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Getting off to a fast start
By Erick Edwards
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Starting off 2-0 is way different than starting 1-1 and starting 0-2. I am not saying starting off 2-0 guarantees a playoff berth but I am saying that starting 2-0 gives you a better chance to make the playoffs.

Through the RZL Seasons, from 2006 to 2019, 116 Teams has gotten off to a fast start of 2-0. That averages out to about 8 teams per season.

Out of those 116 teams that started out 2-0, 77 of those teams made the playoffs. So that means if you start out 2-0 in the RZL, you have a 66% chance of making the playoffs that season. Out of those 116 teams that started 2-0, 39 of those teams failed and didn't make the playoffs which means that you also have a 34% chance of not going to the playoff.

Even though teams have a 66% chance to make the playoffs, there is always that small chance of 34% that a team could screw things up and fail down the stretch.

Below is the list of all the teams that started out 2-0 and missed the playoffs

Teams that missed the playoffs after going 2-0:
2007 Buffalo Bills
2007 Oakland Raiders
2007 Dallas Cowboys
2007 New Orleans Saints
2008 New York Jets
2008 Miami Dolphins
2008 Indianapolis Colts
2008 Carolina Panthers
2009 Chicago Bears
2009 Atlanta Falcons
2009 San Francisco 49ers
2010 New York Jets
2010 Green Bay Packers
2011 Miami Dolphins
2011 Atlanta Falcons
2012 Jacksonville Jaguars
2012 Green Bay Packers
2013 Houston Texans
2013 Dallas Cowboys
2013 Philadelphia Eagles
2014 Cincinnati Bengals
2014 Jacksonville Jaguars
2014 Green Bay Packers
2014 Seattle Seahawks
2015 Houston Texans
2015 Green Bay Packers
2015 New Orleans Saints
2016 Cincinnati Bengals
2016 Kansas City Chiefs
2016 Dallas Cowboys
2016 St. Louis Rams
2017 Baltimore Ravens
2017 Jacksonville Jaguars
2017 Denver Broncos
2018 New Orleans Saints
2018 Atlanta Falcons
2019 Cincinnati Bengals
2019 New England Patriots
2019 Washington Redskins

In RZL history, there has been 5 teams that has went 2-0 and made the playoffs that won the Super Bowl that same year.

In RZL history, there has been 10 teams that has went 2-0 and made the playoffs that has played in the Conference Championship game that same year.

Knowing what you know now, which of this 2-0 teams will fail and miss the playoffs?
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