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Draft Day Mock- Picks 1-10
By Neal Wintermute
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1.1- Houston Texans- QB-Aundre Brooks- 6'5", 60 AWR, 97 THP, and 89 ACC- Brooks has the potential to be a great QB down the line, particularly with his THP.

1.2- New York Jets- DE-Jadeveon Clowney- 84 SPD, 78 STR, and 92 ACC- He's the best player in the draft and should dominate at LE.

1.3- New England Patriots- WR-Sammie Watkins- 6'1", 94 SPD, 64 STR, 65 AWR, 92 AGI, 92 ACC, and 80 CTH- The Patriots traded away Julio Jones so it's seems logical that they would replace him. Watkins isn't as tall, but he will be an excellent speed receiver.

1.4- Denver Broncos- WR-Mike Evans- 6'5", 231 lbs., 89 SPD, 90 ACC, and 95 JMP- Not sure where Denver is headed here, but they tend to like taller, bigger players.

1.5- Indianapolis Colts- CB-Justin Gilbert- 6'0", 93 SPD, 61 STR, 67 AWR, 91 AGI, 94 ACC, 66 CTH, and 91 JMP- The Colts need CB's. Gilbert is the most ready to step in and is the likely selection here.

1.6- New York Giants- CB-Lamar Blackmon- 6'1", 228 lbs, 94 SPD, 61 STR, 93 AGI, and 92 ACC- The Giants need a second CB to help out Milliner. Blackmon would form a nice tandem in the Giants secondary.

1.7- Detroit Lions- DT-Aaron Donald- 78 SPD, 92 STR, 79 AGI, and 84 ACC- Donald is the type of playmaking defensive lineman the Lions like. If he is here, he'll be a good bet to be a Lion.

1.8- Chicago Bears- LT-Taylor Lewan- 64 SPD, 90 STR, 63 AWR, 64 AGI, 80 ACC, 86 PBK, and 82 RBK- The Bears need a LT and Lewan will be a dominant force at either left or right tackle.

1.9- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- MLB-C.J. Mosley- 6'2", 83 SPD, 78 STR, 67 AWR, 82 ACC, 64 CTH, 74 JMP, and 81 TAK- The Bucs are in need of a ROLB. Mosley could easily convert to ROLB.

1.10- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- This pick will be traded.

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