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Super Bowl XIV Proposal:: Tampa, Florida
By Anthony Fernandez
Special to

Super Bowl XIV Proposal
Sending out RayJay with a BANG!
Tuesday, February 21st, 2019
AF, Yahoo! Sports

Tampa (AP) – They city of Tampa is home to some of the most beautiful weather in the world. With world class beaches, nearby attractions, erectifying nightlife, and one of the best stadiums in the league – we are sure that Tampa, Florida will be appealing to the league to host the historic 14th Super Bowl in RZL history. Raymond James Stadium, or “Ray Jay” as Bucs fans have come to know it, is one of the most attractive playing facilities not only in the RZL, but in all of sports. This stadium, which just opened in 1998, is home natural Tifway 419 Bermuda grass that scores in the top 3 grass playing surfaces league wide annually. The stadium seats 65,857 fans, but is expandable to 75,000 for special events (which this certainly qualifies). One of the most unforgettable features in Ray Jay is our replica pirate ship. This ship is equipped with real cannons that are fired once for an extra point, three times for a field goal, and six times for a touchdown.

When it comes to weather, few cities compare to the lovely weather in Tampa, Florida. Located on the west coast of Florida and bordered by Old Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay, which flow cool breezes in from the Gulf of Mexico, the city regularly enjoys great temperatures. Average highs range from 70 to 90 degrees, with lows of 52 to 76 degrees. Famous for quick afternoon thundershowers, the sun usually pokes back out by mid afternoon with cool breezes off the gulf that usually carry into beautiful climates for nightlife in and around Tampa and Ybor City. If you choose Tampa, you can count on plenty of sunshine, great temperatures, and sunshine at any of our famous beaches that stretch all the way down the coast to Santa Maria Island in the Sarasota, Florida area.

The area is composed of about 2.7 million residents, which makes it the 2nd largest metropolitan statistical area in the state and 4th largest in the Southeastern United States (only behind Atlanta, Miami, and Washington DC). The area is booming, and is truly a place the average football fan would love to visit. In 2015, Tampa was ranked as the 5th best outdoor city by Forbes. In 2018, a survey by Washington Square News ranked Tampa as the top city for “twenty-somethings” to live in the United States. Tampa remains financially stable, in large part to the great qualities of the city to attract world class events like RZL Super Bowls. A large part of Tampa’s economy is stimulated by having the 7th largest port in the nation. While this is great for business, Tampa is also ranked 2nd in the state behind only Miami in terms of cruise ship travel.

The Buccaneers themselves have been on the verge of financial troubles in past years, but since GM Anthony Fernandez took over the team in 2012, he has been completely dedicated to rebuilding and re-exciting the team’s local image, and it has been successful thus far in his tenure with the city being awarded Host City once already, winning two Super Bowls, and winning 10 or more games every year but once. The city could certainly benefit from hosting RZL Super Bowl XIV, and the money would be redistributed into the economy, as the city is not only building a new football stadium, but also a new baseball stadium. The surge to local events, hotels, and restaurants would be unparalleled.

Besides boasting one of the best cityscapes of any city in the United States, Tampa is better known for what goes on inside the city. As mentioned above, the city is used to hosting large events, so it is equipped with ample quality hotels for visitors, great restaurants of any and every nationality, and one of the most convenient airports in the world. The popular daytime attractions include some of the best golf courses in the nation, the great beaches that have been mentioned heavily throughout this proposal, world class theme parks like Busch Gardens and Adventure Island, Lowery Park Zoo, The Florida Aquarium, Discovery Place, numerous historic landmarks, and the world famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge (which is home to some of the best fishing in the world). Tampa is very close to areas like Orlando, Miami and Sarasota, as located right in the center of Florida, there is really no area in the state that is not within a day’s reach.

The city is also home to the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which is an annual parade that is compared to Mardi Gras. With special permission from the city, we would be excited to move this event to coincide with the weekly activities surrounding Super Bowl XIV, which would provide great nightlife activity for the visitors. While there are children activities that occur throughout the day, there is also the much more appealing adult-oriented Sant’Yago Knight Parade that takes place the final night of the event, or in this case the eve of Super Bowl XIV. The city had the same arrangement when RZL held Super Bowl XIII in Tampa, and it worked out fabulously.

No stranger to big games, Ray Jay hosts the NCAA Outback Bowl annually, which routinely draws very large crowds. The stadium has also numerous ACC Championship Games and several large concerts. In October of 2009 Ray Jay hosted U2’s huge tour, an event that brought in a maximum capacity of 75,000 fans. The city has hosted the RZL Super Bowl two times previously, Super Bowl III and Super Bowl VIII, and those events turned out to be two of the more exciting Super Bowls in RZL history. Florida in general is a great place to host these events, and it's time to bring it back. After Florida hosted 3 of the first 4 Super Bowls (between Tampa and Miami), it has only been back once in the last 9 events. Let's change that this year.

Perhaps the most important reason to the city of Tampa to host the event is simply because RayJay has been a huge part of the community here for the last two decades plus. It's a huge chapter closing this stadium down and opening up New RayJay, which will be the 3rd stadium in Buccaneers history. We are excited, but also sad to see it go, and it would only seem right if the stadium went out on the grandest stage the Madden community has to offer -- the historic RZL Super Bowl. With tons of potential crazy headlines, like the Rams completing a 3-peat on the field of the Buccaneers who failed to? Or the Buccaneers rebuilding their empire and winning a Super Bowl at home to send the stadium out with a bang? Or the forgotten division rival Saints rallying to get into the tournament and then doing what the division rival Bucs failed to do -- win one on the rivals home turf! Or perhaps watching an "ugly duckling" like the Texans finally winning one? No matter how it plays out, it's going to be a huge event, and we hope Tampa can be the home of that action! Will Tampa be the first location to host it's THIRD RZL SUPER BOWL?

I - Miami
II - Arizona
III - Tampa
IV - Miami
V - Dallas
VI - St. Louis
VII - New York
VIII - Tampa
IX - San Diego
X - Tennessee
XI - New Orleans
XII - Detroit
XIII - San Francisco
XIV - Tampa ?

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