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Brothers in the RZL
By Kurt Ison
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in the RZL

Jason McCourty & Devin McCourty
Houston Texans | Seattle Seahawks
9 Years Pro | 4 Years Pro
19 INTs & 199 DFLs | 6 INTs & 61 DFLs

The McCourty brothers both played their college careers at Rutgers, big brother Jason (29) was drafted eleventh overall in 2012 by the Washington Redskins, he has since spent time with the New York Jets and now currently the Houston Texans. Devin (25) wasn't as high a selection but he was taken thirty-ninth overall by the Detroit Lions in 2017, although he wouldn't be a Lion long as he was traded in week two and has since spent his four year career with the Seattle Seahawks.

Clayton Cirillo & Dylan Cirillo
Atlanta Falcons | Arizona Cardinals
Richmond | John Carroll
8 Years Pro
227 TAKs & 44 Sacks | 5151 Yards & 38 TD's

The Cirillo brothers were small school college players and both played for different schools. Clayton played for Richmond while Dylan played for John Carroll. These two brothers are also far from the same player, Clayton stands 6'2" and 269lbs at defensive end whilst Dylan is 6'1" and 186lbs at wide receiver. Both players were drafted in the third round of the 2013 draft, Dylan was called first when he went sixty-fifth overall to the Minnesota Vikings. Clayton wouldn't have to wait long as he was called by the Seattle Seahawks eighty-fifth overall. Dylan has also played for the Atlanta Falcons and currently the Arizona Cardinals while Clayton has most recently suited up for the Atlanta Falcons.

DeShawn Sicky & LeBron Sicky
New Orleans Saints | Indianapolis Colts
5 Years Pro | Rookie
40 Career TD's | 7 Career TD's

Two of the littlest guys in the league are well and truly brothers. DeShawn entered the league when he was drafted sixtieth overall by the New Orleans Saints, he made a name for himself with his kick returns. He may have helped his brother when he entered the draft as the Indianapolis Colts drafted LeBron forty-ninth overall just last year. LeBron is already out earning his older brother even though he didn't have the same type of rookie year as his big brother did.

Jason Arnold & Jeremy Arnold
Washington Redskins | Denver Broncos
10 Years | 2 Years
60 Wins & 100 Losses | 5 Wins & 27 Losses

Not all brothers are players as the Arnolds prove. Both are current General Managers of the Redskins and Broncos respectively. Jason has been around for far longer and hasn't had the success he would want but he broke the Redskins RZL playoff drought this season with a brief wildcard appearance. Brother Jeremy is also struggling to find success in the tough competition, in his second season in Denver they managed a franchise worst 1-15. They have a ways to go yet but a Superbowl clash between these teams would be something else.

Jerricho James & Quinn James
Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Washington Redskins
UConn | TCU
5 Years Pro
434 TAKs & 11 INTs | 461 Pancakes

The James brothers were huge prospects when they declared for the draft in the same year. Jerricho out of Uconn and Quinn out of TCU. Both were considered to be top ten picks but either knew who would go where and who would go first. The question was answered quickly when Jerricho was taken first overall by Tampa Bay and has been their leader on defence ever since. The Brothers hoped the Buccaneers may pick Quinn with the second but they choose Rampage Taylor who features later. Denver broke up the Tampa Bay top four picks and they took Quinn at the third overall spot. Both brothers have been stars in the league, although Quinn is still trying to reach the level the Broncos had hoped for, the Redskins are now hoping he gets there.

Sean Taylor & Rampage Taylor
Retired | Tampa Bay Buccaneers
9 Years Pro | 5 Years Pro
582 TAKs & 13 INTs | 324 TAKs & 14 INTs

Two brothers who could be the most in common. Sean Taylor was a enforcer in his nine year career, famous for his big hits he soon became a fan favourite. Originally drafted fifth overall in the 2004 NFL draft he stayed with the Redskins for four years and would then spend short stints in San Diego, Seattle, Detroit, Tampa Bay and finish with Green Bay. Younger brother Rampage had a name to live up to, in college he did enough to be selected second overall or you could say possibly even first. He has been the big hitter in the studded Buccaneers defence for five seasons and some would say he has eclipsed his big brother.

Which brothers will be the most successful?
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