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The RZL QB Encyclopedia:: Part 2
By Anthony Fernandez
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The RZL Encyclopedia
Quarterback Edition:: Part 2
Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
Anthony Fernandez

15. QB Jason Boltus 5 Year Outlook with GM Eggleston?
14. QB Andre Boone 5 Year Outlook with GM Edwards?
13. QB Cameron Rymer 5 Year Outlook with GM Hansen?
12. QB Will Wright 5 Year Outlook with GM Arnold?
11. QB Dan Lefevour 5 Year Outlook with GM Ratajczak?
10. QB Colin Porter 5 Year Outlook with GM Richardson?
9. QB Gustavo Bates 5 Year Outlook with GM Gloeckler?
8. QB Major Hester 5 Year Outlook with GM Wintermute?
7. QB Anthony Mendoza 5 Year Outlook with GM Hall?
6. QB Lou Bishop 5 Year Outlook with GM Davis?
5. QB Dudley Hanson 5 Year Outlook with GM Fernandez?
4. QB James Hartle 5 Year Outlook with GM Hewko?
3. QB Jimmy Clausen 5 Year Outlook with GM Gloeckler?
2. QB Adrian McPherson 5 Year Outlook with Hickman?
1. QB Andrew Luck 5 Year Outlook with GM Spencer?

(B) Notes::
  • Luck will be the last QB of the RZL Jets. While I love RZL and hope it lasts forever, I don’t see the league lasting until 2035 when this guy retires. He’ll be the best QB in the league by 2022.
  • McPherson is the real deal. I knew it when I was blocking for him at Bradenton Southeast High School, I knew it when I submitted the ticket to the league to create him here, and I knew it when I tried to draft him when he was finally brought to RZL. Now leading a surging Raiders team, everyone else knows it, too.
  • Clausen was the first in a group that we began to see of “Franchise QBs” being drafted in the Top 10 again. He’s paid off and is a very talented player, but he has yet to equate that to WINS playing inside the tough NFC South. I still think he’s got a bright future, but don’t think the Falcons will reach the success level required for us to ever look back and call Clausen an All-Time great, like we might of if he landed in New Orleans or Tennessee.
  • Hartle I’d say is the cutoff of the “I’m sure this guy is a Franchise QB” guys in this list of aspiring signal callers. He has blossomed since Rivers departed, and eventually should have a Super Bowl as a starter.
  • Hanson has the tools, and is supposed to be the premium skill set for the Tampa offense – but he’s struggled this year after a hot start. He’s still on track to get the Buccaneers to the playoffs, an improvement over his (7-9) campaign his first go-round as a starter, and I think he will be a very successful player in RZL. The tough situation the Bucs are in, however, is that the best thing they could do for Hanson is to lean on rookie HB Richardson and their potent Defense, while allowing Hanson to gradually finish developing, but impatient GM Anthony Fernandez sees the window closing on WR Yamon Figurs and wants Hanson to have another 30+ TD season in an attempt to expedite his path to 99AWR. Whatever the case, they’ve got to find his rhythm back, and find out how to make him just simply throw the streak route again that Flacco seemingly throws 10 times a game. Hansen is amazing when he does the same, but seems to throw that route once or twice a game, if the Bucs are lucky. If he gets it together, he could be a multiple SB winner in his career, in the same mold as Flacco.
  • I’m a believer of Lou Bishop. He’s going to last in Jacksonville for a while, and the supporting cast will only continue to get better as GM Matt Davis continues to hit home runs on his high draft picks. Do they have the pieces to eventually win a Super Bowl in Jacksonville? I would not rule it out at all. There's a lot of talent on that team around him.
  • To be completely honest, Mendoza looks to me like the PERFECT career backup. He’s just got everything you want – high AWR, low salary, nice tall frame, YOUNG – but it looks like the 49ers are going to wife him and see what he can do. I think he will be a successful QB, but I don’t know that he will succeed as a Franchise QB.
  • Hester has been a prodigy thus far in RZL, and I’m not quite sure he’s made his last stop in Chicago. He’s injury prone and mistake prone, two traits that will land you in GM Wintermute’s doghouse pretty quick. I certainly think he’s capable of winning the big one and being a Franchise QB, but his injury concerns will always force his team to carry a second (or in the Bears case, third) QB on the roster. If a GM does turn him into a SB winner, don't be surprised if it's the very talented Mr. Wintermute.
  • Gustavo Bates is one of the best kept secrets in RZL, and he will likely spend the next few years rotting on the Falcons bench. Clausen is not prone to injury, and they have no intention of moving Jimmy – so why they need two potential franchise QBs I have no idea. They likely stunted the growth of Anderson Mendoza as well by holding onto him far too long, and I see the same thing happening with Bates. If they Falcons were smart, they’d take a 1st for him and let him move on.
  • Porter was a talented player coming out who, if Cardinals GM Tyler Richardson had his way, likely wouldn't have had much playing time up to this point. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, starting QB Leinart has had a habit of getting injured, so Porter has been thrust into some non-ideal situations. In the process, he's played decent enough, and looks like he could have a future as a starting RZL QB, but the jury is still out. That's a tough division to groom a youngster.
  • I'll just go ahead and say I'm not a big fan of Lefevour, but I think his GM in Detroit is, and in the grand scheme of things, that's all that matters. As mentioned before, a committed GM can turn a marginal skill set into a high-AWR QB. He's played decent enough, but it's not translating into W's. If he stays in Detroit, it's a division wide open enough that he might just turn into a Franchise guy.
  • Will Wright is a guy who looked destined for big things, but his up-and-down play has quickly landed him in GM Arnold's dog house. He's made a cameo on the trade block this year, and it's not out of the question for potential-franchise QB's to be shipped out of town. Just look at the Franchise QB list and you'll run across names like Colt McCoy, Bobby Reid, Major Hester - all former Redskins. I think Wright has the potential to be a Franchise guy, but I don't think it will be in Washington.
  • The Ravens have seemingly been holding Rymer hostage, but he has played very well when given the chance behind Chase. He has the tools to succeed if given a chance to be "the guy", but it will probably have to happen somewhere else.
  • Andre Boone was drafted high after the team gave up on Lou Bishop, a decision I still don't understand. The previous admin appeared to give up on him just prior to leaving, and it looks like the current regime is already sour on him as well. He is a guy that could end up somewhere like Dallas, developing as a promising backup with Franchise QB potential. I don't see a situation in the league where he ends up as an unchallenged starter, except of course in Indianapolis if ownerships smartens up.
  • Boltus has bounced around, and there's been a few times in his career where you thought, "Wow, he's finally going to get a chance to be the guy, and make the most of it". Chicago, Tennessee, now Miami - for whatever reason it doesn't last. He is a more advanced version of Nate Davis, and I really doubt he'll even become a Franchise QB in RZL, but stranger things have happened (look at JoeBro)!

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    5. QB Brady Quinn To This Point? From This Point?
    3. QB Chase Holbrook To This Point? From This Point?
    3. QB Drew Stanton To This Point? From This Point?
    2. QB Colt McCoy To This Point? From This Point?
    1. QB Joe Flacco To This Point? From This Point?

    (A) Notes::
  • Flacco is THE guy in RZL. He has had a meteoric rise here in RZL over the last few years, already pocketing two Super Bowl trophies. On Paper, it would appear that McCoy may have accomplished a bit more (going to three straight SBs, and tossing for more yards), but Flacco is not done yet. As a projection, he has more in his tank than McCoy, and if I had to bet on just one of them to get another ring, it would be Flacco. Now, Ben Stiller from Dodgeball Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap Joe Flacco has had a tendency to get injured, but the nonchalant way he comes back just before the playoffs each year, rips the league appart for 4 staight playoff games (mostly on the road) and wins the trophy makes you wonder if our Franchise file has no new storylines and is stuck on repeat.
  • McCoy is likely the most heralded QB to ever come from the "scrap pile", and that may never change. If I'm not remembered for winning back-to-back Superbowls, or winning back-to-back-to-back NFC Championships, I hope I can at least be remembered for giving McCoy a chance. It's something that's not done enough in RZL, in large part because of guys like myself criticizing a team like Detroit who's not afraid to role with Lefevour, or a team like Cleveland who thinks they can make JoeBro a star. Power to guys like that, and perhaps we'd return to our winning ways in Tampa if our profile hadn't inflated to the point where we can no longer take a chance on a guy like that. McCoy is a star, and don't be surprised if he wins another trophy with Joe in Buffalo. Part of what made it easy to trade him was knowing where he was going to retire.
  • The Panthers have recently put Stanton on the trade block, and not surprisingly he remains in Carolina. At his age, with that (expiring) salary, he was going to be impossible to move. The Panthers have a young QB they would like to see if they can develop before he turns into the next Nate Davis or Neville McMahon. So is that it for Stanton? Will he go down as the best RZL QB to never win a Super Bowl? We saw talented guys like Byron Leftwich and Philip Rivers win one late in their career , and I wouldn't be surprised to see the same with Stanton. His best shot may be in Carolina, where KVW has built a great team, unfortunately the competition level has limited his chances to even GET INTO the tournament, but if they hang onto him, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Panthers send Stanton out on a high note.
  • Chase Holbrook had a great shot in 2014, leading the Ravens to a Super Bowl and nearly beating the Buccaneers at the start of their DynAFsty. Unfortunately, as good as Holbrook was, he ran into DRC and CJax in their prime, and it was just a bit too much for him. He's struggled to stay on the field since then, and I think he may have missed his window for a ring, but it's not out of the question that a change of scenery could do him well. He's in a rare situation for a trade - as he has a manageable salary, his team has another talented option at QB, and the market is DRY for QBs. Would Holbrook not make a lot of sense in Washington?
  • There was a time when a Brady Quinn ran the RZL. After winning a SB early in his career, it looked like he'd add a few more in Minnesota, but it just never happened. It's a shame that he spent such a long portion of his prime trapped on a team miss run by absentee GM Tom Collins, then with NO GM, and now with a GM who never posts and appears to just have his brother calling the shots in a second locale. In that span, the franchise has become adjoined to Quinn, as a massive contract and a NTC could keep him in Minnesota for at least two more years. He is a strong candidate to win another SB if he escapes for the final year or two of his career.
  • Matthew Stafford has been great at the foreplay, but his fans are approaching blue ball status. He was handed the reins from day 1, and he's put up huge numbers ever since. How many division titles does he have? Zero. Don't get too discouraged; however, as if there is one QB he looks a LOT alike, it's Joe Flacco, who just won his first Division title in YP7. I think Stafford will be that guy in KC.
  • Thigpen once looked like a prime candidate to break through the "scramblers can't win the big one" debate, even bringing NY something that Eli never could - a Super Bowl. It looks like that window has closed, and the new management appears ready to wash their hands of him. Perhaps he could end up in Houston for the Lung-Thigpen union that we've all been waiting for?
  • Clemens is one in a long list of "glass men" on the Old Guard list, as a career of being battered has a way to lower your pain tolerance. Last year it looked like Clemens would break through and win the SB, but an injury in the AFC Championship extinguished those dreams. If that hadn't happened, perhaps Clemens would be ranked a little higher, and Flacco would be ranked a little lower. For now, it looks like the Bills are now McCoy's team.
  • JoeBro - what a story! It's one I got to witness first hand, as I spent most of 2016 bashing him as a legitimate starter, only to watch him outduel a trio of Buccaneer QBs in SBXI. He had a few rocky years since, but he's proven this year that it was more a reflection of the rocky management situation than talent level, as GM Willis has the Browns looking like a real threat in the AFC this year. I expect JoeBro to prove he was not a one-hit wonder at some point over the next 5 seasons.
  • The Packers have went through a lot of QBs, but Sanchez is likely one they should have kept. The same could be said for the Cardinals, and perhaps the Buccaneers, but the Patriots are certainly glad to have him. He's got no Super Bowls, and on paper it's hard to tell if he will, but he certainly has the skill set to be a Super Bowl winning QB. Initially, I think it will be very tough for him to win one in New England where the Bills look like they'll dominate for the next 2 years, and the Jets will for the decade after that - but they have a good roster, a great GM, and perhaps they'll find a chink in the armor and steal one down the line. Unlike a lot on this list, Sanchez has quite a bit of time left and will be in his prime for the next half decade.
  • Hunter Cantwell won a Super Bowl early in his career, but has been perhaps the most disappointing QB in the history of RZL. It's crazy to think he could play on a Super Bowl winning team in Miami, a Colts team in their (few) glory years, and then spend half a decade in the big apple running the Rams PB with Calvin Johnson and not have a single 30TD season, and to have only broke 3K yards three times in a decade. Andrew Luck is clearly the guy in New York, but look for Cantwell to end up somewhere next year (perhaps St. Louis or Tampa), and get a chance to win one more ring. I think his window of being "the guy" has closed, and he's a "tandem" guy from here on out.
  • The Cowboys have been dedicated to turning Flynn into a franchise guy, and they should seriously send out a big thank you to former Browns GM Ben Haskett for making it all possible, because he spent half a decade starting this guy who, in all rights, should have never been a starting QB. It's the same affect we may eventually see with guys like Kellen Moore or Dan Lefevour. That said, he is now very much a Franchise QB, and he's had some of his best years in Big D where GM Stanley is firmly committed to proving he can win a Super Bowl. With the fire inside Stanley and commitment to improve that team, and the desire of Jerry Jones to win a big one, I fully expect Flynn to get one before he hangs it up. I think the window is about 2 years long though, so they better get moving.
  • Matt Moore is having a bit of trouble filling the big shoes left behind by Drew Brees, but he hasn't been bad, either. For whatever reason, I've just never been able to accept Moore as a legitimate threat, and that's not because he hasn't roasted me a few times. He's got a 94 career QB rating, he's 6'3" (which is big enough), he's got great AWR, good enough THP, and phenomenal accuracy. The issue with him is that, despite good stats, he has been steadily regressing in that QB rating (104 > 96 > 93 > 92 > 89), and if he wasn't good enough to win in those prior years, I don't know what is going to change. He certainly could prove me wrong, and he's got the GM to do it, but I just don't think we'll look back and remember Matt Moore as a Top 10 QB in RZL. Probably not Top 15, either.
  • Chad Henne has had a rocky road here in RZL, but along the way he's still put up as good of #'s as anyone else. He has all the tools, but his window is very close to closing, with regression looming. I think his best chance is with GM Wintermute, one of the best our league has, and if he doesn't get him to super status, I don't think anyone else will unless he latches on in a city like New Orleans or Tennessee for one final year.
  • Ainge has done well for himself since being "the other guy" involved in the infamous Brady Quinn trade. Even still, I think he needs to win a SB (not get to one) to be remembered as a Top RZL QB, and I just don't see that happening. I don't credit it to his recent loss of player roles, I instead credit it to the extreme degree of difficult to win in the NFC. Ainge would look REALLY good in Pittsburgh or Tennessee next year, and then perhaps I have to completely revise my view of him.
  • If the RZL had a version of Tim Tebow (NFL) that was, well, you know - not Tim Tebow (RZL), it would be Bobby Reid. One of the most underappreciated guys in RZL history, he just finds ways to WIN. He is not given nearly enough credit for the Buccaneers 2014 Super Bowl campaign, where McCoy was injured WK9 and Bobby Reid carried the (4-4) Buccaneers to a (7-1) close to the season before ultimately giving way to McCoy en route to a surprise SB win. Since then he's had positive stops wherever he's been, and it's no surprise that a guy like JP would fall in love with a guy who is chronically overlooked. Unfortunately, I don't think the Packers are a team that can benefit from a veteran QB at the moment, and Reid is probably missing his last few chances at another Super Bowl. It would have been really fun to see Reid finish out the season playing with the talent that either the Rams or Buccaneers have on offense, but cap penalty will prevent that from happening.
  • Leinart is likely getting a bad rap here in these rankings, but his last few years have been so forgettable and borderline indefensible that it has to be done. He's got all the talent in the world, and is playing for one of the legitimate last few amazing gameplanners in the league, and he just can't stay on the damn field. I would not be surprised to see him playing somewhere else in the very near future, but with the great defensive additions the team has had, don't be surprised if talented GM Richardson finds a way to turn things around for the USC party boy.
  • Andre Woodson is one of my least favorite players in RZL, and he's someone I always loved to face when he was in Atlanta. I know that apologists were light on Texans GM Ricky Lung for acquiring him this offseason instead of taking Andrew Luck #1 overall, but I personally think it was a franchise killing decision (we all make mistakes! I took a SS and a HB in the top 10 in recent years). Woodson didn't make it long, and is now not a lock to return to Houston next year. Don't be surprised if he ends up on his 5th different team in 7 years by the time 2020 rolls around.
  • Brohm is a guy who won't get another shot in Denver, and his injury rating makes you doubt whether or not he'll get another shot as a full-time starter anyway. He's somebody that I wouldn't mind having in Tampa, and really could make an ideal backup for any of those "Potential Franchise QB" guys. I expect him to be somewhere else in 2020.

    Thanks for reading! Would love to hear your thoughts!

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