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QB William Rivera forced into action again...

One could argue it was just a matter of time before QB Matt Flynn was unable to lead a team through 4 quarters of football… in a single day. Other critics might even offer that Flynn has made it farther than anyone could have hoped for this season.

The Cincinnati Bengals Continue to play their cards close to the vest… all awhile, saying exactly what would expect from a team possibly forced to look to the future sooner than they had planned.

Though QB Matt Flynn has played in every game this season… the Bengals have been forced to look to their other QB’s at some point in every game but one (week 4 facing divisional rival Cleveland Browns). What’s even more concerning… the past two games Flynn has been relieved well before the game has entered the 2nd quarter (he has only thrown 7 passes the past 2 games).

With QB Roddick Rosario shipped on to the Jacksonville Jaguars before week 2 kicked off… and now having the season of his career… the Bengals have been forced to rely on the young and powerful arm of William Rivera more often than anyone had planned. Prior to this season (entering his 2nd) Rivera had never thrown an actual pass in a regular season game… considering his lack of experience, the team should be pleased with what he’s contributed. In 4 game appearances Williams has thrown 83 passes for 798 yards [56.6% completion rate and a 9.61 average]… he has 3 TD’s and 2 INT’s. His most notable performance was last week when he went 18 of 34 attempts for 395 yards with 3 TD’s and 2 INT’s.

If QB Matt Flynn can find a way to stay healthy the Bengals appear to be a good bet to vie for the AFC North Divisional Title (Flynn has a QB rtg of (101.7)… in the event Flynn continues to be helped off the field, maybe the future looks bright for the squad handing it’s young gun slinger the bullets to this gun.
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Depth or draft picks... Bengals take picks!
January 07, 2015 11:19 pm
Bengals have been involved in trade talks with Jaguars involving QB Roddick Rosario. Rumor has it that Darryl Breckheimer has been trying to move disgruntled Rosario ever since acquiring Veteran signal caller Matt Flynn.

Seems Roddick Rosario had high hopes of being the starter once trade talks of moving Billy Nicol started.

The deal looks like this:

Bengals Send:
• QB Roddick Rosario
• 5th Bills


Jaguars Send:
• 7th Jaguars
• 2nd Jaguars

The Bengals will find themselves in a tight spot if QB Matt Flynn goes down to injury as the next man up is Sophmore signal caller William Rivera (has never taken a snap in regular season play).

The Bengals now have 10 selections in next years draft... 5 of those picks are in the first 2 rounds. Setting up for next offseason is now complete, just need to hope it wasn't at expense of the current season.
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Bengals - WK 1 Victory provides hope for the season?
The Cincinnati Bengals never found themselves in trouble during their week 1 match up with the Oakland Raiders.

Many viewed the offseason as uneventful for the Bengals as they avoided round 1 selections and instead traded for future 1st round picks next year. Instead, GM Darryl Breckheimer looked to acquire talent available through free agency and teams looking to unload existing players.

The victory against the Raiders had numerous newcomers to the team contributing:

QB Matt Flynn – The signal caller provided a scare late in the 2nd quarter when he went down (the aging vet has a history of being injury prone)… but he returned and finished what he started. Completing nearly 70% of his passes (20 of 29) for 325 yards while throwing 3 TD’s and only 1 INT (QB rtg of 126.4).
HB Darrin Rogers – No Sophomore slump here… the Bengals only asked him to carry the ball 15 times, but he amassed 124 yards and 2 TD’s {8.27 avg}.
WR Eric Decker – After seeing long time mainstay Johnny Knox exit in the offseason the Bengals were in the market for a big bodied possession WR… Decker hauled in 3 receptions for 82 yards, 2 of those catches resulted in scores.
TE Michael Egnew – Some found adding Egnew as unnecessary knowing Hernandez was in place… but, Egnew hushed critics with his 5 catches for 67 yards (2 pancakes).
LT Dalla Hayles – Most GM’s have a hard on for adding talent via the draft… but when Hayles was shopped in the offseason the Bengals ponied up pretty quick. Most might understand why after a week 1 performance where Hayles piled up 8 pancakes.
LOLB William McFarland – I don’t know that the Bengals ever envisioned rookie McFarland (drafted atop the 4th round) to be a significant contributor for the defense… but, racking up 6 tackles is impressive for the young Virginia Tech Hokie.

Next week the Bengal’s play host to divisional rival Cleveland Browns!
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Bengals add yet another piece to the PUZZLE!
The Cincinnati Bengals were in need of another WR who could be a BIG bodied threat/target for QB Matt Flynn… it appears that need might have been filled.
The Bengals came to terms with the Buffalo Bills in a deal that send WR Eric Decker and a 5th round selection [BUF] for a 3rd round [CIN] selection.
Over the years of Decker’s career he has only achieved 1000 yards once [in 9 seasons], so it’s doubtful Decker will provide fireworks resembling the 4th of July… but it’s hoped he can draw enough attention from the defense so Woods and Sanders can get loose deep.
While the Bengals searched for a WR they were requiring a player that was at least 6’3” and 215 lbs… the player also had to have an 89 rating [or above] in SPD, AGI, ACC and CTH… only 7 players fit those requirements. Though it’s not likely Decker makes it with the Bengals next season [due to age and his contract being up] it seemed like a reasonable price to exchange a 3rd for a 5th round pick [not excited about the nearly 7 million a year though].

Truth be told… GM Darryl Breckheimer can’t seem to help himself when being drawn to players that have some type of tie back to Minnesota.

Decker attended Rocori High School in Cold Spring, Minnesota. He was present in school when the Rocori High School shooting took place, hiding in a cupboard with other students until they were rescued by police officers. At school he was a three-sport athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. In each sport he was awarded all-conference, all-area and all-section honors. Additionally, he was named football team MVP two years in a row. During his prep football career he had 2,156 receiving yards and 28 touchdowns.

Decker catches a flight to Cincinnati!
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Cincinnati is in like Flynn!
The Cincinnati Bengals have agreed in terms to acquire QB Matt Flynn from the Carolina Panthers. The deal has Carolina getting QB Billy Nicol and HB Cyrus Gray for QB Matt Flynn and HB Delone Carter (Carter will likely be released before the preseason games even kickoff).

It’s no secret, the Bengals have struggled to find an answer at QB for a number of years… specifically the past 3 seasons have been horrible. The deal obviously shows that there was no longer any patients to wait for Billy Nicol to deliver on the promise he once offered the franchise.

The team will instantly declare Matt Flynn the team starter and captain… the veteran has his battle scars and will be labeled “injury prone” [INJ = 38] by many, but he was able to weather a full seasons and play in all 16 games last year.

Last season Matt Flynn put up nice numbers… completing 55% of his 439 attempts for 3291 yards [7.5 yard average] and threw 22 TD’s compared to only 5 INT’s [a QB rating of 90.8]. It’s believed the team will continue to look to the running game first, but having someone behind center that can be counted on when needed will be a welcomed addition to the offense.

At this point in Matt Flynn’s career it’s safe to title him a journeyman… gun slinger for hire would be another fair description. The Bengals are Flynn’s 5th team in his career [3rd in the past 3 seasons] and it’s very likely this could be Flynn’s final season. There’s been no comment from Flynn or his agent on how he feels about the change in address… but, knowing he’s leaving the very competitive NFC South to a situation where the AFC North seems a bit more up for grabs might be a welcome move.

The look on Flynn's face when he heard he was traded to Cincinnati!
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