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Best Offensive Tackle Duos (So far!)
By Keith Van Wagner
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A couple of weeks ago I posted a similar article over in the GZL. There, I was looking over some of the leader boards this morning and noticed that the Packers two starting Tackles had allowed zero sacks on the season. That’s pretty good! So I wrote up an article ranking the best Tackle duos, based on their pancake/sacks allowed ratio. So I thought I’d comb thru the data in the RZL and put together a ranking of the best duo in this league.

I wanted to know how each team’s tackle duos stack up comparatively. A few cuts and pastes later, I had a listing of each Tackle duo and their combined stats, including Pancake to Sack ratio. A couple things about the following info. First, not every team has had their starters available for every game. Also, several teams had more than 1 tackle register stats, but mostly they had under 5 pancakes, so I discarded this data. A few teams only had 1 tackle show up in the sorted stats, which meant they likely had a Guard playing out of position. So I had to go view each of these team’s line-ups to make sure I had the right guys. I may have missed some, but it doesn’t change this article’s purpose – to find the best pairings of Tackles.

It’s also interesting to note that here the quirks of percentages really come up. For example, the Bears finished higher than the Bengals, but I think I’d rather give up 1 more sack and have 24 more pancakes. Though that may just be me. Either way, both are stellar.

Two teams, the Bucs and the Broncos had two Tackles in the Top 10 for pancakes (which is different from their total ratio). Both teams had duos in the Top 10, though I expected them to place a little higher. The Broncos had the most pancakes (168), and Ravens had the least (87). The Saints allowed the least sacks (3) and the Browns allowed the most (15). The average number of sacks allowed per Tackle duo was 8.8, while the average number of pancakes was 130. Thus, the average ratio was 16.25.

So without further ado – here are the Best Tackle Duos (So Far)

1. SAINTS (Green/Byers) – 155 pancakes, 3 sacks (51.67 Ratio)
2. BEARS (Romero/Martin) – 131/4 (32.75)
3. BENGALS (Hayles/Matthews) – 150/5 (30.0)
4. RAMS (Savage/Solder) – 157/6 (26.17)
5. LIONS (Williams/Lewis) – 124/5 – (21.00)
6. BRONCOS (Young/Murphy) – 168/8 (21.00)
7. JAGUARS (Brown/Smith) – 144/7 (20.57)
8. BUCS (Carimi/Velheer) – 157/6 (20.38)
9. VIKINGS (Joeckel/Cook) – 108/6 (18.00)
10. TITANS (Cato/James) – 136/8 (17.00)

The worst sack ratios for a duo? OK, here they are:

28. REDSKINS (Nealy/Vargas) – 99/10 (9.90)
29. COLTS (Davis/Castonzo) – 116/12 (9.67)
30. PACKERS (Williams/William) – 100/11 (9.09)
31. BROWNS (Smith/Noel) – 126/15 (8.40)
32. CARDINALS (Fluker/Vasquez) – 106/13 (8.15)
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