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GM Smith returns to the Bay Area
On Saturday evening the 49ers and GM Merlin Smith came to an agreement for Smith to run the team again. Smith said he was excited about the opportunity to lay claim to the NFC West and the entire RZL. Glad to be back guys. See you on the field soon Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Very Happy
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Cardinals announce new GM
After a short 2nd stint, GM Ben Harbinger is back for the 3rd time. He plans on being here for the foreseeable future. He takes over an aging, yet talented roster that was expected to be in the playoff race this year. With the worst record in the AFC conference, Ben has his work cut out for him.
In a private press conference earlier today, GM Harbinger said a few words:

"Firstly, I'd like to thank the league staff to bring me back. Also, it is only fitting that I come back to coach in the same division where I coached for a long time. It is a very tough division and will continue to be for a while. This team is very talented, has veteran leadership across every position, so I don't see why we can't expect to fight for the division crown next year. In the upcoming weeks, you will us make aggressive moves that will benefit the team, both short and long term. I will do my best to instill discipline and bring success to this franchise. Our expectations, as they should be, is to win the Superbowl."
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Kansas City hires new GM
Haro! Most of you already know me and for those who don't, you will soon enough. It feels good to be back, been a long time now. After browsing the forums today, I still see that somethings haven't changed (i.e. forum debates). It's actually a good thing though, people expressing themselves and being active (most important reason I decided to come back).

Looking over the roster, there's good overall talent, although depth at key positions is severely lacking. Injury to CB Stannard puts us at a great disadvantage this week and possibly the next, but we'll see how it works out. This team was pretty successful last year, so I'll try and exceed those results.

There are some moves to be made on this team and it will take more than just this season to get it to where I want. Trade offers are always welcome and I'm not just going to give away talent. QB Stafford, and my two starting CB's are not available unless you're willing to OVERPAY (x2), so don't bother asking.

I'm currently looking to acquire talent/depth at CB/WR positions. If you have any good players available, feel free to let me know. For the right player, I'm willing to Overpay. I've already decided to release two players, and am looking to sign a couple of veterans.

Thanks for having me back, looking forward to an interesting season.

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49ers 2021 Camp

Season in Review:

GM Jay Hall stated that even after a subpar season, he only sees the team improoving in the offseason. We lost four games by a field goal or less, which would have had us with an eleven win season and a playoff berth. We are not that far off and will be in the hunt this season. We have the same basic core of players mixed with at least a dozen new faces as we head into training camp.


TE Keith Harbaugh
WR Verran Tucker
MLB Horace Sparks
HB Graig Cooper
HB Andre Dixon
LT Jeff Otah
SS Tre Battle
DT Albert Means
WR Marcus Easley
HB Ellsworth Yamaguchi
HB Francisco Barron
VIA TRADE: WR Justin Mcdaniel

Draft Class::
1.32 FS Jason Franks:
College, LSU - At 6 foot 4, Franks caught the eye of our staff with his 95 agility, 93 acceleration, and his ability to avoid injury. With a couple of seasons of speed drills and studying his playbook, Jason could turn out to be something special.

2.11 LT Monty Whitman:
College, The Ohio State - At six feet three inches tall and three hundred and thirty pounds, Whitman wasn't the biggest or strongest lineman in the draft but with 74awr, 88pbk, and 84rbk, in our eyes he was one of the best all around linemen in the draft. We needed someone to come into camp and battle for the starting LT from day one. Whitman has done that and is already in the number one position at LT.

2.22 WR Mark Ross:
College, Pittsburgh - With 85spd, Ross was overlooked by almost all teams but when we invited him in for a workout he won us over with his precise route running and his ability to catch everything thrown his way no matter how tight the coverage. At six feet two and two hundred and thirty one pounds he has 96jmp, 94agi, and 92acc. With our passing scheme mark should have some good success even without blazing speed.

3.18 HB Gary Hawkins:
College, Kentucky - Hawkins doesn't have any standout numbers that will make a GM jump for joy, but came into his workout with our team and showed flashes of a good HB. For his size he has great breaking tackle ability and in the open field he is elusive.

Free Agents Acquired:

MLB Greg Jones
MLB Richard Butler
C Ronny Cloninger
WR Roy Collins
TE Abel Nguyen
TE Shaun Isaac
HB Montario Hardesty
HB Shawnbrey Mcneal
HB Shaun Draughn
DT Jared Crick
CB Louis Carter
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All the news from training camp: *Injury Woes*
All the news from training camp, Day 2

The only full practice of the day is in the books, and while there were still a number of penalties and broken plays, I thought the quarterbacks looked a lot sharper than they did yesterday. Chad Henne was the "starter" this morning, and Joey Harrington will have that honor tomorrow morning. Brian Billick cautioned that although it may seem like Henne is getting more work now, over the next few days the load will even out. Here's how the QBs performed in 11-on-11 drills, where overall there was a lot more shifting, more three-receiver sets, and more Clements-like wrinkles than yesterday.

Chad Henne

- Completes a short pass to Paul Williams that is slightly behind the receiver.
- Pass to Johnnie Vance incomplete when Vance slips. Brandon Moore has tight coverage on the play
- Great pass to Vernon Davis. The ball hits Davis in the hands just as he's coming out of his break. Davis bobbles it initially but gathers it in and heads upfield.
- A swing pass to Vance is too far in front. Judging by Henne's body language, he expected Vance to be farther upfield.

Joey Harrington

- Whips a quick pass (hot read) to Maurice Purify
- Whips another quick one to Zach Hilton. Lamont Thompson sniffs out the play, and were this a full-contact practice, probably would have blown Hilton up
- Deep pass falls to the ground with nary a receiver in sight
- Patrick Pass makes a leaping catch over the middle

Chad Henne

- Completes a short pass to Maurice Purify
- Swing pass to Johnnie Vance goes off his fingers (drop)
- Completes a deep crossing pattern to Paul Williams
- Finally completes the swing pass to Vance.

Joey Harrington

- Incomplete to Vernon Davis
- Quick pass (hot read) to Zack Hilton
- A nice pass over the middle to Paul Williams
- A nice sideline pattern to Purify in front of Shawntae Spencer

Earlier in the practice, the 49ers went nine-on-nine (no CBs or WRs). These were all running plays, and the offense must have run 20 or so. I didn't see Patrick Pass, last year's fullback, block for Vance on any of them. Instead, that role either fell to Zach Hilton or to one of the H-backs. Pass did get into the action, but usually was blocking for Andre Callender.

While Hilton is a powerful lead blocker, Pass is a better pass-catching threat out of the backfield. Another reason he is getting more playing time: He is faster than Hilton and is effective in getting out in front of Vance on running plays to the outside.

Maurice Purify practiced sparingly this morning, and the team is making sure they don't wear down the 25-year-old stud WR this summer. With limited depth at the WR spot the top three receivers were Purify, Williams and Davis. Purify said he is only practicing once a day to avoid the knee issues he's had in previous summers. If you'll recall, he has had to have his knee drained of fluid several times over his short career.

Patrick Passt went down with a left knee injury after locking up with Manny Lawson in one-on-one blocking drills. The big tackle lay on the grass for several minutes, but eventually got to his feet. He was later seen moving around gingerly in the locker room with a bag of ice on the knee. Andre Callender also banged his knee on a delayed screen but it didn't appear to be a long-term injury.

Alex Boone spent in the night in the hospital getting treatment (antibiotics) for his infected bite. He's out of the hospital now. What bit him? Billick said no one is quite sure but that it wasn't a dreaded brown recluse spider.

I took tabs of who won and lost the blocking drills. Here's the partial tally

Jonas Jennings vs. Lance McField.
I. Field
II. Jennings

Justin Tuck vs. Stephen Neal
I. Tuck throws Neal to the ground
II. Neal holds his own and gets a good-natured pat on the helmet from Tuck for congratulations

Roderick Green vs. Duckett
I. Green beats him outside
II. Duckett holds him off but in a real game might have gotten an illegal hands to the face penalty

Vernon Davis vs. ...
I. ... Manny Lawson ... Davis wins
II. .... Louis Leonard ... Leanord goes bye, but because of a false start
III. .... Brandon Moore ... Draw
IV. ... Hodge ... Davis wins

Terrance Taylor vs. Chilo Rachal
I. Rachal
II. Taylor (Rachal whiffs on his block)

Andrew Gardner vs. Tim Crowder
I. Gardner puts Crowder on his back
II. Gardner fights him to a draw, gets nice applause from rest of o-line.

The 49ers ended practice in a team-drill situation. One of the things of note was that Justin Tuck continues to line up all over the field. He again played a lot of outside linebacker, but also lined up at left, not right, defensive end. In one alignment, he was the middle of a three-man line with Roderick Green on one side and Lance McDonald on the other. The bottom line is that the 49ers are experimenting with all sorts of formations this summer and that Tuck is at the center of that experimentation. Said Billick of Tuck: "He's going to be attacking the line of scrimmage as much as he can."

The offense mostly ran the ball during the final drills. There were several penalties on both the offense and defense. When the second-team defense jumped offside two times in a row, d-line coach Jim Tomsula - a Bee-rows favorite - went apoplectic. Pointing to the first-team defenders standing behind him, Tomsula yelled, "Ge 'em out! Get 'em out!" and the first teamers relieved their second-team counterparts.
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At A Glance

GM Me_Smith
Head Coach John Fox
Offensive Coordinator Ted Washington
Defensive Coordinator Mike Singletary
Special Teams Danny Smith
Salary $170.58M
Cap Penalty $1.19M
Cap Room $27.56M

49ers Luke Kuechly MLB 93 Out for season
49ers Greg Little WR 79 Probable

NFC West
#7 Seahawks Seahawks 11-5-0 0.69 5-1
#24 Cardinals Cardinals 6-10-0 0.38 2-4
#30 Rams Rams 5-11-0 0.31 3-3
#28 49ers 49ers 4-12-0 0.25 2-4

1 Sun vs Bills Bills #21
Won 37-14
2 Sun vs Lions Lions #18
Lost 28-31
3 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #24
Won 31-7
4 Sun at Vikings Vikings #3
Lost 14-17
5 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #7
Lost 28-31
6 Sun vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 20-27
7 Mon at Saints Saints #4
Lost 3-7
9 Sun at Rams Rams #30
Lost 20-23
10 Sun at Seahawks Seahawks #7
Lost 10-17
11 Sun at Dolphins Dolphins #26
Lost 28-31
12 Sun at Packers Packers #32
Won 26-16
13 Sun vs Jets Jets #12
Lost 14-26
14 Sun vs Bears Bears #20
Lost 23-34
15 Sun at Patriots Patriots #23
Lost 25-34
16 Sat vs Rams Rams #30
Won 30-27
17 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #24
Lost 17-31

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