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Top 5 Best/Worst 2019 Moves/trades/draft picks
By Jason Arnold
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I cannot keep track of every move every team made, so this article will reflect mainly on the teams that I do remember and the moves that I can remember being made. I am going to be brutally honest on some of these and will probably ruffle a few feathers - whatever.

Most, but not all of these will be draft related. A few of them will be trade related, but relating to DP's traded, etc.

Top 5 Best

1. The Jets moving the farm for Luck

Trading a lot of the major pieces to your team, admitting defeat and rebuilding with a new guy under center. Seems weird to see a rebuilding move signaled as one of the smartest, but -- we're talking about Luck. Luck had one of the more impressive rookie campaigns in a long time and did it with a lack of young, speed talent on the outside. He's only going to get better. A lot better.

Yeah -- they lost out on a lot of picks, but -- by time his team is stocked with enough talent to compete for it all, Luck will be 3 or 4 years Pro by then and a high 90's QB. Comprehend that -- when the Jets are at their best talent wise, they'll have one of the best QBs in the RZL who will have roughly 12-15 years of playing time left before retirement. Insane.

2. Bucs acquiring Mercury Delgado for ... old people

The Cowboys won it all last season, so people will probably say, "they do no wrong!" Nonsense. They traded one of the best young deep threat WRs in the RZL for a WR who was already regressing and is now almost useless(87 speed, 81 acc), a HB who has now regressed and is almost useless(86 speed, 84 acc) and a really good Tight End.

Really? Really?! That trade is one that will reap great rewards for the Bucs moving forward and is one the Cowboys will look back on and say, ".. why did I do that?"

Puzzled me then and still does.

3. The Redskins not moving Will Wright despite him playing like a piece of shit

There's no doubt I have tried to move Will Wright since the last season. Why not? He regressed terribly, got injured again and his INJ rating has went from like 93 to 72 after 3 seasons. He also regressed in AWR since that time.

So why is this a good move? Wright bounced back the second half of last season with a tremendous improvement. He now has 85 AWR and mid 90's THP/THA heading into the next season. The best thing that ever happened to myself was being over the cap hit threshold from last season so that I could not trade Wright.

I still have very low tolerance for this moron, though.

4. The Texans unloading Major Hester for great returns

The Houston Texans thought they were the team to turn Hester's career around. Wrong. So, the Bears last off-season, in need of a veteran presence thought that they were the team to do it. So far --- wrong. Blessed with physical attributes you wouldn't believe, Hester still completed just barely over 50% of his passes and threw 16 interceptions. Hell, the Bears even thought about benching him at one point or another.

The worst part? They traded a former first round OT who has pretty good attributes and a 1st Round Draft Pick to obtain the disappointing Hester. Perhaps Major Hester needs to spend less time in the weight room getting swole and more time on his throwing mechanics?

It's not often the Texan's are lauded for making a good move, this is one of them.

5. The Broncos obtaining CB Daryl Newton for a bust Defensive Tackle

This was a huge move for the Broncos moving forward. Newton isn't the fastest CB in the entire world, but -- as many GMs can attest, at times, AWR is just as important. He's a great man defender and is probably the best playmaker at the CB position we've seen in a long, long time. Why? He has 74 catch to go along with it(cue the 'Catch doesn't matter with DBs' people). He also had 4 seasons before regression was a factor(now 3).

What did he give up? The almighty Ndamukong Suh. Some people seem to hold this guy in high regards, I'm not sure why. Blessed with below desirable size/strength, decent speed/acceleration, and crappy production outside of his rookie year where he was a RE not a DT. That's it.

What did he get back in return? A CB who put up the same # of INTs(10) than Suh has put up sacks in the last three seasons. The Broncos won this trade and won it in a big way. To further this notion, there's a reason the Cowboys have put Suh right back on the block.

Top 5 Worst ... the fun begins

1. The Houston Texans passing on Luck for Andre Woodson .... or is it Gustavo Bates ... but, wait - John David Booty was their starter late last year?

There's a term to describe the QB situation in Houston .. cluster fuck. Not in terms of talent but, in terms of how it has been handled.

Yes, you got a good return on the #1 overall pick, in exchange, you got a QB(Woodson) who hasn't been healthy since 2015(31 INJ rating) and is retiring at any point in the next couple of seasons. Oh but, there's more! You also traded additional picks(1st and 2nd) for Gustavo Bates who you didn't even start at the end of the season and progress? Erm ....

Why not just pick Andrew Luck and have one of the RZL's best QBs for the next 15 years? If you took a poll of all the other 30 GMs, I'd assume around 80% would want to be in the Jets' situation 'rebuilding' with a phenomenal QB as opposed to the situation in Houston.

Yes, you made the playoffs so I'm sure you will have defenders saying, "see it worked!!" Well, lets be honest -- you don't make the playoffs if the Jaguars don't bend over and get themselves in the butt and the Titans for whatever reason thinking Tim Tebow is a good QB instead of trading for one when Croyle went down. The Titans and Jags are way more talented on paper. Congrats, you guys over-achieved, but -- you still missed out on Luck for what? A later draft pick.

2. The Raiders trading Daugherty for a 1st Rounder

This move baffles me. There's an ultra-high premium on CBs in the RZL. Let alone 6'0 CBs with great speed, size, and are very developed in terms of AWR. I'm not sure what the point of trading one of the better players at a prime, prime position in the RZL for a lone first round draft choice was? Hell, Sam Shields almost commanded similar compensation and he's not nearly in the league of Daugherty!

3. The Jaguars going with Lou Bishop

Myself and a couple of GMs discussed this trade later on in the year, mainly because none of us liked it(I loved it because I had their first rounder). It really never made sense. You're trading a first round DP and a second round DP for a player that was already 5 years played when you traded for him who still had sub 80 AWR? Why? Because he has desirable size and THP? That's all overrated and he's exhibit A as to why that is.

To make it worse, he played like asshole all season long and regressed during the first regression period. He slightly improved down the stretch to a whopping 81 AWR. The Jaguars would have always been much, much better off trading for a vet QB to win now with their talent level. By time Bishop's anything other than below average(which may never happen if he gets hurt again or performs like he did last year) the Jaguars' key players could be regressing.

This single move set their season back, no question. The Jags should have a 'win now' mentality, the division blows, the Titans are old as hell and will barring some miracle trades, should be behind the Jags for the near future and instead of taking advantage of that, they opt to develop Bishop?

4. The drafting of Tim Crane

We can't possible discuss crappy off-seasons and NOT mention the drafting of Tim Crane. A season after the Packers actually had a great draft pick to build around(Bishop) they turn around and trade Bishop, than trade an early first to move down in the draft and take a guy who wouldn't have gone before Round 3 in Tim Crane.

There's rumor and speculation that the Packers weren't at their computer and had to just take somebody to take somebody. I'm not sure what the case is, but you have weeks to prepare for the draft and set a draft board and the best option you can come up with is .... Tim Crane? That's a recipe for success. I actually don't dislike Tim Crane as much as most people and 4 sacks from RE is acceptable, but you can get similar talents much later in the draft than at 1.22 especially if you're going to draft such a low impact position like RE.

5. The Seattle Seahawks trading for Bishop

I know several people questioned both parties on this trade last year, so it's only fair I ask "what the fuck was he thinking?" And -- so I will. I understand the Bucs were en vogue at that time just torching the league, as were the Rams for that matter, but -- you traded valuable assets like a very good ILB in Donald Butler and a first round DP to acquire a WR when you already have two very, very good one's on your team.


A slot WR or pushing one of your other guys down to the slot is not anywhere near as close in terms of value as a Donald Butler, a first, and a third round DP. This seemed to be a classic case of looking at a team like the Rams and saying, "oh I want that to be me!" and ignoring the fact the Rams and Bucs also have built their defenses around stud ILBs, too.
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