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Best Cornerbacks in the RZL
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to

Earlier I wrote an article ranking the top CB tandems in the league. These rankings celebrated more of the ‘team’ concept. However, based on these group rankings, I’ve also put together a list of the Top Ten Cornerbacks in the league RIGHT NOW.

No doubt these selections will spark further debate. Perhaps none more than naming the diminutive Chris Saunders as the best of the best. Whatever Saunders’ height, he’s got the attributes (99 spd, 97 awr, 99 agi, 76 cth) – and the production, 16 picks in the last three years -- that makes him elite.

Here are the Top Ten Cornerbacks:

1. Chris Saunders, Giants (1037.83 pts)
2. Basil Shuff, Bills (1035.42)
3. Isaac McClain, Saints (1034.17)
4. Fritz Dotson, Bears (1023.25)
5. Emilio Yang, Panthers (1020.42)
6. Isaac Suggs, Bears (1019.92)
7. Korey Macy, Rams (1017.75)
8. Kyle Wilson, Panthers (1010.92)
9. David Cox, Cowboys (1007.33)
10. Jimmie Daughtery, Cowboys (1007.25)
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