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Get your Motors Running!
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Three weeks into the Preseason schedule of the RZL and already things are starting to form on the wall that will indicate just the type of season your team is going to have. The great thing is its not too late you still have one week left to make adjustments and get ready for the regular season, donít be fooled many a GM have come out to slow starts and their seasons have been all but over as early as week 4 of the regular season. The Preseason is the best time to solidify your game plan and roster and make sure youíre on the correct path to make the post season this year. AND letís not forget we all love getting progression for our Preseason warriors.

A few teams have taken this approach and itís showing in the win column, as 4 teams are undefeated so far they are the Chargers, Vikings, Packers and Seahawks. While 4 teams are also winless they are the Patriots, Chiefs, 49ers, and Redskins. Some of these teams are surprises and some just simply are not. I know, I know its only preseason and we are not trying yetÖas I said that just doesnít work and you can expect to see the Chiefs and Redskins both to be fighting for the #1 pick in next years RZL draft all year long once again.

If you recall a few of my predictions are already coming to light. The Steelers are sitting with a losing record, the Lions are at the bottom of their division, and look at that NFC South division talk about a cat fight all year long and we get front seats to enjoy it all the way till the end, didnít need no RZL Sunday Ticket here.

The Texans might have been done even before the season had started and now with Braylon Edwards being placed on the IR for this season consider it all over. I am sorry but Chris Chambers is a good receiver but he is no Edwards and he will not be able to replace the pro-bowl player on this Texans roster. Maybe GM Ricky Lung should take a conservative approach this last week of preseason as its apparent the pain train is running at full steam in Houston.

Did anyone else notice that former Chargers Shaun Cody and Will Smith both had huge games against there former club in week 3? Compiling three sacks, ten tackles, four for a loss, and creating one fumble for the two defensive linemen might have been the exclamation mark both were looking for to show GM Travis Robbins that he might have made a big mistake with them. The Harbingerís always seem to find treasure out of others trash and being able to attract both these guys from down the coast will have an impact for the 9ers and their D. However it was Mr. Robbins with the last laugh in the end, as the 49ers could not hold off the surging Bolts and its funny how 4 turnovers in a game will change the projected outcome.

Already after 3 weeks of full impact ball behind us the injury report continues to grow. Five guys have already had their seasons come to an end, and besides Edwards big names like Robinson, and Spitz are keys to their teams success this year and are among the walking wounded. Expect the list to grow and teams will be scrambling to maintain their season and bring in the next best option to allow them to win. Will GMís shy away this week from playing their starters and getting them some much needed field time before week 1 kicks off? Maybe although I do not recommend it, like I said above the season is short and a slow start could be the beginning of the end for many. However replacing players this year shouldnít be as hard as years past as many teams have been able to find a handle on the RZL cap and are all in pretty good shape.

Did you know? In 2006 the Colts posted a 4-0 record and went on to hoist the first ever RZL Championship trophy? The 2007 Bears went 3-1, 2008 Lions 3-1, we will skip over the 09 Dolphins, and oh-ten Titans as they put a ruffle on my point, and finally the 2011 Steelers went 2-2 in the preseason on their way to RZL glory. By looking at our past could the same hold true for the future? Could one of these 3-0 teams be the 2013 Champion? Possibly I did say it was going to be an NFC team and 3 of the 4 teams are from the NFC. How about we wait and see what happens in week 4 before we start crowning a RZL Champion for this year.
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