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RZL All-Rookie Team - 2023
By Keith Van Wagner
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RZL All-Rookie Team - 2023

Earlier I posted the results from the Rookie of the Year Tracker. While I was at it, I made my (sorta) annual All-Rookie Team. A few things stand out.

Not a great year for rookie offensive lineman. Of course, this isn’t a surprise as only 1 lineman was drafted in the first round this year. OG Stuart Allison didn’t disappoint and was a standout not only at the position, but amongst all rookies. But players like OT Nelson Howard and C Ed Day were selected more by default. Day led all rookie Centers (there were 2 who saw the field with 42 pancakes. But he also allowed 11 sacks. Still, no other rookie Center did any better, so it’s not fair to single him out too much.

A couple of late round picks ended up shining this year. Most notably, OLB Patrick Peterson, who saw 12 other Outside Linebackers taken before him. Peterson was a Top 10 finalist for Rookie of the Year and out-performed fellow All-Rookie teammate and first OLB taken, Sam Powell. The hardest position to pick was Free Safety, where both Russell and Daniel Campbell had compelling seasons. Ultimately, I went with Russell, but it was a tough choice.

Also, as usual, some good scouting on our part. 17 of the players selected went in the first or second round.

QB – Jeffrey Reed, ARI (1.6, 1st QB overall)
HB – Louis Freeman, DET (1.31, 2nd HB overall)
FB – Leland Love, CHI (2.28, 1st FB overall)
WR – Lawrence Ellis, IND (1.8, 2nd WR overall)
WR – Todd Moreno, PHI (1.30, 6th WR overall)
TE – Juan Torres, DET (1.12, 1st TE overall)
OT – Marion Vargas, WAS (3.21, 7th OT overall)
OT – Nelson Howard, OAK (4.3, 8th OT overall)
OG – Stuart Allison, CIN (1.17, 1st OG overall)
OG – Devin Gutierrez, OAK (2.20, 5th OG overall)
C – Ed Day, DET (3.20, 2nd C overall)

DE – William Ross, OAK (2.12, 7th DE overall)
DE – Clint Montgomery, ARI (2.3, 4th DE overall)
DT – Robert Mitchell, NE (1.7, 2nd DT overall)
DT – Robert Williams, CLE (1.5, 1st DT overall)
OLB – Patrick Peterson, SEA (5.19, 13th OLB overall)
OLB – Sam Powell, WAS (1.21, 1st OLB overall)
MLB – Randall Johnston, TB (1.18, 1st overall)
CB – Sean Allen, SEA (1.19, 4th CB overall)
CB – David Murphy, GB (1.1, 1st CB overall)
FS – Russell Graham, PHI (1.13, 1st FS overall)
SS – Myron Sanchez, MIA (4.15, 6th SS overall)

K – Bernard Clayton, IND (7.8, 3rd K overall)
P – Benjamin Watts, PIT (2.24, 2nd P overall)
KR – Orlando Hall, KC (4.23, 7th HB overall)

Offensive Rookie of the Year – HB Louis Freeman
Defensive Rookie of the Year – DE Clint Montgomery
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