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Arnold's Second Mock Draft - 2020 Top 20
By Jason Arnold
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1. Green Bay Packers -- Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU ... the Packers are an enigma as you never know what they will do. Not in a good way. There's too much smoke and mirrors around Ingram for him to be the pick. The Packers have arguably the worst CBs in the RZL so, this pick does make sense.

2. Indianapolis Colts -- Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina ... Definitely not a need pick, but a BPA pick, for sure. Ingram does have attributes that GMs look for at either RE or LE and can make an impact at either one. He can also switch over to LE and rush the QB if the Colts ever part with Hughes down the road.

3. Denver Broncos -- Jagger Howard, WR, UCONN ... Need pick. The future at WR for Denver is abysmal.

4. Detroit Lions -- Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor ... I still stand by this pick! The Lions have no future at QB and while Baylor is a scrambler he has attributes to be an absolute stud.

5. San Francisco 49ers -- Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College ... The 49ers have a major need at LB. ILB is one of the biggest impact positions on a defense and Kuechly is a monster. Sparks did have a good year last year statistically, but by looking at his attributes, he's definitely not a #1 type of LB.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Alshon Jeffery WR, South Carolina ... This guy is a better version of McNutt alrady on the Steelers. With Kuechly gone, they need to bring in weapons for their young QB. Jeffery is the best available.

7. Carolina Panthers -- Nick Perry, DE, USC ... After my other mock I just don't see the Panthers going QB. I think they're going to ride Stanton until he retires to progress other players. The Panthers have a dire need for a pass rusher opposite of O'Hara. Adding a stud like Perry could make this DL scary good.

8. Washington Redskins -- Bryant Buchanon, HB, UCONN ... Why not? He's a stud and while Hoffman is good - he can be replaced.

9. Philadelphia Eagles -- Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina ... The Eagles have been searching for a future stud at CB for years. His DBs are getting up their in age. Gilmore has the size and developmental attributes GM crave.

10. Cincinnati Bengals -- Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis ... The Bengals' DL production last season was pathetic. Poe gives them a mammoth to build around in the interior.

11. Miami Dolphins -- Matt Barkley, QB, USC ... Slightly surprising pick for some. Boltus isn't very good and is already 7 years pro and the rest of his QBs are career backups. Adding Barkley now would be wise while DHB is in his prime and can help him progress easily.

12. New York Giants -- Zebria Sanders, OT, FSU ... The Giants need very badly a franchise RT to build around on the OL. Sanders is that guy. A little bit more raw, still a tremendous prospect.

13. Baltimore Ravens -- Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia ... The Ravens have very little overall talent at CB. This is a definite need for them moving forward. They could also go with a HB as their running game was just terrible all season long.

14. New York Jets -- Frankie Freeman, WR, FSU ... This is the best thing that could happen for them. Gives them a game changer in terms of speed that Andrew Luck can just WTF go deep to. This will be a match made in heaven.

15. Tennessee Titans -- Mark Barron, SS, Alabama ... My thoughts on Tennessee are they need to upgrade that secondary any way possibly. Their best DBs are all aging and have either begun regression(Terrell) or are getting ready to(Brown, Cox, DBrown). Than you factor in their starting SS just isn't very good and this is a major need pick.

16. New England Patriots -- Marjani Marshall, HB, Boston College ... Marshall is a great blend of size/speed. The Patriots got 0 production from their running game last season so this pick makes sense. They could also look to address their DBs.

17. Washington Redskins -- Bruce Irvin, OLB, West Virginia ... Irvin is a speed demon at OLB. He will be a good replacement for the regressing Jon Banks.

18. Arizona Cardinals -- Brian Quick, WR, App. State ... The Cardinals need more help on the outside. Quick is big and ..... quick. He's a nice 6'4 target that can develop into a big time contributor with some TC points into speed.

19. Seattle Seahawks -- Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama ... I expect Upshaw to be the pick here if available. He can be moved to ILB and with his size, speed, strength he could be a dominant force. The Seahawks really are lacking at LB.

20. Atlanta Falcons -- George Iloka, FS, Boise State ... The Falcons have the makings of an elite secondary. They have a pair of good CBs and even a decent nickel CB. Their safeties are lacking though. Iloka is 6'4 with very good speed and size. He would be the perfect compliment to one of the best young secondaries in the RZL.
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