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RZL 2020 1st Round Draft Pick Analysis pt.3 (24-32)
By Matthew Davis
Special to

The second half of the Annual 1st Round Analysis is complete, however, this year's work wouldn't fit even in two posts.. so in the future it will now be a 3 part series (picks 1-10, 11-21, 22-32). As with the first half, sorry for the delay for those that have been waiting patiently. I love these and enjoy doing them, but want the most quality pieces to be put out, so I have taken extra time this year as I needed it.

Also with this piece I tried to be a little more critical of the talent than I was of the top 15 picks, so this should appease more people or insult more by nature.

I realize that this is mostly not even going to be read by many as it is likely out of the timeframe for genuine interest for those not involved in these picks, however, I still implore everyone to enjoy reading a lot of these analyses. I try and have fun and mix in a bit of humor or pokes at GM's while keeping it unbiased and informative. It's a great way to catch up on things you may not have known happened, and possibly gain an advantage on division opponents!

As always, the disclaimer goes -- These are, of course, just my ideas. They are not personal and they reflect a myriad of reasonings including, but not limited to, Team Needs, Who was left on the board, Draft History, and how the pick came to being. You may also note, although I tried to see it and mask it, I don't always value AWR and TAK or abilities that are likely to see quick progression early in their career. I tried my best to keep in mind that many draft a lot based on these attributes as they are key to production early, but I tend to overlook them, knowing if they play, they will eventually come around. I tried..

Hope you all enjoy!!!! --

[1.24] -- St. Louis Rams --
OLB Adam Borque - LSU
-- Attributes of Notice --
AGE: 20 OVR: 75 HT: 6'4" WT: 255lbs. SPD: 83 / STR: 80 / AGI: 75 / ACC: 77 / AWR: 57 / CTH: 57 / TAK: 77 / INJ: 84

The Rams are on the clock at [1.24]. They have been pretty quite this offseason, coming as a trend for them, but who can blame them? If it ain't broke don't fix it. Right? Sticking to their original spot, the come up with the 3rd and only other LB selected in the first round. Borque out of LSU is certainly someone I liked for my own reasons, but his greatest flaws are in his athleticism. With a 6'4" and 255lb. body, Borque compares with the elite at his position AND at MLB. However, his inability to "hang" with some of the faster and agile skill players and HB's in college was always his downfall. However, Borque is a pretty good tackler and has pretty good speed when he finally hits his peak. He is strong among the stronger guys at his position and isn't a big injury risk. I like him, but for his lack of athleticism, I am skeptical he may ever be an elite talent. In a class that did not have a lot of top end LB talent, I don't hate the pick here and feel this is almost exactly where he should have landed, but I am not in love with this guy. Call this "settling" more than anything.

For the Rams specifically, I guess this is more of a BPA pick since they seem to be set at LB and no plans to rush Borque into the starting lineup. For this reason I dislike the picking of Borque himself not on the level of talent, but because more fitting players were out there (say, a true receiving TE like Robert Wilson, or an OG like Barrett Jones for when Jacob Bender or Andy Levitre hang it up?).

Pros: Stellar size, among the elites here. I would venture to say his potential with some good work on athleticism is a "VERY GOOD" player. Other than athleticism he is pretty strong at most other things you would be looking at.
Cons: ATHLETICISM. This guy has trouble getting a good jump, and can't make the cuts to keep him with some of the more agile players in the pro's. While strong, he also may not have the speed or coaching staff that wants to invest in getting his speed up to where it more likely should be to be a top-end talent at the position.

DRAFT GRADE: C- -- I do actually like the player and can see ways he becomes a very solid starter and possibly one of the standouts on a team. However, with the vision of what he was drafted for in the HERE AND NOW, I see much better selections that could have been made at this spot. Luxury picks are great to have, but making more of these mistakes with even luxury picks will find the Rams again picking where they used to for years. Picks like these will leave the Rams with a team stuggling to replenish key talent across the field after receiving little love from the front office and coaching staff, and not ever being the true BPA.

[1.25] -- Carolina Panthers --
CB Janoris Jenkins - North Alabama
-- Attributes of Notice --
AGE: 22 OVR: 78 HT: 5'10" WT: 191lbs. SPD: 93 / STR: 63 / AGI: 92 / ACC: 94 / AWR: 63 / CTH: 57 / JMP: 91 / TAK: 63 / INJ: 88

Janoris Jenkins. We knew he would go, we just didn't know when. In an interview, "When it was suggested that Fisher liked Jenkins because of his similarity to Jones, Jenkins told SIRIUS XM NFL Radio, 'I mean, no, because I never shot up a strip club or nothing like that.'"

With his character issues aside (which have included " three arrests, positive drug tests, and four children with three women"), something I'm not entirely sure he will ever escape with outlandish things you hear RZL players getting into now-a-days, It's pretty clear this kid has a lot to learn about life, but if he can stay out of trouble enough to keep the almighty hand of Ricky Lung from swatting him down into his place, what about his ability to play football?

Wel, before we get to answering that question, lets look at how the Panthers got here. Originally starting at [1.29], the Panthers moved that pick and 3.7 to jump four spots up to the 25th overall selection, overpaying in draft pick value by about a round and a half, but not a big difference that I see needs to be further discussed. Looking in hindsight, we see a potential AMAZING degree of foresight illustrated when the next 4 picks off the board were defensive secondary players, including 3 other CB's in the subsequent 3 picks after the Panthers chose Jenkins!! I'll just venture to say that one of those teams were looking at drafting Jenkins before [1.29]!

As for Jenkins, he brings to the table a pretty solid athlete at a prime position. At 5'10" he isn't the CRAZE that is the giant CB's drafted in the first by most RZL GM's, but GM Keith Van Wagner has often shown he doesn't NEED 6'4" MONSTERS at the position to field a highly competitive team. And often, he has been successful with this philosophy being implemented. At 191lbs, Jenkins isn't something to be laughed at, and his bench reps at the combine agreed with that. Jenkins has great speed, great athleticism, can catch a few thrown his way, a solid jump, is a pretty sure tackler for his position, for a rookie has pretty darn good awareness, and isn't a big injury risk. A pretty solid package with the one exception of size.

For the fact that he moved up when a run of CB's was just about to occur, I love the move, love the pick and if this was THE GUY the Panthers really sought at this point in the draft and one of the guys sitting at 26 or 27 were going to be grabbing Jenkins if he was there.. well, I like the move SO much more.

Pros: Can hang with a lot of the faster guys out there. Won't get pushed around despite his smaller-than-average-frame for a potential starting CB because of above average strength for someone of his size. Really strong physical tools and athleticism in general will help him and he likely will get better over the years with some work with the training staff. Solid tackler for a CB, good jumping ability, and not an injury risk.
Cons: Size. At 5'10" he could be a real risk against some of the greats, especially considering his division of very strong offenses. Also, while he doesn't have hands of stone, he doesn't have hands that you covet in a true star at the position. Something a lot of the more successful "littler guys" at the position definitely tend to have.

DRAFT GRADE: B+ -- Almost "A-"-worthy because of the stellar foresight shown by GM Van Wagner, but the con's of the player still remain. In a division that features some amazing and fear-inducing offenses, I think Jenkins can sometimes play a huge role vs certain guys, and sometimes may be a bigger liability. Depending on how he is planned on being used throughout his career, this could end up in the "A" range of quality, it's definitely not out of the question. For the trade and selection, Great call Mr. Van Wagner!

[1.26] -- Cleveland Browns --
CB Robert Jackson - Arizona
-- Attributes of Notice --
AGE: 21 OVR: 72 HT: 6'2" WT: 211lbs. SPD: 88 / STR: 64 / AGI: 91 / ACC: 92 / AWR: 57 / CTH: 59 / JMP: 90 / TAK: 58 / INJ: 90

The Brownies step up next at their original spot, the 26th overall selection. Here they chose the second CB taken in a row (6th CB taken so far in the first round) with Robert Jacksn out of Arizona. At 6'2" and 211lbs, he stands with the more coveted body type that RZL GM's have been known to look for. Jackson, however, does not possess the typical speed we have come to see and expect in our freakish guys on the outside. He does show an adequate level of athletic ability to play the position sufficiently. At 64 str, he will be a solid contributor to bump-and-run coverages, being able to push some of those that are faster and quicker than him off a route or hold them down long enough to where they aren't a viable receiver on the play.

His fundamentals won't be winning him any awards any time soon, as he isn't some star tackler, or a big threat ball-hawking CB. While this is true, he also isn't so bad that these should count him out of ever being good or not. He will be a solid presence. What I do question, however, is GM Willis' actions when moving a CB Bobby Hughes a season prior to selecting Jackson when side-by-side look suggests they are so similar, why even trade away Hughes in the first place? For those that think maybe he got THAT good of a deal to make the trade, think again. Blankenship has been backing up starter Zack Keys since being traded for, NOT something you want to get in return for someone the previous GM once spent [1.11] and a [3.24] in value on. Worse, truly is that Hughes, who was given up, is much more capable of playing sooner than a guy like Jacknon. Jackson won't be starter worthy in a league like our RZL for another few seasons. Hughes, with the same focus on his abilities could be a pretty good starter and a key player by this point.

Basically, while I dislike the move not to long before the draft, I can't begin to think positively of this pick as it completely goes against the previous notion that this type of player "isn't our guy". IF its a strength thing, thats just silly. While -14 strength is a big deal to me, so is +2 spd +1acc +13awr and +1cth. Age? Hughes is YP3. So I think grabbing a guy like OG Barrett Jones (and move an older OL out), or a guy like LB Bruce Irvin or DE Shea McClellin and finding a backup HB with some 3rd rounder or something makes a lot more sense. Even trading back makes a good case here, and seeing what else you can get from the market. I'm sure someone saw their guy falling and would have taken a shot for it!

As for the player himself, look to see him get some action in some nickel and dime matchups that favor a guy of his attributes, but don't expect him to be starting for a year or two. I understand that speed doesn't seem to be the reigning factor in GM Paul Willis' secondary decisions, but at some point the secondary has to have a high 90's guy and a few in the low 90's. I understand that Cox and Martin currently at 95 each are the starters and hold their own, but between those safeties and the expected use of Jackson in the near future, some speed will need to be added badly some time soon!

Pros: Great size, and strength that matches that body. He has workable athleticism and can make a turnover from time to time. Not a big injury risk and shows some decent leaping ability.
Cons: Contradicts previous actions taken by the GM. He is SLOW for a first round talent CB. Not the smartest rookie CB, and his hands won't compete for any competitions. Also not the best tackler.

DRAFT GRADE: C- -- Generally I enjoy GM Willis' far more than most other GM's out there. He and I have, on many occasions, found we value guys that look a lot alike in theory. However, I just can't get this pick when compared to previous decisions. Yes, thats deep (going a year back), but that's how my analysis goes. He will be a decent player, but never great, and never among the greats. Go get someone that will make a bigger impact, or trade back and get some value. I just don't like him for this team, at this slot, or at this time. 3 years from now, and I would likely be singing a different tune to this song, but this is where it stands for the current times.

[1.27] -- New York Jets --
CB Ray Wilson - UConn
-- Attributes of Notice --
AGE: 22 OVR: 74 HT: 6'0" WT: 200lbs. SPD: 93 / STR: 61 / AGI: 92 / ACC: 90 / AWR: 58 / CTH: 61 / JMP: 86 / TAK: 60 / INJ: 83

On the clock originally at the 27th overall selection would have been the Cowboys as of draft day, but a trade back for a mid and late 2nd's netted the Buccaneers the pick before finally being moved to the New York Jets for 4th year pro, DE Timothy Terry.

Terry was expendable with the progression of Cameron Jordan, 23rd overall selection in the 2018 draft 2 seasons ago. Picking up Nathan Triplett in the FA in the offseason, the Jets were capable of carrying out their plan to secure the other end of the field with a lesser talent, while possibly securing themselves another starter with this pick right here.

So here we have CB Ray Wilson from Connecticut coming off the boards. Wilson has a respectable frame at 6' and 200lbs. He is fast enough to start relatively soon in his career, and strong enough to appease most of the RZL GM's wishes for their CB preferences. He has good agility, but may need to work on his burst off the line. He won't be reading pro defenses consistently for a few seasons, but isn't the worst tackler. His hands also may not be All-pro caliber, but they are better than other first round rookie talents. His injury could be a concern if he gets a major injury early in his career, but otherwise shouldn't be a big issue. Overall, I really like the pick, especially as I see that this consolidated existing talent for a Jets team that was looking to rebuild the massive chunk exchanged to secure the rights to future Hall-of-Famer Andrew Luck.

At the time, the Jets had no startable talents to look forward to lining up against opposing offenses starting receivers, so Wilson was a great find for the Jets who found themselves at the end of a CB run at this point in the draft. One might expect that the 3rd CB in a row taken this late might be a big reach out of mere depletion at the position, but as the 7th and last CB taken in the first round, the Jets should be more than happy with the talents they receive with Wilson. Little did the Jets Front Office know, they would be acquiring a star-studded secondary just a few weeks after the draft which net them the added ability to ease Wilson in at a more controlled rate, and one that won't affect greatly the team's ability to compete throughout the season. To me, sounds like success!

Pros: Well-rounded, good size, speed, strength, athleticism. Decent hands and enough tackling ability for a young CB. Consolidation of existing talent to bring in a premium position and fill a massive void at this very important position... win!
Cons: Acceleration may be exploited on "GO" routes from the leagues elite for a few years. Not the best jumper, and potential health risk with any bad luck early in his career. Rookie awareness, always tends to be an issue.

DRAFT GRADE: A -- Factoring in the recent run of CB's and being the last CB taken in the first round, the talent level of Wilson is an immediate success for the pick. Sprinkle in the joys of consolidating existing talent without feeling like you "watered down" the talent at a given position whilst gaining a guy that gives every indication of being a very solid starter some time very soon at a premium position and I like this pick A LOT. Great GM'ing Mr. Spencer!

A_Fernandez :

[1.28] -- Jacksonville Jaguars --
FS Robert Lester - Alabama
-- Attributes of Notice --
AGE: 22 OVR: 74 HT: 6'2" WT: 210lbs. SPD: 92 / STR: 57 / AGI: 87 / ACC: 90 / CTH: 60 / TAK: 60 / AWR: 58 / INJ: 92

The Jaguars are active on the phones again, this time trading a future 1st and 4th to get into the bottom of the 1st. Now just evaluating the trade itself, I can tell you typically I'm not a fan of any team who doesn't annually compete for SUPER BOWLS trading a future 1st round pick for any pick lower than #20 overall. It's just bad business. Now, if the Jaguars had just fallen in love with a player, and he was on the clock, then the move makes sense - but is Lester that player?

I think he's a good talent, and certainly worthy of the 28th pick in this draft - but I think the Jaguars need to make it to the AFC Championship, or pretty close, for this trade to turn into a win for the organization. One thing I will say that really helps this trade is that 11 picks later at [2.8] they got the guy I THOUGHT they were targeting with this pick -- HB Montee Ball. If I just swap those guys in my mind, suddenly the trade looks considerably better, and I think both guys start and contribute a lot in 2020.

Pros: Lester has great size, impressive baselines in speed and acceleration, and everything else is passable. He's got some holes in his game, but he was a green prospect on my board and pretty clearly the 3rd S in the draft.
Cons: Not the best tackler, but I don't think it will slow him down much if he stays at FS.

DRAFT ANALYSIS: C+ -- Overall this didn't work out too bad for the Jags, especially getting Ball a little later. The concern is not having their 1st, and worrying about what an injury to a player like McPherson could do. Could they end up in the Top 10 again without their pick? Well, we know they'd find a way back into it anyway, but it's still risky. Lester is a solid talent that should start and excel, but I do think he needs some work. Ideally you'd want to get his SPD/ACC combo up to about 94/92, or maybe even work the AGI a bit, but the truth is there are just only so many points, and the points that do exist are likely going to go to make elite talents like Ingram/Perry into super studs, rather than making a good prospect like Lester into an elite one. If the Jags make the playoffs and win at least one game, I'd bump this up to a B+ easy, as the grade is less about the player, and more about the risk involved. All in all, a very productive 1st round for the Jaguars.

[1.29] -- Chicago Bears --
TE Robert Wilson - East Carolina
-- Attributes of Notice --
AGE: 21 OVR: 83 HT: 6'6" WT: 262lbs. SPD: 83 / STR: 76 / AGI: 81 / ACC: 83 / AWR: 64 / CTH: 78 / JMP: 85 / PBK: 57 / RBK: 53 / INJ: 87

Again we have the Giants slated to be on the clock for the second pick in a row, however, an earlier trade that we previously discussed at [1.16] sends away this pick as well in order to move up. Thereafter, the Panthers called up the Bears GM, Neal Wintermute, and worked out a deal to move up to the 25th overall pick and grab CB Janoris Jenkins, as previously reviewed.

With an extra early 3rd in hand, that brings us the Chicago Bears on the clock at [1.29]. With the aging of former starting TE Jermichael Finley, the Bears had an itch to bring in someone that can make an impact that hasn't been in Chicago for quite some time at the position.

Already feeling like a winner for the addition of an early 3rd for a small slip 4 picks back in the draft, DA BEARS add the best receiving TE in this years draft. While he is a great presence in the passing game, Wilson doesn't leave anything wanting, he is a huge presence at 6'6" and 262lbs. He has strength to compete with many of the great blocking TE's out there, and he has athleticism to go with it all. This guy is a great player, the best at his position in the draft, and he is drafted by a team that has intention to improve his abilities through focusing on him specifically in training sessions. A boost (of any kind) in his speed, and he could be one of the better TE's in the league in no time at all. When you can say that about basically any position (except Punter), I feel like you are already talking about a solid pick this late in the first round. He can jump, he isn't an injury risk, he has decent hands, although they could be better for someone that has such receiving-prone attributes, but nonetheless, not a weakness. TE's rarely are beloved choices in the first round, but we are in a league where few if any greats have come out of the draft on a yearly basis. With the strain that will be experienced by quite a few at this position here in the coming seasons, I like this pick even more.

Solid choice, without a lot of risk. The Bears also have a solid enough team where theis is not going to be criticized for reaching for a TE. Great selection Mr. Wintermute!

Pros: Giant frame and body, great speed, that can become elite very soon, strength that normally isn't seen in this type of TE, athleticism, not a bad leaper, not an injury risk. Gaining a 3rd, and acquiring the best and only TE in the first round without having to reach.
Cons: While he seems to be a receiving TE by attributes, he doesn't have elite hands liek one might hope. Maybe not the best blocker among the elites as well, but not a liability.

DRAFT GRADE: A -- I like Mr. Wintermute's decision here very much. He is a safe pick, he comes with an added early 3rd round pick, and he has potential to be among the best in the RZL at his position in just a few seasons. He can certainly add some welcomed flavor for QB Major Hester this year.

[1.30] -- Washington Redskins --
OG Barrett Jones - Alabama
-- Attributes of Notice --
AGE: 21 OVR: 85 HT: 6'4" WT: 315lbs. SPD: 61 / STR: 93 / AGI: 64 / ACC: 75 / AWR: 65 / PBK: 83 / RBK: 87 / INJ: 93

You may have noticed that most picks here have to begin with a trade analysis. You guessed right if you thought this one would too!! After trading the 8th overall selection for All-World DE Kraig Garrison and then trading up to get the 11th overall selection in the draft from the Dolphins and subsequently picking SS Mark Barron, the Redskins find themselves working yet another deal in the first round. This one nets them the 30th overall selection in exchange for MLB Brant McGuire. Although not entirely certain of the rush to move McGuire, I assume contract issues (McGuire was set to receive over 6M in base salary and in the final year of his contract) played the biggest part in the decision to let him move. Having enough faith in his remaining LB corp and/or plans to fill the void using alternative methods, GM Jason Arnold did not choose to look for his replacement immediately and chose OG Barret Jones with his newly acquired pick.

Jones joins a very impressive, while reasonably young O-Line of the Washington Redskins. He features a decent hunk of a body for the interior position he is expected to play in, and a god mixture of strength and athleticism that most want in a starter up front. He was known more for his "mauler" persona in college while at Alabama, but he isn't far behind in his pass-blocking techniques either. He is a solid workhorse that fights through injuries and doesn't like to be taken off the field. I expect him to start from day 1 and should see a great career amongst some really solid players on that offensive front.

Pros: Good size, good speed/strength combination, just below the elites at the position among the league in terms of athleticism, great run-blocker right now and not a bad pass-blocker either, not an injury risk.
Cons: Some may argue the exchange of a solid MLB for an OG. Otherwise, not a whole lot to criticize on Jones, except that to be considered elite at his position he would have to be a little better at most of his key attributes, but not all.

DRAFT GRADE: B -- McGuire is at a more premium position than OG, however, he was selected at the exact same spot in the draft 7 years ago. If I could exchange every player I draft 7 years later for their exact same pick they were drafted at, I would never lose a SB for the rest of the life of the RZL. Great value when looking at the trade that way, and it nets him a solid starter among his already good and young OL. He doesn't have elite potential IMO, but he will be a great contributor and have little to no "rookie negative impact" when he sees starts from day 1. Solid, safe pick.

[1.31] -- San Diego Chargers --
HB LaMichael James - Oregon
-- Attributes of Notice --
AGE: 21 OVR: 87 HT: 5'9" WT: 194lbs. SPD: 95 / STR: 67 / AGI: 95 / ACC: 97 / AWR: 73 / CTH: 50 / CAR: 84 / BTK: 84 / INJ: 82

[1.31] marks the 10th and final selection made by the team the pick originated with in the first round. So this brings us the Super Bowl Runners-up, the San Diego Chargers. Obviously getting to a SB means you were doing something right, so I would say, "change as little as possible" would be my motto for the offseason. Keep as much of what you had, because it did a lot of good for you. So the Chargers seem to be following this ideology as well making no big moves leading up to the draft, and hold together a very solid all-around team. With answers at just about every position that I can see, they made a "luxury pick" here at [1.31] Without going through their entire roster, I didn't seem to find an immediate upgrade available at this point to their current starters they had.

So this brings up the player. LaMichael James out of Oregon is a very interesting little man. At 5'9" and 194lbs, he certainly isn't the guy you hear EVERYONE raving about. However, I can recall a certain inspiring performance by James at the East/West College All-star game. Netting 6.3 ypc against the best young defensive players in the upcoming draft surely was enough for the San Diego scouts to believe in this little guy. So he isn't the prototype player of what works here in the RZL, but Hewko doesn't care what anyone has to say about that.

Despite having a Star HB in Frank Summers already, the Chargers GM knows he is on his last stretch as a contributing starting HB for the team. This is a good pick if and only if the Chargers Front Office sees James as their future starter. Otherwise, even for a luxury pick, I don't like the idea of taking a HB in the first, especially a career backup or special teams specialist. Sophomore GM Rock Hewko made it public that for at least the first season the goal was for James to be a supplementary player behind Summers and a starter for the special teams units. Having a plan of using him in the future is fine, I won't knock a SB contender for not having an immediate starting role for their late first round draft pick at all.

As for James himself outside of his size and body, he is a fast, shifty scat-back. He ranks among the leagues elite in terms of athleticism and to go with that he has stellar starting breaktackle abilities (84) for a player of his size and sub-par strength. Which prings up the next issue.. with a league filled with successful powerbacks, and possessing one yourself that is quite successful in his own right, why James and not Montee Ball? Ball conforms to the more tried-and-true mold of successful HB's in the '07 engine, and even if he isn't expected to be a starter right away, he has all the tools of a starting KR/PR too. In fact, he is stronger, slower, bigger, and better at breaking tackles (at the time of draft), so I would say this was definitely a botched pick even for a luxury pick. Ball also happens to be the most durable rusher in the draft as well as the best ball carrier (by attribute) in this class. I can't overstate the importance of INJ at the HB position. They are asked to play under fatigue and get hit more often by more big men than any other position, a very easy way to go down hard. Nonetheless, My true guess would be that Mr. Hewko does not have the experience or heard of the common knowledge that the faster backs don't tend to work well in this engine, and for that I would say he is 100% off the hook. If he picked James and knew of this fact, I would really blast this pick.

Yet, with all that said, I deeply thank Mr. Hewko for passing on Ball, as I was able to snatch him up some 9 picks later at [2.8] Wink my deepest appreciation goes out to you kind sir!

Still, James may work out as a starter in this league, he may not. Mr. Hewko may care, but then again I quote him during training camp saying, "this was simply a luxury pick. He has crazy athleticism and may get a shot to start. If nothing else he will be a top special teams player and will most likely start in that role." For that I tend to think he won't lose sleep if James doesn't work out. This is good for the Chargers GM if I had to predict an outcome of this pick today.

Pros: "Crazy athleticism", solid ability to break tackles for his size, best awareness in this class among HB's, and second best ball carrier (by attribute CAR), can be a solid presence on special teams from day 1.
Cons: Tiny, injury risk every play, not very tough to go along with that, history suggests he is too fast for this engine when played by the CPU, and not a sure-handed receiving option out of the backfield.

DRAFT GRADE: D+ -- Some may say this is harsh to grade a known luxury pick like this, but with a guy still out there that fits what you are asking of the player a lot better than this guy right here, I really don't think this was a great pick. He may be a decent player, I just think that Ball will be better in the RZL. His biggest strengths are actually pretty big weaknesses IMHO.

[1.32] -- Indianapolis Colts --
QB Landry Jones - Arizona
-- Attributes of Notice --
AGE: 22 OVR: 74 HT: 6'4" WT: 230lbs. SPD: 50 / STR: 63 / AWR: 64 / THP: 91 / THA: 84 / INJ: 88

To finish it all off we have the Colts coming on the clock at [1.32]. A trade last season sent former 8th overall pick, QB Andre Boone to the Cowboys along with the Colts 3rd round selection in 2020 for former [4.26], and probable career backup, QB Julio Torres and the Cowboys 2020 first round pick. Beyond this obviously being some of the worst value ever for the Colts, this is all in hindsight a year down the line. so I can't hate on it too much.

So here we have the pick it netted them -- the absolute worst possible outcome when they made the trade, besides of course the Colts losing one more game in hte 2019 season and having [3.1] and not [3.2] like they did.. lol.

So with this future first, we ended up seeing the last first rounder of 2020 calling out QB Landry Jones' name. This standout from Arizona features a prototypical frame at 6'4" and 230lbs. He has a solid arm and, much like Boone who was traded away for this pick here, he starts with pretty decent starting accuracy for a rookie. He isn't a big injury risk and has what I would say is about average rookie awareness for the position.

In the end though we have the Colts, under new management I should note, selecting the 3rd first round QB in the last 6 drafts... Not something you want to see again for quite some time. Hopefully newly appointed GM Erick Edwards can right this ship and bring the team to a brighter future under the new rookie "future of the franchise".

Pros: Pocket passer, prototype size, solid arm, pretty good starting accuracy for a rookie, and pretty decent ability to stay healthy.
Cons: Rookie awareness, I like my QB's with a bit more THP, the price and how this came to be...

DRAFT GRADE: B- -- I don't know or have the energy at this point to find out who made this trade last season (you should see how long it took me to even find out how this pick became the Colts in the first place...), but I believe it was Mr. Hall and my grade reflects that. IF it was, that was obviously a horrible horrible blunder you made for your former team. IF it was indeed new GM Edwards, I seriously question moving Boone if you knew you needed a Franchise QB so bad and I would downgrade this grade to a "D". For now, I'll leave this as a "B-" because I think it was actually Jay that made the trade and I can't fault Mr. Edwards too much for a past GM's mistakes. Hopefully this is the QB of the future for the Colts who are in dire need of one since the departure of Peyton Manning nearlly a decade ago. Lets get a 4th contender to the AFC South?

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