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Best Cornerback Tandems -- AFC Edition
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to

We all know having a good Cornerback is essential in the RZL. And having two good CBs is, after a good QB, the biggest key to sucess.

So who has the best CB tandem? We can debate it all we want, but at the end of the day, the numbers don't lie. Below is a ranking of the top CB Tandems in the AFC, based on a proprietry methodology used in the Panther front office to evaluate draft prospects in the secondary.

Now, this article is published knowing full well that about the only thing RZL owners will debate more than whose player is best is who has the biggest dick. Most of you won't like the answer (to either question), but these rankings are based on empirical data. Don't like it? Make your own list!

A few notes on the rankings:

I won't divulge the full methodology, but the factors considered are: speed, awareness, agility, acceleration, catching, tackling, height, and production over the past 3 seasons.

These values are used in a weighted calculation.

The final rankings are based on the CBs attributes as they currently are. It's not about potential or regression. It's about how good the CB is right now.

I ranked each CB individually and then tallied the scores for both. So in other words, New Orleans' CB McClain is one of the best in the league (total points: 1034.17), but the Saints rank below the Rams as the Rams two corners have a higher combined score.

Lastly, I'm not sure who the starter is for some, so forgive me if I've grabbed the wrong guy. I can change it based on new information, but if I wasn't sure I used my best guess.

Below are the best AFC Cornerback Tandems:

1. Bills
Shuff 1035.42
Maxwell 979.83
TOTAL PTS: 2015.25

2. Dolphins
Peterson 1000.42
Cook 1001.50
TOTAL PTS: 2001.92

3. Chiefs
Cunningham 999.08
StannarD 988.08
TOTAL PTS: 1987.17

4. Jaguars
Dutch 979.17
Stephens 1002.08
TOTAL PTS: 1981.25

5. Texans
Howard 990.25
DRC 984.92
TOTAL PTS: 1975.17

6. Titans
Smith 994.75
Cox 978.42
TOTAL PTS: 1973.17

7. Browns
Cox 986.25
Martin 980.83
TOTAL PTS: 1967.08

8. Colts
Smith 987.50
Dashiell 968.33
TOTAL PTS: 1955.83

9. Jets
Brown 965.50
Marcus 973.17
TOTAL PTS: 1938.67

10. Steelers
Thurmond 951.25
Davis 983.42
TOTAL PTS: 934.67

11. Ravens
Macaluso 1000.00
Minnifield 922.25
TOTAL PTS: 1922.25

12. Chargers
Moody 1001.75
Amukamara 916.00
TOTAL PTS: 1917.75

13. Patriots
Barnett 961.50
Burgess 947.00
TOTAL PTS: 1908.50

14. Broncos
Newton 975.58
Jackson 898.50
TOTAL PTS: 1874.08

15. Bengals
Peterson 957.75
Robinson 869.75
TOTAL PTS: 1827.50

16. Raiders
Burton 940.50
Smith 878.75
TOTAL PTS: 1819.25
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