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2022 RZL NFC Pro Bowl Roster
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to

Recently I posted my RZL All-Rookie Team, which caused more than a couple comments. Still, it was fun to put together. It made me think of who I would put on my Pro Bowl team. Here is the NFC. I’m sure you guys will have NOTHING to say about it. So here goes, with the usual disclaimers: it’s just my opinion, many were close calls, I didn’t thoroughly investigate how many FGs your kicker had to attempt outdoors, etc etc. Starters are listed first.

QB – Dudley Hanson, TB; Drew Stanton, CAR; James Hartle, SEA
HB – Quinton Bowlinger, DAL; Trent Richardson, TB; Anthony Young, STL; Toby Gerhart, WAS
FB – Edmond Lindsey, NO; Bradie Ewing, DAL
WR – Eddie Burns, PHI; Justin Blackmon, ATL; Brooks Foster, STL; Justin McDaniel, DAL
WR – Randy Richardson, CAR; Golden Tate, DET; Rudolph Nash, PHI
TE – Robert Wilson, CHI; Dorin Dickerson, MIN; Jordan Reed, PHI
OT – Brooks Young, CHI; Sean Green, STL
OT – Jake Long, ARI; Lance Louis, NO
OG – Marshall Newhouse, STL; Nate Solder, STL
OG – Nats Luzak, MIN; Jon Cooper, CAR
OC – Mike Pouncey, DAL; Jacques McClendon, MIN

DE – Kraig Garrison, NO; Glenn O’Hara, CAR
DE – Everson Griffen, TB; Phil Kubish, DAL
DT – Francisco Gerard, CAR; Lamont Garcia, NYG
DT – Melvin Tirrell, MIN; Evander Hood, SEA
OLB – Rosario Garza, CAR; Bruce Irvin, GB
OLB – Dexter Davis, WAS; Tyrelle Witherington, DET
MLB – Jerricho James, TB; Clint Simtim, GB
CB – Demarcus Van Dyke, NO; Korey Macy, STL
CB – Fritz Dotson, CHI; Andy Barber, NO
FS – Earl Thomas, ATL; Isaac McClain, TB
SS – Jeremy Wood, STL; Taylor Mays, NO

K – Jonah Galloway, STL
P – Emile Schupp, ATL
KR – Delone Carter, CAR

In terms of Pro Bowlers, no team – AFC or NFC – can match the Rams who had 8 total. St. Louis was closely followed by Carolina who won the NFC South and produced 7 Pro Bowlers. Only the 49ers didn’t manage to send a player to Hawaii – but still they managed to finish a respectable 7-9. Seattle and Washington only had two each – but still punched a ticket to the postseason. The Saints produced the most Pro Bowlers (6) of the teams that missed the playoffs, though they finished 10-6.
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