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Game of the Week: Week 1
By Kurt Ison
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Cowboys 1 - 2 Chiefs

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The road to Super Bowl XVI is about to begin, while the final location for the venue is being decided teams are busy preparing to give them the best chance to be their on the big day. Week one will provide plenty of insight into how teams off-seasons and pre-seasons have worked, have they prepared properly and have their moves paid off? Each week we will look at the "Game of the Week" and break it down to see how the teams match up.

The Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs are two teams who are coming into the 2021 season with a lot of expectation. The Cowboys only won their inaugural RZL Championship in 2019 while the Chiefs have appeared in eight playoff games in the past four seasons. Both teams have a lot of pressure to not only return to the playoffs but to make deep pushes and their is no reason why they can't with the talent on both rosters.

Injury Report:
Cowboys - RG Alex Parsons Out for the Season.
The Dallas Cowboys lost their starting guard in the preseason and his loss for the season could be a costly one. The Cowboys don't have a great deal of depth behind their starting offensive line and it's expected former sixth round pick David Kraig will fill in the void. Quarterback Matt Flynn is getting fragile and a weakness in the offensive line could derail the Cowboys campaign if Flynn takes one to many hits.

Chiefs - WR Andre Roberts 7 Weeks / C Marcellus Nice 6 Weeks / CB Wilfred Stannard 2 Weeks.
The Kansas City Chiefs were ravaged by injuries in the pre-season, the loss of Nice & Stannard are huge blows to the team. Stannard has been a long time starting cornerback in Kansas City, they team will get by but will be relieved to see him back in a few weeks. The loss of their reliable center Nice for almost two months will be their biggest worry, protecting quarterbacks in the RZL is of the upmost importance and losing any starter on the offensive line screams trouble.

Key Match-up:
Cowboys Francisco Gerard V Chiefs Zachary Williams
This is as one sided as it gets, in one corner we have 6'6" 350lbs Gerard who has been a defensive tackle for sevens seasons and recorded 47 sacks. In the other corner is a back up center, drafted in 2018 and yet to see play a snap. If Gerard does what he is expected to do it's going to be a ugly day for the Chiefs offence, and they may have a even longer injury list. Williams needs to find a way to hold his own, he will give up the odd play but he can't be turned into a turn style.

Watch out Chiefs!
The Dallas enforcer Jack Ham Jr. is out to regain some respect. After leading his team to a championship he was shocked to find he was on the trade block, after a quiet past season he is out to make people remember why he is the Cowboys leader on defence. Watch for Ham Jr. to try and stub out one of the toughest runners in Fat Mike, if he wins that contest he will have regained some well earn't respect.

Watch out Cowboys!:
Veteran linebacker Jesse Prince has been a monster for the Chiefs in the past two seasons. The thirty-two year old has gone under most radars but he is proving better with age with 23 sacks in the past two seasons. Watch for Prince to blitz hard and often from the left side, with a weakened Dallas offensive line he could be missed in protection and wreak havoc in the backfield.

What they said..
Dallas Cowboys GM - John Stanley
"The Chiefs present a tough challenge for us, right away in Week 1. They are a team that made it to the playoffs last year and only lost 3 times during the Regular Season. They are a veteran team, who are good in all phases of the game. They can both run and pass effectively, and defend the run and pass effectively as well. This game will be a good early measuring stick for where we are as a football team."

Kansas City Cowboys GM - Dave Bauer
Unavaliable for comment.

This is a classic match-up, two very talented teams with great coaching and management. Both have proven they are capable to mix it with the leagues top teams. Both teams are very similar, quarterbacks who have learnt the hard way and old hard nosed linebackers on the defence. This will be a close hard fought contest, the Chiefs home ground advantage won't be enough to make up for their injury list. Cowboys by 3.
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