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Super Bowl XVI Proposal:: Washington, DC
By Anthony Fernandez
Special to

Super Bowl XVI Proposal
Most important game, most important city!
Tuesday, August 14th, 2021
AF, Yahoo! Sports

Washington, DC (AP) – FedEx Field is the largest stadium in the RZL, with a capacity of over 91,000. With upgrades and extensions in the corners of the end zones, FedEx officials have assured us they would be able to fit 100,000 people inside the stadium – the largest live audience for a Super Bowl not only in RZL history, but even of any Super Bowl prior to the NFL/RZL merger. The stadium was built in 1997, but due to constant upgrades by tedious owner Daniel Snyder, it is still one of the premier stadiums in the league. It is located just outside Washington, D.C. in Landover, Maryland – easily accessible by car, limo, bus, metro or RV (mama Downey will be able to make it!)

The stadium boasts over 200 suites, lounges, and Owner’s Club luxury boxes, with additional VIP boxes as well. In ordinance with Redskins GM Jason Arnold and Owner Daniel Snyder, we’ve been assured that every RZL GM will be treated to a luxury suite with open bars, and special RZL gift packages for them and their families. The stadium features two great game time “tailgating” zones within the stadium, the Bud Light Pavilion and AAA Ultimate Fan Zone, each with a different flavor of entertainment options. FedEx field also features a huge parking lot known for some of the best pre-game tailgating in the league. Come hungry, leave satisfied!

Buccaneers GM Anthony Fernandez has also coordinated contracts with the prestigious Redskins Hall of Fame store located within FedEx Field to put on display many artifacts from the new RZL Hall of Fame, as well as appearances by some members of the 2020 class. “Big Ben” Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes have already agreed to appear, as special guests of future Hall of Fame GM Brian Brown, who recently retired as the GM of the reigning AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Some all-time NFL Redskins greats like John Riggins would also be on hand. Personalized merchandise will be on hand for purchase, and this will truly be a jam-packed week leading up to prestigious RZL Super Bowl XVI. GM Fernandez will also be charity auctioning off the bone spur that was removed from former Redskin and Buccaneer QB Colt McCoy’s knee when he was injured at halftime of SBXI, contributing to the Cleveland Browns winning their 1st Super Bowl.

One big concern in bringing the Super Bowl north is obviously the weather. We understand your concerns, as the average high in the winter in DC is about 48 degrees, while the average low is around 35 degrees, with occasional snow or rain. While many Super Bowl goers enjoy the festivities in a place like Florida, New Orleans, or California – those locations have cumulatively hosted the Super Bowl over half of the times it has occurred. DC has snow plows, and all the equipment to keep one of the busiest cities in the world moving without a hitch, regardless of the weather. DC is also a historical tourist area, so it features three great airports to fly into, which should make accommodating the biggest event in RZL history a seamless proposition, even if the weather is frosty.

While DC is known for its politicians and suits, there is a side to DC that many don’t know. DC has one of the largest homeless populations in the United States, and also has some of the roughest inner city areas you can find anywhere in the US. While most who fly in for this event won’t be anywhere near this proximity and choose to look the other way, it is important for you to know that WE will not look the other way. This will not be a grand event that will line the pockets of Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder or GM Jason Arnold – they both have billions and millions already. Most of the proceeds from SBXVI DC will be distributed right into those trouble areas to help revitalize and reenergize one of the finest cities in our nation. DC had been hurting for years, before finally starting to turn it around recently. It is important that we help DC build on the momentum that it has gained, so this city can stabilize and become the heart of our country once more.

In 2020, DC had one of its most prosperous years in a century, as it hosted the 2020 Libertarian Convention. After the Democratic ticket of President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden won reelection in 2012, we saw some change leading towards the 2016 election year and we got our first REAL 3rd party in quite some time, as the Libertarian party joined the fray and brought back a respectable 37% of the 2016 popular vote in the United States behind the Libertarian ticket of Presidential nominee Gary Johnson and potential VP Rand Paul. They would edge out Republican Presidential nominee Paul Ryan and potential VP Sarah Palin, but fell to Democratic President Hillary Clinton and her VP Al Gore. After the Libertarian Convention came to DC in 2020, the nation rallied behind Johnson/Paul, propelling them to eventually win the election and liberate our country. What better way to celebrate that liberation than by bringing the biggest game in the world to DC in 2021?

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