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Browns GM to stand down at season's end
Hi All,

I did PM Kev to inform the guys who run the show but just to let you all know I will be standing down at the end of the season. I can leave before that, obviously, if someone else wants to take over.

There's some great guys in this league and I have known many of you for many many years.

I don't feel like I'm doing the Browns or the league any justice and feel it is the time for someone new to come in and enjoy what is a great league and have a crack at the title.

All the best to all of you in whatever you do.

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Browns 2024 - Offseason, Draft and projected starters
Browns 2024: Training Camp, Offseason and the Draft
Offseason Trades and Comment
The Browns finished the season 7-9 - an improvement from 2-14 but still way off the promised land of the post season. They ended up with the 8th overall selection in the draft.

Veteran lineman Lydon Myrtha was re-signed to a 1 year deal but others, notably Breno Giancomini and Carl Nicks, were not re-signed after their 1 year deals expired. Center Andrew Gardner was not resigned after a 3 year stint with the Browns.

The Browns put in two free agent offers to re-sign ILB Douglas Garcia (signed by Pittsburgh) and former Texans' tailback Elmer Burke (signed by Buffalo). They also lost CB Joe Taylor after they failed to file the paperwork to match the offer submitted by Dallas, leaving a hole in the defensive secondary.

Trade #1
Browns send: CLE-2, CB Ras-I Dowling
Saints send: NO-1

Trade #2
Browns send: CLE-3
Eagles send: LG Sammy Noel

Trade #3
Browns send: RE Kevin Holbrook
Carolina send: CAR-3

Trade #4
Browns send: 1.8, 1.27
Bears send: 1.1, 1.21

Trade #5
Browns send: BAL-3
Buccaneers send: DT Akeem Spence

Analysis :The Browns hope that MLB CJ Mosley would still be there at the 11th overall selection so gambled on moving down, improving the 27th selection received from New Orleans in the process. If Mosley has not been there, they would have likely selected TE Eric Ebron.

The acquisition of LG Sammy Noel helps bolster an offensive line left with holes after the cull of veterans and he will be moved out to tackle to take advantage of his athletic nature and to allow 1st round selection K.C.Snow to start at guard. Spence was a nice pick up and adds starter quality depth on the defensive line. In retrospect, the trade of Dowling was a mistake after another front office gaffe let CB Joe Taylor walk.

The Draft
1.11 MLB C.J. Mosley| Age 22 | Alabama | 6-2 | 235lbs

Analysis: With Felix Lincoln not progressing at the position, the Browns decided to try and fill the void left since the trade of Von Miller. He has very good attributes across the board. Mosley, although not elite, has great potential and can start right away at a premium position. With work in training camp he will become a very good player. Grade A

1.21 OG K.C. Snow | Age 23 | Illinois | 6-5 | 335lbs

Analysis: The Browns were hoping TE Eric Ebron would fall but he was snapped up a few picks earlier. Snow was arguably the best OL available - he is big, strong and explosive. He is also an excellent run blocker. However, he fell down boards due to his lack of lateral agility and is still raw, getting by on his physicality in college.
The Browns maybe should have opted for Carlos Hyde, Manziel or Ryan Shazier at this slot. Grade C

3.20 C Marcus Martin | Age 20 | USC | 6-3 | 320lbs

Analysis: The Browns selected Martin who is still only 20, to fill the gap left by the departure of Andrew Gardner.

Martin is a big guy who is athletic and surprisingly polished given he only played 3 years at USC. He could do with strengthening up but his ability to move, pull and trap will make him a great success in a zone blocking scheme. Grade A

Skew Update:
-1 strength
+ 1 speed
+ 1 agility
+ 2 acceleration
-3 Injury
Pretty good result and the strength point will be added back in TC. His INJ fell to 77 so that may - ot may not be a concern.
Overall: 78

4.8 CB Doug Clausen| Age 22 | Washington State| 6-0 | 196lbs

Analysis: The Browns needed depth at defensive back and Clausen is intriguing. If he can skew up a speed point of two he becomes a legitimate candidate for the nickel role; his other attributes are already pretty good. Not bad value for the top of the 4th and it is likely he will be worked on in training camp, if the skew does not kill him. Grade B

Skew Update:
+ 1 Agility
-1 acceleration
-1 catch
A speed point will be added in TC.
Overall: 73

5.8 DE Dre Faulk | Age 23 | Northwestern | 6-3 | 277lbs

Analysis: Faulk has very good attributes across the board and has proven ability to rush the passer and set the edge. He is a depth player behind Carradine and Briggs but he could end up being a pretty decent situational player. Grade A

Skew Update:
-2 strength,
-2 agility
+2 acceleration
Overall: 79

Best of the rest:
6.8 SS Floyd Fayson | Age 21 | California | 6-0 | 215lbs

Analysis: Decent size and all round game will make for solid depth. Grade B

Skew Update:
+2 awareness,
-1 speed,
-1 strength,
-1 agility,
-1 jump
Overall: 71


RE Wendell Briggs | DT Robert Williams | DT D'Anthony Smith | LE Cornellius Carradine

ROLB Ronnell Lewis | ILB C.J. Mosley* | LOLB Jamar Chaney

CB DeAndre Michaels | CB Robert Jackson | SS Mark Barron | FS Bacarri Rambo

* indicates rookie

The Browns hope they have addressed the weakness in the spine of their defense with the drafting of Mosley. Faulk and Clausen will being decent depth to the defense and will play situational roles as they develop.

The LB corps is boosted by the addition of Mosley and Felix Lincoln will provide great depth across the line.

Last year's project, Allen Barton, will look to challenge incumbent Baccari Rambo for more playing time. The secondary is largely unchanged despite the drafting of Clausen, who will sit and develop. Robert Jackson's light came on last season and it allowed the team to trade Ras-I Dowling.
Rambo and Michaels will hope to build on strong sophomore campaigns and with Barron, the secondary looks - on paper - a very good unit.

QB Kellen Moore | HB Robert Turbin | FB Marc Tyler | TE TBC

WR Tavon Austin | WR Stephen Williams | WR Ike Wilder

LT Sammy Noel | LG K.C. Snow* | C Marcus Martin* | RG Lydon Myrtha | RT Jason Williams

* indicates rookie

The Browns have re-jigged an aging offensive line, letting numerous veterans go and starting two rookies at LG and C. Trade acquisition Sammy Noel will be shifted to LT. QB Kellen Moore needs to find a few extra percentage points, dipping under 3000 yards and rating middle of the pack [85 rating, 2866 yards, 24 TDs, 13 INTs].

It still remains to be seen if Robert Turbin is an every down back. He missed significant playing time with injury last year, and the Browns will need to pick up a back in free agency.

The dynamic Tavon Austin built on a great rookie year and in Williams and Wilder the receiver corps is unchanged. TE remains a huge question mark. 7th round pick Dorrin Biggs is not a starter and the Browns will need to pick up at least one TE in free agency, with a possibility that released veteran Shawn Gregory could return.
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Browns 2023 - Offseason, Draft and Analysis
Browns 2023: Training Camp, Offseason and the Draft

Offseason Trades and Comment
The Browns finished the season a dismal 2-14 and ended up with the 2nd overall selection in what most observers described as a medicore draft class. The Browns front office ineptitude continued into the offseason as they firstly forgot to tender RFA Jerel Worthy, whom they had acquired for a 2nd round selection the previous offseason. They were then trumped by Detroit in trying to sign him as a free agent. The Browns also missed out on veteran receivers Marko Mitchell and Jerrod Godfrey.

However, they did manage one free agent signing, with veteran LB Jamar Chaney being inked to a 3 year, $22m deal.

Veteran linemen Jason Smith and Breno Giancomini were also re-signed to add stability and maintain leadership.

Trade #1
Browns sends: 1.2
Packers sends: 1.5, 2.7, 2.21

Trade #2
Browns sends: OG Newton
Bears sends: CHI-3

Trade #3
Browns sends: CLE-4
Buccaneers sends: WR Ike Wilder

Analysis :The Browns wanted to trade out of the 2nd overall slot so that their overdrafting of DT Robert Williams didn't seem quite *so* bad. They also wanted to pick-up the lost 2nd rounder they squandered on Jerel Worthy.

The acquisition of Wilder is intriguing and with his size he may get a shot to start.

The Browns had 3 very good OGs and with little appetite for the veterans they traded the younger Newton for a 3rd round selection.

The Draft
1.5 DT Robert Williams | Age 24 | Purdue | 6-3 | 323lbs

Analysis: After losing Worthy, the Browns had a huge hole at DT and drafted his replacement - albeit a round or so earlier than most observers expected. The pick has been widely panned and the Browns front office acknowledges that they may be slightly out of touch.However. Williams is a very good player and will be a valued addition to the Browns front 7 - it wasn't his fault he was overdrafted. Grade D

2.7 RE Wendell Briggs* | Age 26 | Southern Utah | 6-5 | 254lbs

*Position Change Pending

Analysis: The Browns front office blundered again here - handing in the wrong card as they had meant to select HB Darrin Rogers. However, notwithstanding that, Briggs is a very good pass rusher who will be moved to RE to complement last year's 1st rounder - Cornelius Carradine Grade B

2.21 FS Allen Barton | Age 24 | Georgia | 6-4 | 217lbs

Analysis: The Browns selected the potential of Barton. A fantastic physical specimen, he will need development but was worth the risk at the tail end of the 2nd round Grade B

3.27 QB Martin Howard | Age 23 | Vanderbilt| 6-3 | 232lbs

Analysis: The Browns had tagged a 2nd round grade on Howard and were delighted to pick him up in the late 3rd. He will never have a cannon for an arm but has decent power and accuracy to develop, as well as decent experience from the college ranks. He will be developed and groomed behind Kellen Moore and should be a viable proposition in 3 seasons time Grade A-

3.28 WR Trent McGee | Age 20 | UTEP | 6-1 | 193lbs

Analysis: The Browns had targeted numerous multi-skilled players and Mcgee will look to become or at least support KR/PR duties and work his way into the receiving rotation. Grade C

Best of the rest:
4.26 LG Allan Morris | Age 26 | S.F Austin | 6-3 | 331lbs

Analysis: A big lineman with a pinch of athleticism and punch in his game. If he wasn't 26 he'd be worth developing as a a future starter but will make for solid depth. Grade C


RE Wendell Briggs* | DT Robert Williams* | DT D'Anthony Smith | LE Cornellius Carradine

ROLB Ronnell Lewis | ILB Felix Lincoln | LOLB Jamar Chaney

CB DeAndre Michaels | CB Das-I Rowling | SS Mark Barron | FS Bacarri Rambo

* indicates rookie

The Browns, through their own ineptitude, re-shaped the defensive line. However, Williams should be at least the equal of Worthy and Briggs will add a pass rushing threat.

The LB corps is boosted by free agent Jamar Chaney and it is hoped that Felix Lincoln will make the ILB spot his own after being switched last year. He has all the tools but the position is not yet instinctive.

The secondary is largely unchanged despite the drafting of Barton, who will sit and develop. Rambo and Michaels will hope to build on strong rookie campaigns and with Barron, the secondary looks - on paper - a very good unit.

QB Kellen Moore | HB Robert Turbin | FB Marc Tyler | TE Shawn Gregory

WR Tavon Austin | WR Stephen Williams | WR Ike Wilder

LT Breno Giancomini | LG Ryan McKee | C Andrew Gardner | RG Elvin Simpson | RT Jason Williams

* indicates rookie

The Browns look a more settled unit on the offensive side of the ball, with Moore returning after another good year in Cleveland [86 rating, 3414 yards, 24 TDs, 11 INTs].

It still remains to be seen if Robert Turbin is an every down back - hence Cleveland's frustration and not drafting Darrin Rogers. This will be make or break year for Turbin.

The dynamic Tavon Austin had a great rookie year [1428 yards, 11 TDs] - the acquistion of Ike Wilder adds another big bodied target for Kellen Moore.

The Browns defense ranked in the last 3rd in most major categories but the offense ranked 30th in points scored. There are no saving graces on either side of the ball.

The Browns need to tighten up defensively and will look at the gameplans of the more successful teams, along with their personnel make-up.

The offense needs to be better at converting 3rd downs and a run game needs to materialise. However, the Browns have a decent QB and should be better.

Prediction: 6-10 - after the travesty of 2-14 this would be a decent achievement.
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Browns Training Camp: Offseason and Draft 2022
Browns 2022: Training Camp, Offseason and the Draft

Offseason Trades
The Browns traded up to 1.3 to select something that the defense desperately needed - a shutdown CB. Star HB Binky Stewart was sent to Denver as part of that deal.

The Browns also traded Von Miller to pick up the 17th selection overall in a draft to revamp the defense from a unit that ranked 30th in points allowed and 28th in total yards. However there were promising signs as the defense ranked 5th in turnovers generated.

Trade #1
Browns send: HB Binky Stewart


Broncos send: 1.3

Analysis: The top CBs - Milliner and Michaels - would likely have been gone by 1.10 and the Browns had targeted one those standout defensive backs. As it stands they managed to snag the 6-2 Michaels with the 3rd overall pick.

Trade #2
Browns send: CLE-2


Saints send: DT Jerel Worthy

Analysis: The defensive line was a weakness last year and Worthy was considered worth a 2nd round pick. Worthy is only 24 and has fantastic altheltic ability to excel in the Browns Cover-2 oriented defense. Despite the draft being loaded with DL talent the Browns wanted to reduce the number of holes prior to draft day.

Trade #3
Browns send: CLE-1


Redskins send: SS Mark Barron

Analysis: The Browns secondary lacked two things - playmakers and speed. Barron, still only 24, was considered worth giving up the 13th overall pick to bring both facets to the Browns' secondary.

Trade #4
Browns send: MIA-3


Dolphins send: WR Frank Coleman

Analysis: The Browns receiving corps was paper thin over the past season and led by aging veterans Williams and Ekrewerku. Coleman brings size (6-2) and will fill the possession receiver role in the Browns offense.

Trade #5
Browns send:
MLB Von Miller
Future CLE-3


Dolphins send:
Future MIA-7

Analysis: Despite being excellent in a poor defense, the Browns FO felt like both they and Miller needed a fresh start. With a depth of pass rushing talent in the draft the Browns pulled the trigger on the trade to get back into the first round.

The Draft
1.3 CB DeAndre Michaels [Florida] | 6-2 | 204 lbs | 92 speed | 70 strength | 59 awareness | 93 agility | 93 acceleration | 96 jump

Analysis: Michaels, despite being raw, brings a rare combination of size, speed and athleticism to the Cleveland secondary. He will start from Day 1 opposite Rowling and will improve a poor pass defense with his physicality and playmaking abilities.

1.17 DE Cornellius Carradine [Florida State] | 6-5 | 268 lbs | 83 speed | 75 strength | 65 awareness | 84 agility | 88 acceleration

Analysis: Behind Moore, Carradine was the #2 rated pass rusher on the Browns board which is why they have given up the highly rated Von Miller to draft him. Carradine has good size and length and flashes multiple pass rush moves. Strong enough to hold the point of attack, Carradine, along with the acquisition of Worthy, immediately upgrades the Browns' front 4.

2.10 WR Tavon Austin [West Virginia] | 5-9 | 172 lbs | 96 speed | 61 strength | 58 awareness | 95 agility | 96 acceleration | 81 catch | 71 carry | 93 jump

Analysis: The Browns' FO fell in love with Austin's playmaking ability and this was solidified by stellar showings at the Combine and West Virginia's pro-day. Despite his dimuntive stature, Austin is strong enough to shake the jam at the line and has speed to burn. Has demonstrated consistent ability to win the ball against larger defenders in traffic, he is what is described as a "baller" and will feature as a starting receiver after the trade of Ekwererku.

2.12 FS Bacarri Rambo [Georgia] | 6-0 | 208 lbs | 90 speed | 61 strength | 61 awareness | 88 agility | 91 acceleration | 68 catch | 62 tackle | 95 jump

Analysis: The Browns' were surprised to find Rambo at this slot as they had considered him with 1.17. Rambo has excellent ball hawking instincts, is stout against the run and is quick and fluid enough to excel in coverage. He will start opposite Barron and with the drafting of Michaels and Carradine, completes a re-vamped, youthful and aggressive Cleveland defense.

3.22 HB Robert Turbin [Utah State] | 5-10 | 222 lbs | 90 speed | 67 strength | 57 awareness | 91 agility | 91 acceleration | 76 catch | 78 carry | 81 break tackle / 99 kick return

Analysis: After trading Stewart, the Brown had a hole at running back. They went for the multi threat back, Turbin, out of Utah State in the hope that he can prove he belongs as a feature back in the pros. The additional bonus of Turbin's kick and punt returning skills make him a great pick this late on and worste case is the Browns have a vey decent backup and great KR/PR.

Best of the rest:
QB Mike Glennon [NC State | 6-5 | 89 THP | 83 THA] was a decent punt as future backup QB.

LT Alex Hurst [LSU | 6-6 | 340 lbs | 57 speed | strength 89 | awareness 61 | agility 57 | acceleration 64 | pass block 82 | run block 77] is an intriguing pick in the late 6th and will compete for the starting LT gig with 3rd year pro Chris Williams.


RE Kevin Holbrook | DT Jerel Worthy | DT D'Anthony Smith | *LE Cornellius Carradine

ROLB Ronnell Lewis | ILB Douglas Garcia | LOLB Felix Lincoln

*CB DeAndre Michaels | CB Das-I Rowling | SS Mark Barron | *FS Bacarri Rambo

* indicates rookie

The Browns certainly improved their secondary with the additions of Barron, Michaels and Rambo, of that there is no doubt. However, with the trade of Von Miller, the defensive lynchpin of the past 2 seasons is now missing. The Browns may look to move Jack Lofton inside or stick with Garcia but an area of strength is now potentially an area of weakness.

The front 4 has been solidified with the additions of Worthy and Carradine. Holbrook, a 3rd round pick a year ago, will be moved to the right side to accomodate the pass rushing phenom out of Florida State.

QB Kellen Moore | *HB Robert Turbin | FB Marc Tyler | TE Shawn Gregory

*WR Tavon Austin | WR Stephen Williams | WR Frank Williams

*LT Alex Hurst | LG Ryan McKee | C Andrew Gardner | RG Elvin Simpson | RT Jason Williams

* indicates rookie

The Browns look a more settled unit on the offensive side of the ball, with Moore returning after a very good first year in Cleveland [87 rating, 3656 yards, 26 TDs, 14 INTs]. They let Rufus Davis go in free agency and hoped to pick up one of the premier OT prospects in the first few rounds but settled on Hurst out of LSU to come in and compete. No doubt the Browns will look at a veteran OT signing in post draft free agency to come in and aid the younger players.

The HB situation and trade stunned a lot of Browns' fans as former GM Paul Willis swooped and picked up standout tailback Binky Stewart. The Browns drafted Robert Turbin as heir apparent but question marks surround Turbin's durability and ability to effectively run between the tackles - something his 260lb predecessor did with relish and much success.

The receiving corps also took a hit as veteran receiver Brad Ekwrereku was traded. However, Browns staff are thrilled to have picked up the dynamic Tavon Austin to fill his shoes - the acquistion of Frank Williams adds another sure handed target for Kellen Moore.

The Browns defense ranked in the last 3rd in most major categories bar turnovers and sacks and the front office looked to majorly upgrade the unit this year. Despite being young, the unit is fast, aggressive and now has play makers. The LB corps is the only real weak point but speed still abounds in that unit.

The offense will hope that Turbin can fill the big shoes left with the departure of Stewart and that rookies Hurst and Austin can make an impact.

Prediction: 8-8 - a re-build season of sorts but plenty of signs to be positive about. The team will go as Moore goes, and if the defense can step up then the Browns should be competitive.
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Browns name defensive starters, make moves
Browns 2021: Defense

The Browns have made two trades, one free agent signing and earlier today released their updated defensive depth chart.

Trade #1
Browns send: CB Sherrod Martin
Seahawks send: 3rd Round Draft pick

Analysis: Martin was a huge cap number this season - $18m - and the aging veteran was shipped for what the Browns could get as they looked to start a youth movement in their secondary.

Trade #2
Browns send: CB Perrish Cox, 4th Round Pick
Dolphins send: CB Ras-I Dowling, 3rd Round Draft pick

Analysis: Cox was a very good player but did not fit the profile of secondary players the new Browns FO sought. Ras-I is a young physical corner and with some training camp development will be very good for a long time.

Free Agent signing #1
Browns acquire RE Larry English on a 1 year deal. Terms were not disclosed.

Analysis: Bar Joe Clermond and Joe Holbrook, none of the other defensive ends suited the quicker, Cover-2 defense that will be run. Holbrook is slated to succeed the excellent but aging Clermond so English will man the RE spot for the current season.

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All Team News Stories

At A Glance

GM D_Roberts
Head Coach D.McNabb
Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson
Defensive Coordinator J.Lewis
Special Teams J.Miller
Salary $171.2M
Cap Penalty $2.79M
Cap Room $25.34M

Browns D'Anthony Smith DT 83 4 weeks
Browns Ronnell Lewis ROLB 83 3 weeks

AFC North
#14 Bengals Bengals 9-7-0 0.56 4-2
#22 Browns Browns 8-8-0 0.50 4-2
#25 Steelers Steelers 6-10-0 0.38 4-2
#19 Ravens Ravens 6-10-0 0.38 0-6

1 Sun at Eagles Eagles #8
Lost 10-34
2 Sun at Bengals Bengals #14
Won 33-30
3 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #13
Lost 3-10
4 Sun vs Bengals Bengals #14
Lost 16-31
5 Sun at Cowboys Cowboys #15
Lost 3-23
7 Sun vs Redskins Redskins #11
Won 23-22
8 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #25
Lost 10-20
9 Sun vs Texans Texans #17
Won 35-17
10 Sun at Raiders Raiders #29
Won 23-13
11 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #6
Lost 16-44
12 Sun at Ravens Ravens #19
Won 24-20
13 Sun at Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 24-49
14 Sun vs Ravens Ravens #19
Won 27-19
15 Sun at Steelers Steelers #25
Won 24-6
16 Sun at Chargers Chargers #16
Lost 10-24
17 Sun vs Giants Giants #27
Won 20-17

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