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Mock Draft v1.0 (1-10)
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to

It's early, but it's always fun to put together a Mock. Here's a first pass at a Mock Draft. All ususal Disclaimers apply, most particularly that many of these picks will likely change hands between now and Draft Day. Enjoy!

1.1 - QB Aundre Brooks, TEXANS.

1.2 - CB Justin Gilbert, PACKERS.

1.3 - DE Jadeveon Clowney, RAMS.

1.4 - WR Sammie Watkins, BRONCOS.

1.5 - CB Lamar Blackmon, COLTS.

1.6 - OL Taylor Lewan, GIANTS.

1.7 - DT Aaron Donald, LIONS.

1.8 - MLB CJ Mosley, BROWNS.

1.9 - WR Mike Evans, BUCS.

1.10 - CB Marquez Alliman, PATRIOTS.
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Red Zone League Articles

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