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Super Bowl XVII Proposal:: Seattle, WA
By Kurt Ison
Special to

Super Bowl XVII
Seattle Bid
"The Big Game, in the Best Stadium"

Seattle and the Seahawks would like to invite the RZL and the future AFC & NFC Champions to our city to witness and enjoy the biggest game of the 2022 season, Super Bowl XVII. Seattle boosts a population of 608,660 and is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and the largest city on the west coast north of San Francisco. The climate in Seattle is usually described as oceanic, with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Seattle has a reputation for frequent rainfall, however the average rainfall for February and March is a mere 3.6". A temperature range of 37-53 will be cosy for the crowd as they cheer from their automatic warming seats. With the majority of past Super Bowls being held in the southern parts of the country, one in the far north west will be a huge event.

Seattle loves it football, the Seahawks are loved and adored by their city and they love the RZL just as much. Qwest Field is well known as the loudest stadium in all of the RZL, the "12th Man" adds a unique and intense feeling to the game which will only be amplified come Super Bowl XVII. The huge fan following and the excellent financial management of the franchise has seen the Seattle Seahawks become the most financially strong team in the RZL. Over the past few seasons Qwest Field has received millions of dollars of upgrades to become the most State of the Art stadium in the league.

The newest and notable upgrades to Qwest Field include Personal Climate Control, HDTV Replay System, Virtual Goal Posts, In-seat PVR, Wireless Internet Access, Rainwater Collection, Mini-Mall, LED Video Screen, Team Museum, Gene-Spliced Grass, Massage Seats, Heated Grass, Personal Audio Systems, Five-Star Restaurant, Solar Panels and a Super Screen. Providing a comfortable, exciting and memorable experience to all fans.

Being in such a state the city of Seattle and the Seahawks would be willing to donate US$100 Million* to the RZL to help develop the league and strengthen our grip on America's sporting stage. The Seattle Seahawks know how much our rival franchises mean and would be willing to support the three lowest franchises who are struggling financially, by dividing up all our profits in 2021 between the three franchises. Helping to secure the future of the RZL and all franchises for 2021 and beyond.

We wish to invite all the General Managers of the RZL to the Super Bowl XVII, where you will enjoy all the events and game from a luxury box with a incredible view. The general managers of the two teams competing will have full access to the stadium as we will do all we can to accommodate you on your teams big day.

"Seattle is a beautiful city, they love their football and this city will set the bar for all future Super Bowls if our bid is successful. It will be a huge week for not just the city but the entire RZL, as the Seahawks interests not only contain to our on field success but the success of this fine league. Pledging financial support to the league and three franchises who needs support is a great way to secure the future. The Seahawks are proud to lead they way in this and hope other financially strong franchises will follow." Seahawks GM Kurt Ison.

Thanks for reading Seattle's Bid for Super Bowl XVII.

- UPDATE - The Seattle Seahawks will donate US$5 Million to every touchdown scored in Super Bowl XVII in Qwest Field.

*I will personally donate $100 AU if Seattle is awarded Super Bowl XVII & $10 AU for every touchdown scored in Super Bowl XVII.
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