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Most Valuable Player...(s), Offense
By Jason Arnold
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This is a list, of my opinion, of the most valuable players on offense. This will take into account positional value, age, trade value and overall impact on the game. Rookies will not be factored into this as they exponentially more valuable and also unproven.

1. Andrew Luck, QB, NYJ --- This is a testament to how good I think Andrew Luck is. Even with a 78 INJ rating, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a reasonable trade situation out there where you'd move a QB this good and young and feel good about it.

2. Joseph Brousseau, QB, CLE --- Maybe a surprising pick, but Brousseau has it all. Phenomenal production, a Superbowl trophy, and the attributes you want, including a 93 INJ rating.

3. Justin Blackmon, WR, ATL --- A few guys battling for this spot in my rankings, all WRs; AJ Green, Julio Jones, etc. However, Blackmon gets the nod. His upside is higher because of his abnormal size, strength, and speed combination. Despite not having as high of CTH as the others, he has by far less drops, too.

4. Julio Jones, WR, NE --- Jones was right there with Blackmon on my rankings. Blackmon's advantage in youth, speed, agility, size, jump, catch, well everything outside of height, gave him the slight edge in my mind. Jones did produce at a high level last year, but on a miserable team so how much does it matter?

5. Adrian McPherson, QB, JAC --- Oakland is still dumb for moving McPherson. With that said, McPherson is in danger of falling on my rankings even more next season. Reason being, he's not producing like an elite QB should. Out of all QBs who got significant playing time, his completion % was the 16th best when looking at QBs with 150 or more passing attempts. 14 picks in 12 games is pretty bad, too. He did all of this with arguably the best WR corps in the RZL. With that said, he still earns number 5 of because of his attributes and his high INJ rating. But, he needs to produce better.

6. Jagger Howard, WR, DEN --- Howard gets the nod over Green because his upside is higher. Howard already has equal speed, but is bigger, younger, and overall better athleticism.

7. Trent Richardson, HB, TB --- He's not the best HB in the RZL or even the second best HB in the RZL, but he's invaluable. He has elite attributes and is very, very young. I cannot see another HB in the RZL I'd rather have for the long haul than Richardson.

8. Jackson Manning, WR, WSH --- Manning is 5 years played which hurts ranking, but the production with poor QB play cannot be denied. 10+ TDs in every season except one and 1,500+ yards every season except one. Never missed a game, either. Needs to stop dropping the ball, though.

9. Jimmy Clausen, QB, ATL --- What's not to like? INJ is the only thing keeping Clausen from my top 5. At the QB position, you are going to get hit and you cannot have the high INJ rating that he does have. With that said, he has performed at a high level in a tough division without many good targets until the addition of Blackmon.

10. DeMaryius Thomas, WR, JAC --- Thomas is one of the games' best WRs. Being 5 years played hurts his ranking in terms of making it into the top 7 or so, but don't let that fool you, still an elite WR with game-breaking ability.

11. AJ Green, WR SEA --- A young, fast, tall WR. He can become elite as the Seahawks want to make him in TC, but he's a notch below the aforementioned WRs.

12. Matt Kalil, RT, PHI --- Not as physically gifted as a guy like Quinn James, but -- Kalil's value, not overall talent, is helped by his youth, giving him more value in the long term which is what this list is based on.

13. Garry Reyes, HB, MIA --- Garry Reyes has always been productive in a historically really bad offense. After having a bad, bad year in 2019, he followed it up with a very impressive campaign in 2020 with 15 TDs. He needs more stability around him.

14. Quinn James, RT, WSH --- Hasn't always produced as high as you'd hope given his attributes, a lot of that can be attributed to blocking for some of the worst QBs the RZL has ever seen(JaMarcus Russell). He was with a low AWR QB last season, but helped him progress throughout the year and has helped a very average HB in Hoffman get good production. His value is hurt by being more of a veteran player, despite the elite attributes.

15. Bryant Buchanan, HB, NE --- Perhaps a bit of a surprise pick. His disappointing rookie campaign may skew everyone's opinion, but rest assured, if he hit the open market, his value would be extremely high. A very rare skillset and being extremely young would make him one of the more valuable commodities.

16. Marjani Marshall, HB, NYG --- Much better as a rookie than Buchanon, no doubt. I'm not sure that would make him a more valuable player to the majority of GMs. He's still a hell of a HB.

17. Jeff Byers, RT, NO --- Byers doesn't have the attributes of the other aforementioned RTs, but you cannot deny production. 6 sacks allowed in two seasons combined is phenomenal.

18. Mikel LeShoure, HB, ATL --- Mikel LeShoure quietly slipped in the draft way later than he should have and made a lot of teams pay for it last season with a breakout, 15 TD season. In a very strong division, nonetheless. He's still very young, so his value has to be sky high.

19. Hector Savage, RT, STL --- Up and down production despite playing with one of the better QBs in the RZL history and being a 'veteran' hurts his stock a bit. Still has elite attributes and has helped anchor one of the best offenses we've ever seen. The age factor lowers his value immensely, whereas he could be in the top 12 or so.

20. Michael Floyd, WR, JAC --- A very good player that many will forget about because of Thomas. Floyd's potential and value isn't as high as the other mentioned WRs, but that's not a knock, he's still very good in his own right. No reason to think he won't be a consistent 1,000 yard WR playing behind Thomas.

Just missing the cut: HB Fat Mike, KC .... HB Quinton Bowlinger, CAR .... OT Ramiro Maxwell, WSH .... OT Israel Suarez, SF .... OG Bruce Campbell, TEN ....

Defense coming sometime soon...
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