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2021 Mock Draft. Picks 1-32
By Neal Wintermute
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1.1 Denver Broncos- CB-Marion Jackson- They have already declared he is there man and for good reason. The Broncos need real help at CB. Jackson gives them a legit #1 at the position.

1.2 Philadelphia Eagles- WR-Eddie Burns- The Eagles have huge needs at several positions. Burns (6'5") alongside Nash (6'6") should give them a real strength at WR.

1.3 Minnesota Vikings- QB Joe Lawson- The Vikings have made it known they want a QB. I'm not sure who they like in this class, but my guess is Lawson.

1.4 New York Giants- CB-Mike Wright- I think it has to be a CB here, but like the Vikings I'm not sure who they like at this point. I think it's either Wright, Phillips, or Williams.

1.5 New England Patriots- CB Gregory Phillips- Like the Giants, the Patriots need a CB. Phillips fits the profile. If Wright slides here, I think they take him instead.

1.6 Denver Broncos- MLB Austin Dillon- I think the Broncos have the two easiest selections in the draft. Dillon fills a huge need and along with Jackson finally makes this defense better.

1.7 Miami Dolphins- LOLB-Nick Lewis- I don't know who Miami is looking at here. Lewis fits the profile of a LB they would like, but there are other possibilities including a CB or LE-Jamal Thrasher.

1.8 New York Giants- LT-Jeremy Harris- The Giants have been looking for a RT and Harris would be a cornerstone for them. It might be a tad high for him here, but the need has been expressed.

1.9 Indianapolis Colts- HB-Matthew Milner- The Colts could go WR or even CB here, but I think Milner is too attractive for them to pass up. WR-Jacoby Jones could also be a possibility though he is quite small. CB-Mykhael Williams is also another option.

1.10 San Diego Chargers- LOLB-Ozzie Gomes- The Chargers need help at OLB and Gomes looks like the most complete guy available.

1.11 San Diego Chargers- DT-Jamaal Griffen- The Chargers drafted Trevor Johnson in the first round 4 years ago, but it looks like he has been a disappointment. Griffen would be an instant upgrade.

1.12 Philadelphia Eagles- HB-Lawrence Peak- The Eagles continue to plug holes with a quality starting RB.

1.13 Dallas Cowboys- CB-Justin Rodgers- Rodgers is a guy who could go earlier. I think the Cowboys take him quickly at this spot.

1.14 Baltimore Ravens- LT-Morgan Cato- I think the Ravens take Cato and moving him to OG. Both guards are regressing and Cato has the physical build and skills to be very good.

1.15 Washington Redskins- LE-Adam Fairbanks- I think the need is CB and LE. Most of the CB's are off the board at this point so I think they go LE. Thrasher is also a possibility here, but I thinks his AWR and lower STR might keep the Redskins from selecting him here.

1.16 Chicago Bears- LOLB-Paul Connor- The Bears have committed to Sapp at LE which means LOLB is wide open. I think Connor fits their scheme.

1.17 Cleveland Browns- DT-Michael Gibson- The #2 DT spot could be upgraded substantial here. I think the Browns take Gibson here.

1.18 Tennessee Titans- FS-T.J. Royster- Terrell is regressing and Royster would make the perfect FS to take over.

1.19 Washington Redskins- CB-Josh Parker- I think the Redskins would love to see Parker here. CB is really a need for them and Parker could quickly become a good one.

1.20 Green Bay Packers- WR-Jacoby Jones- With no real standout OT's left, the Packers go for another quick WR in Jones. Figurs, Rainey, and Jones would certainly be interesting to see on the field at the same time.

1.21 Minnesota Vikings- WR-Danny Glover- The Vikings have a decent starting roster, but they are a thin at WR and CB. Glover is an interesting player. He is 6'3" with 96 SPD, but 80 AGI, and 85 ACC. As Selwyn Lymon has demonstrated, you can still be dominant player with these attributes.

1.22 Miami Dolphins- WR-Tra Strong- The Dolphins traded away DeVier Posey and got an unbelievable return for him. I think they grab a #3 receiver here.

1.23 Tennessee Titans- MLB-Jeremiah Joseph- Aaron Curry is now regressing and the Titans could use some support at the position. Joseph is a little undersized for the Titans liking, but he has some really good athleticism to make up for that.

1.24 Dallas Cowboys- HB-Malcolm Anderson- I think the Cowboys prefer a RB or MLB here. There really isn't that much out there at this point. I guess they go Anderson here.

1.25 Washington Redskins- LOLB-Jasper Jenkins- Jenkins is a physical gifted OLB with tremendous height (6'5"). He's very raw though. I still think the Redskins take the gamble.

1.26 Jacksonville Jaguars- WR-Manny Irvin- I don't like this selection, but depth at WR or CB are the options for Jacksonville. I think they take Jenkins if he slides past th Redskins.

1.27 Kansas City Chiefs- LOLB-Felix Lincoln- Lincoln is short for sure and I don't think this is an ideal pick for the Chiefs, but their OLB's are getting old and there is a need at ROLB. If Lincoln were a little taller this would be a no brainer.

1.28 Detroit Lions- RG-Ryan Brown- Brown fits a major need for a very potent offense.

1.29 Miami Dolphins- LOLB-Bruce West- The Dolphins like speed and West gives that.

1.30 Denver Broncos- TE-Matt Conner- The Broncos have no one here. Conner would certainly be a starter from day one.

1.31 Minnesota Vikings- DT-Lamont Garcia- Garcia is a huge DT who can tackle. I think Vikings go after him here.

1.32 Carolina Panthers- C-Nathanial Thibodeaux- The defending champs grab the starting C they lack.
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