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By Olivier Ratajczak
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The first week of the new season is about to start in a few days. Time now to get a glimpse in the Crystal ball to foresee who are the early favorite to succeed to the Seattle Seahawks.

Pay no mind to the order, as there is no particular ranking in it ; it is too prematurate to give superiority to one another when not a meaningful snap has been taken.

I intentionnaly put aside the Chargers ; not that they didn't merit last season, but I feel the team is limited compared to the others, and you can't repat a cindirella run over and over again.
You'll also see that no team from the AFC West or NFC North is present : that doesn't mean they can't, because technically one of each division as division winner will be n the playoffs, it does mean that I feel the better teams in there (Chargers and Bears) a tad Under the others presented below.

Now unto the top 10 teams for me who are the more legit (of course you can debate) to win it all.

Pay your due to Ceasar ! I couldn't start without the defending SB champs. The team is intact and any key loss to the roster has been replaced by equal talent, if not better. They did prove than even with a back-up QB, you can go all the way, so Gping is mastered in the Rainy City, and should prove strong again.

The Bayou is the lovable looser, always in the top but never with the silverware. That may be proven wrong this season as GM Mullendore made the right roster moves to bolster where it did falter last season. An angry mob is always hard to contain.

Hard not to see the "corbeaux" going all the way ; the third time may be the charm ! The defense and the offense can pick your bones clean, and you won't even get your eyes to cry. It will be far streched to look for trends in SB appearances : the Ravens have the look to go back and take the trophy home.

The Jaguars have lost their colorful GM. That may be a blow, but I won't count on it. This beast of prey has still its sharp fangs and you may easily overlook it for an aging cat at your own expenses. there aren't a lot of teams as solid on both sides of the ball as Jacksonville !

I feel Tampa is back to its old ways ; thatt means winning ! And when they do win, they win it all. Last season was a fluke and GM Fernandez is eager to prove it. they had a strong addition in the passing game in Julio Jones, and to me they will make it again a three team war in the AFC South.

Trevor fumbled the keys in front of the door, and Kurt got them and entered the SB. I think the Falcons have all the Tools to open it this year. It may prove harder with the Buccas entrering anew the contest in the AFC South, but that may prove to be the decisive factor to propel them to winning the SB, as sharper competition makes the better preparation.

The Jets made a splash in the draft to obtain the ebst pure pass rusher in any draft held before. They beefed up the defense, and with a totally new offensive scheme to be displayed, I think they can go no over that curse that saw them playing short in january.

The road to history may pass through Miami. Adn through the arm of Eric Stubbs. The guy is in his prime and can play lights out in any game. Backed with a strong defense, they are in full speed mode as their window of opportunity may reduce in the future.

Philly has lost a bitter one against Settle, but was very short of winning. To me, with a tweak on the GP, they can easily go over any team, and should ride again their formidable passing attack to winning it all.

I feared for them with McCoy retiring ; but with Bradford in, Buffalo is still lethal ! They should work some magic to counter an aging defense, but don't count out the wits of Joe Gaspar to mount a team capable of stompeding a league.
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