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RZL Rookie of the Year Tracker (Final)
By Keith Van Wagner
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RZL Rookie of the Year Tracker (Final)

The season is finally in the books and the first year players are no longer Rookies, but rising Sophomores. After all the predictions and games played, the cream has risen to the top and we can assess who the best rookies were. We last checked in around mid-season, when DE William Ross and WR Lawrence Ellis were neck and neck for the Rookie of the Year Award.

Louis Freeman rockets to the top of the list after an exceptional second half of the season, including a 205 yard day in week 14. On the defensive side of the ball, the stiffest competition was between Defensive Ends Clint Montgomery and Williams Ross. Ross ended with one more sack than Montgomery, but Montgomery had more tackles and more tackles for loss. Still, it was a close race.

Please note that even if a team loses, I don't hold that against a player who has made exceptional efforts on the field. Lastly, this is meant for entertainment purposes only, so let's keep it civil, and if you don't like it, you are always welcome to make your own list.

Rookie of the Year Tracker

1. HB Louis Freeman, DET (1585 yds, 4.6 ypc, 9 TD) Previous Rank: 6th
2. DE Clint Montgomery, ARI (42 tak, 16 tfl, 12 sacks) Previous Rank: 10th
3. DE William Ross, OAK (38 tak, 9 tfl, 13 sacks) Previous Rank: 1st
4. QB Jeffrey Reed, ARI (51.4%, 3041 yds, 23 TD, 15 Int) Previous Rank: 7th
5. WR Lawrence Ellis, IND (1318 yds, 17.8 avg, 9 TD) Previous Rank: 2nd
6. HB Darrin Rogers, PHI (1213 yds, 4.9 avg, 11 TD) Previous Rank: 5th
7. CB Sean Allen, SEA (53 tak, 4 tfl, 3 sacks, 4 int) Previous Rank: NR
8. DT Robert Mitchell, NE (36 tak, 4 tfl, 6 sacks) Previous Rank: NR
9. HB Craig Leer, ARI (1028 yds, 4.0 avg, 2 TD) Previous Rank: NR
10. OG Stuart Allison, CIN (62 pancakes, 1 sacks) Previous Rank: 8th

Also receiving consideration: OLB Patrick Peterson, WR Todd Moreno, LT Marion Vargas, WR Wayne White, FB Leland Love, DE Sam Phillips, SS Myron Sanchez, KR Orlando Hall

Dropping Out of the Top 10: WR Wayne White, OLB Patrick Peterson, SS Myron Sanchez
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