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Rookie of the Year Tracker (Week 7)
By Keith Van Wagner
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The season is almost to the midpoint and the rookie class has started to make its impact felt. Building off of my article from Week 1, I am continuing in my effort to track the Rookie of the Year throughout the year, noting if a player is rising or falling in the rankings. Like last time, Iíll provide my top 10 based on their cumulative achievements for the season, but also let the readers vote as to their favorites. At the end of the season, the fake Rookie of the Year in our fake league will win a shiny new fake car or fake something.

After seven weeks, seven new faces come to the Top 10. DE William Ross, however, continues to dominate amongst the rookies, totaling 8 sacks so far. His season numbers tie him for 2nd place in the entire league which is quite an accomplishment for a rookie. A pair of Wide Receivers come next, as Ellis and White are neck and neck. White has more yards but hasnít managed a touchdown yet. Ellis has been a great pickup for the Colts and both are heading towards 1000 yard seasons. One of the most versatile players so far has been 5th round surprise OLB Patrick Peterson. Peterson is 2nd amongst rookies in tackles, 3rd in sacks and tied for second in interceptions.

Please note that even if a team loses, I don't hold that against a player who has made exceptional efforts on the field. Lastly, this is meant for entertainment purposes only, so let's keep it civil, and if you don't like it, you are always welcome to make your own list.

Rookie of the Year Tracker

1. DE William Ross, OAK (19 tak, 3 tfl, 8 sacks) Previous Rank: 1st
2. WR Lawrence Ellis, IND (491 yds, 19.6 avg, 4 TD) Previous Rank: NR
3. WR Wayne White, GB (527 yds, 18.2avg, 0 TD) Previous Rank: NR
4. OLB Patrick Peterson, SEA (30 tak, 1 tfl, 3 sacks, 2 FF, 1 FR, 1 Int) Previous Rank: NR
5. HB Darrin Rogers, PHI (458 yds, 4.5, 5 TD) Previous Rank: NR
6. HB Louis Freeman, DET (493 yds, 4.3 ypc, 2 TD) Previous Rank: 3rd
7. QB Jeffrey Reed, ARI (50%, 635 yds, 4TD, 4 Int) Previous Rank: NR
8. OG Stuart Allison, CIN (24 pancakes, 0 sacks) Previous Rank: NR
9. SS Myron Sanchez, MIA (24 tak, 1 tfl, 1 FF, 2 int) Previous Rank: 8th
10. DE Clint Montgomery, ARI (16 tak, 9 tfl, 4 sacks) Previous Rank: NR
MLB Dwayne Maes, STL (31 tak, 5 TFL, 1 FR, 1 TD) Previous Rank: NR

Also receiving consideration: HB Craig Leer, WR Todd Moreno, OT Nelson Howard, LT Marion Vargas, MLB Dwayne Maes

Dropping Out of the Top 10: OT Nelson Howard, QB Donald Walker, HB Craig Leer, SS Oliver Poole, CB Sean Allen, P Benjamin Watts
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