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AFC South Draft Day Notes
By Neal Wintermute
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AFC South Draft Day Notes

Here is a look at how the 2024 draft went for the teams in the AFC South.

The Indianpolis Colts had a very active 2024 draft. It all started with the 5th overall pick which they used to select CB-Justin Gilbert. The Colts have a huge need at CB and Gilbert was the CB who is most ready to make an immediate impact. He is 6'0", 93 SPD, 61 STR, 67 AWR, 91 AGI, 94 ACC, 66 CTH, and 91 JMP. The talent in the upcoming draft classes is thought to be weaker than in past years, so getting a CB who is starter worthy was a great plan for the Colts.

They came right back in round two with another CB selection. At 2.5, they selected CB-Brent Zimmerman. He too is 6'0" though his other attributes make him a questionable option this early in the 2nd round. He has 90 SPD, 57 STR, 68 AWR, 94 AGI, 91 ACC, and 90 JMP. The upside on him is his AWR. If he gets training camp point over the years he could be a #2 CB.

The Colts stocked up in this draft using the maximum of 10 selections. One final pick worth noting is the 2.10 pick, FS-Brock Vereen. He is 6'0", 92 SPD, 66 STR, 61 AWR, 92 AGI, and 93 ACC. He's a very athletic free safety and should start immediately.

The Jags draft was really the opposite of the Colts draft. The Jags had all their original picks but only those. With the 28th overall selection, the Jags took LE-Stephen Tuitt. He is the ideal 3-4 RE. I'm not sure who was the acting GM here at the time of the pick, but I have to think that was their intention. He is 6'5", 304 lbs, 66 SPD, 91 STR, 62 AWR, 69 AGI, and 80 ACC. This Jags team doesn't have many needs, except for the fact they are getting older, so this seems to have been a good pick.

The other major need area for the Jags is at OLB. So they tried to address that with the 2nd round selection of LOLB-Martin Swift. Swift is a smaller OLB with decent speed and quickness. He is 6'1", 235 lbs, 83 SPD, 67 STR, 81 AGI, and 83 ACC. I'm sure he will start in light of the other options the Jags have on their current roster.

The Titans traded up in round 1 to make sure they got one of their targets. They went with SS-Deone Bucannon. He was the best available safety in this years draft. He is 6'1", 211 lbs, and has 92 SPD, 70 STR, 94 ACC, 65 CTH, 91 JMP, and 70 TAK. My guess is that Bucannon beats out free agent signee Joe Lefeged for that starting spot. It's hard to argue about this selection just because he was at the top of his position group.

The Titans then used the 31st overall selection on HB-Carlos Hyde. He too was at the top of his position group. He is 230 lbs. with 90 SPD, 74 STR, 87 ACC, 81 CAR, and 83 TAK. The Titans will find some place for Hyde in the offense. He's not a stud RB, but he certainly can be a valuable asset on an effective offense.

The final selection worth noting in Tennessee was their round 3 pick, QB-Anthony Phillips. He projects as a possible future starting QB. He is 6'3" with 70 AWR, 90 THP, and 79 THA. His accuracy will be a huge factor in how far he goes as a QB.

The Texans had the first overall pick, so their draft revolved around who they would take at the top spot. They chose to go QB, and took Aundre Brooks at first overall. Brooks looks the part of a future franchise QB. He is 6'5", 245 lbs., and has 60 AWR, 97 THP, and 89 THA. His AWR is low, but he has polished passing skills already. I admire the Texans for staying at #1 and getting their guy. I'm sure there must have had some decent offers, but ultimately they kept the pick and made their selection.

They came back in round 3 with another good selection taking HB-Bishop Sankey. Sankey is 209 lbs, with 91 SPD, 72 STR, 88 AGI, 93 ACC, and 80 BTK. He has the ability to be a starter, but it could be a rough year with a rookie QB AND a rookie RB.
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