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RZL Decade Trivia 2011-2020 - Defense
By Kevin Mullendore
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As the RZL's second decade (2011-2020) nears its end, how well do you know its stars, both of the entire period and more recent? Without looking at the answers (listed at the bottom) or clues from comments posted in the thread, how many can you correctly guess? (all choices are listed alphabetically)

1) Most Tackles (2011-2019)
a) Harry Battle
b) Vince Hall
c) Rey Maualuga
d) Patrick Willis

2) Most Tackles (2016-2019)
a) Sam Claiborne
b) Aaron Curry
c) Jack Ham Jr.
d) Clay Matthews

3) Most Sacks (2011-2019)
a) Kenwin Cummings
b) Kraig Garrison
c) Clay Henderson
d) David Veikune

4) Most Sacks (2016-2019)
a) Kraig Garrison
b) Everson Griffen
c) Jerry Hughes
d) Koa Misi

5) Most Interceptions (2011-2019)
a) Devin Hester
b) Carlisto Horowitz
c) Chevis Jackson
d) Tracy Porter

6) Most Interceptions (2016-2019)
a) Vontae Davis
b) Fritz Dotson
c) Jon Dutch
d) Sean Smith

7) Most Defensive TDs (2011-2019)
a) Antonio Cromartie
b) Devin Hester
c) Tracy Porter
d) Dominique Rod-Cromartie

8 ) Most Defensive TDs (2016-2019)
a) Riley Correa
b) Derek Cox
c) Issac McClain
d) Sean Smith

9) Most Passes Defensed (2011-2019)
a) Shane Carter
b) Carlisto Horowitz
c) Tracy Porter
d) Dominique Rod-Cromartie

10) Most Passes Defensed (2016-2019)
a) Shane Carter
b) Vontae Davis
c) Fritz Dotson
d) Sean Smith

Bonus Question:
Who has 2nd-most sacks, only 2 behind the leader (2011-2019) (Hint: he is NOT one of the 4 choices listed for Question #3)

1-a, 2-d, 3-c, 4-b, 5-d, 6-c, 7-b, 8-c, 9-a, 10-c, bonus-Ervin Baldwin
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