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Bills Pay Steep Price For Titans Star Receiver
Buffalo (AP) -- According to sources close to the Bills front office GM Joe Gaspar has made a strong play in solidifying his chances at a Super Bowl this year. The Bills have sent their 1st and 2nd round picks in exchange for WR Jack Gutowski and a Titans 3rd. The Bills sit at 8-2 atop the AFC East and are looking like a strong candidate for a Super Bowl run this year. GM Joe Gaspar has never won a Super Bowl despite his success with the Bills over the years and hopes this move will be what pushes his Bills over the top.

More to follow...
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Buffalo Bills TC 2023


After finishing the season 8-8 and missing the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive year the Buffalo Bills will try to regain their AFC East dominance in 2023. There were only 2 years between 2011-2019 that the Buffalo Bills finished with less than 10 wins in a season. In the last couple of seasons they've matched that number and hope to regain their fans confidence in the team in 2023. Going into week 15 the Bills held an 8-5 record and looked to be in decent position to threaten the Dolphins for the division title. But after losing 3 straight to end the season the Bills fell out of the race completely. The Bills finished last in the AFC East and had their fans wondering whether the team was becoming old and washed up.

The Bills offense did an adequate job of putting points on the board however QB Colt McCoy did not have one of his best seasons as a Bill. Throwing for just over 3000 yards McCoy played it safe in 2022 but according to reports will look to open things up in 2023 in what is likely his last season in the RZL. HB Sol Hogan has lost a step or two but continues to provide the steady run game in the backfield for the Bills. In 2022, he ran for over 1300 yards and about 4.5 yards a carry. The Bills signed Hogan to a 1 year deal and will look to him again this season to provide a bruising run game. Like McCoy, it is believed that this will be Hogan's last season in the RZL.

What became a real let down in 2022 was the Bills defense. Thought to have an experience secondary with athleticism in their front 7, they simply did not deliver. The offense was consistently expected to put up at least 24 points a game or risk a loss. While the defense has improved with some offseason acquisitions, this young defense benefits greatly from another year under its belt.


In what was considered a relatively quiet offseason for the Buffalo Bills front office, this is not the same team that entered the 2022 season, at least not defensively. Two of the biggest acquisitions this offseason were SS Jeremy Wood and ROLB Tyson Wilson. With long time fan favourite SS Jim Silvester regressing it was time to move on and look for a replacement. The Bills front office was spoiled with Silvester's consistent play at the safety position and were looking to add a piece that would improve the club now instead of the future. Enter SS Jeremy Wood. The St. Louis Rams passed on offering Wood a high offer and he found one in Buffalo. The Bills did not hesitate to offer wood nearly 8 mil per season over 3 years. This is a special kind of player who unlikely Silvester is a playmaker as apposed to a wrap up tackler. Wood will still get his share of tackles however the interceptions are likely to go up this year in Buffalo.

ROLB Tyson Wilson was sought after very aggressively by GM Joe Gaspar. While Emilio Dawson has incredible speed he was never the Bills first choice as a starter in their front 7. The Bills made several offers to other clubs regarding players similar to Wilson offering their 1st round pick but to no avail. Most GM's were discouraged by this years draft and looked to acquire players as apposed to picks. The Bills even reached out to the Chiefs to acquire a similar player in Ozzie Gomes but were rejected. Once Tyson Wilson became available the Bills jumped on it and made an offer that the Giants couldn't refuse. A Bills 1st + 3rd for the OLB Wilson + Future Giants 2nd did the job. Both teams were satisfied.

The Bills also beefed up their secondary with experience. They signed CB Wilfred Stannard and CB Korey Macy to help mold protege CB Parker Williams into a star. It is believed that Parker Williams will be a starter this season so with the help of Stannard and Macy he should have all the guidance he needs in 2023. Let's not forget CB Julian Maxwell who when healthy has delivered. Maxwell will likely take on opposing #1 WR's while Williams man ups again the 2nd option.


MLB Travon Charles who enjoyed great success in his rookie season at ROLB moves over to the MLB position in 2023 as the Bills look to run a 3-4 this upcoming season. It will be Bowman and Charles manning the middle with the likes of NT John Jenkins on the line. Charles has great speed and quickness of the line in addition to great tackling ability. The Bills are excited to see what he can do in the middle.

NT John Jenkins started off hot in 2022 with 6 sacks in 6 games. He did not record another sack the rest of the season but provided that push down the middle that the Bills desired. Jenkins is believed to be a staple of this franchise for many years to come. That being said, the Bills did acquire DT Jackson Keyes this offseason. However, the two are very different players. Keyes is weaker but much quicker while Jenkins has a much bigger frame and man's his position well with his strength.

WR Mike Wallace enjoyed another 1000 yard receiving season. The 3rd round pick out of Mississippi St. has enjoyed great success in Buffalo. In the last two seasons Wallace has nearly 20 TD's and over 2000 yards receiving. In addition to his receiving game, Wallace has provided consistent play in special teams as well. 13 TD's in 10 years as a kick returner, Wallace has provided adequate production in special teams.


CB Parker Williams was seen training with fellow cornerback CB Julian Maxwell at the track. Parker was out hustling Maxwell who looks to have a lost a step or two since 2022. While Williams has been looking to improve his awareness on the field by studying film, his main focus has been on improving his 40 time. Which after watching him this training camp, he has.

The youngest member of the Bills O-line LT Matt Reynolds has been taking pointers from LG Wong, C Lymon, RG Park, and RT Porter. All 4 of these linemen have grown up together so to speak in the RZL. McCoy has found great success in pass protection with this group and continues to owe his success to their hard work.

LE Werner and RE Jenkins have been hitting the weight hard this offseason in hopes of matching NT Jenkins strength. Running a 3-4 system the Bills will require Werner and Jenkins to provide more strength off the line than speed. It is believed that Werner has the slight advantage and has been pushing Jenkins to match him strength for strength.
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Buffalo Bills TC 2022


Well it seemed as though the 2022 RZL season was a lost cause however the leagues upper brass stepped up and has made it a reality. Posting a 5-11 record last season, the Bills franchise took a turn for the worse as GM Joe Gaspar had very little explanation for such a disastrous season. The season started out fairly well as the Bills won 3 of 5 and looked to be gaining steam. However, they went on to lose 9 of their next 11 pulling themselves out of the playoffs for the first time in their last 8 seasons. What was most disappointing was the fact that the Bills were one of the oldest teams in the league. Having a wealth of experience should have at least garnered them a playoff spot but in the end they only achieved a decent draft position for 2022. So if experience wasn't able to bring home a Super Bowl title in GM Joe Gaspar's 14 year tenure with the Bills what will? The answer? We don't know. But it's clear after this latest offseason that this GM is stuck on his ways.


In what was expected to be a very active offseason after a disappointing 2021 season the Bills management delivered as several moves were made to give this franchise a sense of direction. Since experience wasn't able to bring home a Lombardi trophy for the Bills GM in 14 seasons one would tend to believe that a rebuild would be the next step. However, GM Joe Gaspar is known to be a stern believer in experience and would avoid a rebuild at all costs which is exactly the route he took this offseason.

UFA Notable Signings:

CB Sean Smith
CB Sherrod Martin
WR Eric Decker
WR Jonathan Garza
QB John Parker Wilson
HB Richard Burgess
TE Dexter Wagner
P Tress Way

This GM just couldn't stay away. With so much experience available on the market at key positions the Buffalo Bills made a splash on the open market. Signing the likes of CB Sean Smith and CB Sherrod Martin gives the Bills one of the best cornerback tandems in the league. Add in the already #1 CB in town Julian Maxwell and this team is loaded with an experienced secondary. Number 1 draft pick CB Parker Williams patiently awaits his turn and we have to wonder how the Bills will find room to incorporate him into the lineup this year.

The Bills added depth at key positions by signing WR Eric Decker and WR Jonathan Garza who will be the #3 and #4 WR in 2022. Should the Bills suffer any injuries to their wideouts they will surely have adequate backups to fill the void. Journey man QB John Parker Wilson will bring a wealth of experience to the QB position. The Bills are hoping he along side QB Colt McCoy will be able to mold young QB Ed Pope into a future starter. TE Dexter Wagner gives the Bills two excellent options at the TE position and the Bills are predicted to use the West Coast offense quite a bit this year. Young punter Tress Way will get a shot at becoming the #1 punter on this Bills team for a very long time if he can work on his accuracy. With a bomb of a leg Tress will no doubt wow fans at times but is likely to shank a few more often than not.

While the Bills did bring in a wealth of experience again to make a run they also found somewhat of a balance in team age by using their draft picks. LE Bjoern Werner will step in immediately and becomes the team's #1 pass rusher. Werner has incredible speed and strength combination and the Bills were extremely surprised to see him in the bottom end of the 1st round. The Bills 1.14 draft choice CB Park Williams will one day become a starter in this league but when? It's unclear what the Bills plan on doing with this giant corner as experience will likely push Parker to the #4 CB position. Sources say the Bills will look to deal Parker before season's end, but then again those are only rumors.


With so many new acquisitions the Bills have several players to focus on this season. FS Steven Cox who was acquired for a 2nd round pick is expected anchor the Free Safety position. There was talk of moving him to Strong Safety. However, the Bills coaching staff felt long time Bill's safety Jim Silvester still has 1 more quality year left in him. Cox is likely better suited to play the FS position anyway due to his great speed. He'll be allowed to roam the secondary and to knock down passes and force interceptions. In 4 seasons, Cox has registered at least 70 tackles a season and has been among the league leaders at his position since being drafted. The Bills are very excited to have him in the lineup.

A disgruntled LT Matt Reynolds was said to be elated when he heard of the news that the Bills had acquired him from the Vikings. The Bills were in the market for a LT to replace fan favourite Breno Giacomini. They needed a cheaper alternative to Breno with great speed and quickness. While Reynolds does possess amazing speed off the line he lacks the experience and blocking skills of Breno. It remains to be seen how this will impact the Bills left side. If Reynolds struggles look for the Bills to move him inside and have Theron Park man the LT position.

When ROLB Jason Trusnik decided it was time to move on the Bills were left with a giant hole on the right side of their defense. There was talk of filling the void through trade or free agency. However, the Bills didn't want a short term solution and instead turned to the draft to find their starter. ROLB Travon Charles is the Bills newest addition to the LB crew. Charles possesses great speed, quickness, strength, and size. Surprising his is already one of the better tacklers on the team as well. He lacks experience but that will come in time as he learns from vets Navorro Bowman and LOLB Sergio Kindle.


The Bills 1st round draft pick CB Parker Williams who went 1.14 overall has been seen working vigorously on his speed with the likes of long time Bills WR Mike Wallace. Mike Wallace has spoken to the media about Parker’s speed and said the following, “If Parks can keep up with me on the field then he’ll be alright. Sean and Sherrod will teach him the books and I’ll get him to up his 40 time. Parks’ height is tough to play against and when he learns the game and works on his speed he won’t be beat.” While Parker is said to be quicker this season it remains to be seen whether or not he will see the field with such a crowded veteran secondary.

Brandon Jenkins came into the draft as a linebacker who previously played for Florida State. When the Bills drafted him at 3.5 they had the sole intention of moving him to the right end position. When Alejandro Marciano was cut due to cap space the Bills had a void on the right side once again. Jenkins will man a new position at RE and will look to veteran DL David Veikune. Veikune has manned just about every position on the Bills defensive line. He has been mentoring Jenkins on his technique and has been helping him adjust to the new position. Veikune has been in the film room with Jenkins reviewing the tendencies of offensive lineman and how to beat them off the line.

Another rookie addition to the Bills aging defensive line is DT John Jenkins. John posses great size at 6'4" 358lbs. With David Veikune moving to the inside the Bills will likely run a 4-3 this season and allow John to work on his skills before becomming a full time 3-4 NT. That is the plan according to head coach John Fox. "We feel like John has the ability to anchor the NT position in the future but for now we need him to lean on Veikune and his experience. The 4-3 will allow for mistakes and Veikune and I will help him along the way," says head coach John Fox. It's clear that the Bills have John Jenkins penciled in as their future NT. Head coach John Fox has been in the film room with John Jenkins teaching him the ropes of the 4-3 in the RZL. For now, his focus will be on teaching John the 4-3 as he feels the 3-4 NT position will come with experience.
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Bills Sticking To Their Guns: Training Camp 2020


Experience. More experience. And even more experience. This has been the common theme in Buffalo ever since GM Joe Gaspar took over back in 2008. When a team fails to do anything in the playoffs and its key players are aging and/or retired the consensus would be to blow things up and bring in some youth, ie. the New York Jets. The Jets "sacrificed" last season and maybe even this season for future years of football dominance. Giving up the farm for a guy like Andrew Luck is not going to win you a championship immediately but it may just build you a dynasty in a few years. "In a few years..." This is something that the GM of the Bills has trouble comprehending.

In the last 12 seasons, the only time the Bills have ever given the reigns to a relatively inexperienced QB was in 2013 when JaMarcus Russell stepped in for an injured Kellen Clemens. The result was a 4-12 record, the worst season in GM Joe Gaspar's career. The experiment was over and JaMarcus was sent packing the following offseason.

Sufficed to say the Bills have gotten older and wiser since then. Not only at QB but in a variety of positions. While that has lead to consistent regular season play, at least 12 wins in each of the last 4 seasons, the playoffs have been a different story. What has plagued the Bills since 2008 is their inability to do anything in the playoffs despite rolling through the regular season. Last year was no different, as the Bills were stunned with a 20-13 loss at the hands of the Chiefs after a first round bye. It was inexplicable and lead to a long offseason of contemplating what to do with this franchise to get it over the top. One thing remains certain, the Bills are sticking to their guns and the notion that experience will lead the way.


The Bills parted ways with fan favourites FB Marcus Thomas and CB Malcolm Jenkins. Thomas was plow for Hogan who attributes much of his success the great blocking he receives. Next to Youboty, Malcolm Jenkins has been one of the best corners the Bills have ever had. Despite playing corner Jenkins was a tackling machine racking up nearly 80 tackles a season when healthy. He will be missed.

After quiet off-seasons in 2018 and 2019, the Bills knew something had to be done to shake things up after an early exit to the playoffs last year. Key transactions include the following:

In keeping with the philosophy that older is better, the Bills brought in some Super Bowl experience in WR Jason Williams and WR Patrick Carter. Both have played in or won Super Bowls and will fit in nicely with QB McCoy who is coming off a great season in 2019. While Williams was relatively inexpensive to bring in due to his age, Patrick Carter was not costing the Bills their 1st Round Pick and DT Muhammed Wilkerson. Still, the Bills felt they could replace Wilkerson and had a few positional changes in mind for their defensive line.

The loss of OLB Studebaker left a gaping hole on the left side of the defense. The Bills immediately addressed that issue with the acquisition of OLB Sergio Kindle. Kindle is a big body at 250lbs and 6'3" tall. Very quick, strong, and a great tackler. This is exactly the kind of LB the Bills were looking for to replace the dependable Studebaker.

UFA was kind to the Bills this year as they signed speedy cornerback Nelson Marcus to a big time contract. The oft-injured Nelson is projected to start 1-2 with Basil Shuff on the outside which moves Barnett to the nickleback position. The Bills secondary is now much quicker than it was last season which should help them stay in the top 10 in pass defense.

With the loss of QB Kellen Clemens to retirement the Bills needed an experience backup QB and landed one in Alex Smith. Smith has been getting better with age likely due to his willingness to stay in the pocket and take hits as apposed to scramble nervously all over the field. Should something happen to McCoy, the Bills are confident that Smith can step in and keep things running smoothly.


Colt McCoy started out the season as the Bills #2 QB but that quickly changed when Clemens struggled early. When McCoy was called upon he delivered and ended up securing the #1 position for the remainder of the season. After a very successful 2019 campaign, McCoy is now the center piece of this offense. It's clear that the Bills realize this by bringing in new targets for McCoy to explore downfield.

One of the surprising players of 2019 was Breno Giacomini. Breno racked up a whopping 144 pancakes with only 2 sacks allowed as the LT of this line. That pancakes total was only 1 shy of tying the all-time RZL record. A fine accomplishment for a guy who was acquired for a couple of middle round picks in 2017. Breno has certainly benefitted from working with the Bills OC Scott Linehan.

MLB Navorro Bowman much like McCoy came into training camp as the Bills #2 MLB behind Marlowe. After dominating in the preseason the Bills elected to go with Bowman as their #1 MLB. And Bowman didn't disappoint. It was a career year for Bowman who made 108 tackles, 15 behind the line, forced 3 fumbles, and had 11 deflections. It's clear that Bowman wasn't going to leave any doubt in who was the Bills MLB coming into 2020.


Sergio Kindle possesses all the physical attributes you want in a LB. However, his only downfall is that he doesn't have the football "smarts." Kindle took to the video room this offseason, watching formations and learning to predict what the offense was going to run before the ball was snapped. Kindle is believed to be more knowledgeable than he was last season and that could mean a big year for this big man.

Emil Marlowe and newly signed Emilio Dawson worked hard this offseason to sure up their tackling. They used multiple techniques learned taken from tackling greats such as Ray Lewis and Junior Seau. Dawson is the poorer tackler of the two but possesses the most speed. If he's able to use these new tackling techniques to become a sure wrap up tackler on the outside he may find himself as a starter as early as next season.
Both players are believed to be #2 on the depth chart in their respective positions.

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Lee Evans Makes Return To Buffalo

Buffalo, NY -- In 2008, Bills fans saw their rookie GM come in and trade away their most valuable asset in WR Lee Evans for two 1st rounds picks in an offer they just couldn't refuse. Since then they never truly replaced Evans as a #1 wideout although 1st round pick Greg Carr has come close. Now, four seasons later and 30 years young, fan favorite Lee Evans returns to Buffalo where he will likely finish his career. In an effort to get younger quicker, the Dolphins traded Evans to the Bills for a 2nd round pick and speedy corner Terrail Lambert.

Lee Evans possesses everything the Bills needed in a true number one go to guy. He has exceptional speed, excellent hands, and is a great route runner. Evans fills a hole that the Bills needed to address coming into the season after having lost Anquan Boldin to the Texans during free agency. Lee is said to have some unfinished business in Buffalo and is extremely happy to be back wearing the Red and Blue. "When they traded me back in '08 I was kinda shocked and felt like I still had so much to give here. This is a business, I understand that, there's no animosity between the Bills organization and I. Honestly, I'm thankful to be back. This is my home and I'm excited to get started here again," said Lee Evans.

Evans, along with the height of Greg Carr will provide matchup problems for many teams in the RZL. The Bills now have the speed, height, great hands, and intelligence at the wide receiver position and will certainly be looking to exploit matchups in the coming season.

In related news, Jets fans are said to be shaking their heads. 8)
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6 Sun vs Texans Texans #17
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7 Sun vs Titans Titans #2
Won 30-10
8 Sun at Colts Colts #31
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9 Sun at Jets Jets #12
Lost 28-34
10 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #26
Lost 14-20
11 Sun at Chargers Chargers #16
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12 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 42-28
13 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #26
Won 16-13
14 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #7
Won 41-38
15 Sat vs Jets Jets #12
Won 34-21
16 Sat vs Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 10-26
17 Sun vs Ravens Ravens #19
Lost 10-28

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