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2022 RZL All-Rookie Team
By Keith Van Wagner
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Here's my take on the RZL All-Rookie Team. I'm sure there's a guy on your team that you really like, or maybe a guy or two I overlooked, so I apologize in advance. For example, picking a FB was hard. Lonnie Pryor had a lot of yards, but my Bradie Ewing led all FBs, including vets, in pancakes. So I was a homer there. On the other hand, even though it was tempting to name Geno Smith as the All-Rooke QB, that honor clearly belongs to Brock Osweiler. Either way, it's just for fun so hope you enjoy.

QB -- Brock Osweiler, Lions (Drafted 4.22)
HB -- Marcus Lattimore, Steelers (1.20)
FB -- Bradie Ewing, Cowboys (4.17)
WR -- Terrance Williams, Steelers (2.14)
WR -- Tavon Austin, Browns (2.10)
TE -- Jordan Reed, Eagles (2.19)
OT -- Chris Faulk, Raiders (1.11)
OT -- Luke Joeckel, Vikings (1.15)
OG -- Dallas Thomas, Bucs (2.3)
OG -- Chris McDonald, Eagles (2.29)
OC -- Eric Fisher, Rams (2.28)

DE -- John Simon, Chargers (2.13)
DE -- Sheldon Richardson, Packers (1.32)
DT -- Jesse Williams, Cowboys (3.20)
DT -- John Jenkins, Bills (2.26)
OLB -- Tyrelle Witherington, Lions (1.22)
OLB -- Travon Charles, Bills (2.5)
MLB -- Jarvis Jones, Bengals (1.5)
CB -- Desmond Trufant, Bucs (1.27)
CB -- Dee Milliner, Giants (1.2)
FS -- Matt Elam, Raiders (2.21)
SS -- Shawn Williams, Panthers (4.11)

K -- Dustin Hopkins, Giants (3.2)
P -- Jackson Rice, Lions (4.9)
KR -- Tyrann Mathieu, Steelers (3.1)

Offensive Rookie of the Year
HB Marcus Lattimore, Steelers

Defensive Rookie of the Year
MLB Jarvis Jones, Bengals
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