sacks.
DEF- Thomas is starting to get back on track with a 4 tackle, 3 for loss, 1 fumble recovery and a pass deflection.

OFF - Vernon Carey. He let up a sack on one of the most crucial plays of the game and he also had a killer holding call on a first down play while the Dolphins were driving late in the 4th.
DEF- Vonnie Holiday. He was a complete non-factor in the game and did nothing to help stop the run.

-Billy Volek did not play for half of the 3rd quarter and the entire 4th quarter with a bruised shoulder. X-rays were negative and he is slated to start next week.

-Tory James has had an INT in 3 straight games.

-Dolphin fans were not pleased with the Orange uniforms. GM Zippo mentioned, Big Daddy Wilkinson reminded him of a pumpkin with chubby legs. At one point the Fans chanted, “Burn those uni’s” over and over again.

“I fully blame the uniforms for the loss, 100%” Zippo said in a phone interview with a radio station this week.
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Cycilin Crisp of the Miami Herald Reporting.

"It feels really good to get this off my back. Me and Billy struggled until this game to connect. I just felt this might of been a rough week with Ty Law, but we just... clicked" Chambers responded to questions about his slump.

The Dolphins open the scoring down 13-0 in the 2nd. A 69 yard TD strike to Chambers. After that score Volek looked like a different QB. After a KC field goal making it 16-7, Billy lead a 16 play 72 yard drive and capped it off with a 4 yard TD to Justin Peele. Going into the Lockerroom the Dolphins had a ton of momentum and a confident quarterback.

The Chiefs opening drive resulted in a 41 yard INT return by Tory James, changing the landscape of the game completely.

The Chiefs attempt to get Larry Johnson rolling, proved costly as the stout run defense of the Dolphins held the Pro-Bowler to 75 yards on 24 carries. This resulted in multiple 3 and outs. Volek lead the team on many long drives, killing the clock and adding to the score. A 9 yard TD to McMichael late in the 4th gave the Dolphins a 30-16 lead. Only when the Chiefs stopped force feeding Larry did they move the ball and score in the last minute oif the game to come within 7.

Saban was estatic. "It was nice to see a solid game from our team. That score with Chambers, turned this game around, made us a different team" Saban continued..."IT made our defense beleive and the Quaterback gain confidence. "

The Dolphins defense held Larry to 38 yards on 13 carries the second half, and kept him out of the endzone. Since Zippo has taken over, Brown has gone over 100 yards each game, held each opponents RB under 100 yards and has not lost by more then 4 points. Brown has rushed for 459 yards and 3 TD's and the defense has only allowed 145 yards from the opponents starting RB's. They went from 26th against the rush in week 5 to 11th in week 10.

The upbeat Dolphins will defend their one game winning streak against the visiting Vikings this week.

OFF - Chris Chambers. Obviously Volek is close behind, but Chambers broke out of his slump with a 4 catch 131 yard day and a spectacular 69 yard TD catch.
DEF- Tory James. 2nd week in a row for this Vet. He had a 41 yard interception return in the Chiefs opening 2nd half possession, sending the chiefs realing. He also had 5 tackles, 1 for loss and 1 deflection.
OFF - Lee Suggs. Comes in for one play and drops the rock on the ground. Not exactly what we are looking for in terms of back-up running back. Travis Minor may get a look next week.
DEF- Despite his 3 deflections, Will allen was burned by JEff Webb and Samie Parker most of the game.

-Newly acquired Brandon Gorin Had a steller game, logging 6 pancakes, no sacks and a solid over-all performance!
-Since FB-Nick Luchey has got here, the Dolphins running average has gome up almost a yard per carry, and now he has started adding to the offensive stats with 30 yards rushing and 26 yards receiving.
-Randy McMichael not only had a TD catch but had a banner day in pancakes with 8!
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Cycilin Crisp Reporting.

The Bears played solid defense for 3 quarters to top the reeling Dolphins. Led by Brian Urlacher the Bears shut the Dolphins down for the 1,3 and 4th quarter. It was only the 2nd quarters slight glitch that would tarnish a nice defensive game.

The Dolphins exploded for 20 2nd quarter points, but wasn’t enough to beat the Bears. Tory James’s 2nd quarter interception return to the 10 led to the Dolphins first touchdown. A Ronnie Brown 7 yard run tying the game up. After a Bears three and out, the Dolphins drive down the field on the strength of Brown’s running and McMichaels receiving resulting in a field goal. On the Dolphins next possession, Ronnie Brown breaks off a 84 yard TD scamper, led by a devastating block by Nick Luchey on Urlacher. Giving the Dolphins a 17-7 lead. The Bears retaliate with a field goal, but the Dolphins have a good 2 minute drill to get them into field goal range. Newly acquired Matt Bryant was 2-2 in field goals.

It was a switch was turned off as the Dolphins sputtered for most of the 2nd half. The bears got back within a score when Alex Brown came from the blind side of Volek and stripped the ball. Ogunleye 13 yard fumble return brought the Bears within 3. Joseph Addai scored a touchdown in the 4th for the game winning score. Grossmans ability to convert 3rd downs in the 4th was the key to victory.

“It amazes me how quickly a game can turn. One mistake changes the whole outcome of the game” Volek mentioned to reporters. “I didn’t even see Alex coming and they had a good return by some guy that I can’t pronounce his name.”

“We played a good game, but obviously not good enough” Coach Saban replied to questions. “We have to find a way to win. We are in all the games, but we lack the killer instinct. We need to find the nails, to put in the coffin when we have the chance.”

Reports that Saban is being courted by the Alabama Crimson Tide has surfaced. Saban denies any report but was seen at Home Depot picking out wallpaper for his new office in Bama.

The Dolphins face off with the Chiefs next week.

OFF - Ronnie Brown was a force the entire game. Ripping off long runs and showing his power and agility. The addition of Luchey has helped Brown a lot so far this season.
DEF- Tory James. After his horrible day at Green bay, he picked up the play with a 6 tackle, 1 for loss, 1 interception day and 4 deflections.

OFF - Volek took a step back. Only completing 12 passes despite having a wonderful ground game.
DEF- Zach Thomas’s return was less then notable. 2 tackles and got lost in traffic through out the game. Not exactly what Saban is looking for.

-Newly acquired Brandon Gorin might be getting a look after Shelton struggled with Alex Brown. Gorin is a little raw but has better athleticism then Shelton and is quicker.
-Chris Chambers is playing himself out of a job, as Booker continues to out produce him.
-Channing Crowder looked very good in his new/old position of LOLB. Now that Thomas is back, Crowder played very well.
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Cycilynn Crisp · Miami Herald Reporting

"It was bitter sweet really" Saban mentions at his press conference. "On one hand, you're disgusted in your team for their effort, and on the other hand, you're in awe of Favre's ability. I don't know whether to punch someone or smile!"

Already amassing 450 yards, Favre took his team down the field in his first possession of OT and got them into FG range. It seems it is like his gazillionth game winning drive. A legend in our own time, playing like a legend, winning games like a legend. Taking the team on his back
and carrying them to victory. It is what the busts at Canton are made of.

Ronnie Brown started off the scoring with a 7-yard scamper giving the Dolphins a 7-0 lead. After a TD by the Packers, Volek fumbled on a tackle by Von Oelhoffen, and Favre promptly through another TD. Giving the pack a 14-7 lead. After a few punts, Volek and Brown lead the team down to field goal range and finished out the first half with a FG and down by 4.

That is where the normalcy ends.

The Dolphins ran the ball 40 times. But the time never seemed to run out when they were ahead. There was always a few minutes left, there was always time for Favre to fling the ball around. It was a never-ending game, almost extending just to let Favre do his thing. It was a surreal
day for Packer fans, Favre fans and football fans alike.

The second half was a flurry of ball flinging and scoring. 52 points scored in the second half. Volek threw TD's to Chambers, Ronnie Brown and Wes Welker in the second half. But it wasn't enough to hold back the Packers.

"We just acquired secondary help, and we end up giving up 504 passing yards. That is unacceptable. We lock down the rush defense, but we were inept in pass defense. I don't know where to start with my disappointment" Saban stormed during his press conference.

Miami gets to regroup on the Bye Week, but at 2-5, it doesn't look promising.

OFF - Ronnie Brown. He had 188 yards from scrimmage and 2 TD's. Billy Volek deserves a nod too for a great performance with 3 TD's and no interceptions.
DEF- Jason Taylor played well with 2 sacks. Tory James had an INT, stop for a loss and 3 tackles, but was torched for 14 catches and over 150 yards. Lets just say some CB's don't get that done against them in 6 games.

OFF - Can't pick out one. The offense played very well. Voleks fumble was a killer.
DEF- Tory James and Company. They were TORCHED. No one in the secondary deserves anything but ridicule.

-Nick Luchey played his first full game. He blocked VERY well for
Ronnie Brown and even had a catch.
-Olindo Mare made his last FG for the Dolphins, as he was shipped off for Matt Bryant and a 4th round pick.
-Wes Welker was named Special teams player of the week with 5 kick returns for an average 31.4 and a TD return for 80 yards. He also caught a TD pass.
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Dolphins Season Goes from Bad to Worse
Cycilynn Crisp · Miami Herald Reporting

The Miami Dolphins let out a collective sigh as the gun went off this sunday afternoon. They dropped to 2-4 and they lost their franchise QB most likely for the season. To add insult to injury they lost to the Jets.

Culpepper was on his way to leading the Dolphins to a victory when he was hit and rolled up on by a Jet defender. It crushed his foot and it was obvious Culpepper was in pain. Early test results come back as a foot stress fracture and his likelyhood of playing again this season is low.

Volek went a paultry 1 of 5 and looked shakey at best. "Give hima week to prepare and he will do good, this much I promise" Coach Saben offered to press conference when asked about Billy Volek.

"Donte will be missed, ALOT, but we have to find ways to win, every team in the NFL has to deal with injuries, it is part of the game" Saban said, "Our key guys will have to step it up even more now that Donte is out."

"Zippo is a good guy" Saban said about the GM " I am going to be dissappointed in the coffee now that the old GM is gone, but Zippo looks to be a handsome, intellegent, scholar, adonis, fabio-like man and he will do good in the head office."

GM Zippo's face was solem when reporters got to him late sunday night. "I ran out of corona, so I drinking Jimmy Beam. This lost hurt. We had it in our grasp and we lost it. THings have got to change, 2-4 is not acceptable" zippo reported. "And everything Saban said is OH SO TRUE"

The Dolphins will square off with the 32nd ranked Packers next week.

OFF - Culpepper was having a wonderful game. him and Booker were hooking up left and right. Throwing for 224 yards, 2 TD's and a QB Rating of 105.5.
DEF- Vonnie Holliday had 2 tackles a sack and a forced fumble. Not exactly lights out, but the best Miami had to offer this week.

OFF - Vernon Carey. Let 2 sacks up and one of them led to Culpeppers injury. He needs to improve or get benched. Zippo brought in another talented tackle to via for a spot, if not this year then next.
DEF- Miami Defense. Despite having big name guys, and a good rated defense, they let sub par QB's and a 0-4 team walk up and down the field on them. They still have only ONE interception this year, a league low.

-Chambers despite his rating is 3rd in receiving on the Dolphins, behind Gaffney and Booker.
-Defense allowed 169 yards rushing for a combined average of over 5.5
-CB Will allen lead the team in tackles. Can you tell how much they miss Thomas?
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The Dolphins have hired a new GM after the last GM was last seen on a wagon drawn by a donkey with some guy named Juan Valdez.

"Good luck to the old GM and his quest to find the perfect BEAN" stated new GM Jay Zippo. "Not exactly sure how or why he knows Mr.Valdez, but to each is own I always say."

When asked about the 2-4 start, Zippo replied"I have been in worse pickles. I don't know what that means but I heard someone say it once and I always wanted to use that line."

Zippo explained his history and his championships in the Lingerie Football League and the Fighting Nuns Football league. He plans to bring a championship mindset to not only the head office, but the coaching staff and players as well.

"When our franchise player returns from injury we should improve ten fold on defense. Zack is a perrenial all-pro and we are a different team without him on the field" noted Zippo. Thomas has been out for a few weeks with injury.

Zippo ended his press conference with this "The Dolphins organization at one point had an undefeated season. I am looking to duplicate that and have Don and the boys crack open bottles of bubbly on my 12 foot boston whaler boat."

Zippo will start his reign as GM in week 7. No big moves are to be expected.
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Culpepper and Chambers
Daunte Culpepper

Chris Chambers

Daunte and Chris are working well together in Training Camp, and no one can object that they could be a great tandum. Chris had 11 catches for TD's last year, and Daunte is coming off of an injury, but looks great and could be the starter by opening day. "They go out to eat together, and are trying to get a good chemistry with eachother." Said Nick Saban.

Daunte had a great season 2 years ago throwing for over 35 TD's, but the next season, without Randy Moss, he slumped and never came back up.

Let's hope and see, if Daunte and Chris can have the same type of success that Daunte and Randy had.
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At A Glance

GM T_Riddell
Head Coach Sean Payton
Offensive Coordinator Kurt Warner
Defensive Coordinator Zach Thomas
Special Teams Alfredo Roberts
Salary $178.36M
Cap Penalty $11M
Cap Room $9.97M


AFC East
#12 Jets Jets 10-6-0 0.63 4-2
#21 Bills Bills 8-8-0 0.50 3-3
#23 Patriots Patriots 7-9-0 0.44 2-4
#26 Dolphins Dolphins 6-10-0 0.38 3-3

1 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #25
Lost 16-20
2 Mon at Texans Texans #17
Lost 17-20
4 Sun at Patriots Patriots #23
Won 38-17
5 Sun vs Jets Jets #12
Lost 34-45
6 Sun vs Rams Rams #30
Won 27-0
7 Sun at Chiefs Chiefs #6
Lost 17-31
8 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 23-6
9 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #7
Lost 17-44
10 Sun at Bills Bills #21
Won 20-14
11 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #28
Won 31-28
12 Mon vs Patriots Patriots #23
Won 26-16
13 Sun vs Bills Bills #21
Lost 13-16
14 Mon vs Colts Colts #31
Lost 17-44
15 Sun at Titans Titans #2
Lost 10-31
16 Sat vs Jaguars Jaguars #9
Lost 23-37
17 Sun at Jets Jets #12
Lost 27-30

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