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By Olivier Ratajczak
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A quarter of the season is in the books. Time to focus again on who at the Q1 marker should be listed in this top 10 contenders. Some crazyness has happened since last edition and that's quite Worth mention it.

1) The Saints are out of the top 10, and ride a league stunner 0-4 record. Injuries are plaguing them but note is to be made about Moore showing his age. I won't still quite leave them out of season possible contender as of now, as past seasons they showed they can superbly dig themselves out of an hole.

2) The Vikings and Lions are playing strong football. Mark Sanchez has given the Lions the signal caller they needed to go over their last seaon limitations. As for the Vikes, they simply play it hard and the Lawson DHB combo is clicking right.

3) Denver is laso making a case for himself being among the undefeated teams still alive after week 4. Those horses are taking the league by surprise after some years in the basement. As of now, GM Pearce is the hiring of the year !

4) The Dolphins and Jaguars are showing sign of fatigue ??? that can be the case, and are so-so as of now. They consequently droped out of this ranking, and some serious brainstorming should be done to right the ship.

Now unto the list ; and as in the first qrticle, there's no specificall order.

Quietly the Jets seem to have found their rythm early in the season : the trio Luck-Tate-Green is a sure asset to power the offense. The defense is playing well enough for them to surf that 1st quarter smoothly.

Denver made a spring cleaning this offseason and they have found their style of play with the smashmouth attitude. Matt Berkeley is having his groove Under the Broncos playbook, and the defense is nasty.

As stated above, Minny is having fun and Lawson is making stride. Help by DHB and a potent rushing attack, Lake town looked poised to go far.

The reigning champs are on form : apart a close loss to Minny (a back to earth kind of call), they proved that they're still to be counted, and for good measure.

Nashville is living to the hype : Jackson Manning is all the GM thought he was when he traded for him, and with HB Landy Thompson, is carrying the team. The downside : the strengh of the victory is kind of weak, and their only top team game was a loss. They maybe should look on the play of the QB as against top teams his play may set them back.

The steel city is having a strong first quarter with wins against against then though for some, for the rest still contenders. They tripped on the carpet against the Chargers, but they as of now look impressive, notably after their win against Baltimore.

Philly is what we thought they are. A maulling passing machine. They have to figure it out on defense, despite some excellent individuals stats, as the loss to the Ravens is showing. They may rely too much on what's clicking, and when it's not working they're quite lost, ala Dan Marino's Dolphins in the 1984 SB.

Tampa is back to form. They deisively play on defense and gain a lot of TO. Hanson is playing sharp, but when moved by opponents, the team seems at pains. This said, they amde it clear that postseason is going to go through Tampa.

Baltimore may be bipolar : they nailed the Eagles but dropped to Pittsburgh a crucial division game. But so far they're showing last year SB form, and Baltimore is still among those to have a claim on the title.

DC is doing good with with strong wins against NO and Tampa. Dropping one at home in the opening against the cowboys is a sure stinker. The defense looks improved : the pass D is terrific, and the run while still out of the top 10, is stout. Probable worry : Wright having already 6 Ints against 8 all season last year.

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